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  1. Well, the Mods don't know everything Yes. I would submit as a bug.
  2. You should be reimbursed for every module that you need to research again. Considering the time it takes to get those modules at that high BR and having players re-acquire them because of an update is not right -- IMO
  3. The Ba 65 is good for Assault Mode but I don't find it OP. It kinda flies like a fat ol Welly.
  4. Too many of the same threads. Maybe a Mode can merge?
  5. Has anyone tried SPAA like the Gepard or such to see if you have a better chance with that than a tank?
  6. Wait until Ai looks like people... then it will get real scary because of what they can do.
  7. That's their job.
  8. I think assault mode is really designed for new players at BR 1.0, and it is more to your advantage to use a vehicle with no costs just to get an extra daily booster. Unless you need to farm SL or RP, I would not use anything other than a reserve vehicle for this mode.
  9. I have heard that updating your audio drivers can help with stuttering issues but I can't say for certain if that will be your case. You can always try and see.
  10. Weird in that pic which shows a clean penetration but kill replay say "non-penetration". I hope we get some sort of explanation. A misfire or a dud shell should say so. I could live with that.
  11. Can you just re-attach the bushes like you would do for decals?
  12. Sounds good then. I know UE3 engines use mass resources for smoke. Glad this is not the case.
  13. Yeah! Finally Smoke spam! Unfortunately, this will pull a lot more resources from low end GPU's. Glad I am not low end.
  14. I don't have many camo options for different tanks but the one that gives me a problem deleting decals is the US M10 GMC.
  15. There should be no lag issue when you are sitting still and the tank you fire at is still for a least 1 second. I see my shells doing this every single day. APXX goes right through tank and you don't even get a "hit" message. It's like firing blanks.
  16. The sun's rays have always been used in combat for an advantage especially in dog fights. I agree that it is frustrating in tank battles if you happen to be on the side needing to wear shades but you should be on the sun's side 50% of the time if game balancing is working right. BTW. It's not "Chronicles....." It was "Pitch Black" with multiple suns and then the full eclipse.
  17. Okay... I'll give you that "one" because it is fairly a new release, and I am reading tomshardware info.
  18. Same for me. If you change the camo on your tank then the decals get deleted and you have to re-apply. It may be that the game is designed that way.
  19. Just think of the "more" invisible tanks you can't see.
  20. Ok.. well... I guess something is up. I had 2 FF incidents as the OP describes in the last 2 weeks. I got hit with a -7,000 SL penalty on a great round while using a 150% SL booster. Now, I am mad!
  21. Graphic apps and encoders use multicores. AFAIK, no games use more than one core ATM.
  22. Increased FOV would allow players to see tanks freely while default players would have to turn their turrets around or hold the C key. I understand capping FOV for ground-bases FPS games but it may not be too much of an advantage for aircraft. Either way, it is still an advantage, but I understand how nice it would look in aircraft mode to see more sky.
  23. Where is our smoke screen grenades??
  24. For PC: Minimum: OS: Windows Vista/7/8/10 Processor: 2.2 GHz Memory: 4GB (Windows Vista/7/8/10) Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / AMD Radeon 46XX / NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 6.5 GB Recommended: OS: Windows 7 64bit / 8 64bit / 10 64bit Processor: Intel Core i5 Memory: 8 GB Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or higher, AMD Radeon series 77XX or higher Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 15 GB Not sure if your card can make it????
  25. Don't you know that Bombers are the number one target in game and real life?
  26. I loose C key and V key repeats last chat input when I use Shadowpay. I've mentioned this in other thread. C and V are not used for default settings of Shadow play so I have not found out why this is happening. Don't use Shadowplay and everything is fine but not a good option for me.
  27. Hey, you quoted my old sig logo! It stills remain true. However, after grinding all nations to at least 5.0, I find Russian tanks to be the best. German TD's and SPAA are best for their categories. If you could mix a lineup with those vehicles then you would be totally OP.
  28. What the Dicker Max has going for it is it's extreme gun depression making it able to shoot "over" hills and terrain. The 8.8 can be considered a tank full off air because if you don't "hull break" it or shoot it's ammo box then all you hit is air.
  29. Try plugging into another USB port. That seems to work,
  30. As long as it works... right??
  31. That can happen when you are playing with an unsupported GPU. I remember playing a new X-COM game with an old card and I could not see laser blast effects and such until I got a new GPU that supported the latest DirectX drivers.
  32. I would like to know the answer to this myself since FOV is capped in most FPS games so not to give a player an advantage.
  33. Yes. The accuracy of AAA around airfields was increased many updates ago and was stated in the release notes. Super AAA helps both sides. It shoots down enemy fighters trying to chase you down when you need to land for repairs and helps (a little) to fend off bombers over your airfield.
  34. If you want to see hit detection then fly out a reserve plane with 1000 rounds of 7.62 MG's for assault PvE mission and try to kill..... anything.
  35. Like this? I usually don't get to see the "gold glitter in the water bowl effect". They must be using a more advance transporter now. I see empty space then POP... there's a tank but no pointed ears. And sometimes there is still no tank only a smoke trail from the shell that just destroyed you.
  36. Can you re-verify game files and cache and then try?
  37. Best Gaijin can do was already mentioned by someone else, and that was to have enemy planes spawn from only their side not from the back of your spawn. That way you will have ample time to see the direction of the enemy plane in the mini map especially if you are camping your SPAA at spawn. For tanks on the battlefield it could give more of a heads up.
  38. Better if you can send it to Mods so they don't come here to flame you.
  39. If you sit back and snipe to get 5 kills then you wont' even be close in scoring to the guy that rushes to the center of the battlefield shooting his MG's and Cannon at everything that moves only to get 2 kills. Arcade mode is all about trading shots with the enemy. Imagine 2 Churchills trying to kill each other. They are going to rack up in SL and RP because they can't pen nothing...... but they try to.
  40. For lower SL costs and lower BR matching, go with the brute Bf-110 for the win.
  41. Seems to be the norm. No reason to be concerned with some of those 50cal jets. They are just plinking (sparking) machines with extra speed. The Me 262 needs a lucky shot to kill anyome and they many go after bombers. The Kikka might be of concern but not many fly Japan since they lack other well suited planes for that BR range.
  42. Well, I won another 1 mill in SL on the roulette wheel. That definitely helps to buy, crew and qualify one BR 6.3 tank.
  43. I rage against the machine.... IS-6
  44. Can we get a sticky for this thread? Even an invisible one will work.
  45. I went and tried the target tracking in tanks and did not find it useful or being any kind of advantage. Seeing how it works, I don't see any advantage to it in air either.
  46. Unfortunately, turning off 'Share' turns off Shadowplay.
  47. I haven't bought any, and I am an average player. Just check my stats.
  48. He might have those folders properties set to "hidden" just like system files are set hidden by default.
  49. Windows 10 had so much junk in it that I'm waiting for the next version. Have you tried launching "aces.exe" from either the win32 or win64 WT folders and see if that works?
  50. I forgot to mention that the problems running 2 cards are for "all" games not just WT.
  51. SLI and Crossfire have been known for a long time to do this. That's why it is better to just go with one card.
  52. I see posts about air to ground rockets doing the same thing.
  53. No, you are using it to distract the enemy players. They chase you down for an easy kill while your team moves to stronger positions to control cap. It's just like spawning a bomber in AB and half the enemy team tries to chase you down all the way to the end of the map.
  54. In the "old" days, I remember when the 8.8 was king of the hill on Mozdock. Now....
  55. LOL, It's always both. (truth with a joke).
  56. Shells fire up and then drop down. In kill replay you only see shell going straight, so that might be a problem in determining if the shell actually went through a collision mechanic. And I agree, you can shoot through some.
  57. i would think this is true. If they are having a good game then the are likely to stay in it for the long haul being that they can stay alive, but once killed then the rest of the game becomes a liability to them. Even more so if they are try to make a good kill video but end up dead as usual. You can't waste all that GB space.
  58. That's the thing.... I am not using C and X for bindings in Shadowplay just default bindings as you say but Shadowplay or WT is acting like they are double-binded or something.
  59. Those appeared in AB battles.
  60. I put my M24 Chaffee (63kph) in my lineup after seeing this thread and getting tired of my slow moving heavies. It is fun to rush cap areas and then try to outrun the enemy trying to plink you off. Most fun is to do a quick cap and haul a.. to the enemies spawn and try to keep them at bay for some time while your team moves up in force. The M18 is also good for doing his but has a higher profile than the M24.
  61. True. There was previous "looooong" thread about it when CR came out and most hated it. Gaijin added the checkbox in Mods so you can deactivate it.
  62. No Sh..t? Oh well, I've been playing for over 2 years not knowing this but I'm okay with just playing without it. No point in teaching an 'ol dog' a new trick.
  63. I would like to crew it up and take it out but you know the first spawned enemy plane is gonna be coming right at you.
  64. I agree, bombers need higher altitude and more accurate ai gunners, nuclear payloads, titanium fuselage with magnetic shielding, pulse cannons, and laser rifles. I want to be able to wipe out the entire map in one pass. Think.....
  65. Passive Behavior equates to me as being AFK. And I am okay with a short AFK period as long as the team is notified. You can camp, fly in circles, shoot at bugs, drive off canyons, whatever. It's all good to me. I know I am not going to have a perfect team every time so I don't sweat it or flame about it.
  66. I have been in squad 10 lately (which kind of goes with my screen name). Is 10 even possible since 16/2 = 8 quads??
  67. It's for * players. (PS4 gamers) like you. Considering PC users can have super gaming mice with DPI adjust on the fly, macros for shooting, etc, etc, etc, I think PS4 users are at a disadvantage to PC users. So I have no problem letting you have the tracking system. The spotting system... well... that's a whole other story we share.
  68. Definitely save the replay to your harddrive. You only have to submit 3 minutes worth and follow Gaijins instructions. And as @YoMama2 says... it is 5000 GE (not like 500 I said above). I think it is a winner, so get editing and submit!
  69. You repair much faster in your own cap area.
  70. Whenever I record game with nVidia Shadowplay, I notice that I cannot use the C key in the text box, and the X key repeats the text you just typed in. So if I want to type a message like "cap C" I get this: ap If I type the X key twice after I type "cap C" then I get this: apapap (so I get "ap" inserted every time I hit X) Anyone else have a problem like this? AFAIK I have know bindings for C and X in shadowplay.
  71. Thanks @YoMama2 for your efforts. And a big congrats to @*a-prost15 for one EPIC shot (even though he is a PS4 player ). I agree, the replay should be send to Thundershow and you should get like 500 GE for it. Good Luck! Keep us posted.
  72. That poll can be misleading since not all players participate on the forums, and not all forum members participate in polls (or all threads for that matter). But I'm sure most never liked those quick 5-6 minute missions that used to be the norm until they added the extra mini base and more ground targets. Even so, 10-12 minutes is not the low end of that poll.
  73. Can anyone tell me what this black flag represent in the radar when spawning aircraft in ground forces? I've seen it a few times on very rare occasions.