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  1. This New wing damage model, it really gives this game a solid step back. a step back into the -90's. the game used to look and feel modern, but when the game just takes off Your wing Close to fusealge everytime it feels old and looks like the modellers have played With those plastic model planes when they grew up. in short, this New mecanic in the damage modell makes this game old. this was not a step in the right direction. the previouse Version of damage gave war Thunder a feel of realisem and Nice Visual impression. i would suggest gaijin take one step back to bring their game one step forward.
  2. good work following up on these matters. it's just logical to give the brits this decal under the same terms as other nations.
  3. pic you posted, as a welder i might add. you have to cut a V shaped edge on both sides you need to weld togehter in these dimesions. wich means you have to mesure from the middel of the weld.
    bending steel makes it thinner. you streatch the outside of teh bend more then you compress the inside of the bend.


    i have no ideea what the numbers will end up in the dimensiosn mentioned, ( 220 or 240) and it also Depends on the curve and quality of the steel, temprature it is benden at amongs the most obiouse Things.



    if you bend heated steel it gets thinner than if you have enough force to bend it Cold.


    just a few pointers, and i have no side in the turret discussion. but i see there is possibiletys to look at the theme from a welders point of wiew :-)

  4. whats your build

    I want EVERYTHING:....... OCD is a pain sometimes :-)