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  1. thanks for the answer, i kind of get all Your Points. just the trolling armour part i have to admit i would move to Cons, it seems to troll me more than the opponant :-)
  2. I've struggeled before With planes or tanks, but keept my head Down and spaded them along the way. But the Japanese st-a1 and st-a2 tanks really is a handfull. Other than hiding behind a hill and hope someone drive by not paying attention i have no Clue how to use this thing. Lately it even has found it funny to Bounce on tiger h1 when i hit it straight in the front. Have the Rng God decided this is my nemesis on my quest for spadeing everything? any tips might be helpfull,
  3. what is the educated Guess on a date for 1.69? ? :-)