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  1. dark mgb

    Who are these people?? Dark ?? MGT?? one gun fire it wait for an hour the target has gone hmm hang time makes it almost impossible to hit any thing? and mines?/ two?? reload time slow front of boat still low and yes it goes not to bad? needs work? Now Dark MTB this one has some torpedoes?? and moves well and if im right as using all manner of boats today I don't bother writing down any more as to much trouble but this one is pretty good well done? auto gun jamming though to often? but over all with the Hurricane ?? also like the Russian plane was not right ??bombs?? cannons?? and again not like in arcade mode? so tricky to change from boat settings to Plane settings within the game ( A Problem) I forgot to mention in the German reply they have that Hs22(?? that flys great and has a cannon ready? good movement really Ok keep going though and any news of when going Live yet?
  2. Well suprized to see this one and Not to bad at least it has a chance critical a little bow of boat to low and just a little more speed The German heavier boat still out runs it?? but getting there not sure about the armaments if there is a selection of shells with more bang when it comes out it may be about right? as for the Plane? Is2 if you press to quick and don't change to cannon its a waste of time and effort NO bombs?? will it be selected in game Bombs OR Cannons? but its to slow in all movements not like in the open game in arcade mode ?? Im Puzzled because I have tried to do the same manovers and it wont do them although all mine are Aced? so we are getting ther slowly? back to boat as the Mines go Ok but where are the depth charges ? I don't want subs but you could launch them before at ships along side??should have both? keep it up
  3. typ-klasse 140

    Well Ok German boat again toughest and fast so if they can do it for this one why not the others and to think that I now have to go to each country to put a comment in that's even worse its alright for the nurds who want to waffle about stuf that dosnt matter but we are trying to get things right here for good battles in the game not wheter it resembles real life and for the comment about the toopeedows ? he obveus hasn't looked properly?This one is a little to fast or its because all the others are in lower tree and slower any way?now of to the others?
  4. Great work KillaKiwi I just tried to mention some similar Balancing? but simple stuff I will need to recap on all your info? But a German Panther 2 7.0 with an 88mm k-k43 = 232Hitting power? That is all you need Knock every thing out the park pity its NOT in the Russian BUY list? I wonder why?
  5. If I sent you a code as 2.2,7.3,403,3.1,4.1,3.2,9.1,2.1,5.3,5.3,6.1,3.2,8.1,2.1,5.3,7.1,6.3,7.4,8.1,....and Vgf Va Gur Pbqr Do you think you may know even how it relates to any thing or just give up and that is just an example od security?
  6. The point I am making is They send this code as a second layer of security but then going back to your email to see what it is then writing it down correctly when returning to where computer is still wating for code ?/enter code? and it dose not work and to get any sense out of it you have to start again and sometimes another code will be sent? with another diferent code and so on?? and yes I have all maner of other security on my computer so key loggers can NOT get dt mine as mine has a scrambler on it plus other And yes My internet Fibre optic system runs of a Modem that alters the IP address frequently at random have you not got that?? so my browser is more than most as my brother is an electrical engineer and computer (wizard) I call him it is more secure than most? Thank You for your comments though it is also like steam and Origin they have problems with security because ((Hackers) go for big companies not the individuals?? I may Not be in the top ranks of games but Play lots of diferent games online and a lot over the years have been spoiled by hackers and cheat modes?? I hope war Thunder does NOT surcome to it? after all they are trying to and making a fortune out of us gamers that's the same every where Now so Thanks again for your interest
  7. Here we go again (German Bias) The elco PT 314 for a 4.3 Not bad about right? Plane Sb 2G4 Well Typical in game and on test to slow, British Farmile 617-632 WAY to slow on pick up, Bow to low in the water 5.7??? Rubbish is the quick answer for that class Now German S100.(1944) 3.0 it acts more like a 7.0?? to fast kills every thing no matter whos driving? similar effect to the German tigers Nor balanced properly Yes runs well but to good for the level it will be in the same class as thouse (Black Boats that are rubbish) He111?? didn't know they could carry that many bombs??? why has the beufighter not got that many bombs ?/Just one torpedo? what use is that after just use it as kamikaze? ...ALL Kamakaze Planes in any game should have penalty of at least -3000 credits whether they kill someone or not it is now spoiling the MAIN game they would not do it in real ( even the japan kamakze) pilots most were ordered to die? Bomber kills and damage for roket or cannon fire but minus heavy for crashing into ground troops This has to stop so all together The game is being spoiled by (What I call ) cheating tacticts any agree start new comments