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  1. that might be - I am using WiP for long time now and I've encountered this problem once 2 weeks ago and never since so yeah - I can confirm that there is no problem in WiP for me.
  2. I don't have problem with people choosing better planes - that's obvious. I have problem with GJ allowing them to choose those particular planes. but you seem impervious to this argument. Idea of historical BR was discussed many times but always GJ said that they will not do it because some planes are just too inferior for that. I've believed that for quite a long time as it makes perfect sense. Thing is that the more I play and the more experienced I get, I start to realise how OP those time machine planes can be. Can I kill them? - sure, I've been killing Yak3s in my BF109Fs in EC3 and P-47s in BF109Es in EC2 but that's not the point. Most of the time if I've been victorious it's because the guy on the donwtiered plane was not a very good pilot. BRs that are based on player skill will always be prone to such mistakes - all it takes is plane to be slightly harder to master and it's BR will drop like a stone while historical BRs leave no room for interpretation - it's just how things were in real life and deal with it. if some planes are very good and will put imbalance into game - just make them super expensive to fly, give them long timers, big SP cost and make timers transfer to hangar. If some planes were inferior then give them very low spawn cost and high SL reward for those who manage to fly them well against all odds.
  3. I can only agree to what Gadjeman and esapekkis said - let's agree to disagree and end it there. Sure some people get fun playing kI-43-I vs inexperienced pilots in reserve planes Sure some people get fun using gunners to enemy's oblivion Sure some people get fun flying 1945 planes vs 1941 opponents (Ki-100 I'm looking at you) Thing is that I'm not the one of them. Of course there are lot of guys that, given choice, would fly Yak-3 vs Bf-109F1s or would use P-47 vs Fiat G.50s but all it does it destroy immersion - something you care little about from what I seem. on the other hand when you look at history: There were people flying Po-2 (in combat) in 1950-52 There were people flying Fiat CR.42s (in combat) in 1945 There were people flying (in combat) Macchi C.200 and Macchi C.202 till the end of war and beyond (obviously not in combat) There were people who used small numbers of F2As, G.50s or even inferior Gladiators to kick Soviet's "superior butts" in 1939/40 over Finland Game allows us to experience how those people felt. In fact that's what game (or at least simulation mode) should be for. Not about the number of SLs and RPs earned (although it at least should be OKish - not like what we have now. I'd repeat that as long as SL rewards in SB EC remains so crappy). It's like playing good old Wolfenstein 3D - you can play normally or you can use "MLI*" cheat to max your character out and get it the easy way - Technically we both play the same game, on the same maps vs the same enemy but I'm the guy who like challenges and you are the guy who "...would do with better alternates at hand..." and I'm proud to differ with you And to sum it up my point of view I'll use quote from my "favourite" Forum Thunderer: "After all, this is SIM we are playing here..." * or LIM or MIL or whatever you want to call it
  4. well Yak-3's pilot manual clearly state that one should not turn hard below 270-280km/h because plane will exhibit dangerous tendency to spin For people interested - manual scans to be found on avialogs:
  5. I've tried Po-2 and it's frankly more fun in EC2-3 than in EC1 Of course 100% of my deaths were me ripping wings but it's quite nice plane. At that speed it's very easy to kill tanks with 50kg bombs so you have 2-3 tank kills per sortie. If battles are near friendly AF (of obvious reason) it's a funny little machine. I will surely at some point try it in EC4 and maybe EC5 if I ever grind to jets
  6. in fact it's quite easy to stall for inexperienced players but frankly we are talking about guys who came to SB after unlocking all planes in AB/RB. Whoever grinded to Yak-3/3P in SB only will know how to fly it I think.
  7. it's much lighter compared to later Gustavs while it have nice aerodynamics of the one-piece wooden wings so it just might do that for a while but test I've done some time ago shows that starting from G2 109s will outclimb it above 2000m in 30 deg climb. Thing is that if he is near you that's not best thing to do - he will have enough time to shoot you before he starts to fall back eventually. BR 5.7 for Yak-3P is about OK but Yak-3 at 4.7 is kind of low. 5.0 to prevent it ever getting into EC3 should be bare minimum.
  8. @Gadjeman - next step: Po-2 in EC5 - which BTW would be historically correct
  9. in my case closing game (via task manager not via exit button to be able to rejoin battle) and starting it again helped as well. There is definitely some optimisation issue from time to time.
  10. MC200 is also this type of plane - the tighter spits turn the worse for them
  11. sure - but it will take them longer than 30 mins. I have no problem loosing. I have problem with games ending before I am even able to pay for the spawn of my plane. case of not enough "Enduring" in EC. EDIT: Beside it would be much harder for them to win and I can imagine good German team in dedicated bomber-hunter planes that might just be able to stop the spam. Keep in mind that if we make bomber more realistic (less efficient) they will have to divide part of their force to fighters and escort or they will face the fate of 8th Army before P-51s arrived.
  12. You again seem to miss the point - problem is bomber spam but that's not the root cause. Real problems are (in my opinion of course): 1. lack of targets for bombers: bombers should bomb factories, ammo depots, rail yards, etc. Those elements should not end game instantly but for example with every factory destroyed spawn cost for enemy team should rise by 10% for all planes.In other words it should be possible to achieve industrial victory rather than bombing AFs into stone age. In fact AFs in most cases are easily repairable which was shown in Battle of Britain where Brits repaired most of them within a day of bombing by massive He-111s formations 2. lack of reason for survival: bombers only recently got more expensive to spawn than fighters. Beforehand there was no reason of survival - you just spammed bombers, died and spammed some more. There is still problem due to (AB)users comming to grind RP but maybe we can get the same mechanism as is with SL to RP as well - in other words you get 50% RP now and another 50% when you land. RP income in SB is good enough for that - you should still be able to easily unlock planes even dying each time but there will be reason to return home. If you fancy even more complicated system see link to a suggestion in my footer 3. Bomber play style is deliberately oversimplified: AAA is too weak to seriously harm bombers - I've not been hit above 5000km ever - while bombers have CCIP (constantly calculated impact point) bomb sights known from modern planes. This means that they can evade AAA till the very last moment instead of trying to fly as level as possible with constant speed. Also as we all know all bombers have gunnery system much better than B29. We all know that in B-29 one gunner was able to control multiple turrets but even he didn't have fully stabilised view without blind zones. As you can see problem is not that of proportions but that of difficulty level disproportion. I am fine with bombers being as good as they were IRL and then tweak proportions and spawn cost, etc but now bombers we have are much further from SIM then other plane types and playing on such uneven ground will always cause lot of abuse
  13. yeah - I had the same idea. Had similar problem and restarting game helped but it's unlikely any local problem to affect 2 guys playing together on separate computers.
  14. true - with later Zeros you get slightly better cannons (higher velocity) but A6M will never be bomber hunter. Ideally you should never attack bombers in a Zero but if you have to then Low Yo-Yo is the only way after 1-2 initial passes (aka. after you bleed initial energy advantage). Still - Zero are one of the worst planes to attack bombers with.
  15. hint: Of course Zero will never be able to reliably take bombers 1-on-1 but you can at least score some lucky hits with cannons and from my experience it allows you to survive 75% of the time vs brot bombers and B-25s (that have no or weak ventral armament) if you stay patient - shoot from longer distance roll back into dive well before entering his firing cones. EDIT: Worst case scenario he will copy your moves and dive as well (to keep distance) but this brings him lower where it's easier to get help from teammates that for some reason never climbs above 2000m
  16. also do not be afraid of hard landings - after all even real life WW2 German pilot Erich Brunotte described landing Antons like throwing off piano from 3rd floor
  17. FM was changes slightly since but when it comes to landing this video still works. Only thing that differ vs most other planes is that you keep 30-40% throttle till the very end. You cut to 0% only when you are in 3-point attitude seconds before touchdown - only to prevent bouncing back into flight. Technically it's possible to do 3-point without going below 15-20% throttle.:
  18. yes, that is sadly often true but I think bigger problem is that most people who attack bomber have no idea how to do it and when to give up. Last battle I've seen single Halifax decimating my whole Japanese team. Sure 75% of those guys were tailgating him with A6M2 so it's technically their fault but as we know while you need some skill to use fighter vs bomber all you need to use bomber vs fighter is mouse, one hand and skill level that allows you to click icons on your desktop.
  19. Hi V_S_N another one from me: Can you look at Gladiator's thermodynamics? I would create a bug report but I don't feel I have enough data to back my theory. According to books I have plane's max range cruise speed is 220mph (TAS) at (books vary here) 14400-14600fts. I've tried that in game and such speed is achieved with 85% throttle but this means that at test flight map plane's oil temperature rises to around 104-105deg C and will eventually overheat. At hotter maps like Sicily temperature is even higher and engine overheats even quicker. If my blk understanding is correct engine at this temperature will overheat after around 1800s (30mins): if 220mph TAS is a cruise speed one can assume that you should cruise at this setting for more than 30mins. which is not the case here.
  20. Lets wait and see if higher spawn cost for most bombers did anything to change this. I am sceptical but it's only fair to give it a try for few day (to let people see that for example they started to loose money). Pe-8 is now for example more expensive to spawn than almost every prop fighter on the German side (I think only Ta-152H is more expensive), B17s are not far behind and B29/Tu-4 are way higher. Maybe (again just "maybe") it will eventually get rid of some grinders when they a. grind all they have to grind b. see how many cash they loose (as I do not believe bombing AFs give that much SL frankly). Best people like us can do is take dedicated bomber hunter like Me-410 (especially U4) and patiently kill all of them while avoiding dying
  21. both FW 190 A8 and F8 are 1944 planes right? FW190A8 is at BR 5.3 which place it in EC4 which I've arbitrarily suggested to be 1944-1945 (feel free to disagree - I've just gave some numbers to focus attention) so we have acceptable BR here FW190F8 is at BR 4.3 which palces it in EC3 (1942-1943 if we stick to my system). I suggest moving it to 5.3 (see above). What I had in mind that it's 4.3 now because most likely it's being used as a fighter (same reason why Wyvern is 5.0, Hurri mk IV is 2.0 too). I do not have much experience with 190F8 but if it's not good enough to be 5.3 fighter (like A8 is) it's fine - it's an attacker and noone expect it to be. Hence it can be 5.3 and work there as an attacker even if it will not work there as a fighter. Hope that clarifies.
  22. well in that case it should be 5.3 attacker and not 4.3 fighter
  23. A8 is 5.3 which seem fine (not much experience with it or against it) but F8 should be A8 but tuned for low level performance (not sure what's the actual difference in game). Why it's whole 1.0 BR lower (4.3) is beyond me. In my opinion it should be on the same or very similar BR to A8.
  24. quick SL speed test with 1hr fuel and clean configuration: -F4F-3: 245-248kts (455-460km/h) (WEP, 90% pitch, 30% radiator - sustainable for ~10mins) -F4F-4: same as above -A6M2: 233kfs (432km/h) (WEP, 100% pitch, 30/30% rads - sustainable for a while) -A6M3: 245-248kts (455-460km/h) (WEP, 100% pitch, 30/30% rads - sustainable for a while) results may be different than datasheets but from A6M2s F4Fs are slightly faster too - helps a lot in tough situations especially if you start with higher energy Knowing how much US pilots in game like to engage into TnBs I guess it will be even higher I think F4Fs, P40 and LaGG-3s are underdog of the WT lower ranks. Everyone new see them, remember all the discovery channel programs on how those planes were poor and say "meh, stupid planes" while if you give them some love, they can be really nice to fly and suddenly they are not that bad. I remember my impression on F4F was that it was totally outdated by 1941 but it's a damn good machine - not as good as Zero but not bad either.
  25. A-1 is more or less OK - not much experience with other but F8 seem little low for a plane that is contemporary to A8.
  26. Look at my K/D on both F4Fs. Most of that is done vs zeros in previous chronicles event since queuing for Japan took ages and us always had free slots. Well flown Wildcat can massacre Zero. It's little harder since it no longer have API but it's still not that impossible.
  27. +increase SP cost and timer each time particular plane dies +transfer timer into hangar to prevent juming in and out
  28. some of that can be fixed with some BR tweaks but lobby system and especially option to uptier planes as I wish is a good change. And fact that bombers are stupidly arcadeish is a well known fact but so far all we got is that "changes are coming" and they do so since 3 years now
  29. here you have it for RB but basic idea is valid and numbers should be roughly similar in SB - it should help you to understand energy envelopes and even give tools to do some testing yourself:
  30. low yo-yo or immelman turns help a lot to conserve energy. If your plane have good e-retention you can get most of your E EVEN after 180 turn. each time I die to a zero is because I make a stupid mistake. It helps to watch reply from your fight to see what went wrong. I'm not talking about obvious things like turnfighting with zero (although it's easy to underestimate zeros energy reserves) but more about cases where you technically did things right and yet found zero at your butt anyway. I had case flying F4U when I've lost too much energy in previous fight and saw zero nearby. I've went into dive and levelled at SL to run away WEPing. I've done so for some time and I've assumed zero is far back so I went into a steep climb to get soem altitude before turning back at him. That was my mistake. he was far away but when I went steep all he had to do is go shallow and I've immediately burned my whole energy advantage and distance I've built over him If I ever went into shallow climb in wide turn while keeping speed of 240-250kts (kind of very wide chandelle really) I'd be able to (if needed) circle whole map and gain altitude, distance and position over him. This is just and example but hope it helps.
  31. thanks for answer. I'm looking forward to those changes but if EC improvements get delayed for any reason then you might want to reconsider some economy tweaks as temporary measure. Current system is so terrible that you need 6-8 hours of play (and I am talking games where you end up in top 3 of your team with K/D of 5/1 or more) to get for example 100k SL - something you can do within 1-2hours with similar performance in SB GF or Pacific War event. So general "per hour" earning is at best 3-4x lower and for less experienced people it might be impossible to earn SL at all at rank 4-5 and they will hover around making it even at rank3.. Just saying
  32. I don't deny that and Pokrryshkin's is rank3 vs rank 2 on K-1. For RU if you need lower rank premium you can go with P-40 instead of P-39K-1. Soviet variant have the same 1600hp FM as US one but can take FAB-500 bomb which is useful vs tank in SB GF. It also have low spawn cost and high SL gain just in case you need those few more lions at some stage. Plane can easily go into EC3 and fight as equal there but is also available without SP grind or waitinig in EC2 where it simply clubs once you master flying it. I do not recommend Sov. Hurricane as grinder. It's a sweet plane to have but it's on the slow side so if you meet novice opponents you will get lot of kills but if you meet one good enemy or someone in plane like Ki-100 fighting vs JP then you have a bad day.
  33. "regular" P-39 K-1 is also good. I personally like cobras and for me it works better than all the Yaks and LaLas
  34. I'd think twice about that one - in general combat in SB EC takes place below 5000m and Ki-87 is high altitude plane. Well - if all you want is RP grind (unlocking planes) you can buy 2-3 talismans on various ranks for the price of one premium. Especially if you are willing to wait for promo where talismans are 50% off for example. In case of Japanese tech tree you can for example talisman Ki-100 on rank2 A7M on rank3 and one of the N1K1s or Ki-84s on rank4 but keep in mind those can get expensive to play (as is JP rank 4 in general) in terms of SL. He-219 is rank4 which is nice bonus over Ta-154 I personally like P-63 and as for prem. La-7 - it's just a repaint. Take talisman for regular La-7 and you will get the same RP gain for less cash. I can only agree
  35. @Smin1080p - how about rising SL gain in SB EC? It's on the rather low side. As far as I can tell it's because it take much more time to get to battle and from it while big chunk of SL income comes from "battle activity" which is easy to accumulate in SB GF and other modes but not so in SB EC even in full 16v16 battles. Not to mention that in bombers and attackers you deliberately avoid other players and go via flank to the target destination. Also problem is that you pay for plane up-front. I'm fine with that but you should get refund if your plane survives till the end. I more than once or twice spawned an attacker only to see battle end before I get there or I spawn any plane in genera only to realize that battle has 20 mins left. in EC you are not guaranteed to meet much enemy during 20 mins (5-10 of which you spend getting it to the battle zone) and even if you meet someone it takes for example 4-5 kills to even pay for spawning a plane which is just impossible or almost impossible to do in 30 mins so even if you kill 2-3 guys and stay unharmed you'll still loose money. In general EC economy model is asking for a major rework I think
  36. what do you need premium for? -grinding rank IV/V? -grinding crew? -grinding SL? If 1st one is true then you are limited to rank IV/V premiums. If you need plane for progressing crew and getting SL then lower rank premiums will be better for it (same RP/XP gain but easier to get more SL).
  37. Maybe another approach would help? let's everyone jump into bombers for a week and only bomb AFs - let's make game as unplayable as possible for everyone. By trying to fight bomber spam you do more harm than good because if you are good at it you have some success and GJ look at stats and see that it's not as imbalanced as it should be. I suggest spamming AFs to oblivion with most OP bombers, mouse aiming everyone every time and rage quite when all destructible AFs are gone to switch to another room and ruin game there for everyone. Not to mention you can earn some SL and RP in the process - so while boring and stupid it would not be total waste of time. Above is a joke obviously, but frankly every day I am closer and closer to putting this to test as some form of strike
  38. Overall good move on SB to make bombers more expesive to spawn and most fighters cheaper. I still don't understand why Axis EC4 are that much expensive compared to Allies - is that to simulate late war numerical advantage? I do not see other reason given that there are usually much more players queuing for Allies than Axis and there are often imbalanced games toward Allied side. Shouldn't in that case economy be set to promote Axis team more to pull more people into playing it?
  39. Looks like bombers are getting higher spawn cots:
  40. yeah but 90% of times you get them too late - after they drop their bombs. And now we come to the problem: -as a fighter you either go "rambo" and try to kil bomber before it reaches target at all cost - it usually ends up in your death and loss of tons of SL or you go patiently so that you have great chance of killing enemy bomber and surviving but that usually means he will deliver bombs before going down -as bomber you do not worry about returning home - it's enough if you bomb enemy base as you will make some SL, tons of RP and most likely get "mission accomplished" bonus after destroying last enemy AF. In the long run fighters cant go suicidal each time unless you have tons of SL to burn through so sooner or later most will switch to 2nd mode which means that say 75% of bombers will reach their targets and die on their way home only to spawn the same plane again and again. Technically it's a win-win: bombers get what they want (drop bombs), fighters gets what they want (kills and maybe not dying) but GJ misses one hugely important point- it's EC that suffers, because then most bombers make it (even if they die on RTB) game ends in 30-60mins at most at higher BRs. Tweaking bombers economy so that people would have to worry more about RTB would somehow mitigate the problem. EDIT: Not to mention that if game ends in 30-40 mins (something many experienced) you might not have enough time to get enough kills to even pay for your fighter spawn. Especially since unlike fighting other fighters, after taking on bomber you will no doubt suffer damage and spend a lot of ammo so you need to RTB, land, reload and climb back again before you can attack another one. This takes time and often you might run out of AFs to repair on before you even get enough kills to pay for your plane in the first place.
  41. well - it was said some time ago that GJ is working on more complex bomb sights so maybe salvation is near Also I am far from saying that if someone is playing bomber he is a novice. I've seem people crashing fighters on take off and those that fly bombers that I know are very experienced fighter pilots. All that does not change that skill threshold to do good in bomber is way, way, way lower than what you need to even fly fighters to some success (not to mention be good at it) but that's GJ's fault by making bombers too simplified (gunners, bombsights, autopilot neglecting damage).
  42. Or bombers should have the same economy as attackers when they need 3 stories (each one landed) to pay for spawn. Bombers are easy mode so should earn respectively less RP and SL
  43. In that case my phone call was just below 60 mins as this never happened to me Still - 1hr toilet break is not that often and if you know you will take that long you might as well exit to hangar. Not to mention that except top rank jets all planes are available in higher EC with no SP requirement and 90% of them works there just fine. In fact 90% of planes that cannot be spawned for under 200SP are clubbers on their ranks.
  44. If you don't want to get kicked out after 5 mins then just spawn plane, take-off, do one AF pattern and land back. After you land you can stay landed as long as you need. My record is 60 mins when I got important long phone-call mid game. Of course if I knew it would take an hour I'd left to not harm my team taking on spot but for WC break you should be fine.
  45. you will still suffer from wing rip at 7-8G which is not a problem to achieve in this plane but it would help to some extent but if you really need to do so then why bother with plane at all?
  46. I think that sums it up - you can kill things in EC3 with it but it requires tons of patience and you need to pick your targets carefully. It's best used as scramble fighter over friendly AF killing B-25s. Plane's climb rate is very good even for EC3 and it accelerates nicely in dive so you should have no problem starting above enemy and getting speed to do the attack run fast enough to avoid serious damage (assuming attack from proper angle and not just tailgating). From down sides: -it's slow in level flight but if you use WEP it's energy retention is low but acceptable -it rip wings easily in hard pull-up above 250kts (you need to recalculate to kph/mph as I tend to use units native to particular plane). -it's sluggish at slow speed but accelerate fairly well - still, not well enough to avoid enemy that sits on your tail close. In EC2 plane's climb rate and general performance in verticals make it strange but not that bad plane to fly. EDIT: In EC3 I was able to get K/D >= 1 but it was pain to do so and it work's only on maps without heavy cloud cover. You need to start above enemy but I guess you can use every fighter plane to some effect that way - Kyofu just allow you to get to alt faster than most earlier planes
  47. 1944/45 plane fighting 1941 planes - nothing really surprising that he does good. Those are not the only planes that fight regularly enemies 2-3-4 years older. The performance gap is in those cases that huge that good pilot (coming from other sims or new account) cna get 10:1 or better. Another good example is Ki-100 in SB GF fighting vs I-16s, early Hurricanes and F2As Of course Japan is not the only nation affected by this problem If you want to get rid of those abomination time machines feel free to join the test where I want to show that plan can and should be flown vs historical opposition. More people test my claim the better
  48. yeah - I got that one too but luckily it's not that easy to do it without crashing. Indeed in clean configuration it's a superb plane my point exactly. I've seen enough clubbing by people in P-47s, La-5/5Fs, Ki-100s, etc and I got bored doing so myself in Ki-44s. I like those planes enough to buy premium one and since I've paid for it I just refused to use it but in EC2 it's just untouchable - only the other time machines like F4U, P47 and La-5Fs can be of some concern you at that rank.
  49. This is one of the few problems with new BR brackets for all ranks - lot of bombers that previously were either in lower EC rank or were on +0.3BR with timer now are available to spam all day long. What we need is less autopmated (and less accurate) bomb sights and stronger AAA that will close all the low and medium altitudes - obviously more accurate on higher ranks as most EC1 bombers will never reach 8km with payload
  50. I agree - it will always be ambiguous because I don't know the skill set of my enemy. I've tried my best to do as many sorties as possible in any plane before giving what is my impression. I invite anyone to test those planes themselves and give their opinion even (or maybe especially) if they disagree - it's called discussion But I think it would help to give an example where historical BRs won't work rather than generalise. For me the most challenging to do good with were: -A6M2-N - plane is too slow for EC3. It turns great but you get the same in more convenient package of regular Zero. It is possible to fly it and get kills but you need to wait for enemy to make mistake and turnfight with you -N1K1 Kyofu - same story but this plane at least had a niche where it kind of worked - it's not terrible scramble interceptor. Great climb rate, not bad (especially for JP) durability and 20mm guns allow you to hunt B-25. Of course he will most likely out-run you eventually but if you stay above target or routes used by bombers then it's quite a decent plane. I've killed more B-25s with it than I've killed other fighters. Yet I understand how many people might see it as a fighter at which role it sucks, not to mention that left 1v1 vs enemy fighter or on maps with low cloud ceiling (where you can't attack from above) this plane is below avg so that's why it lands on this list - it works only in very specific situations -LaGG-3-35 - this plane was not that great in real life and so is in WT. It's fast for EC2 but in EC3 it's just avg. You can kill 109F1/2s with it but it require some skill - definitely enemy have upper hand here And... that's it. Every other plane on my list I had no problem keeping up with most enemies I've met if I've used them as they should have been used - for example I've not engaged in dogfights in Hurricane mk IV but used it as tank hunter or I've not attacked bombers in Ki-43-II, etc.
  51. and I do not agree here - we have tons of planes that are stupidly undertiered (half of US TT for example) only because people know only how to turnfight and that's the last thing you should do. Making BR based on fact if players spend time mastering their plane or not is just dragging avg skill down because if people do bad with a very good plane (because it's harder to master) it will get much lower BR and when you finally get good pilot in one he will club everyone so badly he/she can make half of enemy team rage-quit. On the other hand if you give plane historical BRs there is no discussion - this plane fought that plane or would have fought if on the same theatre - and that's it - beautiful in it's simplicity. If a plane is terrible for it's year - just make it dirty cheap to spawn and give huge SL/RP reward so taht if someone actually spend time mastering it and do good with it then he/she is properly rewarded for the deed. I even remember saying so myself 2 years ago about the Lagg-3-66 for example - that it would be stupid to match it vs 1943 enemies. Now with few thousands more sorties under my belt I think differently. It took me time but I've learned it hard way - every plane is different and I now know that when I've switched to Japan (my least played nation) it took me 3 days to get used to their style. 3 days during which I was clubbed hard by everyone - thing is that after those 3 days I've started to get positive K/D with those planes and that's what matters for me. that might be an option but then we would have even bigger imbalance for say EC4 Germany where US had total air superiority so my initial thought is - no.
  52. there is one problem with that: when do you grant kill. If you do that on crash then others might kill steal. If you do it immediately massive damage is done then such plane still flying might be attacked by others and "killed" ... again - making them waste ammo but giving no reward. Of course if you check link in my footer below you'll find solution. Give kill only when plane crashes or pilot bail out but give penalty for pilot dying so that people will consider bailing out to get say 50% of landing bonus instead of gambling if they can land to score 100%. It will leave it to pilot to judge if he deem plane flyable or not and now there is no reason to bail out early and that's the problem. Around 50% of kills we see on aerial gun-cam from WW2 on western front are pilots bailing out. Lot of great Aces on both sides were shot down at least once and many of them multiple times - yet they lived to fight another day.
  53. are you sure? I've played EC2 and EC3 yesterday and in both cases I've used uptiered planes and I've seen uptiered planes used by others.
  54. I think that auto bailout starts when game deem plane unrepairable on AF - thing is that it might work in AB and RB but in SB you loose 50% SL if you don't land so even if you know plane will never fly again you still have some reason to try to bring it home.
  55. @Hunternz another problem with lobby system. EC3 Japan currently have 1 room vs Soviets that's 9 v 4 (RU vs JP) and I am kept getting added into it. Problem is that all JP AFs are destroyed. Battle will end in 1h35min and since there are free slots there game will not create new one so basically no one can play JP EC3 for next 1,5hr
  56. that's why all planes should have unlockable "mods" - for each production batch - like we have with Ki-43-I where one plane can be customized into 3 variants (2x7.7, 7.7+12.7 and 2x12.7) or Kikka with additional gun but thing is that it should change BR. Same should also be true for planes that stayed long in production and/or get significant performance along the line like 109G6 that now uses mid 1944 engine setup with MW50 or spits that use high octane fuel. Give that and allow people to choose what "year" version they want to play - either they want lower performance but lower (historical) performance or best stuff plane ever had on it but higher BR.
  57. surprisingly many people don't get that part asking for balance nerfs/buffs or seeing ones that are not there.
  58. I personally love my Ki-44-II otsu. Guns take some getting used to but plane performance-wise is massively under-tiered - at least in SB where it can easily compete with planes whole +2.0 BR higher.
  59. so were Ki-83, N1K pontoon and -Ja and possibly few more that I don't remember. Not to mention bombers
  60. sorry - I don't know that particular JP tech tree
  61. As far as I know Ki-100-II is also 1945 design (not production) with high altitude turbocharged engine so why not.
  62. what can you expect if all US fighters can do is throw themselves into furballs? I've killed 1944/45 planes with my 1940 zero down there. Thing is that it's not problem with planes but how mission is built starting with tiny maps where there is no room to climb and even if you do enemy see you taking off from your AF while sitting on their AF and can climb too, or even better- wait till you get to 2-3km where your own carrier/AF AAA stop working and just stop you from climbing further. In race to 3-4km Zero will always be faster than say P-47. EC is also far from perfect but at least you can climb outside enemy sight and go into combat zone already above the enemy.
  63. frankly that's not the biggest immersion problem with Pac War event - not even top 5 I think
  64. do you need RP grinder or SL grinder? In second case you should look at planes not for EC4 but those going into EC2-3 and I'd suggest other nations as well - US at those ranks is mostly captured crap with not that good earning anyway.
  65. I went offline soon after but if I'll encounter the problem again I'll let you know.
  66. yeah - you caught me with my pants (and speed) down both times. Before I got enough airflow over control surfaces to make serious evasion it was all done. I'm glad you couldn't hear me cursing you each time That said in the same game I've killed 3 109s and 3 Me410s while dying only one more time so I guess I've cracked flying P-38. Still lot to learn but I'm no longer cannon fodder, partially alos thanks to advice from you all guys for which I thank you EDIT - from my experience: -set power using pitch. I find it that you can set throttle to 100% whole time and just adjust pitch: 3000RPM for combat, 2600RPM for climb and 2300-2400RPM for cruise at which point plane will keep temp even with 40% radiators while still keeping 85% of HP output -use flaps - they help a lot, they work at quite high speed. I suggest combat flaps as soon as flutter (not sure If I got correct English term - I mean feeling where you get close to stall and all starts to shake) begins. Extending flaps back then makes you turn instead of just loosing energy due to being above optimal AoA. -despite using flaps do not go into prolonged dogfights - you will loose energy and 109s will get you -do not be afraid to stall fight if energy is comparable - 109s might end up higher but your counter-rotating props will allow you to aim till the very end. All that of course if you are 100% sure you are alone there and no one will claim the big frame just hanging on it's props -climb, climb and climb more - you start to outperform things at around 12-15kft (4-5km). Of course there is not much fight there sometimes but it's always easier to dive
  67. OK Guys - thanks for the tips. I've used them and slightly modified them to suit my play-style and I think I start to understand that plane My biggest problem now is not how to kill 109 but how to kill @FourGreenFields in a 109
  68. @Hunternz - potential bug with lobby system. I was queuing for EC3 US and there were 2 rooms: -Ruhr 16 v 16 -Zengzhou 9 vs 4 so I was unable to join. I've queued hoping for a spot or new room but as soon as one person died on US side on Ruhr player count dropped from 16v16 to 16 v 15(+1 not ready) at which point game assumed there is a spot and tried to join me into US team only to get "session full" message. I've tried that 5 times with the same effect each time. I finally got into new room so I don't have screenshots of the problem but that's something devs might look into.
  69. it's a Polish proverb that many translate into latin to make it sound smarter for some reason. I've fixed it after I've realised many might not get the joke there.
  70. oh - don't get me wrong - being outnumbered is just a side not - not a problem this thread is about I do not argue with whole beating impossible odds issue here
  71. yeah but it's not always possible when US teams are so happy spamming bombers even if they die 75% of the time before reaching target
  72. After playing few matches with P-38E only I think I'm into something - flaps, they exits! But seriously - I was under impression that they will deplete my already tiny energy advantage away but actually they are quite efficient. Sure they slow you down but they work at high speeds on P-38 (totally forgot about that FM update frankly) and they give surprisingly lot of lift for the drag they cause. Of course it also helps to be in a team that field fighters - last battle 16vs16 enemy had 16 fighters and we had 10 bombers so wherever I went it was 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 so yeah - not much to do in such battles but when I've met 109G2s or even F4s 1:1 using flaps help a lot. Only thing they can't help with is that 109s are obviously much better at prolonged fights so flaps should still be used to get some extra initial angle to get a shot and that's it. Hopefully my next battle will be more balanced so I can prove my theory but I'm optimistic now - my curse might be close to an end
  73. Thing is that BnZ is not always an option - imagine map totally covered with clouds at 6kft (2km). That's why I've asked for some tips on fighting below 10kft (3km). I know that with enough speed I can evade 109 but what if I cant start above him and at higher speed? I think we can say that any plane with enough energy advantage is superior to any other plane but that's not the point All I've found so far is just to run away but as I've said - that's not very efficient way of helping my team.
  74. that's an old truth - every fighter is an energy fighter. Only matter is how you get upper energy hand and starting higher and faster is always a good way to do it
  75. I dare you to try this versus Ki-44-II especially if someone take it to EC2. This plane wins vertical engagement in EC3 against most opponents. I'm with FIN_Brewster here - JP are not all turnfighters. They do have good BnZers and some beastly energyfighters too but each one have it's flaws
  76. what is wrong with new FM is old BR
  77. ok I've tested A7M2 and.... yup - it will be labeled an UFO
  78. breaking news A7M1/2 FM inbound. It's already in test flight in WiP client and supposedly should hit battles as well:
  79. so current test flight (I use WiP client) is different than what it will fly like in battle?
  80. I'd prefer option to stop them from shooting ground targets frankly or they will just waste lot of ammo that way when I don't want them too. I think that manual gunners should be removed as long as we do not have mechanics to use first person sights for one gunner (note - gunner not turret) at given time. I also like idea that someone posted long time ago - when pilot switch to gunner position he can't pilot and if he dies as gunner then bye bye. That said I think we can retain the current gunner view but without option to control gunners. It can simulate fact that you have more than one pair of eyes to look around as long as at least one gunner is alive.
  81. that's a good news - I'm so happy I've bough talisman for it during last discount
  82. Hi V_S_N another question from me: do you plan to implement automated flaps? For example F4Fs and F6Fs used flaps that retracted on their own with speed (one had spring loaded and another vacuum operated type) and some Japanese planes (I think N1K1) had automated combat flaps that extended above certain G or AoA (not 100% sure about that one). It would be also nice to have flaps that can be set up in any position - not just 3 defined ones. Some planes had option to hand-crank or use dead-man switch to set up any position "in between". I think this should be simple from control perspective - flaps up/down button with work on those planes in the same way as relative axis do rather than step up/down. As for radiators from my previous post - maybe little clarification will help here: Currently auto radiators are like auto pitch - they are function of throttle. At 100% throttle they will keep certain temp (and open if it's above or close if below). On WEP they will work in the same manner but threshold temperature will be higher and respectively if I go below 100% to say 85% throttle the temperature at which radiator will fully open will be lower. What I wanted to say is that in real life on most planes it was not related to throttle setting. If plane's radiator were set up for say 100deg prestone/water it will try to keep it all the time regardless if pilot set throttle to full or to 0. It becomes very important when you use WEP a lot and in low-speed turn-fight where you do not need lower drag but fact that AEC keep higher temperature mean that your engine will start taking thermal damage much sooner. Obviously manual should stay as it is allowing pilot full override. Hope that clarifies
  83. yeah - P38E is the 3.3 variant. XP38G is just re-skin on P38G from regular tree. As for bombers it's quite OK at that as it should be. Way back it was a zippo - one round and you are on fire but not it can survive some hits and have lot of accurate guns that can work at longer distances. As for size - it's a tricky beast. I more than once saw enemy rounds go between cockpit and horizontal stabilizer
  84. climbing vs 109 is always bad idea but as for speed - I thought so too but well... it's faster by 2-3mph vs Friedrichs but Gustav will catch you at low alt. At least when we are talking P-38E. They are faster in the sense that they loose energy slower due to higher mass so in very shallow dive it will outrun 109 but again - I'm back to square 1: boom, run, zoom. I'd be OK with that but lot of time enemy knows I'm there (the hearing engine stuff and all). I know experiment with cutting down throttle but that's little bit like surrendering some energy to do so.
  85. @Hunternz problem with clouds in scopes is always or almost always there but there are also sometimes "more advanced" glitches where there are clouds and planes in one view at great distance: EDIT: here is video from that very spot. I no longer have clog for it - I wanted to make another bug report but seeing that this problem was not fixed for more than 6 months now and was reported 3-4 times I decided I can't be bothered. Feel free to attach to existing report. Not sure what game version - sometime around early February - but problem was there for some time already and I can sometimes get same glitches nowadays. This thing ruins my beloved Ki-44 for me on cloudy maps which is sad when I realized I've paid real money for that
  86. what rank do you refer to? I'd say that for example zeros shows most of the characteristics of the real plan (based on what I've seen, read) it's very manoeuvrable but locks ailerons at speed and it's not fast in general. Also as long as you don't climb vertically you will outclimb M2 and M3 Zeros in F6F and F4U from my experience. I think problem is with all the undertiered stuff like early Ki-61s, A7M and Ki-100 that are just time machines respectively 1942/44/45 planes fighting 1940/42/42 planes but then you can also meet Yak-3 in EC3 so well - there's GJ for you
  87. p-38

    well - P-38E have tendency to slightly roll to the left at full power (2% aileron trim require to compensate at climb speed) - something that should not have place with counter rotating props. Given that props rotate outboard this can indicate starboard engine producing more torque effect which can suggest little more power. That said browser map usually shows 0.1hp more on port for me
  88. Hi Guys, I need some tips flying P-38E vs Germany in EC3, especially vs 109s below 10kft(3km). I know the basics: -climb -stay fast and high -BnZ them But then comes the reality and bitchslap me into face because when I dive on one, no matter what I do I loose lot of energy in subsequent zoom climb and compared to 109s my plane is not exactly turnfighter. Only thing that gives me relatively good results is to run a while in level flight after each dive onto enemy and then spend another 1.5-2mins climbing but that's not very efficient. end notes: -I know I fight in 1941 plane vs planes that have 1943/44 performance -I know P-38 was interceptor and not fighter -I am not asking for "just play P-38G instead" type of advice - I just refuse to give up on this variant just yet.
  89. luckily google knew what I was looking for (or those are the only issues he ever reported ): EDIT: In general there are lot of things wrong with clouds and/or scopes. I'll try to get some screenshots where distant planes break scope sight totally - I should still have them stored on my PC at home
  90. I know @LookBlueGoPurple reported that (and maybe he can provide links) at least twice. Below there's also link to my report but it's an old one - problem is still the same: EDIT: found out one more but looks like that one did not migrate well to new forum engine:
  91. you mean your husband right? For now I'll pause with my tests - planes that are left as far as I was able to check are no uptier from EC3 to EC4 and I do not have them spaded yet so it would affect the outcome due to stock-syndrome but I think we can all agree that Ki-100 (+ premium if anyone owns one) and P-47D25(+ soviet one + wunderbolt) in EC4 would be good place to start if you (or anybody else) want to contribute I personally also lack EC4 experience - I do not know enemies I will meet so I will no doubt suck at it at first. Other planes I'd like to test eventually (not in near future) in EC4 are: -J2M2 (1943 introduction date 1944 combat debut) -A7M2 (don't have M1) -F4U1c/d -XP55 - that will be tough one I guess but who knows -Yak-9M -Soviet P-63A5 (1943 plane but lend lease deliveries started in '44) -Ki-102 So if anyone have any experience with those plane sin EC4 please share. That's even if you prove they are useless vs contemporary enemies - that's also worthy information
  92. @Hunternz - any news on the graphic issue where plane and clouds tend to mix and plane disappears? Is anything being done in that matter or is that issue parked waiting for better times? for those who don't know what the problem is:
  93. isn't Tempest's roll rate much worse than that of a Dora? I admit it take a lot more skill and SA in general to exploit superior roll rate vs superior turning circle - I still have lot to learn, but there are guys out there who will prove you wrong every single time
  94. another update - don't know why I've missed that plane in the first place but here it is: Ki-61-I ko/otsu 2.7/3.0 ->3.3/3.7 guns might be weak on ko variant but otsu is quite capable with shooting down fighters and that include even quite resistant USN planes like F6Fs. I've taken the weakest one (ko) into EC3 and ended up with 2 kills, 1 crash-kill and 1 assist while dying only once but due to my own stupidity and not enemy fire. I've fought 1:1 vs Yak-1B, F6F, XP50, P63 and Typhoon mk IB. Of all those planes only Typhoon (got assist on him) and P-63 (escaped) was able to out run me (Tiffy was hard to catch even with bombs strapped under wings) but other planes stood no chance. Kills - 1:1 fight - no outside interference, both planes starting at similar energy: -F6F -XP50 in both cases Ki-61 was equal in speed and superior in turn-performance and energy retention in turn. in case of F6F Ki-61 have also climb advantage. Manoeuvre/crash kill - Yak-1B. Ki-61 is totally equal to that plane except armament but on the other hand I was able to use flaps. It was very good fight vs good pilot and we've done all sort of scissors, Immenlans, dives, turns, stall climbs, yo-yos and in all those flight regimes Ki-61 never felt inferior. Only area where I wished Japanese planes was better are guns - he passed in front of my nose few times but I only damaged him instead of killing. Another problem was rather quickly overheating engine but that was solved by setting prop pitch to 80% (even in combat) and flying at 80% throttle outside combat. Of course planes are totally inadequate to attack bombers but I guess that's obvious to most of you Hope you agree with my BR recommendation and I strongly suggest taking this plane into EC3. In my opinion it's in fact better vs more modern opposition than vs say Chaikas or F2A-1s because you can still catch newer planes but they are usually less manoeuvrable so it's easier to get longer burst on them.
  95. La-7 premium is just ... La-7 prmeium. I mean - if you really want it just to grind RP and not SL then talisman regular one or any other plane. If you buy Dolgushin's La-7 you pay a lot for reskin a slightly higher SL gain over talismaned regular variant but your choice. Beside with talisman you have more planes to choose from
  96. Long text below - you've been warned Since last week we are able to uptier any plane as we want to (like flying Po2 in EC5) which brings me to some old, long forgotten idea of makings BR based on plane's historical service. I've done a list of all my planes and I've tried to determine their service dates accordingly (taking into account mods like MW50 on G6 that was only introduced in 1944) and I've been testing it since to see how well low BR but later war plane are when faced vs their true historical opponents (or planes it had chance to meet but didn't like F4U vs 109s for examaple) and I must say 99% of time I find those planes that normally fight 1-2 ranks lower to be quite competitive. Here are planes I've tested so far in EC3 with EC2 planes: US: DE: RU: UK: JP: To sum things up. Why won't we swap EC ranks into year-based EC and leave BRs only to determine things like spawn cost, timer lock in case of being shot down etc? Most planes I've tested do work equally fine in their historical environment as they did when they were undertiered (as they are currently). It would add lot of immersion will simulate quite well semi-historical line-ups while still allowing premium planes (lot of which are prototypes that never saw combat for example). Beauty of this idea is that it can be done using current BR system all it takes is to move few planes up (and some down) and voila. I'd also leave option to uptier as we have now so that I can take any plane older than EC range if I want and I have at least one plane within required brackets. Suggestions (dates are rough estiamtes - I assume some flexibility at the far ends of date bansk should be allowed like late 1941 plane being seen as early 42 if for example it had outclassed every earlier design but was then used for 2-3 years): EC1 all 30s planes up to and including 1939. Basically it's like we have now in EC1 but will add He-112s (they might require timer so BR around 2.0) EC2 1940-1941 so basically Battle of Britan planes, all the soviet designs , and very early A6Ms on high BR (SP grind and long timers). But I would not be afraid of the zeros - US will get F4F-3 and soviets do get all the Ishaks. EC3 1942-43 - mostly as it is now + the planes I've mentioned in my uptiering test but without things like P-47 and Yak-3 EC4 1944-45 - basically all the late war props plus very early ww2 jets but with timers and high SP cost now I'd like to propose change EC5 1945-1948/49 - basically all the ww2 jets + some pre-korean planes as well. All the "what ifs" regarding WW2 taking longer etc. As you can see no top jets here for them I have another idea: semi historical EC6 Korean war - basically all 50s jets, bombers (TU-4, etc) etc. additional improvement possible here - match making east vs west. No more nation vs nation to reduce players split. It would require fixed line'ups as we have in SB GF for example so that we won't see any Me262s etc. Idea is simple - Japanese Sabre together with CL13 go west and German Mig-15 go east. that's it. Let me know what you think about it. I personally do not like BRs based on how well players do with their planes as some palnes are very good but just require more time to learn them. Instead I'd like to seem them meet their contemporaries but if plane is harder - increase SL/RP reward and decrease spawn cos so that those who do master it will profit greatly for it. When more and more people learn to fly it well rewards can drop. I think it will help improve SB community by encouraging people to learn instead of BR giveaways just because it's easier to master spitfire than K4 for example.