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  1. Gutes Video zu einem lächerlichen Pay2win Objekt.
  2. Da der Leo 1 von jedem Tier 3 tank frontal geoneshotted wird, muss man extrem vorsichtig sein und gut treffen sonst ist man schnell tot. Das Spiel macht einem leo Fahrer genau da auch nen Strich durch die Rechnung: -Die L7A3 ist lächerlichst ungenau, hab nen maxed out Richtschütze + alle gun-mods, trotzdem verzieht die waffe manchmal einfach so um mehrere meter auf kurze distanzen, auf größere noch viel mehr, da bringt einem auch 16facher zoom nix, was oft darin resultiert dass man nen abpraller kriegt und kurz darauf geoneshotted wird -Die Standartmuni, APDS ist nicht genug, jeder T44/54/62 muss sich nur leicht anwinkeln und schon geht nix mehr durch, der T54 47 muss das noch nicht mal. T10, IS4 etc. selbes Spiel. Desweiteren wird das APDS gerne von ketten gefressen, geht manchmal einfach so, komplett ohne grund nicht durch und wenn doch, macht es kaum schaden, resultat: man wird wieder geoneshotted -Die lächerlichen RNG mechaniken, die es mehr glück machen als es eh schon ist: selbst wenn man alles richtig macht, die kanone mal trifft und die muni tatsächlich auch durchgeht, wird die getroffene muni oder der tank einfach nur "schwarz", ohne dass dem gegner auch nur irgendetwas passiert, ohne irgendeinen nachteil. Gerade die treibstofftanks in russischen fahrzeugen agieren öfter mehr als zusatzpanzerung im inneren, was natürlich ein schlechter witz ist. Sollte man diesen RNG mechaniken zum Opfer fallen, ist das resultat natürlich oft, vom gegner mal wieder geoneshotted zu werden. Durch den HEAT-FS nerf letzt sowie die ganzen bugs in den leopard-wannen (fehlende trennwand zwischen motor/ kampfraum, zu geringes höhenrichtfeld am fla-MG, etc.) und sachen wie T-10M und IT-1 bei den russen sowie immer weiter schrumpfenden maps wird es natürlich nicht besser.
  3. Yea 5.7 is where the real cancer begins, Gaijin just kept adding more and more power creeping vehicles above that and never adjusted BR ranges or split WW2/ post war tanks, and the result is the mess that this game is now.
  4. There are only 2 german 6.7 tanks left and they get out-gunned, out-armored and outmanouvered by almost everything they face. Which is why I don't even bother playing them anymore.
  5. At least it's just lower SL cost and nothing that really affects in-game performance, such as the goddamn buffed repair times on the T29 and IS-6. Pay2win is stronk with Gaijin.
  6. Especially regarding the IT-1, some people might beg to differ. You forgot to mention RNG and hit detection.
  7. balance

    Actually it's popular because it's OP as heck, it's easily the best Tier 4 heavy tank. That's also why it's close to being the most popular tank in the game, despite costing 2/3 of a AAA-game. Thanks to all T29 buyers, Gaijin has now discovered how much income pay2win items generate, and continues with the Ru-251 and IS6. The US tree wasn't competetive when there were no M41, T92 and M56. But now, it does not only have all these APDS/ HEATFS post war light tanks, but also the best heavy Tier 4 tank, as well as the best ground-punding planes. Saying that the US without the T29 isn't competetive is quite the joke nowadays.
  8. Yes I use APCR if the situation requires it, it's also not useless, the T29 can pen e.g. the Jagdtiger with it, but since the Tiger II's APCR is underperforming it can't pen a T95 or T32 with it. If the reload was a soft stat for balance, I really wonder why all the other US tanks with the same gun have a longer reload time. Must be becuase the T29 is doing so bad. I never said that the Turret was impennable, but it is much more armored the the KT's turret and can even get penned by 128mm shells without getting OHK'd. MG is as good of a weakspot as it is on the KT, the dude behind it eats all explosives. Lower plate is tiny compared to the KT's. Meanwhile the a T29 shot can OHK a KT thruogh the turret at almost any range. That is balance to you? Even a 5.3 Hellcat can pen the KT's turret with APCR, but a panther at 6.0 has no chance of penning the T29's turret even with APCR. It's also not my most played Tier 4 tank, try again. One-shot through the turret is not having a "hard time" by my definition. And if you don't know how crew affects repair/ reload times, maybe you shouldn't engage in such discussions - or at least with a better argument than "German bias".
  9. 1. It's not 2. If the Tiger II has a hard time dealing with a T29 but not the other way around, it ain't balanced and doesn't deserve the same BR. 3. I just posted a video that shows horrendously broken repair and reload times on the T29 and all you say is " Also, doesn't repair time have to do with the number of crew members" did you even watch the damn video or what I said? Or do you just want to keep defending the T29 with hot air? Lol you two are just living in denial... -Tiger II 105 has a better APHE shell -Worse APCR -Worse reload time (which makes no sense given the fact that 105 is supposed to have an autoloader) "better armor" - Tiger II has about ~170mm effective turret armor, thanks to the -10% modifier, while the T29 has 203mm + 20mm Spallshield as well as lots of internal armor which soaks up explosions like a maus, making it WAY more survivable, despite both having 6 crew members. Hull armor is better on the King Tiger, but that doesen't matter nearly as much, because tanks can go hull down and the T29's UFP is still auto-bounce when you hit the tracks Tiger II 105 has a non-removable turret ammo rack, worse gun handling, worse gun depression, less accuracy. T29 has 12 hp/t, Tiger II 105 has 12,8 hp/t. So yes, it would be fairly more balanced than vs the regular KTH. Just proves that is belongs to 7.0
  10. Tiger II 105 is already 7.0, and would actually be somewhat balanced against the T29. Tiger II (H) has been at 6.7 for years now, and at this point and time there are more than enough counters against it. While the T29 is somewhat easier to kill since the alst patch, it is still broken and undertiered as this video just showed. But you just sit here, completely missing the point, distracting from it with all your posts and try to accuse me of "german bias" while your most played tank is the T29. Seems legit.
  11. Said EvilWiffles, the arcade wallet warrior
  12. I have yet to see any other tank that has as short of a repair time as the T29, reproducable. I mean, pretty much every tank I know has a repair time of at least~30s with full crew for the gun breech alone. T29: gets shot in the side 2 times, only 2 heavily wounded crew left, breech and turret ring broken, 15s repair time, no reload time penalty whatsoever. And it has always been like this with the T29, it is broken and overpowered, but that's not what US fanboys want to hear. The T29 can indeed kill turret crew of the panther 2 with it's 50cals, happened to me aswell.
  13. Yep, as soon as any APHE shell bigger than 85mm pens the turret, it will most likely blow up the ammo racks at the side or the fuel tanks at the bottom, or just knock out the crew all together.
  14. Then why does the Super Pershing have identical stats to the Tiger II's again, while the T29 vastly outperforms both?
  15. You mean like all the US light tanks M56, T92 and Hellcat do?
  16. Because it's the most played tank in 6.7 RB and has been ruining this Tier for months?
  17. 1. T29 costs fkn $40, yet is being played more than the regular KTH in RB. 2. Germans will obviously have nothing but Panthers and Tigers because there is nothing else to play for them at that tier. 3. Justifying and supporting a pay2win tank with another tank that Gaijin failed to balance, classic. And btw, the Super Pershing's stats are pretty much identical to the Tiger II's. While the T29's are twice as good as both. (Except that the Super Pershing has a much higher winrate).
  18. The T29 is absolutely OP at 6.7 and has been dominating it for months now with 65%+ Win Rates and K/D of 3/5 in RB/AB and yet in the last "big" BR changes you didn't even consider moving it to 7.0 where it belongs. This is actual "pay to win". Also the RU-251 is a type of vehicle that the german tree lacks, a light, fast post war tank. Releasing it without a counterpart in the normal tree (which germany desperately needs) is quite the joke.