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  1. Here's a long shot..... Did you check in Game Options > Sound to make sure your sliders did not slide left to off?
  2. Then just get rid of the explosive hull break then ... and I'll be happy.
  3. APHE gets buffed with today's update. Finally!
  4. HUH? Your crosshairs are fixed to your fuselage and/or wings. You must be talking about that "outer circle" which shows your camera view towards your angle of attack. Try cockpit view and see what I mean.
  5. lag

    Try disconnecting then re-connect to another USB port and let us know if that worked.
  6. I have found that once you max crew "radio communication" then no more invisible tanks. Does anyone else see invisi-tanks after doing the same?
  7. Uh... excuse me.. but I play 5.7 tanks and I am always up against 6.7 tanks. I only see 4.7 tanks if someone has one in that higher lineup.
  8. Suicide planes don't bother me or affect my gameplay. It's when the fuselage of a suicide plane causes damage. All Gaijin needs to do is remove that damage from the game and I'll be happy. If people want to keep on suiciding after the damage removal then that's okay as long as it only scratches my paint job.
  9. Yep, patrol boats got a buff last 2 updates (or so).
  10. It's funny how only 3mm can make a difference in punch i.e. 20 to 23mm, yet it seems not much more from 7.62 to 12.7mm (that's 5mm difference). Go figure...
  11. Well, seems you can fix a broken record with super glue!
  12. And what are those black bars on top left of screen? That is weird.
  13. Seems that ISP providers are more worried about Piracy and Copyright infringement than free internet access. It will probably get worse in the US so you need to go the VPN way.
  14. I don't have packet loss in game that I can notice but I am curious about NetworkLayer when I plot from the south coast of US...
  15. If you are talking about Air Assault then you don't "get it 2 times" you have to select it. It is optional. Although, it is auto-selected for you sometimes when you log in.
  16. Regarding the Original Poll: how to you get to pick your planes? If you only play tanks then you are stuck with a stock plane and stock crew in your lineup. If you play both AB and GF then you will have an advantage of selecting spaded crews for both planes and tanks. You would have to have a separate aircraft tree just for tanks that limits what planes can be added to your lineup or use a blocking mechanism on the current aircraft tree when you play GF.
  17. New players have different damage models (easier) to get them used to the game. Once you research and start playing BR 1.3 and 1.7 vehicles then you are shoved in with the big boys. No more easy kills. Now, this is just a theory but many of us have gone through this "training" period as new players only to get whacked when we introduce new vehicles to our lineup.
  18. gameplay

    If not already mentioned, the 12.7mm rounds need a serious buff. They become almost useless once you get to BR 4.0 and over. When I come across a fighter with 20mm canons I feel like he is laughing at me.
  19. Just make it so fuselage causes no damage..Simple.
  20. ^^ That is for tanks not for air battles. Unfortunately, you have to watch the guy flipping you off who just shot you down.
  21. It seems I only get "no permission" for @Hunternz Not only do I get no permission for best answer but sometimes in the threads also. It only happens when there is a quote. Is there a special test I must pass to see the quotes?? Curious because these quotes are in a "public" area of the forum.
  22. The obvious question is did you unplug and plug back in to fix or try another USB port?
  23. I have better luck with it attacking ground targets with it's 2x1000lb bombs using it's speed to race by enemy fighters. I usually save it for a last spawn vehicle when only a few targets or pill boxes are left. It's .50cal MG's are useless for dog fighting at that BR.
  24. It really depend on if you play to get the most tanks kills or to get the most points possible. If the later, then go for armor since trading shots and getting as many hits as you can on enemy targets gives out much in SL and RP rewards.
  25. Note to "your" self: Save your settings. "my control settings gaijin cannot touch.blk"
  26. Sparking is a special graphic effect. It is not broke so it does not need to be fixed. Some planes just need 100's of rounds to destroy.
  27. You only need 1 SSD card. Get a USB SATA III dock ( about 19.99 US) to use for your older harddrives. I agree with @blastedryan, you should go with a better Motherboard like a Republic of Gamers (ROG) or Gamer's First (GF) type. Use that 1TB harddrive money toward a better MB and wait till SSD's drop more for your second HD. Other than that you are just about there!
  28. You obviously haven't played long. Everyone one of us gets losing streaks at any rank. Then you go on winning streaks. It's Gaijin's way to balance the game for everyone so there is no "top dog". Your win/loss ratio will be balance to 50/50. Once you begin to research your vehicles and add crew experience points to your crews then you will notice a difference in personal gains. Playing just one single nation gives you a handicap because you don't learn the strengths and weaknesses of other nation vehicles. This game is no different that others. You learn by playing over time. There are many here that can offer great advice on how to be more successful in game. There are also some great video tutorials out there made by players for beginners. Those had helped me a lot when I first started this game. I've been playing this game for over 2 years now and you would be hard pressed to find another game even close to WT. And, no, I am not a premium account holder. Good Luck.
  29. It would cause "ghosting" which is severely frowned upon by all MMO game titles.
  30. Surprised no one mentions the Ho -229. Coming or going it's just a single line of pixels ________ You are just hoping like heck he makes a mistake and turns to show his fat profile.
  31. Ahhh Yesss. The one-shot wonder league. My fav!
  32. You get awarded (credited) SL and RP that is not shown on the scoreboard categories. 3 hits on a target can be worth more than 1 crit. If you do think it is bugged then don't hesitate to bug report or at least post in CTS section.
  33. It's determined by the infamous RNG!
  34. Now you know why they nicknamed me "Googley"
  35. Do you mean like in this thread?
  36. I checked all my maps yesterday to make sure I don't have this problem. Was this a one time occurrence or does it happen often on Factory or different maps for you?
  37. Something similar to battletracker?