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  1. @Excalibus, can you elaborate on your issue?
  2. Then that's something @Stona can fix.
  3. I really do like the look of the rangefinder on the Panther F and Panther II.
  4. Thank you for helping @Fog_of_War, it is appreciated. Answered / Locked
  5. You do have a very fair point there...and I regret not using my rares as much as I want to. Though using the MBR-2 is mighty fun, turnfighting props and pilot sniping with the front gunner
  6. Great to hear Enjoy, it's very fun to fly! I just put it on my list so I don't have to later sneaky sneaky
  7. Hey, that's 1,000 posts....



  8. Tier sure about that? In all seriousness, there's no need for can always go to the Army Academy if you're struggling with these tanks.
  9. Yeah...that's definitely the notification for getting it...i'd just wait a while. It will appear at some point...
  10. Oh, passed by that bit, apologies Otherwise i'd make sure that you actually got the tasks done, or have enough awards to obtain it.
  11. I quote from the server update change log: So I am assuming that something went wrong...maybe try restarting a few times if it doesn't show up, or wait an hour or so.
  12. I do like the idea of hidden vehicles being brought back for GE or store packs, that would be a nice occasional pack to have so I can get some of them... Other than that, I am split on the "common", "uncommon" and "rare" categories for these vehicles, I would hate to see this turn into the Team Fortress II type scenario with the "rare" "uncommon" and other types of items. And there's another problem too, what goes into each category? I'm sure if an event vehicle that has been offered only once but many people got it, the community would not be happy to see it easier to get or even buyable by GE as an "uncommon" or "common"...
  13. Hi, Simply put, it says I've unlocked 100/100 camos for the title, but the title does not appear nor does the star turn gold on the achievement. I've restarted my game and pc several times. Latest CLOG and DxDiag are below. Cheers 2017_04_25_21_44_33__8456.clog DxDiag.txt
  14. Hi @BlackCadillac, If you have an NVidia Graphics Card, then I believe it is included with GeForce Experience that you can download from NVidia's Website. ShadowPlay is certainly great, I use mine all the time!
  15. My apologies, these changes were implemented. See more here: And the official discussion is in the same place as I linked above (in the spoiler): Cheers
  16. Hello @RustBear, welcome to War Thunder! I highly suggest checking out The Academy for good tutorials and advice on how to get better, if you're looking to do so. You can also use the Looking for a Squadron section to find a squadron that you like. And as always, you can PM me if you have any questions, I can help in many situations. Cheers!
  17. @BrotherStoney Relog into the forum. If that does not work, then please wait for Stona to come. @*maxmillian Relogging should give you the tester badge. @TreeHugnHippy90 Are you not able to play the test in-game, do you not have access to the forum? Provide more details please.
  18. I did read your ideas, I am agreeing with it!
  19. While I completely understand that players really want rare vehicles to come back more so that more can obtain them (as they are cool vehicles), I think the bottom line is that they are rare for a reason. They are not meant to be purchased, they are meant to be earned. Earning them sometimes can be difficult, and some of these events / tournaments only happen once / twice a year or so, but most of the vehicles will and do come back. So this means the OS2U-1 / OS2U-3, He-51C-1/L, Ki-10II-C, SM.79s and whatnot. Some of these were removed a very long time ago...I doubt they will return. The OS2U is still possible though, as it wasn't removed too long ago. The reasoning behind them being removed I am not exactly sure of, I believe they were for development reasons or because of the amount of reserves in each country. Otherwise, I think your idea is reasonable. However as I said in my last response, I highly doubt things will change. Rare vehicles are meant to stay rare, changing up the events in certain ways could make it so players can get it easily...which Gaijin does not want in the end I am sure. Even as of now, my views do not change. They are rare for a reason, let's keep it that way. However I do know that some of the events are a little on the hard side...that's a little frustrating sometimes, but I have to remember that they're rare for a reason.
  20. The P-38K is indeed a premium and came as a premium when I got it. Just confirming from my own sources as well to add on to @Azarias12's response about the P-38K (My own account) In the end, I highly doubt they will release packs for such vehicles unless they are under the same conditions as the Warbonds event we had just a few months ago. Vehicles like the P-38K will remain as what it is now, a buyable premium during certain times each year. Event Vehicles such as the I-301, A-26C-45 and whatnot will most likely remain. There will be more vehicles to come i'm sure, and some may be buyable as the P-38K turned out to be. Those are just my thoughts though.
  21. @PortgasDJP You can find contact details on my first response. Cheers.
  22. Completely forgot about this ^ That would be a great way to start off, and if you get a lot of players to participate, then maybe the staff would consider doing an official tournament for you.
  23. Hi @JMan2, I've edited your title to comply with our Forum Rules. Please read them over here so you know what we expect from players on the forum. Otherwise, I will leave this unlocked so users can give you advice. Cheers
  24. Hi @PortgasDJP, You would need to contact a Community Manager or Administrator about that...I'm not sure if that's even possible. Tournaments like the DISLIKE Cup have been done in the past, but I am not sure as to how they got set up. Staff List is located here, and the CMs / Admins are listed at the bottom if you wish to contact them.
  25. @*Sibir-Hansen There was a warbonds event for the TB-3, M8A1, D.521, and German KV-1B in October / November of 2016. See more here.
  26. Thank you for the help you provided @Hank_HI11, @Pat_McGherkin, @AirOhead and @Garfield62709! Answered, therefore Locked.
  27. And even if they put them on the store for purchase, as you said, it would be quite expensive for such rare vehicles. This would without doubt upset the community that they're so expensive.
  28. I disagree, unfortunately. These rare vehicles are supposed to be rare for a reason. Bringing them back, what ever the price may be, will certainly take away from their true value. I know many players want rare vehicles that are no longer available, me being one of them, but as a collector myself I believe in keeping them rare as they are.
  29. Hi @Zulknight88Z, I do not believe this is possible while you are not aiming at the tank, and even then it is only available in the Arcade Battles mode. See below.
  30. Welcome to the forum @milintarctrooper! Enjoy your time
  31. Hello @jbwrgr70, The likely reason behind your threads being hidden are: They are posted in the wrong section They are rant threads (Which get locked) Both of these reasons The Community, Staff and Development Team does care. And by all means, you can suggest features and vehicles in the Suggestions Section here on the forum. The P-51A is in-game as an event vehicle given out some time ago with Thunder League. Wiki Article Here Again for both of these quotes, please use the suggestions section that I linked above. And this is the main reason why you should not rant, because rant threads get locked. If you'd like to voice your opinion, you can take suggestions you have to the section I linked above, or you can post in the Constructive Criticism Corner. Please take note that both these sections and others are moderated, and any thread that does not meet the requirements for posting there or does not comply with our Forum Rules will be locked / hidden. Rant Thread, Locked
  32. Posted on the Most Helpful Threads pinned thread. Thank you very much @Jengar for your very helpful tutorials, these are sure to help many!
  33. Hi again guys and gals! Today we're back with another great thread by the user @Jengar. This time, it's on Air Combat Maneuvers, check out his videos! If there is a helpful, important or useful thread that you think should be added to the list below, feel free to PM me!
  34. Bots and AI mean the same thing, it's just some people use Bots as the word, and some people use AI as the word.
  35. Hello @nsdarwin, welcome to War Thunder! If you ever need any help or have a question, feel free to send me a PM here on the forum. I will be glad to help. Additionally, you can visit and post in The Academy section or any of the sections here on the forum that correspond to an issue you're having. Cheers
  36. Hello @dauph24051, and welcome to war thunder! I can suggest to you the Army Academy if you're having troubles with tanks. It's a great place to start off at. And if you hace any questions, feel free to PM me! Cheers
  37. Hi @BNK_BlackPanther, It does not appear your name was changed, at least on my end. However, if it was you would need to contact a Game Master. You can find them on this list. Cheers
  38. Hi @LueyHewis, There's a pinned thread in General Discussion about spawn camping. You can discuss it there. Spawn Camping - Views and Opinions - Keep it nice
  39. Technically this is a Necro thread, but I will keep this open due to the lack of replies. Let's wait and see if this fixed his issue. Thank you very much @WaveLengthRR for helping out!
  40. Thank you @ChewyBarry for helping. Answered & Locked.
  41. Well seeing it is an annual event that Gaijin hosts, I don't see it as a wasted opportunity. Though that's just my opinion, others can see differently.
  42. Premium time is not refundable from what I know. However, you can always contact Gaijin Support if you believe you should get a refund.
  43. Thank you @Arin171. @Kapri25 Please be mindful when posting, nobody likes rant threads. I'll keep this open for comments and welcomes, but please read over our Rules so you have a good idea on what to do and what not to do. And of course, welcome!
  44. +1 ^ Tier V vehicles that were limited time, hard to obtain or in such cases as the E-100 / (or possibly) upcoming He 162 should not be given away in this type of event.
  45. Hi @Vampirefate If you are looking for others players, I suggest posting in the Looking for a Squadron section. Also, please check the dates on threads before posting. Necro Thread, Locked.
  46. Hi @Oxynium, Decals and decorations carry over to other tanks. Yes, you will be able to use it on other tanks.
  47. Hola / Hello, Esta sección es para usuarios de habla inglesa. Si desea hablar en español, por favor utilice el sub-foro español. Gracias. Si buscas reclutar miembros a tu escuadrón, puedes publicar en la sección Escuadrones del sub-foro español. This section is for English speaking users. If you would like to speak in Spanish, please use the Spanish sub-forum. Thank you. If you are looking to recruit members to your squadron, you may post in the Squadrons section of the spanish sub-forum. Redirected & Locked.
  48. In an effort to clean up & make threads more organized / easier to find, I've listed below some of the most recent helpful, important & useful threads in the Air Force Academy & on the forum. If there is a helpful, important or useful thread that you think should be added to the list below, feel free to PM me! To start us off, we have a good group of threads by the user @Green_Fury. He makes great tutorials that are well written & full of good information, see below.