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  1. *sigh* The other nations have more versatile tanks, heavy tanks and td's. Japan struggles in every department. That is why they have to try so much harder to get kills than other nations just because their tanks at late tier 3 and tier 4 are below subpar. Don't derail this into a player skill issue when it's not.
  2. That's not a contradictment on my part as you have taken my words out of context to prove some point you have. My point with that comment was that Japan players have to try so much harder than the other nations to be at par with them. You got so triggered by me buying the Tiger that you failed to realize I did not complain about tier 1& 2. My complaints were at late tier 3 and tier 4.
  3. Your logic and reasoning doesn't work. Do you really believe the majority of the gamers think like this? You cannot design a nation so that only good players can utilize it. I'm often at the top score in my matches but that doens't mean jack when the enemy just rolls over my team. The japanse tanks are really bad at pushing objectives and capping points. There is no denying this. For a nation to succed in ground forces they need one heavy tank that are effective and good mediums and good flankers. Currently Japan doens't have this, save a few tanks. Useless comment that's not even an argument. Japan have no tank that can pen them reliably at that br. Other nations have a TD or a heavy tank that can match them but Japan lacks this.
  4. I said reliably. No where did i say they couldn't. You're just looking at the tanks themself. Look at the lineup. After you're done with the Tiger you are left with those xxxx tanks. God forbid you don't have the Tiger and instead unlocked M41a1 or STa1 then you're at 6.3 with only xxxx tanks and after you're taken out you are left with the Chi tanks which cannot do jackshit at that tier. Japan needs more tank to bridge the gap at late tier 3 and tier 4. And a good slugger at 6.7 that can bounce some shells. Last part I'm not sure Gaijin can fullfill. Don't know if Japan had any such tank. And Chi-to & Chi-Ri II are xxxx tanks. They have really no turret traverse and their maneuverabilty sucks not to mention their bad armor too. These tanks are not what you'd expect from medium tanks. They're more in the line of tds.
  5. The lower tiers doens't really count in my opinion. You can troll around in a xxxx tank and take out a whole team since most have no map awarness. Late tier 3 is when people start figuring out the game & how to play. And this is where Japan just fails. The Chi guns cannot pen the IS1-2, Churchill mk7, Cent 1, FV4202, Black Prince, and the Jumbo reliably. You have to look for the weakspot or hope they turn side on to you. Tier 4 you have no good tank except the Type 61. At 6.3 you very often get uptiered to 6.7 & 7.0 and the tanks Japan have really can't keep up with the enemy. They're just crap. What Japan need at 6.7 is a good slugger like every other nation have.
  6. So grinding through this tree is the most irritating experience I've suffered so far in this game. Japanese tanks sucks to be honest. No armor, subpar guns & maneuverability. Win ratio is under 40% for my tanks and I'm even carrying. The most decent tank out of the japan tree before tier 5 is the Tiger and it's a premium. Grinding out the ST line for over 220k & 270k rp and finding out that they're pretty much useless isn't good at all. So anyone know if they're planning to add any more tanks for tier 3 & 4 for Japan? As of right now all the tanks in tier 3 & most in tier 4 have bad armor, bad guns. Any shot frontally to any of these tanks and you're out. And you can't realiably pen tanks of other nations. Really feel for the nation that get stuck with Japan which have been Germany so far. Out of the 400+ matches I've only been matched with Germany against Russia, Britain & America combo. I dislike coming to the forum to whine like this but please give Japan some decent tanks Gaijin.