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  1. http://live.warthunder.com/post/633254/en/ Chances are we'll see event vehicles next week. Probably via datamines in the beginning of next week and then devblogs by the end
  2. As of now, the only vehicles that the Chinese client has access to ingame are the Type 59 (T-54 1951 ingame essentially. Idk about a stabilizer or T-55 features but it has the same ammo as the 51), the Type 63 (elongated PT-76 with a Type 62 turret), the T-34 with the 2x37mm, the Type 58 (T-34-85 with a Dshka on top), M3A3 Stuart, M4A4 (75mm) Sherman, the P-51K, and the P-66 Vanguard I believe. All other vehicles we know of in regards to the Chinese client aren't even available on the Chinese client. I don't see the Type 69 coming as a summer event vehicle very likely. We'll probably get something random and unexpected, like we did for the VE Day event or whatever it was for where we got the Russian Matilda and the Excelsior. Also don't forget, that for the last SUMMER event we didn't get tier 5 vehicles. If I recall correctly, we got the FW-189 and the F7F-3, British Grant I and the KV-220 last time.
  3. Heeyyyy Stona since you're around... ... Got any teasers for us about dev blogs in the future?
  4. Oh hell. Can you imagine using .303s on a jet that acts like an extra slow 162? My god.
  5. I'd love to get the Airacomet. Finally, a new contender to the meme jet competition challenging the He-162 and Yak-15P.
  6. I hope you guys are right about Naval TT UIs. Finally being able to view the ships in the hangar would be great, even if we can't use them at all times.
  7. I mean if we want to talk about designs added to the game that are more fantasy than other things, we can point out the size of the STA turret models lmao. Just joking @mods it happens. We all understand. But yeah, in terms of hypothetical designs the only thing we've gotten recently that I'm aware of is the armed BV 238 and even that is basically not worth mentioning.
  8. So if last year's patch progression is any sign of this year's, we should start getting dev blogs this week. Maybe even today. Speculations on what we'll see based off of what we've heard? Not wishlisting, not "I hope we see xxx", nothing like that. "I think" I got an odd feeling we'll see some tier 4 stuff first (no basis literally just guessing). I'm expecting we'll see either STA-1/2 turret fixes due to the recent q and a. If not that, perhaps the O-I, as it's been over 7 months since Japanese tanks are in the game.
  9. Dunno quite what you mean with "lose its historical background". If anything, I think it would draw more interest to the plane and the history behind it. If it gets added to the German tree it'll be "Just another tier 4 premium" that not that many people will probably bother with, as they've already got the D-13, the Tempest, the He-219. Whereas Italy, which is still a developing tech tree is always in need of more vehicles. The IAR going to Italy would probably sell more thus having more look into its history. The Italians and the Germans are always on the same time anyways. Sure the IAR never left the eastern front but had it been produced more it probably would've been in more combat. The whole "it never saw combat outside of the eastern front" bit is a bit silly overall to me, as we have planes like the G.56, Ho 229, and other axis fighters that never even came that close to seeing deployment whatsoever, but they still fight on both sides. Like with American Naval fighters too, most of them were only in the Pacific theater. But in game they don't face Japan only.
  10. Idk what you lot are on about, the XF-91 is absolutely beautiful with them wings.
  11. Alright thank you kindly. I'll check again tonight after work and if it's not there I'll send in a ticket to support.
  12. Well I've never grinded war bonds so I'm not sure how else I would've gotten it for free. I'm relatively sure that I got it as part of a pack containing every single tank bundle except for the Japanese bundled tanks. But I see that this is off topic here. When I posted the "I'll continue to check this thread" I had failed to see your prior response, which is my bad.
  13. Ah okay. My bad, I hadn't realized this post was primarily addressing PS4 players. I'll keep my eye on the thread. Thank you!
  14. A while back there was a bundle. I don't even remember what it was for, but there were two. One gave you every single bundle for ground vehicles in game and one gave you every single bundle vehicle for planes. I bought the tank one (already had a bunch tho). I know I picked up the T-34E from that. Does anyone recall if that gave me the "Shielded T-34E Advanced Pack" or did it just give me the vehicle as part of some other unlisted bundle? Because I'd love to get the title from that T-34 Bonus Bundle.