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  1. A good number of them are for grinding like the Japanese B-17 or the M46 Tiger, but this is a little off topic. The 247Y has a extensive back story, is rather iconic and, being a heavy fighter*, it doesn't fit anywhere in the current tree layout, therefor I think it would suit well as the low tire pre-order plane. Typically low tire pre-order vehicles are not necessarily better than their free counterparts but instead interesting (in some cases they are not even 'good'). Personally I do not think it could compete at a 2.0 BR ware it would face off with things like the J1N1 (also 2.0 but 100+ km/h faster and 1.1 m/s faster climb rate un-spaded) and Bf 110 C-4 (2.7 and goes like 200+ km/h and is armed with 2x 20mm MG FF/Ms). If its other flight characteristics turn out to be amazing I'll still say 1.3 at best (there are some monsters at 3.0) *I don't think it was ever classed as a heavy fighter but in game that's the role it would take
  2. those have been there
  3. Some ads can attempt to install malware onto your computer without you doing anything, here is a Wikipedia page on it page on it; its best to have ad blocking program on when checking out less renowned sites. The problem is its performance, if Wikipedia is to be believed, it could go around 320 km/h and had a climb rate of 5.8 m/s, those states are lower then Do 17 Z-7 at 1.3 RB ( 447.84 kph top speed, 10.00 m/s climb rate) and some pages show a even lower top speed. Ill look a little deeper into it but I'm not optimistic.
  4. I was hoping the Boeing 247Y could serve as the low tire pre-order plane but its stats are too bad for even 1.0, sucks because it would fit the role so well having a interesting history and not fitting anywhere else in the tree. no weird stuff for me, do you have an ad blocker on?
  5. In this blog post it is referred to as the "Hawk Special", it was a prototype shown off used in chain and I think was eventually modded with 23mm cannons. And I think this is a photo
  6. Taiwan also had the F-84G :P oddly enough its claimed to only have 4x .50 cals even tho you can see the hole ware the 5th/6th would be, it could be a typo or local modification.
  7. If the site I linked is to be believed the T-bird could go 926 km/h, which is well above the P-80s in game top speed of 882 km/h, with such a high top speed and a ok loadouts but only 2x .50 cals I think it would fit in at 7.0 (note it would not be the fastest 7.0 jet) I found this, it has a lot of miscellaneous info but also talks about armaments (p.52) (nothing about rockets but I assume you would need Taiwanese manual for it to match their loadouts) For aircraft it would be a bit out of place (only a bit tho the T-33 is from 1948~9) but for tanks is isn't any thing outstanding, also the F-84G is from 1951 and can face F8Fs, Tu-2s and Spitfiers F Mk 24s
  8. The site I linked claims "The aircraft has two .50 caliber (12.7 mm) machine guns installed and is capable of carrying two lb bombs, four 5-inch rockets, or eight 2.75-inch rockets" they also have a pic ware you can clearly see a gun port
  9. that could be replaced with the normal T-33A which Taiwan used as a trainer and ground attacker. (according to this)
  10. If they made flags and stuff only client side and gave the Chinese client all the fake stuff it may work. If users changed the Flags on there own it would be no know fault of Gaijin, but I don't know the legal situation of china and I don't know if they changed anything none visual.
  11. As far as I can tell the Taiwan only used the T-28 as a trainer and I'm not very comfortable with putting Thai aircraft in a Chinese tree. The A-Ch-1 would be perfect of the role, the only problem I could think of is it would be the most moderns plane in game being form the 70s, its not a problem to me but I'm not Gaijin.
  12. According to this website the A-Ch-1 had "two .50 caliber madame guns installed, and is capable of carrying four 5-inch rockets and four 2.75-inch", the site also states its top speed is 592 km/h. Not exactly the the most well armed attacker but has a nice speed, would fit well at late rank 3 or early rank 4. Note Wikipedia claims it was only used as a weapons trainer but they are wrong about a lot of things.
  13. Its not that bad, I could see it at 1.3 maybe reserve, but that photo is not a La-7, the La-7 has a retractable tail wheel, most websites seem the say its either a Yak-9 or a Yak-11 There are plenty of tanks from the 80s and 90s and the S-2 doesn't introduces any new technologies that would affect game play. Unrelated question, on your tech tree you have a Il-10 turboprop, can you tell me about that?
  14. there is already a P-26 with a .50, and is still reserve (and a little OP) I found another trainer used in combat by North Korea, the Yak-11. according the Wikipedia, it only had 1 gun (either .50 or .30) and had a top speed 460 km/h, I was hoping it would be better being based off the Yak-3 but based on speed and armament, I can't see it much above 1.3 (with one gun maybe its too bad to be in game) Here is photo of ones tail, (i think after it was shot down) The X-PO and XP-1 seem a little slow to be in rank 3+ (the A6M2 can out run the X-PO) and there armament don't stand out that much, the Sea Hurricane Mk IC has 4x 20mm cannons with a top speed of 482km/h (un-spaded), the La-5 has 2x 20mm cannons with a top speed 580km/h (spaded). Speed isn't everything but I don't have very much to go on and I doubt they preform like a zero (I assume the X-PO performs a bit better then a Hawk75 being based on it) Thanks the this blog I found about some post war aircraft mostly for Taiwan. I don't know how reliable this blog is so typically I try to find another source saying the same thing. Doing this I found 2 planes that could fit the tree. First off the Beechcraft Model 18R (cant find any actual photos of this variant) Wikipedia stats that is has 7 were built, one went to Sweden as an air ambulance and the other 6 were used by Nationalist China as M18R light bombers, nothing about bomb loads or guns, it probable goes around 360 km/h but I don't know for sure. The blog I sourced states that they also used the AT-11 but only as a trainer The next aircraft is the S-2 Tracker, this one is a bit different having no defensive or offensive guns, it was made to hunt submarines and thus had a hefty bomb load of 2,200kg, it could carry torpedoes, bombs, depth charges, sea mines, missiles and even a nuclear dive bomb (rip subs), Gaijin is no stranger to reducing armaments so they could just not include any of the fun stuff (this is a S-2T Turbo Tracker) Taiwan operated 4 varents of the Tracker, the S-2A, S-2E, S-2G AND S-2T Turbo Tracker The S-2A is the Initial production variant renamed (was S2F-1) The S-2E and S-2Gs only differences are electronic equipment the would be the same in game The S-2T is a E or G with turboprop engines only a bit faster (Wikipedia, Blog, other sources 1* 2** 3***) *info in the S-2E **info about the S-2T Airtanker ***more info about the S-2T and lots of photos Also on that blog there are some aircraft I can't fined any other sources on. In July 4, 2011 there was a post that spoke of a PLAAF Tu-2P Interceptor, the only mention of a Tu-2 Interceptor I can find were one off prototypes, its passable those prototypes found their way down to China but I don't know. For jets I noticed that there is an all-weather interceptor version of the J-5 called the J-5A, I looked into this plane a little bit but forgot to bookmark anything, from a quick google search and memory, the J-5A is a little bit faster and armed with 3 23mm cannons. Maybe there is something I am missing but I don't understand why Russia doesn't have the MiG-17PF or MiG-15P in there tree yet. I've heard many people complain about the 37mm cannon being useless, but I haven't played top tier jet battles so i don't really now much.
  15. I got some more suggestions! I don't have a replacement medium bomber but I found this image ↓↓ according the Wikipedia the P-47D-30-RA's only difference to the P-47Ds currently in game is that the 30-RA has air breaks. in your introduction page you mentioned that there is no photos of the Chinese CR.32 The B-17G should switch places with the B24M, the B24M in currently not in game and would be less of a copy/paste This book clams that 3 SM.81Bs were used in china, the B variant was prototype, Wikipedia clams that only one was built but I will believe a book over Wikipedia, although I van not find any photos of the SM.81B Note its 3 engines, this is only a normal SM.81 Maximum speed 340 km/h 6 × 7.7 mm (.303 in) Breda-SAFAT machine guns Up to 2,000 kg (4,409 lb) of bombs A silly flying boat I came a cross the Beriev Be-6, China made there one version with turboprops called the Qing-6 (just realized you already have this in the tree) Maximum speed: 414 km/h Guns: 5 × 23 mm (0.91 in) Nudelman-Rikhter NR-23 cannon in 3 remotely controlled turrets General ordnance, or 2×1,000 kg (2,205 lb) torpedoes, or 8 mines know idea what "general ordnance" means but I'm assuming bombs *these are Specifications of the normal Be-6
  16. I love your presentation but your proposed tree falling behind. Before I get into it let my express that I haven't read all 5 pages of this thread so sorry if I repeat something someone else said, anyway... first off, get those trainers out of their, on other nation has any and I think Gaijin has a rule agents them (but I don't know for sure), if they must stay then add the F U-hsing, (it seems having a F next to a U alone gets replaced with "xxxx", must be some kind of anti-swearing measure) a indigenous design and if the google translation is to believed, it sounds like there was 3 different iterations (2 of which may be normal fighters) The martin B10 should be a premium like it is in the US tree (which I disagree with but whatever Gaijin), there are "lots" of other bombers to fit its spot. Also the He111A-0 should be main tree but that's just me. -BT-32 Maximum speed: 283 km/h 5 × flexible 0.3 in (7.62 mm) M1919 Browning machine guns 1,680 lb (762 kg) Bombs Some places say it could carry 1800kg of bombs. -Savoia-Marchetti S.72 Maximum speed: 295 km/h up to 6 × 7.7 mm (0.303 in) machine guns 1 × 20 mm cannon 1,000 kg (2,205 lb) of bombs Never actually used my Italy as a bomber, China bought 6 but they were all bombed by the Japanese The He 123 is too copy/paste It should be replaced with the CJ-5/Yak-18, yes its a unarmed trainer but North Korea used it as night bomber. today they still use them but as trainers. There is also the CJ-6 but I do not know for sure it North Korea ever used it as a bomber. Read this, China used like 4 different Hawk 75s, the Q (or "Hawk Special"), M, H and the A-5 and apparently they had field modifications to carry a host of weapons including a 23mm cannons. (its unfortunate that that blog block out random people but can still be accessed throw the Wayback Machine) The D.510C will probable end up in the French tree so by the time China rolls around it will be a copy/paste. LI-2 from my knowledge was only ever used as a transport by China. the B25C should be main tree and the B25J should not, the C is currently not in game so its technically not a copy/paste while the J is both copy/paste and currently in game. As far as I have read the P-38 that china used was only for reconnaissance and thus unarmed. WARE ARE THE P-40S!!?!!? (that s question for Gaijin not you) If Gaijin refuses to put them into the US tree you may as well but them into your tree As far as i know, China used the N, B and E I have a few other criticisms and suggestions but its 06:07, I made a video about what I think should be in rank one for China, Evey plane I talk about is sourced in the description Don't let all the negativity get to you, your proposed tree is the best one I have seen on theses forums
  17. I update my graphics drivers, restarted my computer, and found the same result. I do not know how you guys detect if my graphics drivers are up to date so I uploaded a new DxDiag and the latest clog I also made another video DxDiag.txt 2017_06_15_00_14_54__9340.clog 2017.07.15 02.52.51 Deformed terrain test.wrpl
  18. I noticed a gap between two levels of the ground on [conquest #2] Port Novorossiysk when playing realistic tank battles It is located on the east side of A right before the railroad, behind some buildings. It is not just a visual bug, there is a "physical" gap that vehicles with little horsepower will have trouble overcoming. on the mini map it is located ware I am in the image above I went back in a custom game to observe it and to take a screen shot using in-game tools instead of steam I also recorded my first encounter 2017_07_11_21_12_10__10444.clog DxDiag.txt