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  1. THANK YOU DUDE ... It worked for me!!
  2. lol ... i don't have the same courage to spend that much of GE on a Tier I tank (maybe if it was 400 GE). Anyway is good to know that worth it buy this guy
  3. I still have the "black lines bug" since 1.65 (only in Air Battles).
  4. Yes ... nothing has changed, even with updated crimson driver
  5. Oficial DevBlog post:
  6. New post, new tanks(!) ...
  7. This is REALLY sad ... even the Ha-Go would become competitive with that Tokko Kou shell.
  8. Interesting
  9. Another german boat announced on today's DevBlog (22 February 2017) ... this time a Tier IV vessel with x2 40mm Boffors cannons and x4 torpedo launchers
  10. chi-ha 12cm

    Annouced on 06 December 2016 ... you can buy this vehicle here. The orginal DevBlog post can be found here. (12 December 2016)
  11. so-ki

    Meet the SPAA So-Ki and her deadly twin 20mm Type 98 cannons ... probably will be an early Tier II The original DevBlog post can be found here. (05 December 2016)
  12. type 61

    Today we have the Type 61, the first japanese MBT with a powerful gun and light protection ... at least this will be a fast attack vehicle with decent firepower. The original DevBlog post can be found here. (02 December 2016)