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  1. this also happens to me too much for it to be any fun.
  2. For me yes lol. I keep seeing 6.3 jets in my 5.0 lineup and kikkas at 4.7
  3. the 2x30mm me 262 is like a kikka on steroids though and since today's updates american .50 cals can atually kill stuff " Kinetic ammo (7.5-13 mm) energy loss over distance or when consequently penetrating aircraft construction has been reduced " I tested it myself and they seem to set everything on fire like they used to
  4. You think TU-4 has a high repair cost? Here in Japan we have tier 3 planes more expensive than that!
  5. Is it just me or is facing jets 1.3 BR above you more and more common? Yesterday I was facing p-80's and kikkas at 5.3, me 262 narwhals and 2x30mm models at 5.0 and every single match at 6.0 put me against f84's and this one time even a mig 9 and the elusive downtiered tu-4. Now that .50 cals got a buff I load up my 4.7 lineup and I see a kikka in my second match, I wasn't even doing the 3 different BR planes to get a 5.0 plane in 4.7 but that kikka was so my question is do you guys also see early jets being more and more common in prop battles or is it just matchmaker uptiering me for doing fine at higher battles?
  6. So american (and other countries') .50 cals are fixed? Neat.