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  1. The American 37mm is a nuclear tipped wonder compared with the 2pdr, usually being able to two-shot almost everything it sees - once in the hull, then finish the crew off by slotting one into the turret.
  2. Hmm. currently halfway through Cent 3 grind, and struggling to get even a half decent game with it. Also have Cent 1, 4202, and Black Prince in the line up. Constantly uptiered to face 7.0 Germans with their nuclear APHE, which I can only counter with sabot frontally on Tiger II and Panther II Teams which just melt borderline quitting the game because it's so frustrating and unenjoyable
  3. It's mildly exaggerated for game purposes, but as a general rule, engines don't like running without oil and water and will pack up fairly quickly once cooling and lubrication is removed. However, some radials were renowned for their ability to keep chugging on, even with entire cylinders missing - it's why the Americans preferred them for naval aircraft. Its a trade off for all the IRL engine problems we don't have to deal with in game, like plugs fouling (Merlins did this a lot), carb icing, exhaust gases filling the cockpit (Typhoon), slave labour sabotage (anything late German), and fuel full of mud and god knows what (Russians)
  4. If they made it detonate properly, rather than only once it enters the tank, then it would be closer still. On top of that they'd need to model the fact that on thin skinned vehicles it should pass right through like a solid shot. As it is, APHE will always detonate once it's gone through side skirts, wheels, tracks, suspension units and hull armour.
  5. Top APHE nonsense last night; Tiger II hits the very top of FV4202 commanders hatch lid. Shell turns 90 degrees travels down through the commander, bounces off turret floor at about 120, hits underside of gun, deflects 90 degrees, hits ammo rack next to the driver, then the Gaijin super intelli-fuse(tm) detonates, setting off the ammo. Panther hitting Crusader AA frontally. Shell travels through front, driver, crew, does a 180 off the engine, goes back through the tank wiping out everything else, simultaneously setting off fuel and ammo. Leaves tank more or less through the hole it came in by.
  6. Guys, there's plenty of room in the historical section of the forum if you want to start yet another debate about Michael Wittmann...
  7. Along with a dramatic reduction in SP from capping...
  8. I quite like the Vickers Tempest in GF - it does do a surprising amount of damage, has decent ammo count, and flys fairly well. It's also got the performance to clear off when things get hot. Mossie with 6pdr I think I've managed to score one kill with it before the awful FM and million gallons of fuel you have to haul about got the better of me. Problem with both of them is that at 4.7, you're better off using the flying artillery regiment that is the hairdryer of doom.
  9. Dying to aircraft is pretty infrequent, but far more common is to find yourself alone trying to defend three caps because you've got a dozen people zooming about in fighters.