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  1. Hi The Rocket (Ship) should be involved with the (Tanks) tree as landing and support for troops would be the better Idea in stead of in the (Ships) Tree? and Yes in the British tree at least it would give a bit of hitting power close to shore and also another target for the (enemy) to bomb? My Thoughts.
  2. Hi looking at (Fairmile C) stats on your (Tree)? it could be a usefull (boat) (ship) to trial in any of the up and coming Tests? on the vid clip it shows it attacking another boat and destroying it in sconds? apparently ,at close quarters without any return fire? Most of the trials with any of the (ships) (boats) it is even if large cannons and direct hits it is still to difficult to (kill) any other ship at all in the tests. So I am wondering is this the intention? or not? and in that vid clip Yes they are traveling at a good SPEED that seems about right ! for the game to be enjoyable They can make the speed indicate what ever it matters more how when played if it plays right? About this I have never seen in real Life a 40 or 50 Ton tank or lighter? Fly over bumps?? they do in this game?? but so what there is NO complaints because Gamers enjoys the (Balanced ) 15 V 15 and other combinations of the game. Please look at and address The speeds of some of the Navel Vehicles Q What will happen if you do get heavier ships calibrating those would be impossible in scale in this game the way it is now? they would not move at all similar to the German (Barge) you know the one I mean say no more.
  3. The point of all games is to be able to play them with some kind of fair combat and have fun??? get the Ships or boats working correctly in the game first games don't really do any thing but give large companies lots of money? so make the Ships or boats go at relative speeds for a start? and hits with nbig shells ?? Bang crash wollop its a game for fun not a tec exersize?get real
  4. Hi I would not have them at all in this set up if you want to do that start another company and do it that way it would be even more difficult to get it right with all the other stuff going on so a BIG NO NO subs should go to a separate Game Full Stop
  5. HI look all that tec is ok if your into it ?? but as they have started the beta and have boats all should be concentrating on getting those right first so we the players can have fun, and yes I missed Friday but have tried again this Sat and today The german large Barge type boat has good hitting power but you can not move, it is Way Way to slow even for a barge?? The English boat Must have a 3 ton weight in the front, its to low in the water? to slow it should compare nearly the same as the USa PT boat, and the torpedoes well east and west and both together ?? Whats that all about?? you just have to point and fire NO good trying to aim? that needs big fixes, Ok now they have left the sea its about right and the only fun at the moment is the PT Boat the 1124 should have both depth charges and mines?? they got rid of the charges Why ?? If you are stopped in the water at least you could use them as defence? it is also to slow compare action from both the air vehicles and the (Tanks) ground vehicles and the ships should balance similar? hopefully some one reads this Thread?? Constructive Criticism Hopefully, and the other thing at least I played early NO problems with computer in game settings, plus it also worked ok when changing in game settings, and again when returning to normal play so a BIG THANK YOU
  6. Hi yes I will buy the Us Pt boat because it seems the only one that works about right ?? it maybe a little to fast but its how all the boats are not just one Ive already bought the 1124 and its to slow but it isn't to bad for hitting power? Ill go to another topic now on ships
  7. Hi I have said before Im English but have mostly Russian stock (Air and Ground) Could you please Remember That (Russian and also US and UK troops ) captured German Tiger Tanks and panthers? so why has there not been any in the Premium Tree?? for us to Buy them?? are you afraid we may like them? it seems the germans can capture some Alies vehicles? Mistry can you correct this Please.
  8. Well done well done keep it up I have quite a good set up on PC (mo Aim) usually) and although I say so im not bad? But I have Never cheated in any thing through life, I have been cheated on a lot but I also never (Lie) whats the point?? I have played thousands of games since computers started and nowadays it seem some of the people just want something for nothing all the time?? I must be getting old? BUT A BIG Thank you for trying to cure this.
  9. Well The MBK pr 186 at least it does have some good points But it is Far to SLOW 2 mins from 0 to 18mph?? and as far as the supposed fire power?? Try the German AFDI ?? well Bias comes to mine again the fire power should at leas be at about equal to this one? the us (ECo pt 314) has more hitting power and it only has ?light guns??so something wrong there it is also to low in the water? NO mines?? or depth charges? or couldn't find them if there was? so 50 to 60 seconds to go across one square of the map?? yes it can take a beating but at point blank range with those guns it should blow anything out of the water?? so something wrong there as well all the ships have good dezines and look the part and it look like the water is about right now and maps this time were also not to bad so trying to give constructive criticism again keep going?
  10. Hi I am NOT British I am ENGLISH and yes although I have mostly Russian planes and tanks I am fed up with the Bias shown? The british boat as you call it?(fairmile D617) well with four props with the engines it had it should plane very similar or even better that the US EcoPt 314 ?? that is how the (british) boat should be and even faster?? as for speed? well try them both and you will see I time them on screen try it? so those two should be almost the same they are not and the torpedoes well they go off nearly at 45 deg, whats that all about? and only two until they hit something?(german boat has 4) Bias or what!! So persist in sending in constructive criticism and we will see if they take note? Ill reply to the others on maybe the Russian Boat menue??