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  1. All of the above and another one that's been bugging me lately is SPAA ammo belt costs/ammo. For example Falcon if you fire just 1 shell from the APDS-T belt you have to pay 3000 silver lions to replace the whole belt. Gepard & Type 87 suffers even more from this with the rounds costing 6600 silver lions. And if you don't get atleast 2+ kills you don't make any money with them. It's been like this for as long as I can remember. You shouldn't have to pay for a whole new belt when you only fired a couple of rounds.
  2. Spaded and yet this shot seems very inaccurate at times. I can miss by over 1 meter at under 100meter while standing still. I know it's not a fin stabilized and it should be affected by the wind more easily. But I Never noticed it being this inaccurate in the M60, chieftain or Leo. It's very hard to replicate it too, tried it in the range but it just seems to happen every 1/20 shot or so it jumps very wierdly. Anyone else noticed this?
  3. This was never the case in war thunder though. Remember seeing a vid Phly did a couple of years ago on it and he had problems taking of on hokkaido with full load. He did manage eventually but had to taxi to the back of the runway and use the full lenght of it. Lengthening the runways isn't even much work, it could be done on all maps in just a days worth of work. It's just sad that they haven't done anything about it yet.
  4. I belive this plane only got an airspawn from the start because they had trouble taking of the runways. So lenghten the runways and remove the airstart. This plane can completely ruin a whole team with just a few of them rushing the enemy team early.
  5. This is simply not true. You do not get banned for posting in the wrong section not even a warning. Trolling and starting a flamewar is against forum guidelines so obviously they punish for that, and it's your own fault. There are several different bans you can get. Forum ban/chat ban for ingame and a whole account ban with the last you need to be doing something very serious for and most often only being given out to those who try to hack the game. Just follow the guidelines, it's very simple.
  6. Again what are you complaining about, if he can reach you just simply out turn it Venom is one of the best turn fighting jets.
  7. I got rank 5 tanks and jets in every nation. Not converted anything, just grinding with premium and premium tanks/planes for 3+ years I think. USA and Germany is almost fully unlocked, only a handful of vehicles left. Edit: Spent maybe 200euro and almost 2500 hours.
  8. It can reach that speed and out accelerate you for a short time. Just out turn it, don't know what you are complaining about.
  9. I thought you were the Leo complaining about the IS4. No fault on your side then
  10. Showing us a video showcasing how bad a shot you are prove us what about the Russians?
  11. Pro tip, when taking a pic of your mission screen include the boosters.
  12. He's complaining about the rocket booster version..... You do know you can out turn that thing?
  13. Try taking out a bomber in sim. There you truly have a hard time bombing and you need to be low most of the time for not the clouds to blind your vision and for you to be able to pick out your target. I think Bombers are fine for RB. Sure it sucks when someone just climbs and hide but I just ground pound or J out at airfield for those games. Winning isn't everything, having a good game is much more rewarding.
  14. Planned changes in camo unlock requirements have been implemented Could you please specify to what this actually means and is it to all vehicles? Great update as always Gaijin
  15. Gaijin what are one supposed to do against this? You cannot give the enemy team 4 Tu-4s and our no jet capable to efficiently bring it down. By the time we were close to reach them their La-15's and Mig-9's were swarming us, giving us no chance to shoot them down. And again we had 1 8.0 and their team is full of them apart from 2 planes.
  16. Enemy team have 9 8.0 jets, our team have 0. Is this really supposed to happen?