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  1. Guess what, shooting the LFP of a T29 has an even higher bounce chance. And the T29 can hide his LFP, a Tiger II P can't hide his turret. Your second point just proves that you have no idea what you're talking about. A Panther penning the lower plate of a T29 will tickle the driver/ MG gunner at most, whereas an M4 can actually take out the entire turret of a Tiger II P, making it safe from return fire.
  2. M4 doesn't meet Tiger II H, and is fully capable of defeating the P variant frontally. Panther D is uncapable of defeating a T29/ 34 frontally.
  3. Not really. The Cent Mk1 for example, is a 5.7 that has way better frontal armor than the Tiger, is way more mobile and has ammo that can pen the front of a Tiger twice. The Tiger H1 can't pen it's UFP at all, the turret only at ~100m or less. And when a medium tank has better armor than a heavy tank at the same BR, can pen it anywhere while the heavy struggles to pen it in return, then something is indeed not right with the BR's. And that's not justifyable with APHE, because unlike with APDS, the Tiger H1 can't pen jack **** at above 6.0. Especially british tanks.
  4. Actually gotta correct myself here, the MG has a range of -10°/ +75°. Sekrit )) but it's pretty obvious as we can see on pics like this
  5. Wrong, it's a Flugabwehr-MG aka Anti Air MG. The gun carriage for the MG can actually go up 90 degrees irl. It can also depress more than ingame.
  6. Compared to what you usually suggest, Tiger H1 at 5.3 is harmless.
  7. You know, some people have lifes or full times jobs, play other games aswell and don't have the time or nerves to waste thousands of hours in a broken game to grind to Tier 5 with every nation. But that's none of my buisness.
  8. The victim complex of some people here, combined with their thinking of a game nation having the same players over multiple years, is ridicolus.
  9. Sounds like a typical german match in between 5.7 and 8.0.
  10. What exactly are you smoking?
  11. This is one of the biggest bs myths to date. You cannot reliably oneshot most tanks from the front with the 88 at this BR even with proper aiming, let alone without aiming.