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  1. aircraft/loadouts

    Of course it is, that's the only British one there is. The British did not go down the line of jet flying boat bombers
  2. Those are completely different 3 inch guns. The 3 inch Gun Carrier used the 3 inch 20cwt AA gun, the Churchill Mk I used the OQF 3 inch Howitzer Mk I. There was an experimental HEAT round that it could fire, but it had no AP ammunition developed for it.
  3. Yeah, the 3 inch howitzer in the hull (not actually the main gun of the tank, its supposed to be a support weapon), doesn't have any anti-tank ammunition currently in game. It also doesn't have the smoke shells that it had in real life. The 2 pounder in the turret is your way to deal with threats.
  4. aircraft/loadouts

    Well this British one is quite a bit different from the other ones, its a fighter instead of a bomber/maritime patrol plane like the others
  5. T-12? What's that?
  6. An interesting variant of the Vickers Medium Mk I, it uses the same principle as the Schofield Tank from New Zealand in that it has options for the tank to travel on wheels or on tracks.
  7. SNCAC NC 600 I think. Has anyone posted this one yet?
  8. Considering the fact that Gaijin confirmed a heavy tank line during their announcement of the Japanese GF initial tech tree I highly doubt that. "At the moment we have plans for 5 branches: Light tanks and LAV Medium tanks SPAA SPG Heavy tanks"
  9. I always liked the Ratels, +1.
  10. Don't the Pakistanis also have that Al-Zarrar tank as well?
  11. There was some difference between the Ju 86Z-7 and the normal bomber versions, this is especially obvious when you look at the nose
  12. Well its the improved L/70 version with modern APFSDS rounds . . .
  13. You have good taste in vehicles, my friend
  14. Accurate representation of this thread right about now
  15. aircraft/loadouts

    You'd also have to add in the FV510 Warrior into this, preferably the ones with the add-on MILAN ATGM launcher.
  16. Is the Short Sperrin also on standby?
  17. And not just any Ju 86 variant, the Ju 86Z-7 they used was unique to the SAAF as they were modified versions of the civilian export model.
  18. tanks/vehicles

    The FV510 isn't even an APC, its an IFV. This getting a bit off-topic so I'll end it there.
  19. I would be surprised if that got added. Its rather ridiculous.
  20. Well of course it did, Gaijin only had to balance two vehicles against each other. Try doing that for a much wider range of vehicles being potentially available as seen in your average War Thunder battle and that breaks down.
  21. tanks/vehicles

    Are you referring to the FV430 series of vehicles in game? Because if so the FV510 Warrior was a different chassis, one which hasn't been seen in game yet,
  22. The Gloster E.28/39 would be the ultimate meme jet.
  23. Yeah, if it were added it would probably act like a TB-3.
  24. Not very good, its top speed was a little over 200km/h as far as I know. It was mainly used as a night bomber.
  25. tanks/vehicles

    They also have one of the heaviest armoured cars in the world, the G6 Rhino There was a proposed AA variant as well, though I don't know if it was built. The GT7 was used on some interesting projects, including a modified FV510 Warrior with the turret of the Rooikat 105
  26. A Vickers Type 264 Valentia that has been converted into a bomber. While initially a troop transport plane, some were modified early in the war to be used as bombers with the addition of defensive guns and bomb racks. The bomb racks could hold over 2,000 pounds of ordinance.
  27. So, does the Strv 81 stay as a buyable premium in this tree? Because that goes rather hard against Gaijin's stance on tier 5 premiums.
  28. I don't think people fully understand the glory of jet floatfighters
  29. tanks/vehicles

    Oh, and here are the two competitor designs that the Rooikat competed against during the trials in the early 80s. The first one is a 6x6 design that used the same 76mm GT4 while the second one, known as the Class 3 New Generation Armoured car, was an 8x8 that weighed more than 40 tons and was armed with an L7.
  30. tanks/vehicles

    I remember reading about how the Rooikat 76's gun was quite potent, it was meant to peal open T-55s at 2000m. Oh, and if we are getting into the timeframe of the Rooikat 105, there are a couple of other prototype Rooikats from that time worth mentioning. Namely the Rooikat ZA35 SPAAG and the Rooikat AT with ZT-3 Ingwe ATGMs
  31. The Supermarine Type 322 is this thing
  32. It sounds like you're trying to make an American Martin Baker MB3
  33. I never understood why that suggestion called it a light tank, two of the words that make up the abbreviation TAM tell you its a medium tank.
  34. I assume you mean the Ju 52/3mg3e bomber variant? Wasn't the K series all for export? The SAAF even used their 1 Ju 86K-1 for fighting the Italians in the East African Campaign. By the way, is the He 177B on the list yet? I didn't see it when I looked through and I was wondering if I missed it.
  35. I rather like them as well. They add uniqueness to the early game experience.
  36. I think that they would make for nice low tier premiums.
  37. Here's an image of the Ju 86K-1 that the SAAF had as well
  38. Your typical Quadace thread.
  39. The 122mm armed version had about -.5 degrees of gun depression. The 100m armed one was a bit better with -2.5 degrees.
  40. That Uralmash-1 had almost nonexistant gun depression iirc. It was absolutely terrible.
  41. A formation of Ju 86Z-7 bombers in use with the SAAF. While originally a civilian export model of the Ju 86, with the outbreak of war in 1939 the SAAF pressed the 17 they had into service as bombers with defensive guns and external bomb racks. These complimented the single Ju 86K-1 bomber that the SAAF had. While initially used as coastal patrol planes, they were transferred in 1940 to the SAAF No. 12 Squadron to take part in the East African Campaign. After they had been phased out of bomber use as more modern bombers became available they went to the coastal reconnaissance role before being fully phased out of service in 1942.
  42. For that I usually reference that this suggestion is in the implemented suggestions section
  43. Don't forget having garbled posts that have numerous spelling and grammar mistakes that makes them hard to read.
  44. I think with APFSDS it would make for a good 8.3 light tank. Some of the Scorpion tanks used by Malaysia used a more basic form of the 90mm Cockerill that couldn't use the APFSDS round which you might be able to make into a premium.
  45. MECAR's website lists the APFSDS round as penetrating 300mm at 90 degrees at 2000m iirc.
  46. Its been 3 years. Things have changed a lot since then, I don't think that holds much water now.
  47. Its possible, Gaijin has shown in the past to be fine with incomplete prototypes.
  48. As far as I know, no. A project with a similar idea by Blackburn was built though, the B.20. It was a maritime patrol flyingboat with the same style of extendable fuselage The prototype was unarmed but provisions were made to install guns in a nose, dorsal and tail turret and a set of bombs under each wing.
  49. I imagine that that was the whole idea behind the design.
  50. A fascinating design from Blackburn, the B.44 was a design for a floatplane fighter with a retractable set of floats.
  51. Yeah, its nowhere near as easy as you think. The British didn't get into the ERA game until the late 80s, and even then mainly on their composite armoured tanks. The Centurion AVRE with the 165mm howitzer eventually got ERA for the Gulf War, but that's about it for vehicles that the British directly used that aren't composite. Malaysia ordered a version of the Vickers MBT Mk 3 known as the Mk 3(M) that had ERA, but this was from the 90s. There was a project to give the Chieftain ROMOR-A ERA, with a wooden model being made of what that would look like, but this never materialized as far as I know.
  52. Want to talk about how the Beaufort Mk VIII is in the main tree and is Australian?
  53. Autocorrect has always had strange effects on quadace's posts.
  54. I don't know if its been confirmed yet, but it has a been suggested.
  55. I'm waiting for the FJ-2 Fury to appear.
  56. That's not even all of the Centurion variants.
  57. I don't think the US particularly needs it tbh. If they were to get a foreign Sabre I could see them getting the Canadair Sabre Mk IV seeing as they actually had a few of those for awhile.
  58. At least it ain't the Blackburn B.20, that was one of the odder British projects I've seen.
  59. I always that the HP.115 looked weird
  60. To think, we don't even have the variant of the Meteor Mk 8 specifically meant to have increased ground attack capabilities.
  61. While I would love to see the B-36 in game (I think it looks really cool), you would have to change bombing mechanics a lot to not make it really broken.
  62. What plane is this?
  63. The He 177 A-5 Grosszerstörer, which had a bunch of 21 cm rockets set up in the fuselage meant to be fired at bomber formations iirc.
  64. How are we defining "key planes" here?
  65. Yeah. The bore excavator is centered on the barrel, instead of higher up like with the L7's. That's an easy visual difference to tell the two apart.
  66. Are you referring to the image I posted earlier? That was when it was using the 20 pounder.
  67. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Sometimes L-L vehicles were pretty much only used operationally by the receivers and not the original people who built it. The Vultee Vengeance is a pretty good example of this. The British and Australians were the ones who actually used it as a front line plane, while the US mainly used it as a trainer and target tug.
  68. Wouldn't L-L vehicles fall under the "licensed from a nation in game" section of the rules?
  69. The Ram II in the US tree is actually supposedly meant to represent the vehicle as if it was taken into US service. That's why its called the M4A5 and not the Ram II as it was known to the Canadians and British who used them as trainers. Its technically not supposed to be a Canadian vehicle
  70. The bomber variants of the Ju-52/3m can work
  71. They looked into it, decided against it
  72. The JagdChieftain is a strange beast.
  73. Since Gaijin seems ok with tech demonstrators then they could maybe add the tech demonstrator for the FV4401 project. Not particularly ideal but it could work as a premium.
  74. I don't think Gaijin's ever really mentioned them. I imagine they aren't anywhere near that high a priority.
  75. I don't even see much of a need for this tier 4 premium that this guy wants anyway
  76. Post war some Churchill Mk VII AVREs got the L9, the predecessor to the L9A1 on the Centurion AVRE. .
  77. Japan had a lot of its cities practically flattened through repeated firebombings, hence they looked very flat like a carpark.
  78. Oh come on, the Heyford doesn't look that bad (in fact its my favourite biplane bomber), I have seen much worse things out there
  79. There were some Candair Sabre Mk IVs that the US received from the RAF once the RAF was done with them.
  80. Tier 5 USSR CAS? Hmmm
  81. I fixed it a different way, but thanks.
  82. gSince I'm finally home, I'll do my own list Britain Italy Japan USSR Germany US I don't see much of a point in that tbh.
  83. That list is incomplete and most certainly does not have everything that fits within the criteria. There is nothing wrong with wishlisting for something off of that incomplete list.
  84. Starting with the YF-89A all F-89 variants had afterburning engines. This was due to the original XF-89 being deemed severly underpowered.
  85. I've seen some absolutely massive carparks, some were bigger than the average GF map iirc.
  86. I know that, but as the guy didn't specify the XF-89 he was talking about the production versions with afterburners. Isn't the point of the wishlist to list what you want to see?
  87. Comparing a photo of a Mk I and Mk II I only see a difference in the UFP, the LFP seems to have remained mostly unchanged.
  88. Since the F-89 has an afterburner I'm pretty its not allowed.
  89. Yeah, that's not what the Conqueror Mk I was. The Mk I used the same hull as the Mk II but with minor differences like a different driver's periscope.
  90. Not with armament iirc.
  91. aircraft/loadouts

    I say yes to this one. There are several Meteor variants that are left to be added that would be nice to have.
  92. Gameplay

    Too bad we don't have the Venom NF2, as that version was used for testing the Firestreak and so would be able to be a part of this proposed missile test.
  93. Beats me. Oh, and I'm pretty sure wanting to nerf and uptier a UC with a Boys AT Rifle is the definition of a cruel and unusual punishment.
  94. So if a UC armed with a Boys AT Rifle were to be added would the OP still argue to nerf and uptier it?
  95. I don’t understand where that comparison comes from tbh, the two vehicles would not perform similarly. I could see a statement like it being a trollier Strv 81 working much better.
  96. They looked into it for the Pz IV, the sloped armour configuration they wanted over stressed the suspension and it was cancelled.
  97. Gameplay

    I was just answering Sirchby's question as to what other nations had.
  98. Gameplay

    The British had stuff like the Fairey Fireflash and the de Havilland Firestreak.
  99. ground vehicles

    Do you know the performance of this long 57mm?
  100. Several tanks were actually involved in the Liberation of Paris of 1944.
  101. I'm not sure what the point of this thread is since we have an entire forum section about this kind of thing.
  102. I would like to see the versions used by South Africa in the British tree, along with other Commonwealth vehicles.
  103. I was referring to your statement of it being a trollier IT-1.
  104. The Malyutka ATGMs are pretty bad to be honest. They are slow, MCLOS, etc.
  105. Not as far as I know, the Polsten was made to be an easier to produce and maintain Oerlikon iirc.
  106. gr8 b8 m8, 8/8
  107. Are you sure that had a 57mm cannon? I have heard of a Meteor with 2 ADEN cannons but not one with a 57mm cannon.
  108. Yeah, I've even seen a field modded M113 ACAV with a different RCL Rifle, though I forgot which one.
  109. So I was looking at the tree, I realized that some tanks are missing. Such as a M113 equipped with the M47 Dragon on a M175 mount over the Commanders hatch.
  110. They did it because that was the version they had the production lines for. Its the reason the T48 also uses the 57mm M1 even though it too was meant for the British.
  111. Speaking of the Boarhound, I'm not sure why you think it using the 57mm M1 is odd. The M1 and the QF 6 pounder were practically interchangeable and could use the same ammunition. The US gave the vehicle the gun they already had production lines for, that's about it.
  112. I don't feel that the T17E3 has much of a place on the main tree tbh. It was an armoured car based on a Lend-Lease vehicle built to a British specification that was a failure due to the British losing interest in the project. The US Army didn't want anything to with it.