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  1. The US HVAP for sure where better than other nations ones since they used more tungsten in their core than other nations since obvius disponibility of those materials. Only the Kwk43 APCR outclassed the 90 mm fired from the M26 Pershing. Other stuff was American prototypes that never left the firing range aside the long 90 mm HVAP. Also i m quite sure that the best ww2 kinetic round was the 128 mm pak44. In reality it was less game APDS modifiers are highly screwed. Check the APDS bug report. There i gave the official charts of L11 APDS to the bug report creator. You will find the value
  2. squadron battle intendi CW? Cmq ben tornato sul forum Funchi.
  3. Panzergranate 40/43 for the KwK43.... Source: Waffen-Arsenal - Highlight 19 Some APCR rounds for the Long 88 where produced in 1943 as the gun was already in service on both static ( pak43) and mobile platforms ( Ferdinand). Obviusly there where really few. Much larger was the production of APCR for the KwK36. 10000 rounds produced.
  4. No since shell and case are separated and there is only one loader.
  5. Prego faccia con comodo... eone meno eone più... . XD
  6. Non nego che in questo momento vorrei sparare a più di qualcuno
  7. Ahahahaha . MOD POWERS E primo messaggio in seconda pagina XD
  8. Wait.... cosa e' successo al vecchio angolo????? NUUUUUUU
  9. yea SEP V3 is said to use 4th generation DU armor and also more armor since the vehicle now it's heavier.
  10. Someone knows some numbers about Abrams M1A2 SEP V3 armor? Or the V2 version? There are many steelbeast schemes online but i don t know if they can be trusted
  11. This explain why i couldn't find anything
  12. but the hull armor of the Leopard 2A7 how efficent is against KE and CE?
  13. you can consider the damage as put of of action for a long time as the attacking fleet had serius damage from the 280 mm shot and secondary of the Spee
  14. coff coff... angles and by the way even considering flat angle which obviusly is impossible we would have maximum penetration at 14500 meters for the belt and around 12 for turrets and by the way the Prince of Wales hit at denmark straight battle happened in bow where the main belt doesn't arrive like in all battleships.
  15. this
  16. seriusly.... britain put in a ton of ships ( that's also why it won on sea against germany) with fine armor schermes... but about guns... inferior 16 inch guns, inferior 15 inch guns and inferior 14 inch guns. Considering a match 1 vs 1 that happens in game a KGV is clearly outmatched against a Bismarck class battleship. It's a fact.
  17. I'm talking about piercing other ships... 14 inch guns where outdated against WW2 armor. Just see by yourself. Those guns are unable to pierce bismarck main belt over 12 km and turrets over 10. To pick an example Bismarck main armamament pierced the same amount of armor of the UK 14 inch guns at 9 km ( 396 mm ) at 22 km.... This puts an eventual duel in bismarck hands. Considering that the bismarck is also faster, a proper commanded Bismarck gives no chances to the KGV to survive a duel. 0 yards (0 m) 26.9" (668 mm) --- 10,000 yards (9,144 m) 15.6" (396 mm) 1.15" (29 mm) 15,000 yards (13,716 m) 13.2" (335 mm) 1.95" (50 mm) 20,000 yards (18,288 m) 11.2" (285 mm) 2.85" (73 mm) 25,000 yards (22,860 m) 9.5" (241 mm) 4.00" (102 mm) 28,000 yards (25,603 m) --- 4.75" (121 mm)
  18. with that ridicolous penetration... yes it is.... A lot. By WWII standard those 14 inch where not even the best of their class as they where outmatched by USA 14 inch guns....
  19. the KGV? With that weak armament? Hell no.
  20. Something it s needed to do for Clan War competitions. Teams are only made with IS6 and Ru251. We tried with the King tigers, T29s and T34s. IS6 it s just too strong from the front and aiming at the turret points it s even more difficult since bushes... and sometimes even some weird side bounches. The only real effective tank is the ones armed with HESH or HEAT-FS... and guess what? It s premium (i don t consider m56 as a spit strafe kills it.. or MGs...). This has to be balanced.
  21. A parte lucininhio gli altri non so neanche se lo sanno usare il forum XD
  22. Tutto puoi dirmi ma la paternità dell idea non è mia. È dei capisquadriglie delle varie squadre. Io siccome ho dimestichezza col forum sono stato incaricato di far conoscere alla community il progetto
  23. Well middle east teached fastly this lesson. In a city a RPG29 or a Kornet can arrive from everywhere... and then **** happens
  24. fatto Mr. Blue beta colgo anche l'occasione per ringraziare dei buoni auspici fatti. La strada giusta è stata imboccata. Adesso bisogna menare forte in CW!
  25. PRESENTAZIONE FEDERAZIONE ITALIANA Buongiorno a tutti. Oggi come membro di questo progetto, presento alla Community italiana una grossa iniziativa che finalmente dopo tempo sta vedendo la luce. La Federazione Italiana. Questo progetto senz'altro ardito mira ad un grosso bersaglio. Portare la community italiana di War Thunder a occupare i primi posti nelle Clan Wars sia Realistiche che Arcade e giocarcela con le migliori squadriglie del gioco. Certamente non è la prima squadriglia a porsi questo grande obbiettivo, ma quest' oggi le cose sono cambiate. Facendo ascolto al detto "l'unione fa la forza" la 413a, la 17si. i Wti, i 51st , i Fatbt e gli ItaIV hanno deciso di mettere da parte futili tensioni e rivalità, decidendo che è ora di fare un passo in avanti, unendosi sotto un unica bandiera, il tricolore per tornare dove ci compete. Il progetto è semplice. Le squadriglie partecipanti si uniranno in un unico grosso TS dove interaggiranno fra loro e diventeranno i vivai della Federazione addestrando piloti e carristi. I migliori di ogni squadriglia verranno poi selezionati per competere nella federazione per andarsi a giocare i primi posti nelle Clan War. Un obbiettivo certamente ambizioso ma che sta già prendendo forma con un TS federale unico per tutte le squadriglie che attualmente partecipano per portare alla collaborazione fra players di varie squadriglie, per conoscersi meglio e aiutarsi a vicenda. Infatti l'obbiettivo della Federazione non è solo quello di competere a livello internazionale, ma anche quello di addestrare e migliorare i futuri carristi e avieri ed ad aiutarsi a vicenda per esempio per fare GE wagers o per lion farming etc.etc. Attualmente questo progetto è Work in Progress con le ultime rifiniture tecniche. La federazione dal punto di vista delle Clan Wars sarà attiva tra pochi mesi e nel caso qualsiasi altra squadriglia volesse far parte di questo progetto, basta contattare uno dei capi squadriglia aderenti al progetto i quali poi nel TS esporranno il progetto ed eventuali dettagli. Per chi volesse contattarci a nome di una squadriglia o come singolo il nostro TS è: Per ora è tutto. BUONA CACCIA!
  26. In fact as i said more advanced design could easily do the job. Italian HESH are WW2 design that obviusly where pretty primitive. Than HESH had their evolution too.
  27. Turret only. Hull resulted immune. Anyway i think that more advanced designs and higher caliber of the 84 mm would do the job.
  28. Italian 75 mm HESH upper limit was Matilda 2 armor. A tank more armored than a Matilda would defeat a 75 mm HESH... and i think that 20 pdr face much more armoured targets than a Matilda 2
  29. spulciando tra un pò di documentazione ho trovato roba a 15 milioni di FPS nel 1945... XD Put a like if you want!
  30. It s called god damn british incapacity to produce good APHE rounds since WWI that had so much problems with shell integrity that they had serius problems even with solid shots with their 2 and 6 pdr. Since the Yutland british had enormous problems with shattering and fuse issues while german didn't. It's A FACT THAT GERMAN AMMUNITION did not suffer from shattering during WW2 aside from some episodes with first rounds of the flak37 that where not projected for specific anti tank ammunition and so had soft noses.This is also clearly stated in ww2 ballistic armor and gunnery where it's also cited that german ammunition did not suffer from shattering issues since germans projected shells with hard noses while allied used soft noses prone to shattering issues. The fact that germans used also not oversized fillers excluded any possibility of shattering. Now i m from smartphone and i can t post the pages but can be easily found at page 29 and onwards on ww2 ballistic armor and gunnery manual. Those are facts and can t be changed. It s not german superammo, it s just FACTS
  31. I beg you... open a ww2 ballistic book and find that germans ammunition aside some early design such as first 88 ammo never suffered from shattering and where the best in this field due the hard structure and the not absurd quantity of TNT that weakened the structure. In fact german ammo where copied by the russian that then made the D rounds, the first free from the huge shattering problems in late 1944, start of 45 and after the war the americans copied german ammunition too to remove shattering from 76 mm and improve characteristics of the 90 mm. Also capping helps only to better defeat against FHA, not RHA.
  32. They did introduce shattering? Wut? And by the way German shells where not affected by shattering
  33. Well.. the nerf was applied but with the 88 i had no problems until 2 days ago... Anyway the turret is still viable and so it s the lower plate. Problem is that now the round doesn t work...
  34. Discovered now the topic. All my doubts now are clear. The 88 mm now seems to struggle to kill stuff. I pierced an IS2 in his UFP as always and the round went trought the driver head turning him YELLOW!!!! and doing some yellowish to other members. What the hell is happening here gaijin. Can we get something right? I also saw an insane amount of 88 mm doing ricochet at really short range against IS2 hull...
  35. Well jentz and reports by schwere panzer abateilung confirm that Tigers where able and did archieve such shots on the eastern front. I believe than such an experten that fought since the start is able to archieve such a shot.
  36. con un pò di ritardo.... buona pasqua a tutti!!!
  37. Well there are also some other few claims of tigers engaging and killing at that range during the war underlining that usually while spending more ammunition engaging at 2km was possible. Now Ballistically talking an 88 was able to pierce a T34 at such range and statistically talking kwk36 had 53% of hitting a tank sized target at 3km. This according to Jentz that uses german tables. So it was all down to gunner skill. So such a shot was possible.
  38. Hi guys, today i'm here to purpose the addiction of the C3 Injection to the Focke Wulf 190 A5. Since this plane face regulary fast planes such as yak 3 i think that it can be a good addiction. Obviusly this feature is completly historical. The use of C3 injection for the BMW801D engine fitted in the FW190A5 was cleared in mid 1943. The C3 injection could be used up to 15 minutes as stated in the part 7 of the Handbook here: Tests showed that with C3 injection the Focke Wulf A5 had the same performance of the A8 model running on 1.65 ATA. Speed reached on deck was 579 km/h. The C3 injection could be used only at low altitude and increased the fuel consumation. Here a chart of the performance with the C3 injection from WW2aircraftperformance as we can see C3 injection provide 579 km/h on deck and 608 km/h at 1 km. What do you think about this? Personally i would like to have C3 injection in the A5.