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  1. I actually dontl't have any ATGM. I just like the way the Sheridan looks and how it can be airdropped. I hate ATGMS in this game and wish they were never added.
  2. gameplay

    I remember there being a thread of something similar a while back. There was a quiz on a loading screen with a tank silhouette and 4 answers. I'll try to find it. EDIT: Here it is
  3. For once, the T95 and US tanks that don't fire instant-death heat-seeking mini tactical nukes-in-a-shell, and British tanks have a chance to shoot stuff. APHE shells in real life were not as effective as they were ingame. Solid shot was much more reliable in real life, and that's why the Brits used it. It seems that fuses were added, but there is a much more in-depth discussion right here.
  4. Just play some stock USA 6.7 tanks then go back to the T-44. It will probably feel a lot easier.
  5. Hi, I recently got a new computer with an RX 480 inside, and it has been a gigantic upgrade from my old GT 730. I do not experience any "shimmers" on the ground, but on trees and shrubs (not grass), I get experience the issue. What is interesting though, once I look into my gun sight, the trees look fine. This is also true when I enable grass in optics. It might not be as visible in the screenshots, when when I move my mouse in-game, it is impossible to miss.
  6. After playing a little bit, the only time I got killed from the cupola was from an E-100, which makes sense. I noticed that a Panther II took 2 shots to the turret to kill from the APCBC shell in the T95, not the usual 1 shot to turn the tank into a firework.
  7. If the T95 cupola isn't some magical weakspot anymore, sign me the hell up! I'll play a few matches in it and will report back soon.