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  1. Match making should also take into account The amount of slots players have eg I join a battle with 10 Aircraft slots most around the same (br) and even one or two extras? after about 5mins ??most of the (Team) when looking to see are dead and only lost (Two) or even up to (5) Planes so its left up to the rest of us to try and battle on?? They may have (bought) premium vehicles? but haven't got enough slots? to back up a proper battle? after all if you were a real Pilot you may run away sometimes like some do, why not save your self or die and go get another Plane from the garage??
  2. Yes I have been Fighting this one for years and nothing is done I know it can be difficult but after all with the money the company makes it seems the right thing to do to try and made the game playable (Not just stick to how planes were matched in the real world) other wise Spitfires would be stalling all the time with fuel starvation? for a start so concentrate on (Matching) all peramiters so the game is fairer on all counts
  3. Yes you are all right They must be covering up some thing with not showing the information I know a lot a of Games are being spoiled with aircraft in the wrong (Tiers) and with over the top(BRs) all they think about lately is working on totally new stuff ? what is the point I paid for a Ship seems like last year?? nothing happening I even downloaded The (Der ?? server and now they wont let me play and all this other stuff (Airnought?? ) something or other ?? If they can not get the original Game correct then why should US gamers Pay more for updating computers to keep up and buy gold for extras that they put in Its all getting a bit over the Top?? Ill go play farming sim for a change at least that's ok I will now spend less on this Game Not more?? Do NOT Ruin it any more.