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  1. This^^^ Specifically, a pinned thread. See below @THaster
  2. Hi @Fisticuffs, It's located under the button 'Orders' in your leaderboard screen during a game. If you need help finding it, I can attach screenshots. The ones that have 30s just require you to wait until 30s is up to use them!
  3. Maybe try using a different payment method if you can? I.E. PayPal instead of credit card
  4. Great, glad I could help
  5. Hello @Webtroll, I've answered your questions below to the best of my knowledge. Refer to the above quote for the guide to the numbers. I do not believe so. If there is, it would be a setting in the options. I'll go have a look around. A good way to hook up with experienced players is right here on the forum! You can go to the Looking for a Squadron section to find players & squadrons to play with. If you'd like experienced players, mention in your thread that you are looking for those types of players. I hope I could help. Cheers
  6. Hi @Sparks_Nelson, You have to set these controls up manually. These can be found in Aircraft Controls >> Weaponry >> Open Bomb Bay Door / Drop Bomb / Drop Bomb Series See below for a screenshot. I will check to see if you can drop the torpedo independently. I've also requested this be moved to the Air Force Academy, as it is currently in the wrong forum section. Cheers
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Hi @swartz71677, There are already ongoing discussions about this topic. You may find them below as I've linked them. And below, a suggestion that was passed to development. I'd also like to point out a reminder for you. This is the newcomers section, a place where newcomers can stop in and say hello. Suggestions go in the corresponding section, as do all threads. No worries, it's your first post so it's no big deal! Hope I could help you find your answers. Cheers Redirected & Locked
  9. Hi, The only real way to resolve this is to contact Gaijin Support. Staff members here cannot help with the issue. Response times are usually up to 24 hours, and can take longer on weekends. Cheers
  10. Hello, It all depends on how much damage you do as yourself to the enemy. If another team mate is also hitting them, that increases the chance of a kill assist or no credit for you at all. In my experience, try to be the first one to attack that player. You don't always need to spend all of your ammo into one aircraft to kill them! If you could reply with a little more detail on how you attack players, that could help me solve your issue a lot quicker. Cheers
  11. Thank you all for the replies! Answered & Locked
  12. Necro Thread, Locked
  13. This ^ @chrisplacey Though it all depends on what you like. Try both out, see what fits you!
  14. Welcome to the game & the forum! Don't hesitate to ask the community for help with the game in The Academy section, we are here to help!
  15. Refusing to play is not the best choice in this case, we have The Army Academy section here on the forum where you can ask questions about ground forces in War Thunder and advice on how to play them. Go ahead and check there, maybe you'll find some useful info!
  16. It all depends on what's in the round. (HE, T, Etc.)
  17. What program are you using to record?
  18. Hi @IPlane_Gamez, I will put in my two cents onto the matter. Because this is a welcome section for new people and you are partly doing so, I will leave this open for discussion unless the comments either get out of hand or derail the point of this thread. You should be posting any questions you have about War Thunder in the respective sections, as @Keebird has pointed out. I do thank you for posting your question on the correct thread as a comment. I'll leave this open for two reasons: It's one of your first posts, so indeed welcome to the forum! This section is meant for others to welcome newcomers, so users from here on out can continue to welcome you. Discussion of your issue can be done in this thread as you've already commented on it: I've also edited your title to comply with our forum rules. Cheers
  19. Hi, Recently, the Kugelblitz and Coelian switched places in the tech tree. The Kugelblitz is now Tier V and at 7.0, as the Coelian was before. The Coelian is now Tier IV at 6.7, as the Kugelblitz was before. This is why you can research it. You can view the full list of Battle Rating changes here: Cheers
  20. Hi @adam423311! If you'd like to make a suggestion for the Focke Wulf line, please do so here. If you'd like to ask for advice on using the Focke Wulf line, please use this section as this section is for discussion of tutorials, help guides and whatnot, not for suggestions. Cheers Redirected & Locked
  21. Thank you @Illusionyary! Answered & Locked.
  22. Welcome to the forum!
  23. Welcome to War Thunder!
  24. If it's a known bug and Gaijin knows about it, they will give you compensation for the missing day by giving you an extra day to do tasks, there's no doubt in my mind about that.
  25. As a CH, I do not have the power to move threads. I think this should be in the Army Academy though, so I can request it be moved there.
  26. To add my own thoughts on certain things (since I'd like to leave other things to other players) I do not believe the game is biased towards the 'red' team. Especially in AB, teams are completely random and the red team for you is actually the blue team for them. This is not how the teams work... For the 3 (almost 4) years I've been playing War Thunder, I've spent a few dollars (quite an understatement btw) on this game to support the developers. I do not actually notice an advantage or disadvantage to paying. Premium vehicles have no bonuses, other than the bonus of RP gain and them coming completely upgraded, and premium time just gives you some gains with currency. Paying players do not get extra stuff, they get what they pay for. There are no tricks involved.
  27. Hi @goldspoon1! I'd like to point out that I did read your entire post, and I will leave this thread open for discussion because it's your first post here on the forum & you have a discussion going on here. Please keep the comments constructive to the topic though! Why am I leaving it open some may ask? There is a chance for goldspoon to possibly learn some tactics he did not know about. He's clearly having trouble with some things, and others might be able to help. We must be careful though not to turn this into an insult fest, fighting ring or rant thread. First of all, we have a Constructive Criticism Corner here on the forum where players can make pointers to the developers on certain things. There are guidelines for that section so please be mindful when posting there. You can find that section here. Secondly, we also have a suggestions section where players can suggest their ideas to the developers. There are also guidelines for this that you must follow or else your suggestion will not get approved. You can find that section here. As I've said before, keep the comments constructive & on topic. Next time, please use the correct sections for posting. You can learn out layout on this post. Also, welcome to the forum! Cheers
  28. I personally think they're going to be extremely picky with what they pick from these times especially because they do not want to add anything too modern.
  29. Hi, Looks like many are experiencing the issue at the moment. Issues like this are usually fixed within that day, so we'll just have to wait. Cheers
  30. Hello @MajHammer! You can use these Convertible Research Points to boost research progress on vehicles. This is the only use for them. You can convert these into research points towards a vehicle by clicking "Boost Research" on the vehicle. This will use your Golden Eagle amount. The conversion rate currently is 45 RP to every 1 Golden Eagle. Example: It would cost 2,222 Golden Eagles to research 100,000RP. Cheers Answered & Locked
  31. Because the OP's question has been answered from what I can see, and this thread is going on with a variety of rants & insults, I see no reason for this to continue. @TC58 if you have any more questions, feel free to PM me or anyone here, or make a new thread. Answered & Locked.
  32. Answered & Locked
  33. Hi! If you think something should be added to the game, please feel free to make a suggestion in the Suggestions Section. However, make sure your suggestions haven't already been submitted. You can search through the suggestions section and if you find what you are suggesting, there is no need to create a new one. If you'd like to search around in the suggestions, you can do so by going to the Suggestions Category and searching around for what you want to find. Using the search function can help too. When making a suggestion, you must follow the guidelines posted at the top of the section. This is extremely important, as suggestions that do not follow the guidelines will not be approved. Also, I would like to point out that we have specific sections on the forum. Check out this post if you'd like to learn the sections a little better so next time you can post in the correct section. The Academy is used for help / tips / tutorials for in-game issues, therefore there is no need for this to remain open. Cheers Redirected, Answered & Locked
  34. Replay File Sorry about that, here you go. For some reason the original replay did not save (yet I named it and saved it) so that is why there was none attached. Apologizes.
  35. Hey @SaelbenNoa, welcome to War Thunder and the Official Forum! If you have any questions, feel free to post a thread in the correct section here on the forum, or PM me. I can be helpful in many situations regarding the game itself. Cheers
  36. Though that rule is under the Forum Rules. There is no game rule that says you cannot use a second account. However, using a second account after you've been banned from the game IS a violation of the War Thunder Terms of Use. For the forum, there is one account per person and that is final. If you have a second War Thunder account, you can only use one of those accounts on the forum. @wam7c You can use a second account to perhaps go into a custom battle and do what you've said. While there is no rule against this specifically for game accounts, I personally recommend you get a friend to test their tanks against yours, or make / download a custom mission that does what you want for testing tanks. Regardless, thank you @Quasimodo91 for the response. Answered & Locked
  37. Map: [Battle] Advance to the Rhine Gamemode: Arcade Battles This bug was produced in a custom battle. One of my squadron members noticed a 'Black Prince' tank doing it in a custom battle as well. I have not seen it reported nor fixed, so here is the report. I did not get the replay file, nor the server replay (as it was a custom battle) but I can go back and do it again if you need a replay file. I have attached a video below however showing the bug in a custom battle. This can certainly be done in RB I think if you have the right tank. The bug takes place in the Square J9 and you can drive up a small pile of dirt to go outside of the map. From there, you can drive left and go across a road (where which you can shoot enemies from) and eventually find a small hill which you can get on top of. This hill can be used to your advantage to shoot at the enemies at the A point. It works with agile tanks, a little more difficult with heavier tanks. We did get a T29 up there so it's certainly possible. We tried this with a few tanks, only some of which worked. M41A1 (Fully Upgraded) [Worked] T29 [Worked] Strv-81 [Worked] Tiger H1 [Failed, but was stock] M42 Duster [Failed, but was stock] I can easily see this bug being used as a sort of cheat or exploit in the map. It provides a clear shot at enemies on the A point and the surrounding roads from a fairly high point. Here are the screenshots I've gathered & the video I recorded. (Video is low quality, not sure why. I can show any moderator that asks to see it in a custom battle if you'd like to see it live) As I said before, I'll be more than happy to take any moderator who wants to see this reproduced live into a custom battle with me so we can do it. DxDiag and Client Log are attached below. Cheers Credit to @TheFreakyKids and @Keebird for helping with the video. DxDiag.txt 2017_02_13_15_17_46__5684.clog
  38. If it's off, press the (default) i key.
  39. Back to the old photo :good:


  40. help

    This ^ Thanks for saving me some time @astohakin_fr
  41. branches

    Answered & Locked
  42. Welcome to the forums! Please take the advice @Keebird pointed out. Cheers
  43. Necro, Locked
  44. Necro Thread. Locked.
  45. First of all, welcome back to the game, and happy birthday! I am a 2013 player Now, onto your question. My best guess is that it is plane/tier specific. (Possibly battle rating as well) Try it out with different planes & different tiers, see if there's a change. I'm personally going to try it out and see if I can notice a difference. Cheers.
  46. Yep, it's an issue many are having as I've seen. We'll probably get some sort of official announcement about it soon, or it will be fixed.
  47. Good response @Risay761, Practice practice practice my friend. As far as I'm aware, the brightness of the bomb sight reticle does not increase nor decrease in general or on certain maps. All it takes is practice to get used to it, and that's a very useful tool in War Thunder. Cheers Answered & Locked
  48. You can create your own missions such as that one in the CDK.
  49. This ^ Necro Thread, Locked