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  1. Locked per request of OP
  2. I have no more vehicles to research in USSR and America aviation. I'm not sure how you find that a joke It would be very nice to use the RP I earn that goes to absolutely nothing towards, say, another countries research. Many people would support this idea. Idk if a suggestion has been made, but I may make one if it hasn't.
  3. That would be a great suggestion to make, same goes for RP when you've run out of vehicles to research.
  4. Unfortunately it's a non-reversible purchase. My advice is be more careful with what you spend your CP on. Not much I can tell you other than that, sorry
  5. Hey @Indivisibizle, Wow, that's a weird one. I'd go make a bug report in the Moderated Bug Reports section. There, it can be found by the developers & fixed. Make sure to follow the guidelines posted at the top though, reports filed that don't follow those guidelines won't get approved. Cheers
  6. Maybe try out reserve tanks or very low battle rating tanks (1.0, 1.7) and see how that works out?
  7. Switch out your aircraft / tanks for lower tier vehicles by selecting one on your lineup, and clicking the arrow button on the vehicle. From there you can switch out vehicles. The vehicles at the bottom of the list are already trained for that crew slot so you won't have to play Silver Lions to train a new crew. I can post screenshots if needed.
  8. Looks like i'm guilty of confusing energy fighting with booming & zooming...huh. Interesting.
  9. Talisman is a premium bonus for vehicles that you can buy in the modifications menu. Premium vehicles automatically get a talisman.
  10. Thank you for 'stepping in' and encouraging posters for civility of the "How to Shake an Enemy off ...."

  11. Can we assist you any further? We'll be glad to help.
  12. Please strive to keep this thread constructive and on topic guys. Thanks
  13. I'm just about 2 years in with consecutive logins, should be getting that 3rd decal soon
  14. And say if this writing on the PSN Store is not a typo, and Gaijin tries to protect their brand of F2P, I don't see good things happening from there on out for the company. Sony charging for their own service is up to them, not Gaijin. By putting War Thunder on the PS4, I am pretty sure Gaijin has to comply with Sony Terms & EULA. Well, anyone for that matter. But looks like Hunternz quoted something from the studio boss...maybe that can clear some things up? I personally also think it's a typo, and was never meant to be there. (Or at least I hope so, i'd hate to see this go into effect)
  15. Thanks @Keebird, @Barry100. Answered, Locked.
  16. By putting War Thunder on Playstation, it gives Sony the right to do what they want according to their Terms and EULA. Unfortunately it's a legal matter I believe, but yes i'd like to see Sony fix some things that allows game developers to have more freedom such as in this case with Playstation Plus. Indeed many questions that i'd like to see answered by a Sony official, answers we can't get here without someone contacting them.
  17. Then you should take the matter to Sony, as Gaijin has no control over this as Smin said. How is it fair that players blame the developer for something they do not control? I'd imagine it would go by PC regulations, so it would be free-to-play. If it isn't like that, then that might require an explanation...
  18. Go to the people icon on the bottom right, and search for their name on the search bar. You can add them as a friend or message them from there.
  19. Mic is only enabled while you are in a Squad. Otherwise, it's text chat only. But this ^ is correct.
  20. We'd greatly appreciate it if you were helpful and polite, rather than being rude and not helpful to the poster. Thanks
  21. Hello @getrektnoob020, HDG stands for Heading. (Heading on a compass, basically what direction you're heading) Cheers Answered & Locked
  22. Hello @*mpegforever, Welcome to War Thunder! I've answered your questions below to the best of my knowledge. There are many premiums you could choose from, as i'm sure you've figured out by now. Unfortunately, medium tanks or light tanks, that can go fast (from what you're describing) can easily be killed (So can any tank if hit right). The Ru 251, which was just added in Update 1.67 with a pricetag of 7,480 Golden Eagles is a good choice for many from what i've seen and heard. If you use it right, you can rack up many upon many of quick and easy kills. Since this is a german tank, and you were discussing British tanks, I must ask though - do you want a specific country for a premium tank, or does it not matter? It would be nice to know before we recommend a tank to you. Crew levels are determined by either how much Golden Eagles you put into it, or how much you've played a tank with that certain crew. I'm not quite sure what you mean by your question. Sorry :/ Gift tanks do not give extra RP or SL. You have to check for the little icon (shown below) to see if it has a talisman, or in other words if it gives a premium bonus. If it doesn't have that, despite where it is located on the tech tree, it will not give a premium bonus. You can buy a talisman with Golden Eagles for regular tech tree vehicles to make them give a premium bonus. You can change nations anytime you feel to do so. You can go back to, for example, Britain at any time after switching nations. Your progress will be saved, you won't lose anything. Cheers
  23. Hello @nagihinamori, welcome to War Thunder! I'm not quite sure what you mean by having fun on other servers, other than the game servers you play on when you're in a match. Playing on different game servers doesn't affect how you play the game or how much money you should spend on the game, it rather is just a different server located in a different part of the world that users can play on if they are having trouble with other servers. However, if you've got a suggestion for the developers that you think will change your experience with the game, feel free to post in the Suggestions section of the forum. Please follow the guidelines posted at the top of the page when posting, or else your suggestion will not be approved. Also, War Thunder is not in any way forcing you to use real money. There are plenty of ways to avoid that, but most of those other ways require some extra time on your part in order to get past paying money. On to armor on tanks, it all depends on where you hit them, what shell you are using to hit them with, and what angle you are attacking them at. I can direct you to The Army Academy if you require assistance with ground forces. There are many objects you can shoot through, however there are also many objects you cannot shoot through. Again, check out The Army Academy if you'd like some help with that. Cheers
  24. Hello @SemiBrutalOne, welcome to War Thunder! Enjoy the Naval Testing! In the mean time, I can guide you to The Academy if you have any questions about the game, or need help with the game and how you're playing. The War Thunder Rules are important to read, as you will need to know what we expect from players. If you have any issues with the rules, bans, chat bans, or moderation actions taken, you can contact a War Thunder Staff Member on that list. (Via PM, not through the public status updates or threads) If you have any technical issues with the game such as Bug Reports, Technical Help you need (Lag, etc), or you have a suggestion, check out the Technical section. And finally, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me! I'll be here to help. Cheers
  25. Never heard of that happening. You may have to contact Stona for that to be fixed, but it may fix itself over time. Try reloading again, if it doesn't work then contact Stona. Cheers
  26. Along with this, you can find some useful links below: Post here if you cannot access the two links below after relogging. Naval Testing Schedules & Announcements Naval Testing News
  27. This is proving to be very effective. Maybe some of these rumors about cheats & whatnot will slow down...
  28. While he may be absolutely right, telling people to not listen to anyone else is not the best idea to say on here.
  29. Necro Thread, Locked
  30. Map: [Battle] Ardennes Gamemode tested in: Arcade Battles This bug was produced in a custom battle. A few of my squadron members found this bug while playing hide & seek during our squadron custom battle. This can certainly be done in Realistic and Sim mode if you have the correct tank and a couple buddies to provide pushing / pulling with a tow cable. Bug Description If you are in a small enough tank, such as the ASU-57, you can drive up and through windows / doors in most of the houses. From there, you can hide and be literally invisible to most enemies. You can shoot through the windows, as they are not actually objects. I've attached a video below demonstrating the bug, my clog, dxdiag and full replay file from that session. You can only do this with small vehicles. For some spots & vehicles, you'll need a friend to either push you, tow you, or push & tow at the same time. The most dangerous spot that we found that could be extremely abused is a spot at the A point. You can go into a building, be invisible to enemies at A, and camp there while taking out enemies one by one. (Also demonstrated in the video @ 8:35 (8 Minutes, 35 Seconds) We tried this with the following vehicles, all of which worked. ASU-57 M3A1 USMC 94-KM ZIS-12 Screenshots / Video Proof / Conclusion Credit to @computergeek21, @Keebird, @AURICOM and *sublime_engram for helping with producing this bug in the video & replay. If a Moderator would like to go into a Custom Battle w/ me to test this out, I will be more than happy to help. I'll also provide any additional information that may be required. Cheers Ardennes Bug Report.wrpl DxDiag.txt 2017_03_19_23_00_10__225368.clog
  31. Hi, I'm not very knowledgeable with Mac, but I will see what I can do. Also, for Mac related issues such as this one, please post here next time. For now, i've requested this thread be moved there so there's no need to create another one. Cheers
  32. Hi @GraafvanHolland, Do you mean the userskins folder in your war thunder folder? If so, you can create this folder by doing one of two things: 1. Go to your war thunder folder, create a new folder named 'userSkins' and put any userskins you download in there. 2. Open war thunder, create a template userskin for any aircraft or tank in the customization menu, and the folder will be created automatically. Cheers
  33. Constructively asking for help is one thing, while ranting and asking for help is another. Ranting & asking results in a lock, hence the reason behind your threads being locked. If you continue to ask for help here, you can get it. Take the advice people give, maybe you can improve! Don't give up quite yet my friend. Reporting players does do something, but talking back to them as you seem to be doing in fact results in you getting chat banned. I highly suggest go reading the War Thunder Rules so you know what we expect from players. Knowing those rules not only gives you knowledge on what not to do, but it also enables you to report players who are breaking the rules.
  34. Hi @CuttinEJ, Unfortunately I do not think there's a way to do this. I'll leave this thread open for further replies in case anyone else has any ideas. Cheers
  35. @valigiaio Green players are in your squad. You can invite friends to a squad to play, but matchmaking automatically puts you in a squad. These are those green players. The rest are blue & red. (Friendly & enemy)
  36. Hi @swag_jet, Are you getting killed by other players, or is your tank simply exploding when you fire? If your tank explodes without being hit by another player, then it is the gun breech. Your tank can sometimes explode if the gun breech is damaged enough.
  37. Thank you @Armynator for helping. Also, some gift vehicles that are obtained from events that are not premium do not get the Mark of Distinction. As armynator said, this is for premium vehicles only. Answered & Locked
  38. No question, nor player on here is stupid! We are here to help. I'll consider this solved. Any further issues with this, you can create a new thread or feel free to PM me as I'll be more than happy to help. Cheers Answered & Locked
  39. As a PC player myself, I get to know my squadron members regardless of what platform they are of course I cannot speak for others but I don't see why it would be different between platforms. I don't "forget" people, nor do PS4 players for that matter...and again I don't see why that's a platform based issue. Saying one platform community is better than the other is just likely to start a flamewar, probably not the best choice of wording there. As for the video you linked, I don't think it was their fault for saying 'everyone'. I do think Gaijin will eventually implement some sort of live store or way to download skins from live onto your PS4 so you can join the fun in skinning. For now, it's the way it is unfortunately.
  40. Hi @EasyTargetCAF, What type of ammo are you using on your aircraft? Stealth ammo does not show at all, unlike tracers. Make sure you are using the correct type of ammo before we classify this as a bug or a glitch. Cheers
  41. Getting points depends on many things, and probably more than what I am going to list below: Kills Assists Point Captures I believe all these can also be increased depending on what vehicle you are using. If you're using a tank with a talisman, or if you're using a premium tank, this can also increase your score.
  42. @jelloid You can always submit a full suggestion to the developers in the Suggestions Section here on the forum! Just make sure to follow the guidelines posted there. Answered & Locked.
  43. Necro Thread, Locked @BLAKMEN, @*FORDcobraGT500, @rooskiesergeant Please look at the posting dates before you reply next time.
  44. A virus killer warning? Either sounds like you have some sort of malware on your system, or your anti-virus is restricting it from launching. What anti-virus do you have? Have you tried disabling it, or allowing War Thunder into the list of allowed programs?
  45. Hello @valigiaio, welcome to War Thunder! If you need any assistance with anything, feel free to PM me or post here on the forum in the correct section. The community here will be glad to help. Cheers
  46. Welcome to the forum!
  47. Hello @thunderbolted, Highlight enemy player: By default, press your middle mouse button. (Scroll wheel) Communicate with your team via radio commands: Press 'T' on your keyboard to see the full list of radio commands. To tell your team to attack a certain player, press 'T' >> '1' >> '7' Also, for future reference, threads like this belong in The Academy. Cheers
  48. Hello @Thinsin, As @Delfigrey has pointed out, there's already a thread about spawn camping. Please use the thread below to share your thoughts. Cheers
  49. Hello, welcome to the forum @Joshmo! 2013 player here too! If you need any help, feel free to PM me or post in the corresponding forum section. The community here will be more than happy to assist.
  50. @Clonemaster Have you seen the new devblog? It might make you feel better about SB...located here.
  51. Hello @*walfreyydo, As far as I am aware, all FMs are "finished". Initial data for new vehicles is applied to the new vehicles FMs, but that's as close to "not finished" as they get. The Developers are constantly making changes to the FMs and you can read up on that information in the Patch Notes. Bigger changes are commonly made in major updates such as the upcoming 1.67 Assault update. Cheers
  52. Welcome!
  53. You can change your signature by going here. @Kapularko Please use English in this section of the forum. Thanks
  54. Necro Thread, Locked
  55. Right then...welcome!
  56. Hi @Aca_Pesic, and welcome to the forum! I do not believe there are subtitles for in-game voices outside of campaign. However, there's an ongoing suggestion for such a feature located below. Furthermore, you can change your crew voices so that they will speak the native language of the crew. (English, German, Russian, English again, Japanese) Cheers
  57. For starters, disrespect isn't okay. My job is to help, and i've done the best I can. Your issue is an odd one so i've replied with what I know. I certainly don't want to start a flame war or derail the topic from your issue, so i'll continue on to answer the rest of your response. The new recruits section is used for new users (such as yourself) to stop in and say hello. Not normally used for technical support with the game. The Gameplay Problems and Advice section would be the best place for this, as it doesn't really sound like you're doing anything wrong...rather a problem you're occurring while playing the game. If you believe it's a bug with the game, you can report it in the Moderated Bug Reports section. Grinding tanks is just generally slower, the RP gain I think is a bit lower than aircraft. Please clarify - so you're playing with other vehicles during the game, did not use the ASU-57 during that game, yet still got RP towards modifications for it? If that's the case, then you should go to one of the sections i've linked above. And again, calling a response in general nonsense is just disrespectful and will result in your posts getting hidden if it occurs too try to stay constructive in this thread please.
  58. My advice - check your recent battles. (Bottom right, Mail button >> Battles) If you notice any battles that were not played by you, change your password. (Maybe even enable 2-step authentication if you haven't done so already) Even if you don't notice anything, especially with an issue of this nature, I highly suggest changing your password and turning on 2-step. Other than that, i've never heard of such an issue...i'll take a quick look around and see if I can find an answer for you. Also, next time please use the correct section for posting. Since this is your 2nd post, it's okay Cheers
  59. Guys - please check the dates posts were made on before replying... Necro Thread, Locked
  60. I'm glad I could help, and good luck to you! Answered & Locked.
  61. Hi @Dies_a_lot, As it's a frequent term used here on the forum, I can see why you want to know. Your line up is your...well...plane line up at the bottom of your screen! Your second guess under (1) is the closest thing to correct in this case. Take a look below: Feel free to reply if you require any more assistance with this issue, or if you have a question about how i've explained it. Otherwise, this can be considered as answered.
  62. If you guys want to discuss motorbikes and whatnot, I suggest you take it to the Off Topic Section as this is not the place.