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  1. I think kamikaze is as much of a tactic as spawncamping, it was used by the japanese and all that biz. however I do agree that the player should be punished in some way since real life pilots could only kamikaze once :yolo:
  2. oh man this really helped me out! I now realize using flaps on a dive is a bad habit I've been using since I started playing the game! I'm also gonna start using IAS instead of the default spedometer thing, seems like a better idea. though I still don't understand how the LA9 performed so well at high alt other than chalking it up to AB logic. I'm still gonna stick to offensive flying but there is a lot of things I will change thanks to your post.
  3. Here ya go. do get back to me if you find what I could of done better. la-9.wrpl
  4. it's too good for it's current BR, you know it can be downtiered all the way to 4.3 in arcade AND stick kicks *ss at 7.0? it can hunt down nearly all early jets if it is 1km above them losing just 2-3 km/s once you level out behind them, more than enough to use your NOSE MOUNTED cannons to shoot it down. it needs an uptier and if you can't do well with other high tier USSR props then you're not playing them right.
  5. we both had roughly the same speed(I had the edge) and altitude so considering the LAs *supposedly* bad high alt performance I should have the edge-which I didn't- the sea fury was more maneuverable than a seafire IRL and had the same engine as the tempest mk 2 but on peacetime settings in war thunder so I can't see why even with landing flaps not only could I not outturn him but neither could I shake him off and considering this is arcade he more than likely had no reason not to dive with me and seeing how his engine performed diving would of killed me by making me an easier target than turnfighting him, I died either way. I have the replay in case you want to see it with your own eyes. and faster than a sea fury fb 11 at altitude apparently
  6. it's actually 4 lol
  7. Just got out of a match where an la-9 not only kept up but catched me on a nearly aced sea fury at 7km and was able to keep turnfighting with me on the VERTICAL, absolutely ridiculous. so if the la-9 can catch wyverns on the straight, keep energy like a 190, have 4 23mm nose cannons and outperform a sea fury at 7km why is it sitting at 5.7 when it should be at 6.0-6.3? this thing outperforms everything at it's BR or is there a way to counter it? I have flown the la-9 and I can't also find an exploitable weakness, this thing netted me a 5.4:1 kill death ratio, the best kd I have by the way. edit: just to add he started chasing me at the same height as me(7km) with less speed than me by some 40km/h and the only modules missing from the sea fury are wings repair and fuselage.
  8. Japan gets buffs instead of nerfs? Now that's a rare sight.