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  1. I know, just like any player with a few of common sense knows. Unfortunately, team balancing (or un-balancing) is what decides a lot of battles, so it's more interesting than mere BR up/down-tiering. Player's skill counts almost nothing in WT GF, for sure much less than crews and tanks. And I said that in both statement, so no contradiction at all. BTW, I'm not asking anyone to try to compute anything. I'm just saying that your BR-focused calculation is an almost futile exercise, IMHO, albeit an admirable effort. Gaijin will go on giving us frequently unbalanced battles (in AF as much as in GF, if not more) irrespective of BR-based good or bad matchmaking.
  2. Maybe this is the reason why I'm really not interested in these stats about BR balance, since they give just a very partial view of team balancing. If there is a thing really neglected in WT GF is individual player's skill. Only thing worthwhile of interest is the combination player+crew+tank, where the first term is by far, in this game, the less important of the three.
  3. This. Examining unbalancing just by the point of view of BR uptiering/undertiering is just a part of the whole and it seems to me not the most important one. Things such as player level and especially crew level should be taken into account.
  4. Exactly. Even being able to destroy a crashing plane every time wouldn't eliminate the anomaly of a kill at present assigned to a pure kamikaze action. The argument "you can kill them before they crash hull-breaking you, so what's the issue?" is as much silly as the statement (unfortunately seen in this forum too) "If you shoot them down they can't kamikaze on you". BTW, SPAA can be legitimately used against tanks too, in some case being as much as useful for team than AA use. In those cases ramming kamikazes run even smaller risks (or no risk at all) crashing on a SPAA engaged against tanks.
  5. ROTFL. Just yesterday my SPAA has been rammed and destroyed by planes' crash (not by their bombs or rockets but by the crash itself) three times in seven battles.
  6. True, but not just that IMHO. Since there is a specific Rangefinding crew parameter (Gaijin says it "affecs long-range fire accuracy") and good aiming is given in part by crew level (like practically anything in WT is indirect and done through crews), I could bet that players with maxed out crews have now a specific additional advantage over gamers with untrained or average crews. Just another way for Gaijin to induce players to pay (in this case, for accelerated training).
  7. I didn't mixed anything. I just answered to an hypothesis related to hull breaking done by planes ("not a side effect, but seen as a feature") to say that there are other things that should be considered bugs (invisible tanks, absurd scoring system where kills count very often less than assists and being hit) but, since Gaijing doesn't give any sign to want fixing them, maybe are considered good features too. By the way, the previous consideration of sigma__zero: " So... Either they don't play their game to find out the flaws and balance issues or they do and just don't care about them. Either option speaks very poorly of the developers" is about the same reason why I wrote "Whatever is the answer, it's disheartening". So I don't think that what I wrote was so difficult to understand. About the specific topic of this thread, changes to planes in GF, I've thought since the beginning is wrongly founded, at least in the poll question, since it asks to choose between two options which in my opinion are both wrong. As I've already suggested, planes in GF should be kept, but with a lot of changes to do (including Flying Model) and not at tank expenses (NO "1 plane counts as 1 tank of the three"). Of course, it's just my opinion. Again, considering that this thread is eight months old and that the debate about planes in GF is heated by a long time, if I'll not see any change within six months I'll conclude that for Gaijin all is well just the way it is now: no issues, no need to change. As usual. My last line is a concise but well pondered statement, after about one year of gaming in GF (and three year on the much better AF). The rationale about that is here:
  8. I suppose it's a speculation but look at other entrenched "features" (or "bugs"? or "features"? ...), such as invisible tanks or scoring system where "assists+being hit" seems to usually reward more than kills, it could be the truth. Just this thread is eight-months old, the kamikaze issue is much older. Do you really think that those developers really have no idea how to deactivate kamikaze behaviours or hull break from planes? Whatever is the answer, it's disheartening. WT GF it's just a silly P2W game, designed to advantage low-skill paying players with the addition of a lot of pure foolishnesses, come to terms with that.
  9. ROTFL! I know that in WT Forum there is a lot of b.... n..., but defending tank invisibility at 50 mt in open field, as if it could have some rational sense, and accusing of whining the protesters goes beyond my worst expectations.
  10. Simply eliminating the damage done by kamikazes (so effectively eliminating kamikazes)? It could be easily done following suggestions here given too (including the needed removal of hull break done by planes). But I'm afraid it's too much logical, too much reasonable for WT developers. I bet they'll choose a more complicated way, such as counting the plane as a tank, applying a cost to the crashed plane or making other changes in game mechanics, which likely won't eradicate kamikazes and will lead to further harsh debates and anger. After all, they were the same that, while the kamikaze controversy was more heated than ever, gave us the hull break even from crashing planes. I'll be glad to be wrong but I have practically no hope in smartness, in WT GF.
  11. I played AF only for two years straight, then I tried GF. The extended misery I found is expressed here: I still play GF, when I want a less frantic battle than an air battle, but almost anytime I see things that make me wonder why I persist in doing that.
  12. Per sdrammatizzare.
  13. Being at level 23 you still have to gather experience, so don't worry too much about your troubles. Nevertheless, you should avoid possible mistakes like: - rushing to upper tiers/BR, where you'll usually encounter much more experienced players. My advice is to stay, for now, well under BR 4.0 (3.3 or 3.7 are fine, but even 2.3-2.7 are as much as fun, easier and much less costly in repairs). - overlooking or bad managing crew XP increase. WT is played thru your crews, they are almost as important as you about aiming, shooting and significant even for plane control. In WT AB, player experience counts a lot, because it's inevitably linked to crew experience and vehicles performances maximization (and these things are even more marked in GF than in AF). The same effects are achieved by many just by paying. Just a few more advices: - learn deflection shooting, much more effective than shooting from 6 o'clock. - dont fixate on BnZ, which is one of the most repeated mantra in WT forum. It's not an easy tactic (especially for newbies and even more if having low-level crews and planes) and, moreover, it doesn't fit really well in AB (small maps, substantial equalization of planes performances). - fight where the battle is. As you have already discovered, in AB the battle core is held at low-medium altitude. If you persist in staying at high-alts you'll likely: 1) miss a lot of opportunities to shot down enemies 2) encounter some of the more expert players, often paying and belonging to squadrons, having maxed out crews and planes, really difficult to defeat in one-on-one for a beginner/intermediate. Those players are usually BnZ/high-alts fanatics because they care of their K/D stats and BnZ/high-alts minimizes risks. Moreover, their maxed out planes and crews eases BnZ (and any other tactic, including head-ons). Finally, some of them stay at high-alts near the enemy spawn zone to have easy unfair kills thanks to game mechanics (spawn camping), which is one of the most dishonest behaviours in WT. Fighting at low-medium altitudes doesn't mean throwing right into the furball! At least in the first three tiers, the most successful AB players (speaking about those using fighters) usually traverse the map at medium-low altitude, crossing the furball in search of unaware enemies, shot down them and change area, keeping high plane energy and speed and always trying not to attract too much attention on themselves. - don't be too much afraid to "die", unless you are ideologically obsessed by K/D stats. In AB you have multiple crews and the key is to use your crews to maximize battle score, SL, RP and XP points. So the best policy is "kill as much as you can to earn much reward, but better to die if this allows you to earn a lot by well-spending your planes", at least until Tier IV (in upper Tiers repair costs start to be high and saving an expensive plane could be much more significant). - look at replays to learn tactics of best players, i.e. players ending at top of battle ranks: you'll find that their tactics are usually quite different than those so often recommended in this Forum! - at the moment, WT AF is a bomber-dominated game so if you want to more easily reach battle top rank you should use bombers and attackers instead of fighters. Personally, I don't like bombers so much and, being an almost pure-fighter pilot, I now accept to end three or four position below my previous average performance (when bombers weren't so dominant). - if you like winning-thru-paying, you could spend some real money to suddenly maximizing crews and vehicles but in my opinion you should't have the urging need to do that below Tier III included, since low-middle tiers in WT AF are fair enough for a beginner. Just from Tier IV and above, AF starts to be a real P2W game (also because repair costs start to be relevant and is no more easy to earn enough SL just by having a good, purely skill-based, battle performance). There are so many other advices and considerations for WT AF AB that I put them here: BTW, if you like planes (AF) consider yourself lucky: WT GF is much, much, MUCH worse and unfair, especially towards a beginner, a really pathetic, ill-conceived and stupid P2W game. A game where skill counts almost nothing, you can hit first and well and being nevertheless immediately destroyed by a miraculously unhurted enemy having a vehicle that's on paper should be inferior and where tank's effectiveness seems linked much more to player experience than vehicles' technical cards. AF is, at least, a fair and skill-respectful game until Tier III, where you can hit first and kill even a much more experienced/paying player (or, at least, not being immediately killed by your victim!), whereas GF is unfair and full of shortcomings since Tier I. I call WT GF "the Big Idiocy" and it's exactly that. WT AF is, luckily, different enough from that insanity.