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  1. a ja bym chętnie chciał zobaczyć talizaman na SL zamiast RP bo mi się ostatnio zaczynają badania zatykać. Muszę grać samolotami Ery 2 zeby nie wybadac do konca ery 4 zanim bede mial kase na otwarcie ery 5 Ot uroki lotniczej symulacji
  2. oh boy - I'm not alone
  3. performance-wise MEC rarely give more. what MEC allows you is for example open radiators fully even on WEP so while you will go slower than AEC (that will keep them shut) you will WEP longer before engien blow up. The only place where MEC give more is speed on some planes when you switch RPM to 80-90% - you sometimes gain 10km/h or so but you need to know which planes as on others it have exactly opposite effect. Other than that MEC put you at risk of forgetting to switch supercharger for example. There is no good indication when to do it and it differ strongly between planes so if you dive and forget to switch back you may findyourself at low level with only 75% of power available to you.
  4. well - in game that's doubtful - maybe at low alt but starting from 8km I was unable to reach M 0.75 while us plane easily redline above that values.
  5. są bardzo wydajne przy prędkościach poddzwiękowych (i naddzwiękowych ale tej bombie to nie grozi) - space-x tez takich uzywa. Z reszta ruscy w bodaj R-77 takze.
  6. I guess I'll have to give more love to Ki-100 then. I liked Ki-61 so much that any deviation from it's good "allrounderness" felt like being worse
  7. what I do not get about Ki-100 is why IJA pilots though it's better than Ki-61-II. Sure it's more durable to fire (radial) but if game representation is correct (except elevator lock I assume) then I still prefer Hien thanks to much better e-retention even if it's slightly less agile (still better than say US planes for the most part) and climb worse.
  8. zobacz sobie PZ-IIH - jak dajesz po hamplach z dużej prędkości to lufa szoruje po ziemi. Zakładam, że Leoś będzie mial podobnie.
  9. They do not give double SL - more but not always double. As for RP they do have different RP booster (mostly higher but not a rule) but they also come with free talisman included which give them 2x bonus on top of that so they will give more RP for sure. They also come with 35 free repairs and (again not always but usually) have lower repair cost afterwards. Just check stat cards and on the bottom you will see rewards - it's all there. I would not look too much on convertible RP unless you want to rain money on this game - flying premium plane should give you enough "normal" RP to grind lot of new planes without additional GE cost. I find RP conversion to be very expensive. In my opinion premium planes are also better than premium account as they do not expire - only thing here is to buy premium you will like to fly - premium that sits in hangar give nothing. Premium planes are also good reason to get something unique to fly that is not available normally (like Boomerang for example). I totally do not understand buying repaints and captured planes - planes that you can normally fly in regular tree. Repaints are worse (luckily not many left to buy) - they were in the same tree as normal plane, had the same flight model, armament, it was identical plane but with premium bonus. Unless you are desperate for money you will always do better buying talisman for regular plane - similar bonus but cheaper. As for captured planes (like US 109 or german P-47) - I do not get it - if you feel P-47 is better than FW190 or BF109 - fly US version for free. And if you want to use premium P-47 to grind around the rank 2-3 planes you don't like - what makes you thing rank 4 BFs and FWs are different? Also there is nothing more annoying (of course RB and SB only) to see team of german P-47s fighting team of US 109s - why? Why can't those people just swap teams? The only exception I see are CCCP P-39s - Soviets used them more than US did and it's almost natural for them to see them in in soviet teams.
  10. I've been using X55 myself for 1,5 years before getting pedals (I still use but twist was replaced by pedals) and it's fine when it comes to aim. Pedals give you advantage in coordinated manoeuvres elsewhere like snap rolls etc but when it comes to aim itself twist is fine IMO.
  11. when you start to calculate lead based on a ping is where you will take too much time thinking and not enough time hitting things. Plane's attitude can be misleading: -you can misjudge speed -he can be in a side slip -he might be tightening or loosening the turn -he might be accelerating or slowing down. Those factors will always have higher effect than changing ping from 50 to 150ms (999 is obviously another story). Try to feel the lead and if needed "walk the dog". Usually people do not lead enough so if you shoot and see no hits then keep bursting and add lead. For cannon armed planes best option is to let enemy walk into your LoF - take excessive lead, roll to see him via side window and press the trigger as he pass by - with 2-4 MG151 you can be sure he will notice yeah well - it's too damn expensive for me. It took me 4 years to force myself to buy rudder pedals which are way less expensive. Beside I do have head tracker and it's fine for me now - when I'll start ending up on last place in my team I'll re-think VR option but keep in mind that I live in a country where avg salary is little above 1k euro - and that's before taxes (ca. 20% of that is taken back by govt.)
  12. I preferred pre-VR videos - I do not own VR and watching it like that hurts
  13. napisali w dyskusji pod "pacznołtami" na angielskim forum - known issue. Co do poligonu - idz na live'a do dzialu misie i sortuj po popularnosci - bedzie na pierwszym miejscu
  14. Ki-44s are broken - go above 600km/h in dive and you will overspeed engine to death. I'm now checking if that was reported Also mike10d is going GJ style - no info how it changed
  15. Looks like setting of super-elevation for tanks is broken. increasing and decreasing range works fine but: -I can go below 0 -when I press "reset range" it does zero super-elevation but does not reset scale and when I try to move it up or down it suddenly snaps back to last set position and start from there. Video to show what I mean. Problem with not returning to zero on reset started earlier (2 weeks ago I'd say) but problem with being able to go below zero is something I see first time. 2017_07_25_19_21_45__476.clog
  16. no tak - bo ślima musi zawsze dawać zniżki 75% na coś co kosztuje 10k wron - przecież to nie tak, że oni zarabiają na sprzedaży tych maszyn prawda?
  17. raczej stat-card jest z czapy. Mój He-219 nadal ma 2x151 + 2x108 + 2x103
  18. pretty much - never be caught low and slow - always keep speed and/or altitude to escape. I think problem starts with LF IX which is much faster with 150 octane than other spits - no longer that easy to just run away. Theoretically it's also possible to out-climb them in 109 but I do not recommend that in SB - you have really hard time judging energy when he is behind you and big armoured backrest.
  19. ciezko powiedziec bo za czolgi kasy wprost jest malo - tak na oko 75% idzie z "aktywnosci" ale nie znam formuly jak ta jest liczona. Z grubsza dziala to tak ze im wiecej punktow i im dluzej grasz tym wiecej SL i RP - bicie czolgow daje w ciul punktow ale oplaca sie potem chwile pograc bo jak wydjziesz do razu to kasa bedzie ale mniejsza. Oczywiscie jest gdzies granica ze jak tylko latasz i nic nie robisz to aktywnosc spada ale nie mam pojecia jak to dziala - tyle co wiem ze jak jestes na topie druzyny to dostajesz kupe sporo kasy za czas i tyle a bicie czolgow to szybki sposob wbicia sie na top.
  20. client update

    if you want to start with turret racks empty then you should also get much lower RoF to simulate loader have to fish rounds all over obscured compartments under floor etc. Game now uses best case ROF which assumes that rounds are always taken from ready racks. Of course I'd prefer more complex mechanism to simulate each rack separately and allow player to fill them as they wish one round at the time but that's more work to be done. Current setup is a nerf but IMO suits game mechanics better Question to those who had time to test - how are smoke grenades discharged from Tiger E? I do not see any launchers - is it via turret port for self defence frags (I forgot the name)? Also @Stona - can we expect smoke launchers and grenades to be added to "reference" "flight models" (drive models?) for tanks? I can only test them now on tanks I've spaded and only in "current" mode. I'd like to test some tanks I've not yet researched smoke shells/grenades for but I just can't
  21. zależy czy chcesz mieć do 100fps czy stabilne 80-100fps. Mój komp potrafi w porywach dobić do 100 ale w walce (szczególnie na niskim pułapie) jest zwykle bliżej 50-60. Mam 16G RAM, i5 4690K (nie kręcony póki co więc 3,50GHz) i GeForce GTX 960. Myślę, że kupisz podobny zestaw bez monitora i klawiatury/myszy za ok 2000-2500 teraz*. Z lapkiem pewnie gorzej bo to już jakieś MSI będzie ale nie jestem fanem lapków gamingowych bo płaci się więcej za to samo vs PC tylko dlatego, że jest prenośny a aż tak mi nie zależy na tym. EDIT: grafike mam powyżej filmowych. Tzn: ustawiłem na filmowe i podkręciłem tam gdzi jeszcze coś się dało dokliknąć lub zwiększyć. *co ciekawe ceny PC jak patrzę wzrosły tak, że ja 3 lata temu zapłaciłem mniej więcej podobnie
  22. it's even more fun (and I'd say equally or more profitable) to hunt bombers. I know what people say - they are OP and too easy - and that's somehow true, but if you learn how to approach them and you use correct plane (something with tons of cannons) you can kill lots and lots of them - at least in EC1-3 there is no death star bomber - even infamous BV238 is not that scary if you know how to attack one. Of course if you end up in a game with novice pilots your bomber will wreck havoc farming on people trying to tailgate you.
  23. Yes, pilot reports are so accurate I always treat them with spoon full of salt. If you trust them blindly you'll know that: -P-51 can out turn Bf-109 -BF109 can out-turn P-51 -FW190 can out-dive P-51 -P-51 can out-dive FW-190 Hell you can even hear that P-51 can catch Me-262 in dive I do not say they are not correct but what people feel happened and what actually happened are two different things sometimes. To start with you never know exact energy states at any given time
  24. 109 G-2

    gladiator is another one if you count it as ww2 era and I think early Ishaks had this system too.
  25. there are exceptions out there like guy in a Hudson bomber attacking 9 Zeros in a turning dogfight. Sure Do-217 is not Hudson but P-61 is not zero either.
  26. I've seen interview with a guy claiming the same - it was done on call from tail-end Charlie (tail gunner). I'll try to find it on YT. Also bomber is made to fly with bombs and without them have lot of excessive power and lift. It is limited by how much G structure can survive but as it was said - you can do loops and snap rolls with low-G. In fact
  27. I think it was said many times - dive performance in initial phase is function of P2W not mass. Most people dive too late when they already have enemy on their tail and are at low speed. In this case pure acceleration of spit would triumph as gravity works with the same force on every kg of both planes and aerodynamics only start to matter at high speed. Do-335 will have little chance to "accelerate away" in dive at speeds below spitfire's Vmax at given altitude. It's the same story with Bf-109 vs Yaks - you can't dive away from Yak until you reach 700km/h IAS when Yaks start to struggle
  28. when you die all plane of the same type (2 types: fighters and all others) and on the same BR will be locked. So that if you die in say BR 4.0 fighter all BR 4.0 fighters will get timeout - it's to prevent people from spamming top plane over and over
  29. I mostly play EC3 so it's more of a guestimate based on fighting BV238: -attack from 1:30-2:30h or 9:30-10:30h -aim for one wing -after attack never go above but go into shallow climb and end up symmetrical to his flight path so if you started at 2h end up going toward 10h Pe-8 does not have one feature of BV-238 - it does not have 360 cone of fire in upper hemisphere so you can go in dive. Vs BV you always have to go climbing as top turret will cover all diving aspects. Of course BV is much slower so if you dive, pass bellow and do final attack from below you'll be just fine.
  30. 109 G-2

  31. 109 G-2

    are they really hand cranked? I think they are just geared so slowly and that's it.
  32. ustaw zerową nieliniowość i sensitivity (czy jak tam to w PL wersji jest - czułość?) na 100% - na początku będzie dziwnie i jeszczw gorzej ale po chwili przywykniesz. I na koniec - w WT jak i w normalnym lataniu użycie pełnego wychylenia steru to rzadkość. Zwykle, nawet w walce kołowej nie używa się więcej niż 2/3. Do tego samoloty jak samochody - nie lubią jak je szybko przerzucasz z boku na bok. Jeśli nie wiesz co mam na myśli to wsiądź na rower, jedź w zakręcie w prawo i nagle szybko szarpnij kierownicą w lewą stronę- tylko błagam - ubierz się najpierw dobrze:
  33. it makes sense - if sight is set for 200m they it should give you good lead for all plane but you'll have to judge distance correctly. Given that most engagements in WT happen between 100 and 300m I suppose you can use the gyro sight as base and adjust it from there. Interesting Idea.
  34. answering question from note: yes, reference 1st, current 2nd but order does not matter. I do not have spaded LF MK IX but I know from a friend (unavailable currently) that it's same story there - reference FM does not take high octane fuel into account. If we speak in general - none of the tanks that have smoke shells/grenades/etc have them in reference - only if you spade them and use current you can use smoke in TD
  35. J7

    my video was SB with full realistic control with stick and rudder pedals - all I did is enabled 3rd person view. you'd assume that it's arcade seeing plane doing BS like that but yeah - it was SB which make problem even more obvious and even more begs the question: How someone looked at this FM and said "yes, that's perfect!" ?
  36. I know that in game we cannot change wing span, etc for plane in K-14 sights but question is - for what distance are they tuned for? Is this something fixed or is it related to set gun convergence? I think that ideally gunsight like that should at least be tuned for gun convergence set by player but I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. Anyone have any experience or did some testing?
  37. P-47D

    Correct - but even automated mixer allowed pilot to tweak the setting to lean or enrich the mixture from base setting - still this was used for cruise and not combat - in combat (as in game) you just put things to 100% (in real life called "auto rich") and left them there
  38. P-47D

    not if automated mixer does that for you as was case on many WW2 planes
  39. I guess it does not work if you are already near stall speed (like in tight low speed turn). In this case any roll will stall outside wing as rolling means rising one wing and if that wing is already at critical AoA then it might just stall.
  40. P-47D

    yes - power at lower RPM is lower (and heat is lower) but higher power at 100% RPM is lost due to inefficiency of propeller at those speeds. it's like doing burnout in a car - your RPM go higher, your engine works more efficiently, etc but it's your rubber that limits how fast you will accelerate and adding more power will only do one thing - generate heat and smoke
  41. Have you seen screenshot above? It's still broken only in a different day. They went from one extreme to the other. Call it what you want but that's not fixed. As for OP: 1.Money is problem if you are careless. Sure you will earn more in Air battles than in EC but I play almost exclusively EC and despite the fact that I normally do not have premium account I've learned to fly in the way that give me money. -Most importantly is not to die - you've already paid for spawn so why pay again and as it was said - you only get second half of your money if you RTB. See it not as 50% penalty for not returning but 100% bonus for doing so -check what plane you spawn - planes that are easier to master (in most cases there are no bad planes in WT - just those that require much more effort) are much more expensive to spawn. Also planes do vary in SL boost they give. If you'd say spawn LF mk IX or A7M2 over and over you will most likely loose money - they are great planes for their BR (or in case of A7M severely undertiered) but if you want to go easy mode it will cost you. Try to learn other planes as well - not just the most obvious ones I also find attacking ground targets quite profitable - in general most of SL in EC comes not from kills, etc but from activity and that's your points*time you spend in game (roughly) and ground targets give tons of points. 2. As people said - you can play air battles on random maps or you can create your own lobby and use only one map you like and wait for people to join. If I may - please be the first person to create room with proper nation line-up instead all-vs-all or axis-vs-allied. I might have little problem seeing F4U on Malta but A6Ms or Yaks? I 3. yes- cloud bug is annoying as are scope sights and mirrors. 4. enough been said - it's still better than it was year ago as guns got buffed and now turrets do not track outside their engagement range so when you switch between turrets it takes time for them to catch up but it's far from perfect. Cockpits were a good move in right direction but sadly not followed by changes to gunners and bombsights 5. You've been given answer so I won't repeat it 6. Why not try some lower tier battles first before you get back up to speed? If you go straight to EC4 for example you can expect some hardcore players there. If you run through the tech tree to get high rank planes ASAP they you're skill most likely won't keep up. I strongly recommend to : -not skip any plane of the type you play (obviously if you do not play bombers you can skip them entirely) -play each plane beyond the spading process. Only after spaded you have the final form and from this point on you should start to learn how to handle it. I like to play each fighter in game until I feel I know it - for me the threshold is to get positive K/D ratio with at least 10 kills but sometimes when I feel the plane still have something to tech me I stay longer with it.
  42. they do but: -usually after few weeks or so FM gets ninja-tweaked and they no longer correspond to current state -they work for very specific case: alt, speed, fuel and weapon load- not what you see in combat normally Still - I'd use GJ's datasheets (when present) instead
  43. J7W is so bugged it does not matter if AI have buff or not*. Go 500kph and pull hard - you'll immediately get AoA > 90deg - that's just not right. It has been reported: but knowing GJ it will take a year or so to get FM fixed. *AFAIK it have
  44. J7

    and yet this small detail is what makes a difference but let's not hijack the thread - hopefully it will get fixed soon and J7W will no longer allow for such crazy and unrealistic stunts
  45. J7

    Bug reports created based on factual discussion in general forum - now that's something lot been fighting for. Give this man a pint of biter or shot of absinth or glass of milk or whatever anglo-swiss drink
  46. P-47D

    I think I've found out differences in D25 and D28: D28 do not compress as much in pitch and yaw axis. Also at high speeds (350mph+) it does not have so strong tendency to pitch up. For example to keep nose from pitching up at 500mph it take -23% pitch trim on D25 and only -14% on D28. for D-25 from 1000 to 2000m,. WEP, rads closed: 200kph AEC - 1:13 best climb (90% RPM) 1:11 250kph AEC - 1:08 best climb (~85% RPM) 1:06 300kph AEC - 1:10 best climb (~80% RPM) 1:08 moving RPM +/-10% added from optimum added 1s to that so differences are not great. At higher altitudes (6km+) it is more beneficial to climb with 90%RPM and above 8km 100% gives best results.
  47. Ja używam steatlh i też jest fajnie
  48. P-47D

    and where one would find that one on Jug?
  49. J7

  50. nie latałem jeszcze G55 ale zagadzam się z jednym - Bredy teraz są bardzo przyjemne. Miotacz ognia jak 50tki w szczycie formy prawie.
  51. J7

    Have you tried without instructor? It's absolutely easy - it's easier to pull cobra than normal pull up on some cases - even one beyond 90deg. video uplaoding to YT - will add it here. No wrpl since it was test flight EDIT: Video:
  52. P-40E

    I've heard opinion of pilots who flew P-40s IRL and they told that plane is very close-coupled. This means that rudder is close to CoM. As per my understanding this can result in: -rudder might be big and thus powerful or normal size and lack the power -plane will not have huge straightening force so it will be yaw-wobbly
  53. I agree with @Amyel here - AP ammo on AAA should be for self defence only and reducing amount of AP clips one can take is not a bad idea. It would still allow SPAA to have AP ammo to kill tanks but not enough to carry battle so as a tank if you approach SPAA you should be afraid as it would still have the same kill capacity vs single enemy tank but AAA would just not have enough rounds to kill more than say 2-3 tanks which is way above self defence - beside it can (usually) return to rearm if needed. That way AAA can kill tanks whole battle but cannot just roam endlessly behind front line for example. I also agree it would be easy to implement - all it takes is to separate total max ammo and max for each belt - shouldn't be that hard.
  54. It's been a while but I will be returning to testing (new P-40 FM for example) but for now unusual one - a bomber and more unusual as I recommend downtier: SM79B - it's not 1942 version but 1936 which is severely underpowered. It's slower, climb worse and has slightly weaker armament compared to SM79. It can easily be 2.3 for example.
  55. I've not heard of any combat plane ever have this and I agree with Amyel - it should be gone from SB. I'd love to see signal flares as replacement.
  56. P-47D

    automatic prop on US plane is something totally wrong. US planes had 2 settings: AUTO and MANUAL but theya re not what people think they are. AUTO is just constant speed where you control RPM by lever on throttle quadrant MANUAL is just manual constant pitch like manual in 109 Despite that for some reason GJ decided to give it full auto or constant speed IIRC P-63 was little different and had setup similar to 109 - either full auto or constant pitch. Even labels on switch tell it all - here is for P-47 (one of the razorbacks to be precise):
  57. P-47D

    I've done some tests: P-47D25, radiators to 10%, pitch to 100%, mixture 100% - it kept 2302,3HP up to 8900m then it started to drop rapidly, 90% mix was good for 10km but at 12km I had to go as low as 65% to maintain power. Lowerin below those thersholds give absolutely nothing when it comes to power at least - differences of 1 or less HP are within margin of error. mixture 120% was good up to 8000m or maybe slightly more. I've also tested 80% RPM (so setting for best speed) and .... results were roughly the same (obviously power was lower but I'm talking alt thresholds) - 120% was good up to 8km alt. I agree about prop but mixture seem to be a placebo effect
  58. P-47D

    maybe @Rapitor (as real life pilot) can confirm but shouldn't running lean increase temperature? Maybe it reduce power output and that's what reduce heat generation or game is wrong here - don't know. EDIT: I'll have to check at home but I think official P-47 manuals and training videos clearly stated "auto rich" for max power applications. This suggest that (as many US planes) plane should have automatic mixer with full rich, auto rich, auto lean and cut-off settings + manual override. I think (based on my test few months back) that this might be the case and as long as you stick to 100% you will be auto rich while 110% will be full rich. I also recall data miners telling that there are at least 3-4 mixer types in FM files but I've never seen explanation on their operations in game.
  59. P-47D

    yeah but why not set it to 100% and stay there? Is P-47 really starting to choke if you do not lean? I think in game US planes have different mixer than say russian and 100% mixture is "full rich" and will go to quite high altitudes before you need to readjust - will do testing at home but correct me if I'm worng.
  60. P-47D

    @xBromanx - what's the deal with mixture? I've done testing and I was never able to get any more speed with tweaking mixture? Lowering RPM for higher speed is on the other hand well documented but as per browser map, lowering mixture don't give any HP or thrust.
  61. for FW190D9 take off procedures (according to Erich Brunotte's interview) was to -put flaps on first position (take off in WT) - this is unusual as most fighter planes normally take off without using flaps unless on short runways -hold brakes and increase power -release brakes and use rudder to stay centred - normally no need for brakes but occasional tap to supplement rudder was helpful -wait for tail to lift up by itself -start very gentle pull to keep plane somewhere between level and 3-point attitudes at this point plane should lift off. Next steps was to rise gear and flaps - from interview I understood both to happen in the same time on in very close succession - there was no mention of any pause between one and the other. I do not have 152C to test light yet so someone can check it but it works just fine for all Antons, Doras and Ta152H
  62. P-47D

    I myself also can't find difference between D25 and D28 other than bazookas that later have. That said while P-47 is tricky plane to fly for most WT pilots it's a beast if flown well. Keep in mind that game meta twist reality in many way - for example you sit at your desk do not really feel stress pulling Gs put on pilot - sure you can GLOC but you will not feel exhausted after few turns. That mean that WT pilots are much eager to turn tight - thing is that it only make P-47 harder to master but not worse. I am still getting there but if you go above urge to turn too early and and you do play it properly (climb before going into combat not while getting thera) the plane is pure beast even at low alt It's not common to meet good P-47 pilot in EC3 (they either go EC4 or club in EC2) but when you meet one he can do miracles - yesterday one out-turned my MC202 to my surprise
  63. I didn't know convergence affects rockets - certainly vertical targetting does nothing. If so then indeed lowering convergence might be good idea. Will try using 250m
  64. I am inclined to disagree - setting convergence to 300m limit your shots (especially for planes with wing mounted guns) to around 250-350m brackets. 400m is still good at 300m but allow you to shoot relatively good to as far as 500m+ - For 400m at 200m your bullets are already half closer to each other than at start. Guns are usually near middle of the wing (rule of thumb) or even closer so after 200m bullet be already half the distance apart which is close enough for most engagements. setting very close convergence for wing mounted guns will a. make them go out of alignment very fast behind convergence point - kind of cross-eyed aim b. if guns are low on wings and vertical targetting is on they might tend to go high outside convergence And unless plane have rely low velocity guns even setting up 600m (I fly with this setting) will not make shells to get lobbed much above line of aim (try Ki-44-II otsu with 600m and vertical on to see what I mean for 40mm shells). 250-300m is good only for planes like hurricane and spit mk I/IIa which MGs but even then I've used just 400m Of course if even 100m works for you best - use it - that's why the option is there instead of one default setting for everyone.
  65. Very good point - I was concentrating more on what to do when cavalry do arrive but you are right - you need to get to that point in the first place and I am happy to see this thread discussing wider view. Will add
  66. And that's perfectly fine - I was talking about taking plane with no CAS capability - early zeros come to mind. Sure they have those 60kg bombs but frankly it's not something that can win wars on the ground.
  67. not much to add to this. Theory is very basic - there are 2 ways to do it if you do not know exactly how to aim: -walk your lead: start at enemy tail and tighten the turn while you keep firing - obviously you need to be able to get momentary angle advantage. -let enemy fly into it - start way in front of his nose and just let him fly through. German planes are usually quite good at gaining momentary angle advantage over enemy. FW 190 at high speed can pull serious G with ease and 109 have very nice combat flaps you can use at quite high speed (350-400kph if memory serves) and lot of enemies you fight (Yaks, spits) have only landing setting - spit will still out-turn you but you can surprise most Yaks at low speeds. High deflections shots are always tricky - good enemy (or just lucky one) can roll a little as you get lead and very good one will roll 180 and escape you but there is nothing you can do. With German guns closer you are the better due to their low speed - leading wit 50 cals I often find it better to give some space to breath - they are fast enough to catch up without excessive lead and enemies starts to get erratic as soon as you start to chew their tail with guns
  68. But which one is correct? Is Anton over- or Dora under-performing?
  69. I have a question - why do TO flaps on Antons stay on at as much as 700km/h but D9 loose it's at around 500? Late war production using weaker materials?
  70. P-47D

    Maybe I've missed something but do you suggest F4U in game is rated for 2600HP? Which one?
  71. Co Wy chcecie od I-153P? zadka nie urywa ale interesujący samolot i przynajmniej ma to jakieś zastosowanie bojowe, w przeciwieństwie do takiebo panzerwalfa (że o katiuszy nie wspomnę).
  72. też tak myślę, był o włos od godziny szczęścia
  73. true but unless you want to use tanks as well, do not take pure fighters - there is nothing more annoying from tankers perspective that plane with 2x50kg bombs (or sometimes just guns with no penetrating power) just buzzing around when enemy no longer spawn planes
  74. @Senilix - asking people to go to AB and AB+ to grind SL is good answer but for wrong question. OP asked how to get more SL in sim.
  75. Important thing to know about Zero is the "mod" numbering. FIrst digit is airframe and 2nd is engine and so A6M2 mod 11 is 1st engine and 1st aiframe carrier one is techcnially mod 21: 2nd airframe (tailhook and folding wingtips) but same engine A6M3 is technically A6M3 mod 32: new airframe (clipped wings) and new engine then we have mod 22: back to 2nd airframe but with new engine and so on - please someone correct me if I've mixed something
  76. that's because you most likely have still 10 free repairs for your planes (EC don't have use for them) later you'd have to pay full repair cost (not just half as in EC) for each death (or wait days to get free repair) so it will be slightly lower - but yeah - as long as you have those free repair then Air SB will print money like crazy as normally you use those freebies before plane is even spaded - using them on fully upgraded plane is a different story.
  77. you can take P-47 in clean configuration at first, clean skies (map size is not such a big limit in that regard (on most maps - there are still small arenas) and only after skies are clear you should RTB and rearm with bombs and rockets. I do that not only with P-47 - other tactic is to go with bombs loaded but drop them (just jettison them somewhere safe) as soon as I see enemy "dots" ahead. still lighter planes are more suitable for SB GF but at least P-47 is not totally sitting duck if you do so.
  78. right - it all depends how badly you need SL I guess.
  79. sadly most of the "Air battles" are all vs all or axis vs allies fantasy crap - rooms with more logical lineups are rare.
  80. to dlatego ze to nie jest powtorka tylko taki zapis "wektorowy" gra zapisuje stan poczatkowy (czyli kiedy Tobie zaladowala sie gra) oraz wszelkie zmiany w twojej okolicy (czyli co to sie Tobie renderuje na ekranie zapewne) i po prostu gra sobie gre botami w oparciu o te zmiany. Dlatego w powtorce lokalnej nie ma opcji przewijania np bo to nie jest nagranie a zestaw instrukcji i silnik musi je odtworzyc krok po kroku bo inaczej sie zgubi (ma tylko jeden punkt startu na poczatku). Serwerowa tez tak dziala ale ma informacje nie tylko Twoje ale wszystkei zapewne. Tak mi to kiedyś wytłumaczył ktoś i ma to sens ale czy jest to prawda to nie mam zielonego pojęcia
  81. moge Cie zaraportować kiedyś jeśli to Ci poprawi humor nic to nie da al jak masz poczuc sie lepiej
  82. serwerowa powtorka tez tak dziala?
  83. ostatnio wylatuje paredziesiąt graczy miesięcznie jak nie więcej za "skilla" więc może coś zrobią. EDIT: Poprawka - 150-200+ miesiecznie jak patrze
  84. I think in WT trim is just magic spring that holds stick for you - I doubt it models all moving plane.
  85. emmm - EC4-5 maybe but you really have to try to loose money in EC1-3.
  86. well technically rewards should be based on what you fly/drive and what you kill if you are an AAA you should get much more SL/RP for planes than anything else if you are light tank capping should be more profitable and so on. Thing is that this require coding and it's not somthing that can be implemented easily
  87. or just make belts with AP ammo extremely expensive to simulate the limited availability Knowing that using AP belts you will loose money no matter what (and if needed set them to loose badly) you will keep AP belts as last resort self defence choice rather than what most do and use them as primary belts
  88. First of all check what is mas repair cost and SL reward for plane you fly. You pay 50% of max repair just to spawn plane so taking B29 you are 10k SL on minus before you even take off. As for SL reward it tells you modifier for every action you do. If your plane have mod of 400% it will earn 4x more than one of 100% for exactly the same action. You need to find compromise between how good plane is, what is it's reward and how expensive it is to fly. If you do not die much then repair/spawn cost is less of a problem but fir your K/D is 1 or below (you die more than you kill) then it can be easy way to burn money. Participate in ground battles by killing howitzers and tanks/pillboxes - give tons of RP (so it might unlock you even more planes you can't buy as side effect) but also give serious SL and since SL it gives is from battle activity you do not loose 50% if you do are killed before you land. Another good way is to kill planes obviously but it all depends on K/D - if you can keep high K/D (you do not die much and you "land" all your kills) you will do good in any plane. In fact it's more beneficial to kill less but survive more. You get 50% SL if you do not land (or in other words you get +100% for retuning home) and each time you die you have to pay to spawn plane again. If you switch/spawn plane often it costs serious money. If you can get 20kills dying only 3-4 times you will end up with 75-100k SL / hour of play without premium account but it's easier said than done and it strongly depends on how many players are around. If game has only 4-5 players each side then you should go after tanks/pillboxes no matter what. From my experience using bombers is least profitable (recently their spawn cost went up - a lot for some) and SL ratio is not great because you waste lot of time climbing (at least attacking tanks is much better here) but it's also easiest way to get SL - not much skill -required - just point and click and then press spacebar in the right moment. I still do not recommend it for SL grind really - all it take is 2-3 good players on enemy team and they will make sure that you will not return home and you will loose this high SL spawn cost every time. EDIT: I forgot to add - you might consider buying some rank 2-3 premium - they are not expensive (especially if you wait for 50% discount) and if you choose right one they will help you a lot - as usual check repair cost and SL reward but keep in mind that you should buy plane you'd like to fly - even best grinder won't help if you are bad with it or hate flying it. Unlike premium account premium planes never expire and frankly for cost of 2-3weeks of premium time you can get premium plane and it will give you more in the long run
  89. zasada jest prosta:wiecej mocy = szybciej lecisz kazdy samolot ma predkosc przy ktorej skreca najlepiej i taka przy ktorej roluje najlepiej. Jak jestes ponizej tej predkosci to gazu a jak powyzej to zetnij - zakladajac ze chcesz skrecac. Do tego jesli widzisz ze wyprzedzasz przeciwnika to zetnij moc a jak ucieka dodaj. Tylko teraz uwaga - czesto lepiej jest odpuscic odejsc kawalek, zlapac znow wysokosci i wrocic zamiast scinac moc i zwalniac do predkosci przeciwnika.
  90. zacznij grac jak ja tylko w lotnicze SB - tam nigdy nic nie wpada, nie da sie odblokowywać skórek i nie dostaje się wszelkiej maści "teamworków" więc masz problem z głowy - jednym słowiem jest jak u Kononowicza - nie ma niczego
  91. I do not deny it's inferior to most 1944 props - I just wanted to show that it's not "comaprable to F4F-3" I think it's visibly better. I'd like to see fully historical BRs but that won't happen anytime soon so you do not have to worry here as for F2A-1 I just wanted to give you example on how huge can be difference between full fuel load and say 30 mins one and this can explain differences between various test results.
  92. I still support historical tiering even if some planes will be at disadvantage compared to contemporaries. And beside we have contemporary plane with similar performance already in WT - Boomerang. Sure Boomerang have cannons but with current 50 cal damage model FM-1/2 would not be that far away and will have higher speed and lower wing loading while having comparable power loading. Also WEP max climb rate for FM-2 is higher an quoted at 3670 ft/min at low alt. and 3060 ft/min at critical alt for high blower all that is with 117 gallons of fuel and 1600 rounds for 4 50cals on board for gorss weight of 7418lbs: figures you've quoted might be for sustained (not even military) climb or for full fuel load* I guess but when injection (WEP) is engaged then FM-2 seem to be much better than that. *Might be same case as F2A-1 which with full fuel is sluggish but you rarely fly into combat with 2,5hrs of fuel
  93. looks like a bug mate - report here:
  94. I've done so but as always when you want it to happen it do not want to occur. Today also issue-less day so I guess it got afraid of you jokes aside - feel free to close this thread and I will open one when issue occurs again - I do keep copied file just in case
  95. p-47n

    Was this historically correct option? If no then there's your answer
  96. FM-1/2 if added should belong to tier 3 not 1-2 it's a late war plane with late war performance - enough abominations in US BRs already. I'd see it more of a representation of "turnfighting branch" of US tech tree on rank 3.
  97. zapisz sobie powtorke z bitwy i zaraportuj goscia (da sie nawet podczas ogladania powtorki - kliknij prawa mysza na jego nick) a jeśli nie jest to pierwszy wybryk takiego osobnika lub było to 100% zamierzone działanie i nie ma co do tego wątpliwości to najlepiej zadaj to pytanie "gejm masterom" czyli ludziokom odpowiedzialnym za bany i inne takie - zwykle ktorys jest na czacie generalnym w grze - spytaj a może który się odezwie A jak nie to łap ich prv lub PM na forum:
  98. well I later on AI gets some gutts. In fact AI have much more "generous" FMs (faster planes that turns much better and retain more energy - not huge difference but still better than what you can do in exactly same plane) and sometimes can give you fair fight. What you describe is true also vs human players - biplanes vs monoplanes can win only if monoplane pilot hand it to them by turn-fighting them. If you stay faster they will have little chance to shoot you down. Same is true for every situation when faster plane meets much slower but more agile one. In general (I assume RB is the same) SB is about playing to own's strengths vs enemy's weaknesses with only difference being that you need bigger margin because you have harder time checking what plane model you fight exactly (you can learn that) and you have much harder time determining if for example enemy is gaining on you or not as there are no big red numbers with distance and plane model over him
  99. Guys - may I suggest that @nazradu2 is asking for basic advice and we (I am as guilty as everyone else here) keep talking about specific scenarios? for someone who struggle to do proper ACM fact that one rank IV plane can/can't out turn/run another rank IV plane s of limited use.
  100. Isn't speed selling point for fr47 rather than turning ability?
  101. good start
  102. looks like you have problems with engine torque - when speed drops there is little flow over control surfaces but engine still produce the same torque that want to turn plane around so you need slightly more speed entering loop and correct wit rudder. If that does not help add flaps closer to top of the loop and if that does not help cut power then planes start to drift away - just don't slam it but reduce gently. Have you found anything useful in videos by @AgathosDeimon I've linked above? If not talk to the guy and suggest to do tutorial on where you have problems - guy seem to be like fish in the water explaining flight basics so it might just happen.
  103. ok- fair enough - theory is as you describe it but as a rule of thumb in fighter design lighter planes seem to have lower wing loading and thus lower stall speed. They also bleed energy much faster in turns which can create feel of turning better- they will just faster get to lower speeds where turning radius is lower as well. If that's good or bad to bleed energy is of course another topic.
  104. At low speed heavy planes become sluggish and if you go to extremes then they do have higher stall speed I know there are some exceptions but that's the rule of thumb. It's linked of course to P2W ratio and something is memory serves excess power but even with power set to zero when you are in low speed scissors lighter plane will usually perform better due to lower stall speed and higher speed margin before falling into spin.
  105. Here you have some missions created by @RideR2 to test your skill before going into combat: key to success in SB is trying - fly test flight and such solo missions until you know you can take off, land, recover from spin and in general until you feel you are ok with the plane in typical stuff like loops, rolls, etc. Do not go too high in BR EC2 (2.3-3.3 is perfect for beginners so stay there until you feel comfortable) make sure you have controllers set up correctly - I can't speak for mouse (there is a thread there) but for JS I prefer using linear and fully sensitive setup but you can tweak those settings to your liking. Theoretical help can be found here nicely compiled into videos: Finally if you get over all that (or you already are) maybe you can find help here: or just ping me in the game - if I had time I'd do my best to help but when it comes to wobbliness, etc then all I can say for starters is to practice offline and be gentle with controls. In WT sim as in real life you rarely need more than 50% input and often you can go with just little stick movement. Good luck!
  106. yes, but - weight do have effect on wing loading and thus turn radius and stall speed and low speed agility. Sure you can give U2 wings to P-47 but it would not be very agile then
  107. I think this won't happen until razorbacks are introduced and/or P-47M is out of premium shop- uprating Jus to 2800hp will create vacuum in us tech tree and will impact P-47M sales
  108. In that case please close the issue as I only have one from now. I've backed it up and if issue repeats itself I will post both this one and new one with new report - so far issue appearenc is random and I can't predict when it happens again.
  109. well - he explains things for jet combat - F-16 and Mig-29 both have T2W>1 and can ALWAYS go vertically up even from almost stalling speed so you know - it's a good video but you need to put some perspective on it.
  110. I think it's related to RPM - if your plane can keep lower RPM in dive (AEC or cut RPM to 0% in MEC) then it should be much quieter than when you dive with throttle to 0% but your engine is still at 3000RPM for example Of course there is only one way to confirm it so ping me in game (I should be online after 6pm GMT). If I won't respond in game for 5 mins then PM me on forum
  111. sure but question is if we will be left with enough SPAA that can populate that slot - most AAs can hurt tanks in one way or the other. I think bigger change in mechanics will have to happen before this idea is implemented.
  112. As people say - key is the lead. Take as much as you think you need and then add 30% more as a rule of thumb and after a while you will get it. also trick is to not harass with them- that's what MGs are for. Cannons are to secure a kill not to annoy enemy. Other than that guns performance is great in 109G2 you can get 3-4 kills and still have couple of rounds to spare. I've yesterday seen F4U jsut exploding mid air after a short burst last thing - do not underestimated MGs - sure from 6h position they tend to get soaked but at high deflections I find them quite good at pilot sniping and dealing all kind of leaks, etc. In BF 109s I often do nto use MG151 at high deflection at all - MGs are good enough to deal "some damage" and force enemy to do something stupid - especially if you use stealth on both and he does not know it's just those "pesky 7,92s"
  113. Well - US had such option since 1944 on P-51s and P-38s in form of rear lookting radar. As for what if - I guess we would see turnfighters stay in use longer. Since 1940-41 CoG was moved from turnfighting to BnZing and around late '43/ early '44 all new planes were done in that philosophy. Thats becuase turnfighter need to sacrifice armour and most of them (like zeros) died in surprising attacks. If pilots heard enemy form cockpit zeros would do much better vs say F6Fs (F6F-3 was not as fast as one we have in game now and was closer match to contemporary zeros (A6M5?) it's the same in WT - turnfighter will always have advantage of being able to do snap-evasion when they hear enemy approaching. As for possible effect on meta - yes it would make turnfighters less useful but recently I had 2-3 cases in WT where I didn't hear enemy (he either cut engine or shot from far away) and I only realised I am being shot at when bullets starts hitting my backrest. It was great experience. I really felt what guys might have experienced back then - you fly and suddenly metal clings all over the plane and you have to do something blindly - you do some chaotic evasions, heartbeat rises, things happen very fast - it was great. Totally new level of in-game experience and it finally showed why pilot armour is so useful. I also remember when for 2-3 days engine sounds were gone ("bug" was "fixed" soon sadly) - it was great time. Imagine you fly climbing in safe zone and suddenly out of nowhere friendly P-47 buzz you. You do not hear it and first you see is huge plane 3-5 m from me. Second later you enter vortex his huge prop generates nd your plane start to shake - ahhh good times Also no sound help to close the gap between hardcore ace and total novice - everyone can BnZ after short while and you can surprise even best pilot with pants down but i he hears you comming he will evade, do reversal and kill you instead.
  114. I think the player flow is constant - some quit, new come and numbers stays. I'd say they went up a little but not much. as for SPAA - there are lot of players who choose not to fly planes for various reasons: -They are bad at it -they don't like ti -they have no planes unlocked for this rank/nation take a pick. Same is in AB and in RB and so is in SB - I'd say SB especially so since there might be no huge skill gap required between RB and SB tanking but much more so for planes (all the spins, stall, etc). Wishing people to fly planes will not change that - people like that (pure tankers) will just play tanks and if they use all options to spawn, they will just exit back to hangar and queue for new battle For those people option to use SPAA vs planes would be useful. I do understand that some SPAAs can work as tanks but maybe there should be change of mechanics involved? maybe AP belts for SPAA should be much more expensive so that using them will generate SL loss no matter what or some other change made to the meta. We can of course leave things as they are but then do not rant that people exit after loosing all tanks @*ChameleonLord - you seem to take too much personally. your all answers seem to be less about topic and mechanics but more about you. No arguments, no discussion just "I know best and if you disagree you are stupid". Your ego is toxic to the discussion - just check page 2 of this thread - more about you and who you deem acceptable as SB GF player than topic at hand. Not everyone is as good and as devoted as you are but you should cut people some slack - take it easy and it will be better for everyone
  115. Happened to me 4 times during last 2 days and I've finally found out when. on my account each lineup is different - first three are for various ranks of SB EC: problem is that when I logged in, the game and the first lineup is not in the first slot (in this case soviet slot 3) then it get cloned to slot 1: any other slots for this or other nations are unaffected. This is nit critical but annoying as I have to recreate a lineup. EDIT: Problem does not happen always - I've just been able to log back in game and it didn't overwrite my lineup. 2017_07_13_07_52_51__3904.clog
  116. subject was discussed many times but I cannot find it now. Long story short- there are recollections from both WW2 pilots and those flying WW2 warbirds now that you normally do not hear enemy engine over your own in the cockpit. Ideally someone who live near Reno should just go and ask real pilots flying loudest of warbirds on daily basis
  117. I just had great example of gait in battle done by guy named shal - very good pilot. He asked for help and got some allied arriving. Battle was with contrails so good to show moves. It also shows taht it never works first time - always try, try and try some more and fact that your ally missed mean nothing - he will be back. Anticipate where he went after overshooting and move to help him again. All shown below was done without any voice-chat/TS, writing anything on in-battle chat or even without using any T+# commands. He just assumed allies will do good and it worked. Step 1 - shal see allied Ki-61 nearby so he do not continue loop but change direction so that Ki-61 do not have to continue full loop but can level out on top and start aiming: Step 2 - now Ki-61 have more speed as it didn't have to do sharp pull as did by shal and enemy on his tail so shal levels out to allow ally to have some shots. He continue to do small zig-zags and rolls to avoid being shot: Ki--61 takes a shot but misses and both he and XP55 behind overhoot: Step 4 - shal either see me coming in a climb or know that Ki-61 will turn around and have low energy after 180 so he decided to go down. Doing sharp split-s do not allow enemy to gain much energy in dive but bring him lower making it easier for me and Ki-61. Shal deliberately sacrifices altitude to help us: Step 5 during split-s shal clearly turn left to move away from us (me and Ki-61 behind me at that point) to put enemy in front of us: shall then goes into rolling scissors to keep out of enemy's sight and give us time to arrive: Step 6 - as he see XP-55 coming in with lot of speed shal go into climbing spiral- he want to prop-hang enemy while still trying to avoid being shot himself Step 7 - it didn't work (XP55 overshoot) so shal do another split-s that he ends pointing away from me. If he pointed toward he will just buzz past me and I'll have to use flaps and slow down to near stall speed to follow. Step 8 - he does not continue pull up but changes direction to zig zag in front of me and go into diving spiral. This allow him to regain some speed, keep enemy roughly in front of me and not get shot at the same time: after almost 2 full "turns" in spiral it ended like that:
  118. they've just added spit to the game as I understand it so it's like WT pasta-planes - everyone spam them. No way on stalinium - they've imported some from WT? Jokes aside - from what I see on videos (don't own IL2) it's more realistic only when it comes to bombers (sights, turret interiors, etc) but that's it. Other than that I think that where people get "superior" feel is exactly that - a feel. IL2 seem to give much more feedback - you get shot - your spitfire shakes, there are sparks, things happens. Effect of it's flight performance is totally separate things but it's like CoD (call of duty not IL2 CloD) - you do not really die (hide for 15s and you will get full health) but here is lot of things happen and for many that's realistic EDIT: But don't let me hijack this thread. As for spits in game - they are nice planes to fly but far from superior - too slow for it. At least before LF MK IX (spaded one with +25lbs)
  119. In the meantime in IL2:BoK spit mk V can tank 3-5 20mm shells and keep flying I do not say WT is perfect (far from it) but lot of people on sim forum seem to prais IL2:BoX series for being muchmore realistic. Sorry but I've counted between 3 to 6 20mm HE hits on Magz's plane (+ some more 7.92s or 20mm AP hits) before his engine died due to coolant leak apparently. Plane didn't break up nor flying was that much affected - he steadily kept in turn behind 109 * 2:37 2:39 - not 100% sure about that - big jolt but have not seen "poof" of smoke two at 2:40 (note same as above) 5:01 + 1 that felt like AP 5:03
  120. After some flying yesterday I've found one thing that is quite annoying when done by your teammates - this is especially true for US planes (due to their play style) but any team should read this: Imagine situation - you have enemy on your tail, he is shooting, there is stress, some rounds flying all over the place, things might fall of your plane. Your natural tendency would be to turn to remove yourself from enemy sights but is it best thing to do? It depends. If you are alone then yes, staying in enemy sights is only good for dying - do every crazy manoeuvre you can to get rid of the guy following you. But what if you are not alone out there? What if there are allies nearby? You obviously ping for help (T+4+2 and so) and there is a chance ally will arrive to help - now this is where important stuff happens. Sadly most people with enemy on their tail still keeps going in circles or do random erratic sharp turn. While this keeps you alive all it does is make it extremely hard for your ally to hit enemy and if he commits, he will most likely burn lot of speed in the process so he might save you now but you will both die when next enemy arrives seconds later with energy to spare. But what can you do? enemy is shooting at you - you can't just fly in straight line! Sure - that's true but how about roll? maybe flying scissors? or rolling scissors (wide barrel roll)? All those moves will throw enemy aim off but unlike turns they have one huge advantage - they keep your avg. travel vector roughly straight. This is hugely important for ally trying to help you as he can estimate where enemy will be not only in 2 but also in 20 seconds, he can plan to BnZ enemy and lastly he do not have to follow enemy all over the place but have him contained in relatively smaller cone and he burns less energy in the process and have easier time aiming. You may ask - what if ally is not on my tail but approach in perpendicular course or even head on? Well simple - as soon as I see allied plane (he ping his location or I see huge blue marker) I switch to bait mode: -if I see ally moving from the right I turn left - aim is to position enemy in front of my ally in parallel course so he do not have to burn energy turning 90 deg just to follow. -if I see ally diving on enemy from my rear hemisphere - i try to fly as straight as possible. If ally is still quite far but is much faster (you can assume so if he dives and I am not that fast) I might go into a steep climbing spiral - it will prop-hang enemy while he will have all the speed he need to finish almost stationary targets -if ally is coming head on I choose one side and turn toward it - idea is for me to make between 90 and 180 deg turn so that me and enemy burns energy and we are left in front of my ally as you can see idea is simple - main goal is to put enemy in front of your ally. it's much easier than it seems - all you have to do is put yourself in front of your ally an most likely enemy will follow you there. If he does not and he disengage - well, mission accomplished - you got rid of him from your tail. I hope this will be just start of the discussion where you all will share your thoughts. I personally will try to record something interesting from my replays and put it here to show what to do and what not to do. Hopefully someone will learn something and I will have less frustrating situations where I position myself for perfect BnZ to help ally and he suddenly do sharp turn removing enemy from my sights and giving e choice to either burn all energy or disengage and let ally die. Some illustrations on the subject: Let's start with how not to do it: And now how it should be done (in general): @badwolf87 added very valid point to the discussion - to be able to get help your allies need to find you first. Obviously you will call for help (T+4+2) but that's not where you should stop. In course of combat you will change position - you should (if possible) try to reach your AF (highest chance of getting help there - certainly higher than over enemy's base) but also keep repeating call for help every 20s or after you travel significant distance - some fast planes can cover few kms in 20s so ping more often if you are in high speed evasion. In this place I'd like to repeate advice for helpers - as @FourGreenFields said - if ally call for help don't just repeat "yes" but also call "follow me" so that he knows where are you, how far are you and on what alt. If you are in trouble and see just "yes" then it tells you nothing other than that someone worry bout you But you see where nearest help is you can choose to go there -you can change direction to get closer to help -if he is already near you can turn away from him to help bait -if he is lower you know you need to climb - even best pilot will not be able to help if he is 4km below you and baiting enemy nearhim can only make enemy switch target and kill your helper while you might already be damaged enough to be unable to help him
  121. Looks like on some planes with high octane fuel test flight in "reference" setup use all mods except high octane fuel. Example for I-16 type 10 (do not look at speed as it had rockets on but that's top speed at 500m for this config with radiators at 100%): Reference: spaded "current": you can clearly see 40hp more and +7km/h. Another plane I see it on is LF mk IX - reference is running +18lbs instead of +25. Sadly I've not spaded it yet so can't give all inputs. Problem is not for all such machines - spitfire mk Ia have reference FM including high octane fuel. My guess it's becuase the module was added after reference FM was selected - I think so because no reference test drive for tanks yet have smoke shells/grenades on tanks that do have such module unlockable and have option to use smoke in test drive if spaded and "current" setup is used*. *I've tested tanks 2 weeks ago so maybe they added smoke to reference since then. 2017_07_09_15_04_12__2996.clog
  122. Long text below - you've been warned Since last week we are able to uptier any plane as we want to (like flying Po2 in EC5) which brings me to some old, long forgotten idea of makings BR based on plane's historical service. I've done a list of all my planes and I've tried to determine their service dates accordingly (taking into account mods like MW50 on G6 that was only introduced in 1944) and I've been testing it since to see how well low BR but later war plane are when faced vs their true historical opponents (or planes it had chance to meet but didn't like F4U vs 109s for examaple) and I must say 99% of time I find those planes that normally fight 1-2 ranks lower to be quite competitive. Here are planes I've tested so far in EC3 with EC2 planes: 1940-41 - EC1 recommended for EC2 note: most planes are on very low BR because people who unlock them still are used to fighting in biplanes and turn a lot while planes in question do not do that well. In fact facing more modern enemies is easier - you still have comparable performance but do not face enemy that is too slow to take aim. I've also decided to skip 2.0 planes as they are rare sight in EC1 anyway. Here we go: RU: 1942-43 - EC2 recommended for EC3 US: DE: RU: UK: JP: To sum things up. Why won't we swap EC ranks into year-based EC and leave BRs only to determine things like spawn cost, timer lock in case of being shot down etc? Most planes I've tested do work equally fine in their historical environment as they did when they were undertiered (as they are currently). It would add lot of immersion will simulate quite well semi-historical line-ups while still allowing premium planes (lot of which are prototypes that never saw combat for example). Beauty of this idea is that it can be done using current BR system all it takes is to move few planes up (and some down) and voila. I'd also leave option to uptier as we have now so that I can take any plane older than EC range if I want and I have at least one plane within required brackets. Suggestions (dates are rough estiamtes - I assume some flexibility at the far ends of date bansk should be allowed like late 1941 plane being seen as early 42 if for example it had outclassed every earlier design but was then used for 2-3 years): EC1 all 30s planes up to and including 1939. Basically it's like we have now in EC1 but will add He-112s (they might require timer so BR around 2.0) EC2 1940-1941 so basically Battle of Britan planes, all the soviet designs , and very early A6Ms on high BR (SP grind and long timers). But I would not be afraid of the zeros - US will get F4F-3 and soviets do get all the Ishaks. EC3 1942-43 - mostly as it is now + the planes I've mentioned in my uptiering test but without things like P-47 and Yak-3 EC4 1944-45 - basically all the late war props plus very early ww2 jets but with timers and high SP cost now I'd like to propose change EC5 1945-1948/49 - basically all the ww2 jets + some pre-korean planes as well. All the "what ifs" regarding WW2 taking longer etc. As you can see no top jets here for them I have another idea: semi historical EC6 Korean war - basically all 50s jets, bombers (TU-4, etc) etc. additional improvement possible here - match making east vs west. No more nation vs nation to reduce players split. It would require fixed line'ups as we have in SB GF for example so that we won't see any Me262s etc. Idea is simple - Japanese Sabre together with CL13 go west and German Mig-15 go east. that's it. Let me know what you think about it. I personally do not like BRs based on how well players do with their planes as some palnes are very good but just require more time to learn them. Instead I'd like to seem them meet their contemporaries but if plane is harder - increase SL/RP reward and decrease spawn cos so that those who do master it will profit greatly for it. When more and more people learn to fly it well rewards can drop. I think it will help improve SB community by encouraging people to learn instead of BR giveaways just because it's easier to master spitfire than K4 for example.
  123. Hi Guys, I wanted to make official suggestion for something that we discussed in SB EC Feedback thread as apparently devs no longer read the thread they asked us to put feedback in. I would appreciate any sort of comment. Even it it's "+1" because apparently GJ is not looking at poll results but number of posts so please - help this suggestion by commenting. If you have anything to add to discussion - even better. Thanks! Background: Right now one of the biggest issues in EC is the so called "bomber spam" where people take lowest BR bomber and just go straight to enemy base not even bothering to plan proper approach. Since many guys do that there is so many bombers they have rather good chance of making it to bomb drop point even if they decide to go below safe altitude. They go in they drop bombs and they die but that's ok - no need to wast time returning home. Some even bail out after dropping bombs to speed up process. On the other hand in real life pilot survival was more important than his kills. japanese had great pilots and great planes but with high attrition they soon run out of good pilots and start loosing the air battle over pacific despite having better planes (zero vs F4F). US on the other hand put great emphasis on keeping pilots alive and in the long run profited greatly from that approach. Suggestion: Please tie the reward system to the pilot/plane survival. We have frontline mechanics so it's even better to use that. What I suggest: 1.Lower base reward a little. Not much but to make it so that if you go and die you will not profit as much as you do now. You should earn SL (net income after deducting cost of spawn etc) and RP but it should not be a way to grind economy. 2. Add modifier based on how it ends up for you - below are just examples and numbers can be tweaked -if you die: plane crash and pilot/crew killed - you get only base reward -if you bail out ( plane destroyed but crew alive) over enemy area (on enemy side of the frotline) you will get 125% -if you bail out over friendly part of the frontline you will get 150% (so that there is reason to even try that -if you land on friendly AF (even if you crash land) - you get 200%. EDIT: To clarify - of course I'd like to see this bonus for both RP and SL. Going, bombing and dying should be enough "not to starve" so it should pay for spawn and give some profit (you did hit the target after all) , get some RP but should not be lucrative enough to grind with such approach. By no mean you should loose money or do not earn RP if you die - this would just make game frustrating. I'd rather see this as reward for doing good rather than penalty for not doing that- think of it as compensation for time 'wasted' returning home that you could have spent fighting (just bail out and re spawn). EDIT2 - Further clarification: Yes - I think this should be implemented not only for bombers but for all players regardless of what they fly. Bombers were just an example because of the well known issue of bomber spam we currently experience in EC but this mechanism will work well for fighters and attackers too. UPDATE 30-06-2016 I gave it some thought and I think that if you bail out of a plane without critical damage yu should get only base reward (no bonus) - this is regardless if you just got scared and bailed out, you only got 1x7,7 round and make a call to quit or you fall into a spin. Hardly noble thing to bail out in any of those situations* *ok bail out when in spin is quite logical but getting into spin in a perfectly good plane is not hall of fame material UPDATE 19-07-2016: Little bit of self-advertise - you might check my other suggestions to improve SB (will add more here): -quick and easy improvement of bomb sights mechanism to be done while we wait for proper sights: -similar temporary solution for bomber gunners: -Improvement on tactical spotting in SB EC: