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  1. I actually like bombers, fighters, tanks, and I hope to like boats soon!
  2. Funny that Fred replied to me but I don't have permission to see it....
  3. Just logged in to play Air Assault. Checked and clicked "To Battle" then got title message. Restarted game and Assault Mode for tanks and air are missing from drop down list.
  4. I've seen this before. Either a bug, or the round passed through without hitting a crew or module.
  5. AFAIK, if you load a round that won't pen it will never turn green unless you get to the enemy's weakest point like the rear.
  6. Telescopic gun sights are tricky. When you go from cockpit gun sight to zoomed telescopic then the targets don't just appear "centered"--you have to move your aiming a bit. Works just like a hunting rifle scope which it should do.
  7. The 1B version can fly with a partial wing. So the wing tips can break but you still maintain some maneuverability.
  8. Arty impacts seem completely random in a circular pattern and hit many meters away from the center of your initial target lock. Gaijin probably uses a RNG to factor targeting. They are "dumb" bombs so they cannot track your position if that is what you mean by "track".
  9. IRL, a soldier would scream out "incoming!" the moment they got a hint of arty so I would consider a notification similar as a scream, so no need to remove.
  10. +1, 2, 3, etc at BR 5.7. I guess I should find an apartment close by.....
  11. Getting a kill with arty is almost like winning the lottery. Getting a teamkill would be even more rare. Arty is extremely inaccurate even when crewed up so it might have been just an un-lucky shot. Even if arty TK was intentional, there are more efficient ways to TK that I would not discuss. More than likely, the arty was a last ditch attempt at a kill. A L2P issue.
  12. "Vitality" is the key to remove this annoyance.
  13. Recommending mouse settings is like recommending what type of car to buy to go from point A to point B.
  14. Nope. I called it a "mode".
  15. Not really a secret. Just look at which vehicles cost an arm and a leg to spawn then you know the ones everyone is using.
  16. I watch movies when I fly. Airplane! (1980) is a good one.
  17. Adding awards for simply driving and taking cover would put Gaijin out of business.
  18. Necro thread needs love and support.
  19. Shortly after the Klingons made the IS-2, I think.
  20. The 'only' human????? Oh oh, time for a Matrix meme..... anyooonnnnnneeeeeeee..........
  21. The TU-4 since it was not there in the beginning and I had no reason to research those measly post-TU4 bombers. So, that just about makes it impossible for me to even try to get it now.
  22. Isn't funny when someone calls the team a "new-player word" then you make him sweat it out only to win the match by 1 ticket remaining?
  23. The dots are even more visible at high resolution like 1440p or 4k. In the daytime you should be able to see from spawn to spawn. As others said, they disappear in clouds as they get closer.
  24. We already have a mode to spawn infinite vehicles. It's called Assault Mode.
  25. Yeah. He can blame his sister instead. Then we might believe him.......not!
  26. No need to make BR more confusing especially with the 1.0 spread.....UGH!
  27. Yep. The higher the BR you use then more than likely the longer it will take you to join an Assault Game since many people don't like to spend lots of SL to spawn in Assault mode.
  28. Try using Adaptive-sync if your FPS fluctuates below and above 60 FPS. It should smooth out gameplay better than v-sync.
  29. Nope. War Thunder is War Thunder. BF is BF.
  30. What BR are you using to spawn? I usually use BR 1.0 - 1.7 (just to get the free booster) and get in under 3 minutes.
  31. Make sure sound and speakers are checked/set properly in launcher:
  32. keyboard

    AFAIK cap lock is permanently binded internally just like the Windows key.