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  1. There is still like 30-40 minutes to get an announcement and then a testing session going up in an hour or so. We'll just have to wait and see.
  2. Good idea. Heh. I remember when I first found the thread back in like update 1.53 or something. I remember looking into things for hours and being overwhelmed with excitement thinking every rumor was basically confirmed to be added within the next few updates. Things like that will only add to excitement for new people lmao.
  3. That stream info is well known already. The BR changes were implemented a few months back as well
  4. So I didn't get a chance to check before going to work, but does the cdk work with the official release of 1.69 now or is it doing the thing it did on the dev server? If it is working, did the Destroyers make their way into the live server?
  5. The E-100 isn't in the tree because not because it was never put into mass production, but because it was an incomplete prototype and intended to be a rare vehicle.
  6. I have little experience in AB (recently that is) and even less on the PS4 (heh, aka, none at all) so I cannot quite speak for that. Nor do I have any special info on anything. In regards to the dev server and the PS4, I do believe you can access it by using a PC and logging into it with your PS4 account details. I may be entirely wrong on that, so take that with a grain of salt.
  7. Anyone begging for all bugs to just be fixed in a single patch have absolutely no clue how game development works. You fix one bug, another two get made. Research and time has to be put into these things. For an absolutely hilarious example, look a month or two back. I believe a patch was issued to fix the bug where the MiG-17 was able to sheer off both of it's wings and go into what the community dubbed "MiG-19 mode" where it was ignored by AA and was able to go ridiculously fast. The patch that came and fixed that (if I'm not mistaken at least) accidentally made planes like the Po-2 able to rip their wings and go something like 4,000km/h (Oh how I wish you kept this feature bug for JUST the Po-2, it was a glorious time). There's no magic wand a game developer can wave and instantly fix everything. It's often one step forward and two steps back with most games, Gaijin does an exceptional job and it has managed to reduce that to something like one step forward and half a step back. Nobody gives them enough credit for the work they do, and the generally flawless game they give to us. Nothing is without issues. Those "4 year old bug reports" are probably not your average "game breaking" or "game engine" bug, but rather claims of historical (or lack-there-of) accuracy. These are even more complicated than regular game bugs. While there are some issues that really do need to get solved ASAP that have been lingering on for a while, it's nothing game breaking. I don't think people quite understand how hard it can be to get proven historical documents from the other side of the world. Language barriers exist, political barriers exist, so many different factors make it difficult and most people fail to comprehend that sadly.
  8. interface/ui

    This is a really nice idea. I won't really be using it, as my squadron is about as small as it gets. But I could see this being useful for other people, so +1 from me for sure!
  9. Looks truly beautiful.
  10. Tier 1- Armor isn't a thing. The Germans have a "bit" of better armor than other nations but nothing really much. Tier 2- Russians by far have the best armor. The T-34s and KV-1s are great Tier 3- Germans have the best armor, with the US in close second with the Jumbo Sherman and M6A1 Tier 4- Armor category goes to either the Germans, Americans, or Russians. The German King Tigers have great armor and guns, the American T29 and 34 have great armor and firepower, but the IS-6 is the best armor tier for tier in the game imo. Tier 5- Armor award is taken by either the US or Russia. The M103 has brilliant armor and the M60A1 is pretty bouncy too if played right. The IS-4 and T-10M are also excellent heavy tanks. But do remember. Armor isn't everything. o7
  11. How dare they not add anything that interests you specifically. How dare someone actually be excited for what they are adding. Overall, great job with this patch Gaijin. Loved what I saw last night. Some questionable tree placements and shell values for tanks, but other than that loved everything. Can't wait to see another dev server opening or a patch drop! Thanks for what you guys do.
  12. The Type 74 and the Leo A1A1 are very similar, almost identical in playstyle. I'll list some pros and some cons here. I do not yet have the Type 74, but have both Leo's, the STB-1, and all other top tier tanks minus the T-62. Type 74: +Better armor than the Leo. Not necessarily enough to make a difference, but if the enemy is firing sabots or if you get downtiered you a see a difference. +Better stock SABOT round. It has an extra 20mm pen or something like that +Suspension allows for slightly more depression than the Leo. It isn't hard to use but isn't always the most practical. You can drive around with it however you want though. +Better backup vehicle. You get the STB as a backup instead of the Leo 1, the first Leo isn't stabilized like the STB is. This makes it much better. -Higher top speed, but worse mobility. It doesn't respond as quickly and fluidly as the Leo does. Worse reverse speed if I remember correctly. Leopard A1A1 +Overall better handling. It seems to grip the ground better and respond faster +More backup vehicles overall. For top tier Germany you can bring out a panther II, either raketen, the Maus, or Kanonenjagdpanzder. Ru 251 also works there if you have it. These vehicles all compete at too tier just fine. Japanese only have Type 61 (basically a slightly larger M47), and Type 60 SPRG and ATM that will actually compete that well. +Better air power. The horten, arados, narwhal, CL-13 with rockets, and 262A-2a (rare winter event vehicle) are fantastic ground strike planes. The Japanese get the F-86F-30 with HVARs like the CL does, and the R2Y2s, but the R2Y2s cost an arm and a leg to repair. Overall unless you have a love for Japanese vehicles I'd go Germany. They have a significantly stronger tier 4 as well. Eventually Japan will become more viable as the tech tree is flushed out and more complete, but for now Germany is probably more logical. Especially if you are just getting into top tier. I must say that grinding tier 5 Japan using tier 4 vehicles is quite an... interesting process.
  13. You know you can just turn the stabilizers off right? You just have to bind a key. The stabilizers are a fantastic feature that has changed the game for the better. You just need to learn how to use them.