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  1. but ... but... I am afraid of heights - flying sober is too terrifying for me
  2. yeah but CR42+G50s and MC200s are grouped and SM79 are semigrouped so you can skip half of those if you wish and fly those in GE tree
  3. 1.69 removed 100octane fuel - now it's 1450hp - not bad and it can keep WEPing for more than 5 mins but performance are visibly worse obviously
  4. ok - fair enough - I mostly play SB where shooting take place at shorter distance but yeah - in RB there are more long range snapshots
  5. It is no longer rated to 1600hp so 100octane was removed and not made standard. As for why - who knows - maybe we will get more P-40s in future. I also know that Soviet ones never had 100octane fuel and I know about only one unit that had their engines rated to that power after pearl harbour but I do not know if this was permanent. with 1450bhp it's not bad plane either - it will no longer chase 109Gs but it's not underdog either.
  6. well - 50 cals were potent. Soviets openly said that 2x50cals in nose of early P-40s and later for P-39s is more than enough. If memory serves some pilots even stated that 2 50s was as powerful as armament on Yaks - I'll try to dig that one out edit - so far found that:
  7. all guns have cammed safeties preventing to shoot at own plane and shooting sideways you'd like to have that 5deg to not create bling spot. Luckily other turrets have that covered so I agree it;s not huge problem
  8. w SB ma idealny BR - ogarnia problem wszysktich SB2, DB3, B18 itd w EC2 a nie spotyka mysliwcow dla ktorych bylby jakims gigantycznym problemem (zakladajac że ich nie zaskoczy i nie zmiecie sila ognia)
  9. ki 61

    current BF109F4 is late '43(?) (1.42 ATA) so P-40E is not really a good match. If anything it would need back 100octane fuel (1600bhp) and if so happens it will not be better than 109F4 but not totally inferior (I find P-40 with 1600hp comparable to La-5FN except the fact that it can't keep up performance very long due to overheating) Po-2 entered service in 1933 (if memory serves) and should remain 1.0 but as currently it's so you should be able to take it to EC5 if you want F2A can now meet A6M2 in EC2 so what's the problem? As for Yak-3P and J2M2 - same case as with F2A: you seem to forget how EC works: there are fixed BR brackets and plane that are very strong and futuristic for their age can be at top BR which will make them very rare sight but should allow you to take them one rank higher where you can spam it at will. So in EC4 Me262 or 1st meteor can be BR 6.3 whileYak3P can remain 5.7. It would allow them to meet but would prevent meteor to be spammed. I know you are going to disagree but in real life people flew J2M2 vs P-51s, Lagg-3-35s vs 109F2s or F2As vs Zero like it or not. Game have mechanism to balance it (like F2A and Zero mentioned above) but when I see P-47D27 fighting He112s or 109E1s...
  10. ki 61

    Planes in SB should be tiered based on when they entered service not how good people do with them. I've tested all planes as much as I was able to vs their historical opponents and aside from float planes only one is less then competitive - mid 1942 LaGG-3-35. It's possible to be good with it vs 109F4 and G2 but it's all about skill and not how plane flies. Other than that all planes are more or less ok meeting historical opponents - sure some are better than other but not enough to make them unplayable.
  11. ki 61

    I'm talking SB - Ki-61-I ko is 2.7 - late '42 plane (that saw first combat in '43) that are tiered lower than early '41 spitfire mk IIa, on the same BR as 1940 109E3, 1939 I-16 type 24. They meet P36s, Yak-1s, Hurricanes and mk I/II spits most of the time (SB have fixed brackets so no chance of random uptier at all). I took plane to battle 1 rank higher to finally meet proper enemies like F4Us. Yak-9s, La-5s, etc and it still wrecked them. EDIT: SB stats are screwed - they dont show EC session as mission unless I stick to the end, they totally show no true victory rate but show kill/death - mostly that is
  12. it's normal - plane in flight is a fragile balance of lift, drag, weight and thrust - even small damage to one wing can create lift imbalance and cause plane to spin or something. WT do not model damage properly in 3d model. THere are like 2-3 levels of damage visually but more than that in FM so sometimes look like no damage but effect is already there. Look at damage indicator in bottom left corner of the screen.
  13. ki 61

    early (non-cannoned) Ki-61 are now butchering. Even ko with 2x7.7 and 2x12.7 can easily score lot of kills in one sortie. But that's not just guns - whole Ki-61 line is undertiered badly - in fact Japanese rank 2-3 is full of time travellers - more planes are severely under-tiered* (historically) than not. *by severely under-tierde I mean that they have almost no chance to meet historical opponents but always fight enemies in much older designs. Earlier guns were flimsy excuse - there is none now.
  14. steep climbing contest vs 109 is never a good idea no matter how good you think your plane is. Yak3 is the only plane that can try it in EC3. In my post I clearly said it's risky because good 109 pilot will get you. Beside I am not talking about propping with 109 - I am talking about getting into something closer to immelman turn that can be smoothly changed into rolling scissors and that you should do it if you need 109 to burn energy (for example if ally can't catch up to help. 1v1 extending away is always a best option. oh and info that seem useless but something that still happened to me more than once- you have edge over 6km over 109
  15. w tym wypadku ma to jeszcze mniej sensu bo 17tki mają dużo mniejszy ładunek bomb, nie ma 20tki i 13tek, itd.
  16. takie cos ostatecznie moze byc. na pewno nie jako premke do kupienia
  17. badzo wiele takich rzeczy zostało przesłanych do devów ale od czasu niemieckiego Iła-2 niecąłe 2 lata temu nie został dodany ani jeden trofiejny. Może więc GJ zrozumiał błąd. Poza tym zal tylko ludz, którzy takim czyms lataja jak pisalem wczesniej. Jesli nie lubisz niemieckiego drzewka to po cholere kupujesz niemiecką premkę? No ale rozumem, że po tym jak wielu czy to samemu czy z kobitą obejrzało 50 twarzy greya to namnożyło sie masochostycznych zapedów.
  18. mamy 3 Do-17 w grze, o którym mowa? Po kawałku o ilości strzelców zakładam, że Do-17 Z-7 i BF110 - w takim razie totalnie się nie zgadzam. -BF jest duuuużo szybszy -BF jest dużo zwrotniejszy - nadal nie jest to stpifire ale mimo wszyskto -BF ma dużo lepsze uzbrojenie -BF jest wystarczająco odporny. -strzelcy w Dornierze mają na tyle małe pole ostrzału, że pomagają tylko jeśli ktoś niedoświadczony usiądzie CI na ogonie. Przeciwko innym nie masz szans.
  19. yeah I've thought the same - GJ indicated that they work on other P-40 variants as well and 1600hp migh have been a test of how P-40 would work with increased performance. but only time will tell
  20. I can see italian flag next to EC battles but I can't test now if it works indeed
  21. true - it was totally out of place with that performance at current BR
  22. tyle w temacie 1600 koni
  23. if you buy one of the packs (Cr32 or G55s - no matter which one) you will get access to all planes (whole tree) on production (normal game) server.
  24. standard case - when GJ release new tech tree (like new nation) they will unlock 1-2 vehicles every week after they make sure that proposed BRs makes sense etc. But real reason is that if you buy italian premium pack you get all planes at once so they want to make cash on impatient people
  25. I actually find extending away very viable tactic vs 109. I do not feel it helps him. In fact I've never been caught by 109 in level flight (after building up speed in dive) and 109s are known (especially F4) to cook their engine nicely with prolonged WEP so their radiators will get wide open and they will start loosing the drag race while P-38 if you cut RPMs a little can fly and WEP for quite a long time with 30% radiators. And as you said - I've found out that many 109 pilots underestimate P-38 massively. Maybe that's because most people do not use flaps making this plane sluggish, don't know. Thing is that often after such long extension period I can suddenly go vertical with flaps, go into wide rolling scissors and make 109 overshoot me - it's risky but if I know I've dragged him comfortably close to friendly AAA or there is ally nearby it's good thing to burn his energy. I've never been seriously damaged doing this and 90% of 109s will but their own energy trying to pursue "the lumbering P-38"
  26. it's not just EC5 - bots on all ranks spawn plane from later part of BR spectrum - they usually fly what normal people can't
  27. there is big a discussion (fact that we at least get some official feedback make it "big" ) in dev server thread about old BRs (as in Bug Reports not battle ratings) and GJ's approach (or lack of one) to data quality and testing. I've used this case as an example - hope you don't mind.
  28. and another case of GJ's sloppiness: EDIT: forgive me for putting it here but that's where the discussion was and thread is to be locked soon anayway so I've used the opportunity. I am looking forward to your insight. Issues above were found in what? 30-60 mins after release by totally random people. That's why you never ask developers to test their own code - main rule of testing IT projects. You can spend 10hrs looking at it and find nothing and someone will just be passing by your desk and point it out after looking at it unwillingly.
  29. @Smin1080p @Pacifica - exactly kind of lack of DQ I've been talking about: CR32 on live prod server: when I open radiators manually to 100% 3d model closes them when I close them manually to 0% 3d model show them wide open. Come on - this should not happen. I've reported thins like that in past but I really have better things to do in my life than point out the obvious. Screenshots for whoever will want to submit BR
  30. First of all - do not call it running. I know it's the same but for many people it's giving up while extending away is normal part of US dogfight style. As soon as people gets it they will do good. My last battle in P-38E vs Germany EC3 I got 4x109, 2x190 and got 2 assist on bombers while not dying at all. I've used exactly the tactic you've described. P-38E is slower than G but Idea is the same -Dive to get above enemy's Vmax - in case of 109 350mph is enough but more the better, especially if he is close -gently level out and keep running to preserve as much speed as possible Now I am working on using better high-alt performance. Whole idea to go into combat zone only after reaching 12-15kft. You can BnZ enemy whole day. Also P-38 is surprisingly capable of putting the lead on enemy. All you need to do is (ab)use combat flaps. In Lightning they have high rip speed and generate relatively low drag for additional lift. My rule of thumb (as long as I am not in really, really fast dive) is to open them as soon as I feel that plane start to "shutter" in turn and retract them as soon as I ease up the stick or when I've reached comfortable lead. In other word my combat flaps are extension of my elevator for me - whenever it fails to get more Gs flaps takes over
  31. a mimo to kupa ludzi w WT ma poobijane palce bo uzywa młotka do koszenia trawy no bez przesady BF110 albo He112A/B wbijasz szybko a potem z górki. BF110 to dobry samolot a He112 to paszkwil ale ludzie uwielbiają się kręcić więc też naciepiesz tym fragów. trochę to ostatnio zmienili : dokłądnie tak to wygląda - chcesz poznać samolot - testuj go i testuj przeciwników. toż to kill-steal - gość w korku a Ci strzelają ale w sumie i tak by było bez fraga więc luz
  32. u niemców prop-pitch to jest constant-pich a nie constant-speed i jest uzywany tylko jesli automat zdechnie co w WT nie występuje. Dlatego prop-pitch nie ruszasz w 109tkach i 190tkach
  33. don't trust dials in cockpit - they sometimes are off from the truth. Browser map seem to be better source but in that case it confirms 1.42
  34. they both run 1.42 here (page 6) you have mention of 1.42 ATA for 601N but my german is very weak so someone who really knows it can confirm:
  35. I'm just fooling around - I'm also curious what our forum Italian aviation experts have to say about it
  36. no ale ile zajmuje wynalezienie pierwszego Emila? dzień? pare godzin? Jeśli ktoś nie ma wybadanej II ery to nie ogarnie też bolta - i sie dziwić potem, że ma BR jaki ma
  37. ok I get the gentle point you try to make here - I will shut up now and let other talk
  38. I've asked that and got "no" without furhther explanation - but keep asking. maybe they will change their mind. As said it's mostly engine/fuel rating but also guns. If plane got serious overhaul in course of production but not big enough to make it different model (like adding 150octane fuel and uprating engine or like in G6 adding MW50) it should be player's choice if I want to fly pre change lower BR version or later higher BR one It's a simple change as it does not requrie totally new FM - just derate power and in most cases it's already there - for example in G2 to get 1.3 ATA you need to remove all engine related modules - the only difference would be that you will get lower BR if you do so. And to not count effect of each module just give drop down menu (similar to one where you choose weapons) that you choose for example 1941 1942 or 1943 variant. with later being available only when you unlock certain modules.
  39. ale co to da, że będa w grze? cała przyjemnośc grania polega na tym, że uczysz się samolotów, ich mocnych i słabych stron i dostosowujesz taktyke do przeciwnika. Nie ma nic lepszego niż podniebna zabawa w papier/kamien/nozyce bo inaczej wszyscy latali by spitfire'ami bo są najłatwiejesze w ogarnięciu - skręcasz w kierunku wroga tak długo aż masz go na celowniku i naciskasz przycisk. Mnie dużo bardziej Cieszy gdyu widzę kręcące się spikti atakowane przez spawające z gówy foki, które z kolei goni w nurki jakiś dzbanek. Nie ma nic bardziej bezssensownego i nudnego niż walka niemieckiego i ruskiego Jaka-1B albo nippońskiego i amerykańskiego Zera. Można się spierać, że wygra wtedy lepszy pilot i że jest to wyrównana walka ale takie coś nie ma sie nijak do realizmu. takie walki powinny byc w turniejach 1vs1 a nie w normalnej grze - no chyba, że zgodzimy się by takie trofiejne samoloty miał 100x koszt naprawy oraz przeszkolenia załogi - wszak były to często bezcenne pojedyńcze egzemplarze o bardzo ograniczonej bazie części zapasowych i nikt przy zdrowych zmysłach nie wysłał by ich do walki zamiast stosować w jednostkach szkoleniowych do demonstrowania pilotom słabych stron przeciwnika. EDIT: Nie ogarniam tez ludzi, którzy mówią, że uzywają takiego wunderdbauma do wybadania niemieckiego drzewka bo po prostu wolą amerykanskie i im boltem idzie szybicje. W takim razie po co badac niemieckie drzewko? zeby dojsc do sabre'a czy Miga? to nbie procciej w ruskim czy amerykańskim te same samoloty ogarnąć? a co do innych smaolotów - jak Ci się nie podoba drzewko niemieckie na 1- erze dlaczgo myślisz, że nagle na 4 będize zupełnie inaczej?
  40. oczywiście - ruskie Kingcobry są dla mnie bardizej akceptowalne niż amerykańskie w SB EC masz predefiniowane widełki ale masz pełne prawo wziąć samolot o dowolnym BR niżsyzm więc nikt nie zabroni wziąć rezerwy do V ery. Ja z teog korzystam. Np w moim zestawie ruskim na III ere musiałem dać Iła31943 na BR 3.7 bo wszystkie pozostałe samoloty są poniżej wymaganego BR ale jakoś nie przeszkadza mi zwykle wyjść z K/D 3/1 albo nawet X/0 Te samoloty sa naprawdę zdolne do walki z innymi maszynami III ery. Taki ŁaGG-3-66 jest rocznikowo 1944 i to czuć - on jest spokojnie w stanie brać na klatę 109F4 na niskim pułapie. Trzeba się trochę namęczyć momentami ale nie na tyle by się na tym rozwodzić jakoś strasznie
  41. nie twierdze, że zły - po prostu chce by miał historycznie poprawny BR - znaczy spotykął samoloty z podobnego rocznika a nie z bitwy pod Kutnem. Szczególnie, że ostatnio testuje wszysktie możliwe opcje gdzie samolot o niskim BR celowo biore tak by walczył ze swoimi historycznymi przeciwnikami. Poki co za wyjątkiem takich dziwadeł jak A6M2-N z '42 i N1K1 Kyofu z '43 to samoloty te naprawdę dają tam radę. Raptem kilka wymaga skilla ale reszta naprawdę jest w stanie spokojnie konkurowac z samolotami o 1.0 czy nawet 2.0 BR wyższym. A co do razorbacka - tak ale mój sprzeciw dla trofiejnych pozostanie. Szlag mnie trafia jak moja niemiecka druzyna sklada sie z dzbanków, Ła-5ek i Jaków a walczy z Amerykańską drużyną na F4kach i Zerach. Jak ktoś chce latać zerem to wypad do Japońskiego drzewka a jak dzbankiem to do amerykańskiego. Ruski jest dla mnie akceptowalny. Jedyne trofiejne jakie mogę zaakceptowac to Japońskie P-40tki, których nie mamy obecnie w grze + ledwo ale przeboleje wszelkie prototypy wysyłane sojusznikom nawet w 1 egzemplarzu (typu japońska 190)
  42. if it worked at TO you will have to fight it at cruise speed and will almost force you into spin in dive. I guess it's for rather high speed - especially since plane do have aileron trim if memory serves so there is no point in matching exact cruise speed. That said I have no info to back my claims here
  43. Ja osobiscie lubie kazdy samolot nauczyc sie porzadnie. Ostatnio mam zabawe by latac samolotami vs ich historyczni rywale. Nie ma nic przyjemniejszego niż latanie boltem na IV erze czy Ki-44 na III. Te samoloty męczą się na swoich obecnych BRach i nie jesteś w stanie wykrozystać nawet 1/3 ich możliwości a jak latasz z przeciwnikami, z którymi wg ślimaka nie powinieneś mieć szans to jest przyjemnie. z Oczywiście są ludzie, dla których miarą sukcesu jest ilość killi na koniec bitwy i tacy będą ściągać bolta na 2.3 ale są tacy jak ja, którzy będą się tego cholernego samolotu uczyć tak długo aż osiągną podobne efekty dzbankiem D na BRach 4.3-5.3 bo tam jest jego miejsce (jeśli dadzą mu te brakujące 300 kucy będzie to 5.0-6.0)
  44. pupular misconception. Every big (100 devs is a big one already) softwarehouse do have testers - proper test department of people not involved in development. Even best developers will make typos, small glitches etc. I've started as a tester, I've been suppor team member, developer and now I am IT PM and trust me - there is no way to make complicated code 100% bugs free initially - tests are a must. Sadly it's popular problem that comapnies reduce cost by having developers test their own stuff - it will never get all the bugs.
  45. Nigdy nie rozumiałem tego "nie atakuj mr X bo przegrasz" - to niby jak człowiek ma sie uczyc jak walsnie nie starajac sie pokonac lepszych od siebie? zginiesz 10-20x ale zabijesz gościa 1x i od razu weselej No i wazne by patrzec wstecz - nie tylko w grze.- poki nie zrobisz sobie pauzy nie obejrzysz powtorki i nie zobaczsz gdzie popelniles blad, tak dlugo sie nie nauczysz nic w tej grze
  46. symka = SB? Pytam bo z wypowiedzi raczej bym Cię plasował jako gracza RB
  47. a to byly problemem? W RB pewnie tak bo tam jak walisz na duzych kątach to każdy ping może "zaiskrzyć" ale w SB jak walisz główne "od zada" to 2-3 pestki i przelatujesz prerzez chmure czegoś co przed chwilą było hitlerboltem. Ruskie Kobry to moja ulubiona zabawka to zbijania tych wunderbaumów - spadają jak muchy
  48. as said few posts back - for EC it only show battles you participated till the very end. If you exit early and someone take your spot you will not see server reply - at least not as game "with my participation"
  49. If I may suggest a solution for GJ to speed up work - hire a tester. I am not here to mock or anything I am dead serious - you (GJ) will have 50% less work if what you release is proper tested. I am not talking about issue where something is based on wrong document and we have too high/low speed or that not all bomb options are implemented. I am talking about obvious stuff. Exammples: -for over a year XP55's armoured glass in front of pilot was made off (according to x-ray)... wood -He219 have a "pilot" that can fly plane backward and can fly plane even if tru epilot is dead and act like a fleshy armour -G4M force you to open bomb bays before dropping bombs - fine but bomb doors were removed at one point -lot of mirrors show crap - for example one in Firefly look exactly below plane and is inverted 180 degree -Do217 (one with Schrage) was totally missin sights for it and after my bug report they added sight glass to 3d model but reticle is still missing -50% of carrier-born fighters cannot land on carrier without taking damage becuase their hook is not articulated (something Rapitor reported as his first BR after becoming TM way back) -and more cases like that. Sure it will require someone who is not just code tester but know his/her way around military equipment but for a company that exist around combat simulations (or should I say "simulations") should have people like that. Hell - half of those bugs are so obvious that person who used any flight simulator for an hour and have ability to think by itself can catch. I think half of playerbase do better job than GJ QA department (that seem not to do any job) And then there are people like PG85, Pony51, Rapitor, etc who voluntarily do much better job digging out documentation over the internet than GJ's R&D department - people paid real hard cash to do their job. There are at least 4-5 huge publicly available repositories of official plane manuals, etc (like and it does not take much to look into there before finishing FM to see if it works. Yet what we see is either total incompetence/laziness or balancing with FM on purpose hoping people will not notice. Test before you implement and you will cut number of bug report by 50% maybe more
  50. my hopes to see it fixed are dwindling but I'll be happy to be proven wrong But let's get back to 1.69 - let's see if will 109A get fixed pitch propeller in time? in last dev opening it seem to have 109B FM copy-pasta - I was more than surprised to be able to change pitch on the wooden fixed screw EDIT: Also on dev I did get both German Marcolin's and 109A - I hope it will be so after release - it would be nice touch from GJ to get 109A for those who fought their first battle with Luftwaffe back when Italians were integral part of that TT.
  51. a co z nimi nie tak?
  52. thank you @Fog_of_War - that explain all the buff in gun performance - especially number of fires I see
  53. I agree but some are done in "out of sight out of mind" fashion when devs have no idea how to quickly fix them - yes I am talking about totally messed up scope sight
  54. Bombers are bigger than you think + stress of facing magic mouse-aimed gunners can result in mistake. Better way than markers is to learn ID. There are not that many captured bombers in game (2?) They are also big so even at ULQ you should be able to ID. Edit That said once I saw he112 in soviet team. Even done screenshots back then and now strange thing - test of my team saw this plane as ...Yak1
  55. Wasnt MC200 the one with odd wing. I always though that it was not so on 202 (despite obvious connection). I guess we learn something every day
  56. I'm surprised that not all had the same depression and if so that it's not the 4-gun one that differ.
  57. yeah I've heard the same. After asking if they will consider adding various predefined "year" setup for planes that will affect BR I got simple: without further explanation
  58. I'm not so sure if thatch's F2A-1 always had twin gun setup. In the Saratoga crash you can clearly see wing blister used for fairing gun mechanics. Maybe gun barrels are just closed with fabric like 303s on early RAF planes? I think that in the photo from New Yor you do not see blisters on wings. 3rd photo is obviously from wrong angle to tell. Here in book I have I found diagram for F2A-1 wing with and without 50cals. Text in yellow translates to "F2A-1 wing with mounted armament" - so blister means that it had 50cals.: It might have been removed later by Thatch himself . Also your photo shows plane without guns and clean wing on 3-F-18 (1388): why would thatch fly with drag inducing blister and no guns is beyond me. Maybe 3-F-18 didn't have them but 3-F-13 (Saratoga crash photo) did. CC: @KnightoftheAbyss - just in case you want to add this to bug report - I can't as it's closed. My source: EDIT: that's why blister was needed (this one for F2A-3 but you get the point): source:
  59. all italian planes in german TT will be hidden - if you have them (bought them as research is not enough) you will retain them and if not then bye bye. Buffalo according to recent data minig wil finally get wing mounted 50 cals but since this will make it too strong for 1st battle freemium it will get replaced by premium F3F. My guess is that if you have Thatch's you will retain it in upgunned (and possibly up BRed) variant. Regular - no info but I'd say will remain as is in TT.
  60. wszystykie D są teraz bardzo podobne do siebie, różnią się głównie uzbrojeniem powieszanym lub jego brakiem. Są małe różnice aerodynamiczne ale nieznaczące dla większośći graczy. Do niedawna Stalinbolt miał 80kucy więcej ale już restę do tego samego poziomu podciągneli. M i N to inna liga. EDIT: A co do He112A - nigdy nie rozumiałem fenomenu tej maszyny. W sumie jedyne z czym może nawiązać jakś walkę na swoim poziomie to hurricane'y (a i to te wczesne bo mk II brytolski i ruski raczej go oblecą) i I-16tki ale Hurrek powyżej 3km rozniesie Heńka a Iszaki mają kosmiczną przewagę wznoszenia i w rolce. Za to reszta samolotów może po prostu lecieć po prostej i się nie przejmować. Heniek zostanie daleko w tyle a działko strzela tak "gęsto", że można slalom między pociskami robić na dystansie. A na domiar złego powyżej 3km tak strasznie puchnie, że jak wyciągnąć go na 3500-4000m to wszystko go obleci.
  61. Ideally you should be able to choose 109F4 1941-42 1.3 or 109F4 late '42+ like we can choose various armament setup on Ki-43-I but BR should change accordingly as well.
  62. very true that is true - you can develop side-slip just by not sitting right in the cockpit. If you are not straight and well fastened you will have tendency to centre glider to you (most gliders I've flown didn't have artificial horizon like new fancy expensive stuff with glass cockpits). And in gliders you feel every thing you do wrong - it cuts your range significantly. in planes you can correct fact that your ball is out of centre just by adding more power funny anecdote regarding this: My flight instructor (airline pilot was her daily work) told me that you can easily tell when crew forget to engage dampeners - cabin crew quickly run out of paper bags
  63. that's why historical BRs (at least in SB) would be best choice. Any question regarding "why this BR?" can be answered - "that's how it was" And if plane is super powerful for it's BR in SB we ahve EC mode that allow to give some planes high Spawn Point cos forcing people to either grind to play them in their proper BR (to prevent clubbing) or take them into higher BR and feel free to spam them there. But let's not hijack this thread
  64. in EC1 indeed bombers are problem as they are usualy faster than fighters but I disagree about EC2. They do require skill to take them (in contrast they need no skill to take you down) but since bombers in EC2 rarely go above 4km they are not that hard targets. All you have to do is climb to 5-6km and attack them as you'd attack any other bomber. All we can do is educate - here is my old approach:
  65. and that's the problem if may say so. There always will be group of guys who suck at certain plane while others will shine and club everyone. If you build BR based on skill you will always have room for unrest while historical BRs would be clear and obvious - no room for interpretation. While I can say I'm fine with plane lower BR if I am good with it - free gring/clubbing - I am not. I am not playing this game to grin whole tech tree ASAP or get milions. I play for immersion. realism and challenge. Also - 99% of planes can match all their contemporaries on equal term. Only very few planes are inferior to what was available to other nations - it's simple as that - if something was inferior they didn't put it into production and if something was produced (like Po-2) from 1930s to 1950s game should just match is based on the start not the end of service cycle -not even production since some planes took year before production start and first operational (do not mix with combat) sortie. Only exceptions to that rule (that plane can compete with contemporary designs) are planes that are highly specialised like A6M2-N or Kyofu N1K float but with some time spend mastering their play-style I was able to get even those machines into more or less successful combat vs 1943 US/UK/USSR planes.
  66. I'm not sure I deserve font that big and that bold but I am happy to have helped
  67. I personally am more afraid of G2s than F4s in US planes. You can just extend away from F4 but it's not so easy vs G2. Yes, it turns much worse than Friedrich but it have such huge power advantage when spaded over opponents it meets that it's not even funny. This plane sacrifice some of the horizontal agility for lot of vertical power. I personaly think you need more energy advantage to engage G2 than you need for F4. Of course in a game when most people blindly furball all day F4 would indeed get much better results but frankly vs US planes G2s agility is usually enough (if they are stupid to turnfight) and Gustav have much more favourable P2W ratio. Final note - G2 burn more energy in sharp turns than F4 but it's (as per your own video xBromanx) stupid move to just turn after US plane that just zoomed pass you. What 109s do best is generate energy. If you dive to their level you burn your E while they will evade and go into instant climb to generate it. I' m not saying P-47 is worse than G2 - all I say is that vs US planes G2 is more dangerous than F4 and well flown G6 is more dangerous than G2. EDIT: I think problem for most people is to switch from F4 combat style (lot of angle-fighiting to burn enemy's energy and then out-prop him) to Gustav style where you need to be more conservative about your energy. EDIT2: according to datasheets F4 is indeed better than G2 but after flying against both of them I somehow still find G2 more dangerous- maybe it's playerbase then.
  68. Nie oszukuj LuftMaus - ruska ma FABy na zaczepach - toż to czysty komsomoł prosto z gułagu a nie demokracja
  69. I see another problem - I only see EC session I've been in till very end. If I exit in the middle and someone take my spot, my name is out of the list and I can't watch that reply.
  70. one thing - I've used it using in-game browser. not via normal internet browser in my OS. When you click "view server reply" under given EC session it give you generic list of all battles but ticking the box mentioned earlier (and only that) and pressing search worked for me.
  71. works for me at least but you have to search under arcade - or tick "find with my participation" box only if you only play SB
  72. here's your answer
  73. One can only wish that captured planes are not involved
  74. there is no way to say it - SB EC is dead... we are all unknowingly playing AB+++ EC Below screenshot is from server reply menu: Jokes aside - I didn't know EC have server replays but here you go. Sadly it also do not have option to skip to certain point so you're up for 3hrs of ... reply
  75. just go into queue and wait for battle to get created - all you can do.
  76. well - in SB it's 3.3 which technically put it in EC2 (2.3-3.3) but since it requires grind to even spawn people tend to troll with P-47 instead and you mostly see Corsairs in EC3 (3.7-4.7) which is more like it. But Japanese one (they lack P-47 trollwaggon) is little of a problem but frankly it's not the only problem. If you want to talk undertiered stuff in SB:
  77. in SB P-40 is quite good match for German La-5FN (4.0 so it's like you say) but there is price to pay - uprated setup (high octane fuel installed) overheats pretty fast so use of MEC and cutting down throttle outside combat is a must. But other than that it's indeed a beast on it's BR now. it can easily survive BR rise of +1.0. as for 50cals (not)working in WT - I've been in battle with my P38E (again - SB) and I got two kills on 50cals only + 4 more using both 50cals and 20mm. Since last DM change they now have much greater chance to set enemy on fire. In fact all the "underdog" guns (all the JP 7.7s 12.7s, us early 50 cals, etc) have now much greater chance to set enemy on fire. It's not like old time where looking at enemy set him ablaze but solid 2-3s burst and he will burn. In my P-38E mission out of 6 kills 4 were due to fire. I've been in Ki-61-ko (the one with 7,7s + 12.7s) and got 6 kills - 4 of which due to fire. In other words - do not expect 50cals to suddenly become monster guns at high deflection snap-shots but if you manage to position yourself for a good burst they will set enemy on fire most of the time. In fact most of MG kills I have now are due to fire while cannons are the weapon you can expect to rip wings. Bombers are still little bit of problems but I've set one on fire as well. As for P-51 and P-47: in SB P-51 are much better BRed (5.0-5.3) and in SB we have fixed brackets so they will never meet planes below 4.7 BR unless someone uptier such machine on his own choice. P-47Ds on the other hand sit at 3.3 which is ridiciulous. Only way to kill those planes if they fall in "rank 2" of SB (2.3-3.3 BR) is to hope for guy flying it to be total idiot - which happens surprisingly often I must admint
  78. zagraj w SB Japońią 4 erę - zapłacisz 15-25k za każdy spawn to zejdzie szybko
  79. Ladies and Gentlemen - I recommend taking up Italians and early Japanese planes for a spin. I'm now in a battle in Ki-61-ko (the one with 2x7.7 + 2x12.7). So far I have 4 kills: F4U, Firefly, P47 and A20G - every single one burnt to death. It's now much easier to cause fuel leaks big enough for them to catch fire. If you manage to pump 2-3s burst (not a problem with Ki-61s performance even in EC3) they do burn nicely EDIT: 2 more kills: -Tempest (wing ripped clean off) -Wellington - wing burnt off Those guns are great now
  80. i now it's more of a wishlist post but will 1.69 bring some change in SL earing for SB EC? Has anyone spotted anything like that in dev server? I am usually in top 1/3 of my team (so I am not below avg) and I only manage to make roughly 20-30k SL per hour clean income - as you can calculate to buy avg rank 4 plane (around 230-250k), train crew (around 50-75k) and expert them (around 200-300k) I need total of 600SL before I even fly it stock - as you can calculate this takes 20-30hrs of gameplay just to start grinding modules. Then I am in a stock plane I do not know and I am asked to pay another 5k SL per spawn + pay SL for modules I've unlocked to make myself at least competitive which will make me fly another 5h+ on other planes just to pay for the grind on new plane. I do not even pretend to calculate how many in-game time you need to start playing rank 5 jet. I am fine now flying rank 3 but with all my rank 4 planes either stock without crew trained or still waiting to be bough I do not see myself moving to rank 4 anytime soon I think I'd ratehr stop playing at all with occasional rank 3 battle once every 2 weeks just for sake of nostalgia. Not to mention that SB EC do get any bonuses like teamwork, rank does not matter (which in RB can give up to 50% SL boost in total) or post battle roulette and so on.
  81. tiaa, musicie wkurzac ludzi tymi waszymi milionami? Uwielbiam jak ludzie ciskają się jak to drogie te samoloty bo w RB czy AB trzeba zarabiać i zarabiać. W SB mój średni zarobek (a raczej jestem conajmniej w połowie stawki) to ok 20-30k (na czysto) lwów na godzinę bez konta premium i boosterów a są i gry gdzie wroga nie znajdziesz i po godzinie wracasz z 2-5k raptem za parę celów naziemnych Dorzuc do tego, ze nie mamy w SB w ogóle bonusów typu "zestrzel coś 1 ere wyzej" oraz nie mamy totalnie loterii po bitwie ... Szkoda gadac - moje konto zwykle oscyluje w granicac 200-500k od czasu jak wprowadzili SB EC i jak łatwo zauwazyć zakup przecietnego samolotu 4tej ery to ok 10-12h gry a dodanie eksperta do zalogi (a bez niego nie ma co takimi mysliwcami latac) to kolejne 20-30h takze zeby zagrac samolotem potrzebuje ok 2-3 tygodni pod warunkiem ze gram sporo. A teraz pomysl ze dostajesz od slimaka pojazd na godzine gdzie przeszkolenie zalogi do poziomu ekspert (bez tego nie widzę sensu grać bo przy mojej słabej załodze to duzy bonus) kosztuje mnie 10h gry ... zeby pograc przez 1h. A i zapomnialem dodac - 35 darmowych napraw moge sobie wsadzic bo w SB EC placisz zawsze i to przed startem (ok 50% max kosztu naprawy). wiec w samolocie ktorego nie znasz na bank wyjdziesz stratny (nie liczac kasy zainwestowanej w zaloge). W sumie to dobrze ze daje te katiusze bo przynajmniej sie usmiechne i zignoruje a jak raz dostalem japonskie 190 to podkusilo mnie sprobowac i w godzine stracilem 400k w sumie
  82. one can only hope that F2A-1 will finally be fixed. That said it would be nail to F2A-3s coffin but who cares
  83. that - so much that. No more captured crap in this game
  84. correct - if you believe all pilot recollection you'll know that: -109 can easily out turn P-51 -P-51 can easily out-turn 109 -190 can easily out-turn P-51 -P51 can easily out-turn 190 and so on... Thing is that if you are vs a novice guy you might outfly him in inferior plane. Also you never know what were conditions. For example: Would you agree that A6M can out turn F4U? Most people would say yes and it's kind of obvious but ... there are conditions where F4U can out-turn A6M and there are recorded on video recollections of pilots who did right-hand turn to find themselves on Zeros tail in little more than 360deg without much problem. Will you go arguing that F4U should be buffed to out-turn zero?
  85. Spitfire

    well - you can argue that when thread is generic about a plane (and not particular part of it's behaviour in game) then necro is not hug problem as long as post do not reply to some 2 y.o. statement but just resume discussion/post new question in existing thread. As for spit mk IIa/b - they are very nice planes but I think that they are so superior mostly not due to performance or guns (both are nice) but due to fact that at lower BR people still tend to turnfight blindly and A6M and Ki-43 aside not much can beat Spit to it. Spits are just "easy mode" planes because their strengths lays in what people naturally try to do and their weaknesses are where most enemy won't look for them. I've killed a lot of 109Fs in my mk II spitfire without much effort but in 109 I do not fear mk II that much. Mk V with more powerful engine is more of a problem. vs mkII when I am in 109E4 or any F variant I just use the tactic used by LW in WW2 - I use energy advantage. Best combo is BnZ and rope-a-dope/stall-fighting.
  86. yes and no - I had same idea before but after giving it a thought if they give those bonuses lot of good pilots (like yourself) will take early war tunfighters to grind on poor guys who don't know how to fly P-51D. It would only destroy immersion totally and you will eventually see more I-153 in EC4 than anything else because instead of climbing the learning curve people will just keep flying their favourite early-rank plane higher and higher. Higher rank should remain about high performance late war planes. I am glad they allow us to take even reserve planes there if we want but it should not give that much of a bonus. I'd rather see proper historical BRs instead.
  87. Added few planes that are within EC1 brackets (1.0-2.0) that works more than well in EC2. Mig-3-15 plane is wasted fighting in EC1. In fact lower you take it harder it is for it as biplanes are too slow to aim at them and plane is great at high speed BnZ. Armament is on the weak side but performance is great for EC2. It is fast in level flight (but can rip in dive) and conserves energy nicely. It also climbs very well and with no performance degradation up to 6km all it asks is climb to 3-4km before going into combat. Well flown mig-3 can be relatively safe from most of the EC2 enemies. Biggest threat are Bf109E4 an d under-tiered Japanese planes like Ki-44 or J2M. summary: decent plane that require patience to fly - comparable style to P-47 Lagg-3-8- Planes are similar to Lagg-3-35 (see EC2->EC3 section). If you use it against other fighters it will most likely use (assuming comparable pilot skill) but if you use it as a bomber hunter it's decently durable, relatively fast, have good energy conservation and armament that is more than enough to hunt EC2 bombers. -11 variant can supplement armament with rockets to make bomber hunting even easier. It also can hunt tanks with it in BZs - as an attacker it gives some defensive options vs fighters. Biggest threat are same as for Mig-3s - 109s and undertiered Japanese planes plus MC202 - you can run away from anything else. Plane also have decent roll rate but lacks turn rate and rearward view to exploit it. sumamry: if used as an air superiority fighter it will suffer. As heavy fighter (equivalent of BF110 for example) it will do good in EC2. Of course I do think that as a fighter 109E1 is better than say Lagg-3-8 but it does not mean that planes cannot be historically matched and 109E1 can be moved to BR 2.0 so that it will be extremely rare sight in EC1 - good counterweight for I-153, F2A-1*, P36A, or early hurricanes. *it seems that in 1.69 F2A-1 will get wings 50s back so it will certainly make sense to historically and for sake of balance to rise it's BR
  88. ja od początku losowań też raz bańkę dostałem więc choć nieczęsto, to jednak się zdarza.
  89. a nie miał przypadkiem RBSów założonych?
  90. u mnie panzerwafel a poprzednio byl tez Calliope takze jak w wojsku "...ujowo ale jednakowo"
  91. Spitfire

    it's a pinned thread - chill out mate
  92. damage is modelled (for most planes) but 3d model do not reflect it. I had planes with black half of the wing and it looked like if not a single hole in it - only indicator was missing aileron while whole outer part should be gone. but there are planes where you can't shoot one part of the elevator - if you "blacken" it whole just fall it and in the air you see it as one part (not drifting apart). As for wobble - it is more pronounced indeed. I've not flown any of the planes in game, neither I know anyone who did. I've piloted glider in my life and all I can say is that if you do rapid movements with a stick they do wobble. In real life you use tiny inputs at certain speeds but it's much easier in plane since they do not have spring that centre the stick - what is centering it is air over control surfaces which give you nice feel on what is going there. For example you clearly feel on a stick when glider is about to stall - one I've flown suddenly became loose on aileron axis and moment later started to vibrate (for lack of better words). I also remember that when I had my first 5 flights with instructor I flew exacly how planes fly in WT - my glider wobbled and nose danced around each time I rolled into a turn and again when I level out. My instructor told me that this is typical for people who fly air sim before they fly real thing - they over-do inputs. Not sure if that was just to politely calm me down without telling me I sucks at it or is it true but that's what I've been told.
  93. bombs!

    You think? well - obviously a bug but I'm fed up with reporting such obvious bugs (it takes time to prepare BR - even if 5 mins, I really have better things to do than teaching GJ that you need to test before you implement). Sadly quality control is something that totally do not exist in GJ.
  94. bombs!

    question - why do i have to "open" non existing bomb bay doors before I can drop bombs?
  95. I wanted to share with you one thought to see if you think like me or do not see this relevant: Currently in EC we do have points for playing objective and winner reward for winning (mostly by AF bombing but sometimes by time end). Thing is that 3hrs of gameplay is usually far, far away for most to consider till it's too late. Same for AF spam - usually one side either totally ignore them (seeing that resistance is futile) or realise they are screwed only when last AF is half-way dead and enemy have 20 bombers in the air just aiming to end game. What I think can help is concept of "negative reward". What do I mean by that? If enemy succeed with an objective (destroy our surveillance craft, kill our AI bombers, win battle or destroy minibase) our side should receive some kind of penalty. Something that will be immediate feedback that we screwed up and need to put more attention to objectives. How to do it?.. well, simply subtracting points is an option but it's equally elegant as randomly throwing AI hunter on everyone. Maybe solution is in "battle activity" - this is something that in other modes force you to get close and personal as you can get more than 50% of your SL/RP reward just for flying next to enemy. In SB where maps are huge it's often that you spend lot of time not that close to enemy transferring between battle areas. How about every active defensive objective (like defend survilance plane, defend bombers, defend minibase) generate slow but steady amount of battle activity points? Example 1RP and 1SL per 1s (can be changed to balance) for each active objective. In other words - for defending team it's crucial to keep them defended as long as possible while attackers will get points for destroying those targets - here I think whole team should get points for fulfilling objective - it will make bomber escort more viable, etc. Since WWM is out of the picture for SB the change I propose should be not hard to implement and should re-use lot of existing mechanics.
  96. As I understand it it's not MG that got buffed but fuel tanks are now easier to pierce. But u think there was also something about 7-13mm (except late 50s API) got higher fire chance as well. So far I've tested P38E and it's easier to setenemy on fire but not super easy.
  97. I must say I like new MG DMG. More pierced fuel tanks = more fires. Even early 50cal belts now set fire to Japanese nicely and my P-38E burnt 3 109s in one sortie And looking at gun camera footage on YT for example it's kind of realistic - 2/3 of kills were due to fire or other engine damage (also resulting in flames and smoke). Now in game it's not like old flamethrowers but longer burst (2s+) have good chance of setting enemy ablaze while previously you had to saw enemy's wing or snipe pilot to score a kill with 50 cals.
  98. do you plan trimmer mechanics overhaul? It now allows to switch from -100% to 100% in a blink of an eye and in many planes can help pull high-G manoeuvres normally not possible. Not to mention they do work as if terminator copilot help you with stick rather than by us of aerodynamics
  99. Looks like F2A-1 buffalo is being prepared for adding 50cals in wings. With new F3F gift plane in place Buffalo can be buffed without worrying that US will get super-powerful gift plane
  100. beside what fufubear said you need to keep one thing in mind - in real life turning performance is now as important as it seem to be in game. In WT planes that turn better usually wins but IRL later into war speed and climb performance were most important aspects of plane's performance and all Gustavs are better in that regard. I purposely said "seem to be in game" since in game as well well piloted P-47 can wreck planes despite it's poor turning performance, yet many try to dogfight with it and loose badly vs planes 2-3 years older
  101. Optyk każdego Polaka. Przepraszam ... nie mogłem się powstrzymać
  102. przecie Stona "mea-culpą" rzucił: więc w czym problem? nikt na nikogo się nie gniewa
  103. my next on "to do" list for tomorrow
  104. Terrible example since it uses mid/late 1943 engine settings
  105. wypraszam sobie - temat stworzyłem ja o założenie było zgoła inne .. no ale to gdzieś umknęło w między czasie
  106. dokładnie
  107. @Stona: Moim zdaniem rozwiązaniem było by nadanie tym samolotom malowania LW. wszystkie myśliwce i pewnie spora część SM79 była od 1944 w niemieckiej służbie oficjalnie (zdjęcia do odkopania w necie bez problem) więc będzie spokój - będzie to "niemiecki" MC202 (ten akurat ma już) czy CR42 albo G50 co będzie historycznie poprawne - no poza BRem bo samoloty dostały się tam w 1944 ale BRy i tak są tak z czapy momentami... EDIT: A oryginalne malowania można zabrać do włoskiego drzewka
  108. According to Stona (news from discussion on Polish subforum) it will "most likely be replaced with different plane" when it comes to reward for 1st battle
  109. @Stona - wyklarowało się coś juz z premiumowym CR42? Trochę głupio jakby za pierwszą bitwę niemcami dostaniesz włoskiego dwupłata w barwach włoskiego asa
  110. no tutaj nie poradzisz ale talizman dostales/kupiles na RP do badania samolotów z niemieckiego drzewka a nie z włoskiego Tak samo jak nie mozesz przelozyc talizmanu miedzy roznymi wersjami shermana. Gadasz troche jakbys chcial latac premiumową Kobrą w amerkanskim drzewku i odkrywac amerykanskie samoloty EDIT: no i nie wiem jak SM79 ale CR42, G50, MC 200 i MC 202 były używane przez Luftwaffe bezpośrednio. Było to czasem kilka egzemplarzy i poza linią frontu ale były na stanie więc to nie tak, że nie mogą tam zostać te samoloty. A nawet jesli uznac ze nosza włoskie malowanie to jednostki te w tamym koresie byly podlegle dowodzctwo LW jesli pamiec nie myli
  111. celna uwaga - dla wiekszosci ludzi drzewko włoskie będzie zamknięte więc przeniesienie tych maszyn po prostu zablokuje do nich dostęp. Poza tym - bijecie piane jakby to przynajmniej była era 4-5 ale mowa o samolotach ktore da sie odblokowac, kupic i wybadac wszystkie moduly do wszystkich z nich w jeden weekend bez konta premium i boosterów
  112. akurat kokpity lepsze takie niz ich brak więc ja nie płaczę. Zamiast robić jakiś super mega szczegółowy kokpit niech lepiej dadzą takie same "tymczasowe" dla strzelców
  113. obie nacje (JP i UK) mają jakieś LL wersje M4 w drzewku więc nie jest trofiejną premką.
  114. Why you guys always ignore avialogs page? it's such a sweet place for all kind of manuals, etc. source: EDIT: same source, 1 page further:
  115. given bomber-spam it should have the same niche in WT as well - last resort AF defence that can quickly reach bombers altitude and attack them without resorting to tail gating or climb-attacks which are suicidal. But I do not have plane unlocked yet so it's my extrapolation based on lower ranks.
  116. cr.32

    you seem to miss one point - if you end up at low speed with I-15 on your tail you already did something terribly wrong. Also - if Cr32 can dive above 500km/h I-15 will just out-run it's engine in matter of seconds Sure for 90% of people I-15 will be better as it regains energy faster if they loose it but I think that for good pilots who know how to preserve energy CR32 might have slight edge.All it take is to dive past 325km/h and level out - if I-15 is not immediately behind you it will start falling behind. We also don't know yet rate of deceleration above Vmax in level flight. I-15 is on the weak side here.
  117. it's worse for JP teams - they mostly dont even bother chasing bombers - they just try getting as many points before they are bombed to oblivion.
  118. oh - I hoped for some thread where guys like _mike10d post effect of mining.
  119. where do you source those info from? I will just start reading source thread isntaed hoping someone bring it here
  120. yes and no - they can do only so many sorties in given time. By bombing bases you run into a risk of not getting there on time as one bomber is usually enough to kill base and then other bobmers have to wait. Also onlky difference between AF and base bombing is that bombing bases prolong the game so they spend less time queuing but... they can loose 30-50% (not sure) winners bonus so in the long run AF bombing is more profitable. Getting winners bonus is more then enough to make up for queuing time and that's the problem sadly. If bombing AF didn't give that many RP and SL it would be end-game move to destroy them, after cumulating enough point on normal task - just to make sure we get winners bonus. Also lot of bomber pilots come from AB and RB due to lack of learning curve - you put plane on course and switch to gunner view while autopilot take care of the rest. In AB and AB+ bombing AFs is the only way bobmers can win game so they just do what they've learned there.
  121. I think that Romanian SM79 will become gift plane in future. It's not Italian so most likely won't end up in regular TT but can be nice gift/challenge plane for both Italian and German TTs
  122. not sure if it's a bug but you have to keep in mind that it have fixed pitch propeller. Not on all planes but on some of them this setup is prone to overspeeding. If prop is set up for high speed it will be inefficient at low speeds If prop is set for low speed (as is Hs123 now in game at least) it will tend to overspeed (and overheat) engine at higher speeds. either way in fixed pitch props you need to throttle back if you go over certain RPM and in 2nd case it's easier to go beyond limit. As per GJs official datasheet - nominal power is 90% and 1860RPM
  123. zgadzam się ale są ludzie którzy wolą latać A6M w drzewku amerykanskim a nie japonskim i tacy zaczna krzyczec. Z reszta GJ z tego co wiem juz podjelo decyzje wiec mozemy sobie tutaj gadac - choc jak mowie co do zasady zgadzam sie z Wami
  124. niektórzy mają tam np talizman czy coś. Poza tym łatwiej je po prostu ukryć niż zabierać ludziom bo zacznie się burza. A tak same zgniją jak mówisz - akurat tutaj uważam pomysł za najlepszy kompromis.
  125. ale jak rozumiem zostanie zablokowana opcja ich wybadania i kupienia więc trzeba się spieszyć. chyba, że masz jakieś inne dane
  126. xaxaxa - russian team finally meeting someone who turn better than them and they suddenly start loosing
  127. as per image - no matter what radiator settting I use I cannot see engien cowling from cockpit: 2017_05_17_09_54_31__6316.clog
  128. ależ nie mówię, że trzeba. Pewnie sam też nie będę latał makaroniarzami w drzewku niemieckim (poza MC202 bo ma niemiecki kamuflaż) ale są ludzie, którzy uskuteczniają zbieractwo i będą potem marudzić
  129. cr.32

    you mean with people turnfighting blindly? Not sure if we can call lack of player's skill game's meta- there is nothing preventing you to fight I-15s outside their performance envelope. IMO CR32 if it's faster than I-15 can be seen equal or superior
  130. oczywiście, że tak ale jeśli będziesz chciał nimi potem latać w niemieckiej drużynie to masz ostatnią szansę
  131. hardly A plane that sole purpose is to abuse mouse-aim gunners (no bombs, torps, etc) is the last thing this game needs. If gunners mechanics changes (at least in SB) I'll be more than supportive.
  132. that's what I see: they were removed more than 3 years ago since there were too many SM79 in tech tree. Who unlocked them then have them - others like me can't get them anymore.
  133. yeah - that's how I ended up with 2xCR42 As for SM79 - there are 2-3 of those already hidden from players. I've started my WT story 3yrs+ ago and since then I do not recall italian plane being hidden so seem like you have some even older machines in your TT.
  134. jak wejdzie 1.69 i wprowadzą włoskie samoloty to pewnie też znikną wszystkie pizza-loty z niemieckiego drzewka. Jeśli patrzeć na historię każdy kto odblokuje i kupi te samoloty będzie je dalej miał. Reszta raczej nie będzie miała takiej opcji. Samolot ery 1-2 więc raczej każdy ma ale jeśli ktoś odblokował a nie kupił (albo nie odblokował jeszcze a poszedł dalej) to jest ostatnia okazja nabyć. Oczywiście jeśli ktoś totalnie nie jest zainteresowany to można olać ale niedługo będą to kolekcjonerskie smaczki.
  135. I can count 11: -2xCR42 -2xG50 -2xMC200 -MC202 -4xSM79 Am I missing anything or are you counting Romanian SM79B? Is this one up for "removal" too? After all it can be decent Italian gift/premium.
  136. polatałem dziś znów I-153P w EC2 i standardowo, kupa luda chce się ze mną kręcić więc wynik finalny K/D 7/0. Co mi się jednak rzuciło w oczy (a o czym zapomniałem ostatnio) to jak dobrze ten samolot radzi sobie na średnim pułapie. Wurzciłem 2gi bieg sprężarki na ok 3km i spokojnie szło dalej. Biedne wszystkie He-112, które myślą, że Czajka "puchnie" powyżej 2-3km* Tak czy inaczej- przeciwników na tym poziomie (EC2/era 2ga) dzielimy na: 50% kręci się z czajką bo przecież samoloty typu A6M, Ki43 czy He112 to "turnfajtery" więc łykną głupiego dwupłata bez spiny 30% uznaje, że nie ma się co kręcić więc idą we wznosznie bo ruskie (na pewno spuchnie powyżej 2500m) i wolne (to pewnie też się wolno wznosi) 15% nie kręci się z dwupłatem (no w sumie racja) ale zbuduje trochę dystansu i odwyrtka 180st a potem zdziwko, że I-153 robi markowanie czołówki i idzie w immelmana 5% wie co robi i wtedy biedna Czajka nie ma najmniejszych szans nawet vs samolotom typu G-50. Dalej utrzymuje, że to jest samolot dość specyficzny i każdy dobry pilot rozniesie Cię w pył (chyba, że trafisz fartem "z biodra") ale mimo wszystko vs przeciętny pilot w WT jest to mega troll. *z jakiegoś powodu wiara w to, że niemieckie lata wyżej lepiej niż ruskie jest ślepa i silna w narodzie a takie He-112 w dowolnej wersji zatyka się bardzo szybko jak tylko traci Matkę Ziemię z zasięgu wzroku. EDIT: Oczywiście powyższe jest o SB bo w RB na podstawie moich całych 10 czy coś koło tego gier (oraz filmików jakie widziałem) bitwy to jeden wielki kocioł gdzie na małej przestrzeni nagle ląduje pierdyliard samolotów. Tam I-153 (wszystkie wersje) pewnie sprawdzą się lepiej.
  137. SeaHurri mk Ic (one with Hispanos) is very dependent on enemy to make mistake. In SB where maps are bigger and there is less furballing it's not as good. Yes it's agile and it have good cannons but they are no good if enemy can just fly away without much problem. And I am not talking about enemy slowly extending away giving you plenty of time to shoot before they disappear - 109F4/G2, FW190, Ki-61, J2M can just fly away as if you were stationary. The only way to fly this plane is to BnZ enemies. It's like flying I-153. I've chased and shot down much faster bombers with it but that does not mean it's good for the job. EDIT: I think best description of SeaHurri mk Ic gave MagzTV in one of his videos - it's an "area denial" weapon. Put it where enemy have to come to you and profit. As soon as you start chasing after enemy yourself you will be vulnerable.
  138. more or less that. half decent enemy will never engage hurricane in turnfight at equal energy but since many do just that, hurricanes seem stronger then they really are. Good example i SeaHurri mk Ic (one with hispanos) - it's a terrible plane: slow, bleed energy like crazy, etc but fact that people turnfight a lot + 4x20mm mean that in game it's a very decent plane. In my opinion best hurricane in game is Soviet mk II which combines nice armament with mk II engine. This plane is master of exploiting enemy's errors and if you want to fight decent enemies in planes like 109E/F you need some skill in defensive flying. And when game match you vs Japanese planes, forget about going anywhere solo. They will just wipe floor with you*. *sure you can get some kills but you have to surprise enemy to do so and even then he can easily turn table.
  139. I've added short summary for each plane (for now only for EC3) and I've added 2 planes to OP that were missing: LaGG-3-35 - this one is a tougher one to do good. It have speed and e-retention comparable to opponents but is somehow heavier. It can be good BnZer and it's quite resilient vs rifle rounds so attacking some bombers is an option. ground attacker (rockets and all) but sadly outside stalingrad there is not much convoys running around, etc. summary: poor but usable A6M2-N - situation like with N1K1 Kyofu. Plane works in specific cases but since it was not meant to be used in mass combat it does not excel there. Being a Zero it is much more agile than N1K1 pontoon variant and thus easier for less experienced players. It would still suffer vs half-decent opponent. Float under the plane is dead giveaway that you face slowest A6M of them all and all enemy have to do is to BnZ. Still - agility allows for some nice defensive flying. In game I bet it would do good (lot of people turn-fighting all the time) but I'd say it's flyable but rather weak for EC3. summary: plane for connoisseurs, works only in specific situations
  140. If you like help while having fun with your lower BR planes in higher BR battles check this thread: Just keep in mind that it's not about fun but a little research is involved. I know most of you guys are good pilots and can make He-112A work in EC4 but that does not meant it's plane equal to rank 4 fighters. I hope you know what I mean and I believe that people experienced enough to kick buts in EC with MC202 or He-112 will be able to say if avg pilot (not avg player) can make this plane work in their proper historical rank The more people contribute the better.
  141. I think when it comes to MC202 my biggest killer is right-wing stall and enemy fire is far, far behind I also can't resist to help allies even if I know it will put me in 2vs6 furball but I am not looking excuses - MC202 is my cursed mount. Hopefully one in Italian TT will do better for me As for guns - first Ki-61 have same armament and similar engine and yet I do better with it because enemy know not to TF Japanese planes and Ki-61 is fast enough to catch most EC3 planes but when I meet Russians in MC202 in EC3 they have comparable overall performance, are not afraid to use it and sadly most of friendly 190s and 109s engage in furball so every 6vs6 engagement quickly change into 3vs6 or 2vs6 with me out of energy and outnumbered in the middle of things. then comes the desperate attempt to survive that usually end up in a crash. And that's my story with MC202, but again - that's problem of me over-committing
  142. MC202 is a nice plane (as long as I'm not the one flying it that is) but case with He-112 is kind of like with Chaika or I-16. They are not bad planes but all it takes for enemy is not to turn them and they won't even get close enough to shoot. They only work if they manage to get to furball in time. If I had to give reasons why they do good it would be (from most important): -opponents lack of skill -pilot's skill -luck -plane performance But then again 303 Polish squadron in 1940/41 kicked some major Hun butts in technically inferior hurricanes so you never know
  143. w BF109 jeśli pamięć nie myli (dawno nie grałem) klapy bojowe wysiadają przy jakiś 420+ a startowe przy 350+. Do tego masz większą moc do masy więc jak nie idziesz całkiem poziomo a dorzucisz trochę walki w pionie to dasz radę. Z mojego doświadczenia (z latania zarówno Jakami jak i 109kami w SB) od najgorszego do natrudniejszego przeciwnika (jeśli chodzi o zwroty): -Jak-7: szybszy od CIebie więc głupi ten co się kręci ale nawet klap nie trzeba używać -Jak-1: ani tym się uciec nie da ani nie wykręci Cię jak wrzucisz klapy bojowe. Trudny cel póki trzyma energię ale jak go zwolnisz to siada -Jak-9: tutaj jest trochę trudniej ale też daje radę -Jak-1B: moim zdaniem walka jak równy z równym vs F4 tylko trzeba walczyć w pionie. W pętli do góry ciągniesz lepiej a w schodzeniu jak podciąga dajesz klapy i powolutku ale go dojdzie. a to dlaczego? Jaki były znane z tego, że poszycie sklejkowe (jeśli trzymało się skrzydeł rzecz jasna :D) było idealnie głaldkie i składało się z kilku wielkich płyt. Metalowe ma sporo nitów i spawów a te stawiają opór zaś sklejkowe (w idealnym przypadku) jest idealnie gładkie. No i Jak nie ma slotów więc dodatkowo tam też nic nie ucieka Cała siła Jaka leży właśnie w niedużej masie i dobrej aerodynamice ale minusy to profil skrzydła (clark-y? nie jestem ekspertem), który gorzej wypada przy dużych prędkościach, za to wybacza wiele błędów.
  144. havn't tried pasta thing but I've tried both cammos - same effect. And you can tell I've tried to learn this plane - it's the plane I have most kills, deaths, take offs and missions in among all planes in WT. I've lived through 3 different FMs and all the same - I just can't make it work. I might not be a best pilot in WT (not even close) but after so many mission I've learned few tricks and in case of 99% of fighters I can at least get K/D >1 ... sadly MC202 is not for me it seems.