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  1. In that case that would be an issue for Gaijin Support. (Use the link I provided above) Just to double check, you're absolutely sure that your store page says you joined in 2013? It is rather odd that the website and store page would be different, but not impossible as i've seen it happen before. Mine, as an example, is below.
  2. Hi @Resolute_Phoenix, Your forum join date is not your game join date. You registered for the game on 7/11/2014 according to the website, therefore you do not have The Old Guard title. You can check your registration date here. If you think there's an error, you need to contact Gaijin Support. Cheers
  3. As this is an old thread that has been revived for some reason, and it already contains useful information where future users can come and benefit from it, I see no reason for discussion to continue. Thanks to all who provided chat symbols to this thread, may it rest in peace! Necro Thread, Locked.
  4. Welcome back, I'm glad you've returned!
  5. Yes, read below.
  6. Hi @Hash_Head, You can always post in the Hardware & Driver Problems and Advice area if you'd like to discuss hardware. You can also discuss and view the system requirements for War Thunder below. As a reminder, it would be greatly appreciated if you posted in the correct section next time Redirected & Locked
  7. He wants you to attach your control.blk file to your reply.
  8. Hi @bojan007, You can discuss the MiG-15/15bis in the already ongoing and pinned thread, located below: Or if you'd like to discuss battle ratings, you can take discussion of that to here: This section is exclusively for newer players and forumers to say hello and introduce themselves. No worries though, you can easily learn the correct sections to post in through this thread. Redirected & Locked
  9. I'll be away from now until the 26th of June. Community Helper list is here if you need help with anything. :salute: 

  10. Hi @Barry100, This skin was given out during Thunder League 2015 to users who bought the TL Dogtag and completed a task. View more info here. Cheers
  11. No problem, google translate was my friend in that case
  12. ^^^This^^^ Thank you @Arin171! @BluElephantz, your question has been answered above, cheers. Answered / Locked
  13. Please use english in this section. Thanks
  14. Try to keep this thread constructive please...rants are not helpful so we can't help you there.
  15. teamkilling

    Regardless of whether you did it right, as long as you submitted a report in-game then you should be good to go.
  16. This ^ The only other tank I can think of that has a camouflage with the slightest bit pink on it (and my example isn't even that pink) is the T-44 with the Thunder League camo on it. @Th3_Int3rc3ptor do you recall what tank it was?
  17. Glad to hear mate.
  18. This ^ @DododoBananaBus, At the same time, try not to bump older topics like this. In this case i'll leave this open since it is still up to date with information. In case redoing the process above does not work, try following this video:
  19. Hello @Panthera_Pardus, You can find other people or even squadrons to play with in the Squadrons Section. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM or use the forum to your advantage. Cheers
  20. is fun to be honest. Though not always does my team lose. I find myself usually flying with other bombers along the way, helping them out if they are in need. When i'm flying a fighter (which I usually do) I normally see no issues with bombers flying solo.
  21. teamkilling

    @Oldtimer1955, It's good that you've reported a teamkiller and possibly brought them to justice, however you should probably be careful what you say as chat bans are regularly given out to people who break the won't be in "more trouble" as you said, but I hope you get my point. Nevertheless, if there's hard evidence against a teamkiller, it will be taken care of. The report function via replays can be done by doing it through the site. Find the battle the teamkill took place in via this link and hit the exclamation mark next to the users name. From there you can submit a complaint.
  22. Hm...I learn something new every day. I will check on this. Unfortunately my page down / up is set to elevator controls for a macro key on my mouse, but I can look around in the controls.
  23. Oh, I see. I dont think I've ever heard of this happening unfortunately...the only advice I can personally provide is make absolutely sure that everything is gone before he reinstalls. That will guarantee that it's a fresh install.
  24. Hi @Leutnant_Carius! I'm glad you're enjoying the game, below i've answered your questions. I'm not quite sure what you mean. If you think there's a bug with the game, you can use the Moderated Bug Reports section to report it. There are none yet, all we have are aircraft for now. Again, none for tanks. However there's single player campaigns for aircraft that you can try out! As far as i'm aware there are tanks in-game that also have rangefinders while not being korean war era. There's a great guide located here that tells you how to manually rangefind. It's a little old, but still good. Nope, unfortunately not. If you'd like that implemented in the game though, then you can suggest it in the Moderated Suggestions Section if it hasn't been suggested already. If you have any further questions, feel free to send me a private message or use this forum to your advantage! Cheers
  25. Will* If the game is completely gone, and it's a completely fresh install, he has to install all his userskins again.
  26. From the Community Helpers. "We, the Community Helpers, felt we needed to explain to the community what you can expect from us. Community Helpers did not volunteer, we were invited to participate in recognition of our helping input and guidance to the community. We help the community, globally and individually, each of us vary in our skills and background pertaining to community issues, we may be critiqued, and be critical of. Some of our actions may be inherently noticeable such as being generally humorous and helpful, especially to New Recruits. Others such as Bug Reports, Personal Messages, Graphic design and various other Community threads, may not be so noticeable by a majority of you. We are not, and do not claim to be paid in any way shape or form. We have no advantages, receive no special treatment, we maintain the ability to moderate within the allocation of New Recruit & Academy, sparingly, but justified under normal rules that still apply, We are more than willing to help if asked, and more than likely inclined to assist even when not asked, however we are not inherently obliged to change our actions from those previous to us obtaining the title. All rules, and Terms of Service apply to Community Helpers as it would to any other member of the War Thunder Forums. If you have been attacked, trolled, or feel that the ToS has been broken, the same reporting procedure applies, and will be dealt with by those who do hold authority if those who wear the blue tag are found to be caught in an act that might bring the company into dispute. The tags were gained by being highly active on the forums, with a track record of being usually more productive and constructive, and can be lost just as easily as they were gained." Name: Position: Grant2511 (Community Helper / Live Moderator) delphi911 (Community Helper) Hebime (Community Helper) IkThorV (Community Helper) NojirokazuKuraba (Community Helper / Live Moderator) Ottobon (Community Helper / Live Moderator) Princess_Pinch (Community Helper) Radom (Community Helper) Underpants (Community Helper) YippeeKiYay_ (Community Helper) TheElite96 (Community Helper) Illusionyary (Community Helper) babayaga (Community Helper)
  27. I don't believe there are any jet dynamic campaigns for the US. I will get back to you once I am on a computer. I have one question: What is your highest BR aircraft in Germany? It may be caused by the tier or br of your highest aircraft, but I am not sure.
  28. Hi @*bar150151, It seems as though there was a bug report on the issue, see below. It's very possible that it's a bug, and you can PM a technical moderator with the tracker id 0056662 to get an update.
  29. If you think it's a bug then you should report it in the proper section, that being the Moderated Bug Reports section. Just follow the requirements posted there and you'll be all set.
  30. Hello @timetrapmusic, I believe you have to own Tier V in the country you'd like to use jet aircraft for in dynamic campaigns. If you don't own Tier V in a country, jets will likely not show up in dynamic campaigns.
  31. Hello @*Dcr162, I believe your limited permissions allow you to post in the Moderated Suggestions Area, which is where this should go. However, for this to be a proper suggestion, you must follow the following guidelines below: If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to PM me! Cheers Locked
  32. Please use the spanish section above to communicate in spanish.
  33. Thank you @FlammeBleu and @SpookyPhantom for helping. For future reference, try to leave the dead threads as dead Answered & Locked.
  34. Hi @Evildarkknight, I would be surprised if they didn't get more. Average jets per tree currently is 5-10. Seeing Italy has a grand total of 3 jets, I expect more soon. We have to remember that the Italian tree is still in closed beta and we are still testing the vehicles. A little patience and we may see some more jets.
  35. Locked
  36. Hi @Genuine77, This is the Air Force Academy section, the section you should be posting in for these types of questions / issues is the Community Technical Support section. There you can get the proper help and responses you want. For now I can request this be moved there. Cheers
  37. These ^ If you don't feel like playing sim, realistic mode also works. You can work your way up to sim from there, as many of my friends and players I have played with have.
  38. Hello @Funny_Farmer, I suggest you make a topic in the Community Technical Support area if you believe it's a problem. Try not to bump old threads like this. Necro Thread, Locked.
  39. Welcome to the forums @Audacieux! This ^^^ Thank you @Lord_of_Sofa! Taking the advice provided above will help you greatly if you feel this way. If you have any questions, feel free to PM us or use the forum to your advantage. I'd like to point you in the direction of a very nice guide to our forum here as it is your first post, you can learn the layout and post in the correct section next time. See below. Cheers Locked
  40. Hm, interesting. 90 seconds sounds about right, and indeed it's not that quick. Just enough time for a bomber to fall to their death, such as a BV 238 in this case. But killing one quickly is just as good as killing it in general. Gun pods sure do help. I wonder how the 50cals are are against a BV 238 since the increase in damage?
  41. We lock old threads when they are out dated, hence why i've left this one open. Let's get back on topic now.
  42. Honestly, I don't know. lol You're welcome!
  43. Nice! Welcome to the game, if you have any questions feel free to use the forum to your advantage or send me a PM. ??
  44. Welcome back
  45. Cheers, i'm glad you got it figured out! Answered & Locked.
  46. This ^ Nose mounted guns are easier (in my opinion) but wing mounted can be learned over time, and are rather easy to use at close range.
  47. @StratosBear, Try not to necro next time. I will leave this open because it is still up-to-date with information. Cheers
  48. Good to know sauber. Thanks
  49. Hello @_cosmo! This is possible for nameplates, not sure about text color. Please follow these steps to change your team colors and whatnot. Game Options >> Interface >> Nameplate colors (near the bottom) As far as i'm aware, text color is only able to be changed if you are in Squad chat or Private chat. (Private chat by putting /nameofplayerhere then hitting space and typing your message.) Cheers
  50. Personally i've never had luck going for the cockpit, mostly because I usually get shot down. But I don't doubt that it's a good tactic, i've seen it be done before. As you said, you've gotta have some decent speed though, or else you're in deep trouble.
  51. Thank you @Lord_of_Sofa! Answered & Locked.
  52. Oh, that's a mistake on my part then. Be safe, and good luck.
  53. Hi @Spodey, Please read the reply to your previous thread: Cheers
  54. Necro Thread, Locked.
  55. As said before: low is the way to go. Anything else is practically suicidal and won't really get you anywhere.
  56. Necro thread, locked.
  57. Hello @Rasenzan, As @blastedryan said, it will be about a month or two. Keep an eye on the news for updated information about the testing phase of italian aircraft. Cheers Answered & Locked.