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  1. The Russians didn't get a decent working jet engine until we Brits gave them one though? As for Op Unthinkable itself - I've always interpreted it as merely a contingency should old 'Uncle Joe' have gone even more meglomaniac than he already was. All three of the major powers were fought out in Europe by the end - Russians and British had more or less run out of men for the meat grinder, and the US was more worried about the Pacific. Certainly nobody here in Blighty would have gone for a seventh year of war, and I wonder whether the Americans would have wanted to get involved in yet another round of European Dictator Removal?
  2. Or more probably, the first grenade caused a bit of damage, and the second one the breech was open whilst the crew were busy trying to clear the debris. I dunno what you think breech blocks are made of, but a hand grenade isn't going to make much of a dent. Especially since with the breech closed, the barrel is sealed, and all the blast is going to exit via the muzzle, kinda like a gun barrel... oh, wait.
  3. Vodka Physics best fisiks! Which I expect is why/how a KV-1 kept pace with my Cromwell the other day, or the KV-2s turret doesn't fall off as it did IRL.
  4. Now you're just being pedantic. Axis team sat back, we kerbstomped them, I got to do nothing all game because Churchill couldn't keep up. Ki-100 dropped bombs on me. Game ends. point remains the same - the rush to cap works occasionally, and seems to convince those who do it that it's a valid tactic.
  5. Problem is that one in ten games it actually works. Normandy urban map last night, with three cap zones. Spawn in Churchill as I'm hoping for some FIBUA, only to find the Germans sat back, my team of Cromwells, Shermans and T-34s rush all three caps, steamroll the German team, and game ends within 5 minutes. 5 minutes being the time it takes a Churchill to advance through the town on the seafront side, advancing from cover to cover, only to find everything dead already. Then some git in a Ki-100 bombed me out. No shots fired, 53 RP. GG The rest of the time I seem to get every bob and his mate rush cap in Achilles, and then just sit there. Hence if I'm flanking in Cromwell or similar, I frequently have no team left by the time I'm halfway into position. Thing that really staggers me is that they'll cap, but then not seek cover, or fall back to a better firing position to cover the cap. Just sit and die, or rush and die.
  6. Yeah, I quit eight months ago, and went back last weekend. Managed four games, and then uninstalled again. For all I faceroll my keyboard at the magic fairy dust quirks of WT, going back to WoT is like playing Colin McRae Rally after Gran Tourismo 5 - yes, notionally it's the same type of game, but there the similarity ends.
  7. The autoaim feature is actually pretty useful in WoT, especially since they changed it from centre mass to lower hull / weakest point about a year ago (gotta keep the tomato bobs pumping money in, after all). In fact, it's good enough to a point where you could reliably pull off shots like that if your reaction time or anticipation is good enough to LMB when reticule goes green. As for that shot above - it looks suspicious, but without seeing him pull off that sort of thing throughout the whole game or session, it remains that - a suspiciously lucky shot.
  8. Grenades blowing breeches?!? Not any man portable grenades are going to do that. In fact, given the low explosive yield of a hand grenade, you're going to have To be fairly lucky blowing ammo the rack too - grenades are primarily designed to chuck fragmentation in all directions, so you're relying on a hot fragment to hit and ignite something causing a chain reaction. As far as I can tell, blowing tank barrels was possible using grenades, but that was achieved by damaging the barrel and filling it full of fragments, causing the next round fired to detonate prematurely.
  9. And yet solid shot stops at the first thing it hits...
  10. There are many things which perplex me about this game, but the current bugbear is the kill cam. How accurate is it in relation to the hit calculations carried out by the game? Some of the whacky shots I've had this week; 88mm pens Sherman right side drive wheel, then hull side, then gearbox, leaves gearbox, through driver, and ends up in ammo rack on left side sponson. 20mm AA cannon shell hits Cromwell radiator cover (the rectangular thing on the engine deck) from behind, travels down slightly, hits turret ring, explodes killing turret crew. 75mm hits Cromwell turret face right on the join with turret side, travels down into turret, ammo rack 50mm penetrates Churchill III via the hull MG, kills MG gunner and drive, then explodes in turret, killing everyone inside. 75mm hits Churchill VII front idler wheel, then pens the angled plate behind it, then side of the hull, ends up in ammo rack at back of hull - kaboom StuG hits Valentine drivers periscope with HE - kills crew Also, if the above shots are possible, is it safe to assume, kinetic energy, shell deformation and tumbling aren't modelled? A lot of the secondary and tertiary penetrations would be unlikely given what happens to lumps of metal travelling very fast when they hit over lumps of metal
  11. Compared with the one shot gimpfest that arty is in the other game, I rather like the execution of it in WT 1) unless you're very unlucky, or driving something without a roof, you're unlikely to get killed by it 2) it does force people to move 3) it creates enough of a distraction and cloud of dust to enable you to assault the position As for the range - given the feeble nature of the shells landing, I'd say it's more of a mortar stock than an artillery barrage
  12. The AI 110s on Snorway can be ludicrously hard to bring down - I've had the same scenario where I've been left alone up top, and decide to get some free RP before diving down to get stuck in. Literally emptied all 3400 rounds of P-47M fifties at them for no result. That was before 1.67 though - I've stopped playing AF because the Wing-Be-Gone thing is too much to bear on top of all the other broken mechanics in RB
  13. Super Crusader; Meteor engine Twin Mohlins 6pdr autoloaders mounted either side of turret, semi externally. 45mph off-road and 20 rounds down range in 10 seconds. We'll ignore the metal fatigue and crew injuries for now
  14. Not really - the Centurion was a logical development of the Comet only in that it addressed all the shortcomings of the Cruiser designs up to that point. In design terms, it's arguably closer to a Matilda II than a Comet - very well armoured front hull, tough cast turret, bogey suspension, best AT gun available, emphasis on survivability, 4 man crew. If you were to take the Matilda II - best British early war tank, and in relative terms the best British tank of the war - and refine the design based on all the lessons learned throughout the war, using the technology available in 1939, you'd pretty much end up with the Centurion.
  15. Yeah, there was some chat about that on my old WoT clans FB page - the guy was a well known streamer, ate absolute junk, smoked, drank, and just sat on his PC all day. Apparently he went outside for a cigarette during a marathon and never returned. After a while one of the viewers tried ringing him, got no answer, so called the local police who went round and found him expired outside.
  16. Spacefire Island. Broken because the US teams tend to have four heavies, and at least half the Jugs present will ground pound, whereas the British will usually consist almost entirely of Spits, with the odd Tempest, Wyvern, and heavy thrown in. I'm pretty sure this map is what caused the Spit IX to get moved up to 5.7 - most games are just a shooting gallery for the Spits.
  17. Played another couple - solid shot remains a big problem. Whilst a Pz.IV and Chi-Nu can be relatively sure of a kill shot first time, a 6pdr has to pump shot after shot into things and hope the first hit causes a significant crit. The lack of HE filler isn't balanced by a better reload speed either - in a frontal engagement at any range, it's almost always a losing situation for British tank. Not an issue in a Cromwell, but Churchill with 6pdr can't flank.
  18. I was being sarcastic
  19. Altitude have any bearing on it? Stuff like the P-47M you ideally need to have the rads open in a sustained WEP climb, but can shut them down to 20% once past 16k feet.
  20. I think I've sussed it out. It seems to me that the preferred meta is to rush to cap, rack up some SP, then when you get walloped by an F2 select one of the many Allied groundpounders, then immediately get shot down by a wirbelwind. Meanwhile, the German/Japanese meta seems to be use second spawn to take AA, wreck the huge numbers of fighter bombers roaming around, then go and use the de facto lag spam attack on whatever allied tanks happen to be left. Blame the stupid German AA line then?
  21. Not the gunners, but the DM in relation to hits received - just had the same thing happen in GF: machine gun hits to wing and I'm now have uniwing. I brought down a P-47 last night, and both his wings folded in, like the old footage of the early flight pioneers when the whole contraption would fold in on itself when it left the ground - not exactly realistic for a 7 tonne all metal monocoque fighter. Even stranger is that with one wing missing, then plane doesn't do a sycamore seed impression, but instead plummets groundward under relative control. If it was just one game where it had happened, then fair enough - but with everyone reporting the same trait. Moreover an inconsistent trait where sometimes your wings vanish, and other times you tank loads of damage, suggests a wider issue. That B-24 pass was as perfect as I've ever managed to do, and it was like being hit by a sidewinder. In terms of realism - challenge here is to find WW2 gun camera footage of planes losing entire wings from gun damage. Anyone with even the vaguest knowledge of mechanical and aeronautical engineering will know that the strongest part of any plane is the wing spars, and a 50cal round - even the magical nuclear tipped 12.7 Russian round - isn't going to do that kind of damage.
  22. Academic for me now, but nice to know it's not quite tinfoil hate time. What with the magical Wing-Be-Gone effect we've now got in planes, I'm out.
  23. Woah, they have changed the DMs on wings - just screamed down on a Liberator in a Griff; perfectly executed pass. I get one 50 cal hit from waist gunner, and I lose entire wing at the fuselage. Thanks Gaijin, but no thanks. Only Microsoft can break their own stuff more consistently than this. I'm done.
  24. Yeah, I'm liking the Sherman and Cromwell, but the teams are just awful... now 16 losses in a row
  25. Is there a balance issue at 3.3? Decided to grind the Brit line again, having been amusing myself with Cobra King and T20. Haven't actually won a game yet because half the team is back in hangar whilst the Germans and sometimes Russians are still full team. Twelve straight defeats, none of which have been even slightly close. Full yolo rush to the objective point, and then sit there getting wrecked by long barrel Pz.IV, followed by a whole gaggle of people then sitting in spawn with AA. Nobody flanks, even on wide maps like Ardennes. It can't all be players? Things improve in Tier III right? I'm not sure I can take much more of this psychological torture. edit oh, and a Flakbus 88 from 1000m hits the front wheel on the Sherman II, travels through it, through the side armour, enters the gearbox, exits the gearbox, kills driver, then detonates the ammo on the far sponson??
  26. Which begs the question why play the game at all? If it's a sim experience you're after, there's a few other options out there I believe?
  27. I just reinstalled WoT after a raging a bit at GF. My. God. It. Is. Awful... Been away six months, after 32k games - can't believe how cartoony it feels, and how flat and featureless the terrain is. Don't get me wrong, WT GF isn't perfect, not by a long shot - but at least the tanks feel like tanks, and the terrain feels like actual terrain rather than a WH40K table with random buildings and polystyrene hills.
  28. Pe-8 is very hard to bring down in any plane - it's made of pure fire retardant KV-1, has a 20mm sniper on the roof, and 12.7s pointing in every direction. About the only method is come in fast from front and below, and aim for with pilot area, or a wing. Roll under and out. Repeat until one of you (usually you) is dead. Only Stalin decides.
  29. Oh. To be honest, I've barely touched air RB since patch - started half heartedly grinding for the Lincoln and three games in a row where I was top RP flying the Lancaster and bombing bases. Two games had no air kills at all on British team on Hokkaido... at 5.7... Been playing GF instead, that's how bad its got for me now
  30. I didn't think the DM has changed - the wings falling off just being a different visual representation of wing rip?
  31. Well, lost connection to the server on the fifth wave of Lancasters. or we lost... not sure - badly designed to say the least... for example "new enemies arrivie" every time a new wave spawns
  32. Played about in test flight. Gun arcs, or lack of, means anyone underneath, or level at the sides, is going to have all the time in the world. It's huge. it can fly on one engine, but isn't much faster on four that tail has Lancaster flat spin written all over it 6.0 BR? Seriously? 2/10, will unlock but never fly. Halifax remains de facto British heavy. Disappointed really - we could have had the Defiant, Whirlwind, Mosquito bomber, Whitley, Swordfish Mk.V, Battle, Kittyhawk premium, and god knows what else that saw combat... but we get the Lincoln. A stop gap bomber which is most famous for becoming the Shackleton.
  33. Said it before, and I'll repeat it again - GJ seems to have fallen into the 'content is life' trap, same as WoT, because it's a quick revenue stream. Doesn't really matter that the established playerbase is crying out for the underlying issues to be fixed, because getting the level 20 players throwing a few dollarpoundeuros at converting RP to get latest thing, or buying a new shiny premium, gives a return on investment. Way things are drifting with RB, can't see me being around after my premium time expires in a couple of months. Indeed, after a nice weekend of games in 109 G2, I logged off after three battles last night because every team seemed intent on lawnmowing in 109s and 190s - no other modes available that I fancied; no PvE, no Events, no ladder or tournaments... just tanks, which is an exercise in shouting "WTF?!?" and "Yeah, sure, that actually happened Gaijin" a lot.
  34. Swordfish was still slowly climbing at 28,500ft, but all Nigels on board where complaining of the cold, and I'd got bored.
  35. Well, if we're all a bit bored this morning, we could have an Inappropriate Altitude Competition? First one to get a Sunderland to 45,000ft wins a prize Edit: three very, very, cold Nigels in a Swordfish just passing 23,000ft over Kent.