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  1. I've hullbroken some low-tier vehicles by shooting at their tracks. If you asked me, I don't really think that's historically accurate.
  2. Just had a crazy battle in the B29. I was the last plane left, and I managed to shoot down 3 enemies, which let the AI win the battle I hit my record of most SL earned in one match with 177,020 SL and about 10k RP with a premium account. I know, I know, and I agree. Those 50 cals were a bit overpowered I can't upload the replay file because its too large :(( (if this is in the wrong section, sorry :P)
  3. Wow, you really know your stuff. Very informative,and I learnt quite a bit. Thanks!
  4. the day gaijin fixes bombs and tanks is the day i will cry tears of joy
  5. This happened to half of my team once in an air RB battle, they were all in jets, on the Korea map. It was a while ago so I don't have the clog, but it sure was unusual. I wasn't stuck, though