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  1. That is pretty interesting, never heard about that before. Thanks.
  2. If they existed, I have found no evidence for them.
  3. ground vehicles

    And one of the ones that was still armed with a 6 pounder from the looks of it.
  4. Didn't it at least have a 2 pounder in the hull?
  5. Ground vehicles

    I updated you're list a bit to mark some info that it was missing.
  6. International tree? For what?
  7. The Scorpion 90 used the Cockerill Mk 3 M-A1, it had APFSDS from the start (it was a late 70s/early 80s vehicle after all)
  8. You would have to label it as the Challenger Stage I then.
  9. The Scorpion 90 used APFSDS rounds, I could see it easily being top tier.
  10. Ground vehicles

    When it comes to ground vehicles India has barely anything to add unless you include all the stuff they bought from the Soviet Union. Stuff they designed or modified themselves that fit within the tech limit would be at best 10 vehicles.
  11. Tanks/Vehicles

    What tree would this vehicle end up in?
  12. tanks/vehicles

    Polish tanks are pretty neat, where would they go though (other than the ones specifically captured by Germany or the USSR, their destination is pretty obvious)?
  13. Well the Ferret Mk 5 had at least two backup missiles iirc.
  14. I do agree that Commonwealth vehicles should be in the British tree (in fact I think the tree should just officially become the Commonwealth tree). I'm not so sure on the Swedish vehicles. If there was literally no other place for them I might be fine with it.
  15. Tanks/Vehicles

    A whole lot of vehicles have had rather odd proposed armaments. Such as when the British looked into fitting Shermans with the Blacker Bombard
  16. Such as this M60 with a mockup Chrysler turret
  17. Tanks/Vehicles

    The first T-62 to start firing the Sheksna was the T-62M as far as I know, and that has add-on composite armour. A more reasonable ATGM armed T-62 would be the ones with the triple Malyutka launcher on the back of the turret
  18. ground vehicles

    Along a similar line was the Leyland Retriever Type C Beaver-Eel, armed with the same 37mm COW Gun
  19. What does introduction date have anything to do with War Thunder? Whether or not something gets added is entirely based on performance levels these days with a few tech limits.
  20. Considering that the autoejector was one of the safety procedures for the tank crew, I would assume that the crew are properly trained and are following proper safety procedures. The crew could turn it off, but it was not recommended.
  21. I don't know why they added it with the restricted engine. I don't see any point in that.
  22. It seems to be common Gaijin practice to make any subcaliber round underperform.
  23. Why yes, that is entirely possible. I would like to see both, personally.
  24. Neither Wiki or Tank-encyclopedia are particularly accurate on stuff like this, but a Saladin with ATGMs does exist.
  25. The Issue with the Cruiser Mk I and II CS is that their gun only really had white phosphorous smoke shells and that was it. Even the HE was really just a white phosphorous smoke shell with a tiny amount of HE to give it a little bang.
  26. Here are the front plates used on T-72M1 export tanks
  27. Meanwhile, here is the armour diagram of the Object 172, the prototype for the T-72 Its composite in the hull, this did not change when it was minorly modified to the Object 172M standard and became the T-72.
  28. What makes you think the T-72 had normal RHA? The only place where it had that was the turret, the hull had the same sort of composite mix as the T-64.
  29. For L31 HESH there is a penetration chart in the L11s brochure
  30. atgm

    On dev server it costed SL iirc.
  31. The 3 inch Howitzer could theoretically receive an experimental HEAT round that was eventually developed for it.
  32. Well that's one thing in need of a big report.
  33. The Coventry has a 2 pounder on the Mk I version (the Mk 2 used the QF 75mm), the AEC has a 6 pounder if its a Mk II.
  34. Reminds of how as designed the FV215b's turret could rotate 360 degrees, but could only fire from certain angles.
  35. The 8.8cm also found its way on Vomag trucks
  36. Tanks/Vehicles

    Might as well make a light tank + AC line.
  37. I'm not sure such a thing even existed. All of the MBT-70s I've ever read about used composite armour.
  38. You can't lower the T-62s reload. Its limited by the active systems in the tank.
  39. Depending on when the Mk 5 was made it was actually an increase of 70-100hp.
  40. special

    It certainly looks interesting, but if it were ever added I imagine the whining over Soviet ATGMs would increase exponentially.
  41. It looks pretty good, I want it.
  42. A type of penetrator for APFSDS that gave it very good penetration, especially on slopes.
  43. The only thing I was surprised about with the T-55 being added was the monoblock APFSDS, Gaijin has been saying for awhile that it was coming so I wasn't surprised when it was announced.
  44. Yeah.
  45. I'm just wondering why such a thread was even made when we don't even know all of the vehicles being released this patch. We have no idea if this patch will actually include a new British 8.0+ tank yet but this guy still makes this thread.
  46. I will just say, now that monoblock APFSDS is a thing the chance of seeing something like the Rooikat 76 has greatly increased.
  47. I would wait till the full list of vehicle additions are released before you go making threads like this.
  48. I think they all have a place in game.
  49. Tanks/Vehicles

    Oh, this thread is rather outdated. We have a documented suggestion and Ground Forces Discussion topic that has many more vehicles.
  50. There is also the Chieftain Sabre.
  51. tanks/vehicles

    The T-55A is coming with 3BM25 monoblock APFSDS.
  52. It did find its way into two LRCs though.
  53. events/maps/missions

    Oh yeah, the Aleutians. A miserable place for just about everyone and everything involved. This is my favourite picture from that campaign
  54. tanks/vehicles

    What was its performance again? I remember it being pretty good, but I don't have the data on hand at the moment.
  55. tanks/vehicles

    The only more modern ammo it would likely receive is 3BM6, which has already been mentioned to only be barely better than the current top APFSDS round
  56. I was just wondering why someone would say that their poll has better options when it doesn't actually give people all of the options available.
  57. It was actually the 12cm Experimental, it mounts a French-purchased 120mm Schneider-canet naval cannon
  58. So? I don't understand what you think makes it so different.
  59. Other vehicles with only 1 built have also wound up in the regular tree. Its entirely possible for it to happen.
  60. Well that can just be because of the British ground forces being the second youngest in the game and so not as fleshed out as the three trees that arrived before it.
  61. Well your poll is still missing some potential options, such as no option for it to be added to the regular tree.
  62. I think they look cool and can be quite useful.
  63. Gaijin appears to still be in a state of denial on big ships To quote: “It is possible that there will be even bigger vehicles than destroyers, but only as targets and in-game events, not in the research tree.”
  64. Gaijin said from the second they showed the Japanese release tree a heavy tank line was in the works, just have to wait.
  65. tanks/vehicles

    Well the Mk 3 currently fits the last part. If you want another Chieftain then a Mk 5 with the 750hp engine would do fine. It could even receive the L15A5 APDS round if you want. No need to stretch for the powercreep that would be the Mk 11 or 12.
  66. tanks/vehicles

    And we're back to the overreactions . . .
  67. tanks/vehicles

    I love how his idea of how to deal with what he perceives to be a balancing issue is to add an even more extreme version in an almost completely separate br bracket.
  68. tanks/vehicles

    I think you might be overreacting a tad. That suggestion is absolutely ridiculous for something that is only a little better than the current T-62.
  69. Tanks/Vehicles

    Well its not a tank, calling it an armoured car would be more accurate.
  70. You can still view the changes to the dev server code when it updates even if it isn't live. Mike10d on the subreddit digs through every dev server update to see what's new.
  71. tanks/vehicles

    From my research it appears that the Type 59D is an upgrade over the Type 59-II. Both of which used the same 105mm gun. The only Type 59 I know of with a 120mm from the Chinese was the Type 59-120
  72. It was buffed on the dev server iirc, not the live server.
  73. tanks/vehicles

    That's because its not actually a ZSU-57-2, its most likely this and they just did not bother to update the tree model.
  74. tanks/vehicles

    That's a normal Type 59, this suggestion appears to be specifically about the Type 59-II variant.
  75. tanks/vehicles

    Since you're suggestion seems to be specifically for the Type 59-II, I would recommend you get a bit more specific with your title to reflect that.
  76. atgm

    We can go higher
  77. While we're discussing Cromwell armour profiles, anyone know the thickness of the turret Vauxhall put on one?
  78. tanks/vehicles

    Well two of those have composite armour, so I'm not sure how likely those are to show up any time soon. Again, I don't see any issue with the Olifant as South Africa is a Commonwealth nation.
  79. That actually did exist, I know of at least one US APDS round that was literally a smaller caliber APHE round that was made to be fired from a sabot in a larger gun.
  80. tanks/vehicles

    But South Africa is a Commowealth nation though . . . Also, the Mk 1A does not have passive composite (in fact its barely different from a basic Mk 1 other than a handheld laser rangefinder for the gunner), the Mk 1B was the one that introduced the composite armour package.
  81. tanks/vehicles

    Adding the Vickers MBT Mk 3 would cover that nicely. The Commonwealth nation of Malaysia ordered a specific variant of that vehicle known as the Vickers MBT Mk 3/M which included ERA blocks. The speed of the Vickers MBT series would also cover your mobility upgrade concerns.
  82. tanks/vehicles

    I would prefer to see one of the Olifants in the British tree before something like the Sho't kal to be honest.
  83. tanks/vehicles

    I would personally only like to see the Sho't kal in the British tree if there was literally no other option.
  84. What sort of rockets was this thing supposed to use?
  85. Some of these can also show up in the British tree, various Commonwealth nations made use of some of these variants.