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  1. Anyone spawning a SPAA lately? I've given up on them completely now. If you spawn one as your second or third then you are basically saying "Hey, over here!"
  2. Are the Mods sleeping?? We know the answer!
  3. I just got into German 5.7. Getting blown to bits by Russian 5.7 - 6.3 tanks. This is going to be another sloooooow grind like those early Brit tanks.
  4. That's normal. It is no where close to being a good TD like it's U.S. counterpart.
  5. If you are in an enclosed tank then suicide planes should never concern you. You only have to worry about suicide planes in open top TD's and SPAA. Since the last "hull break" patch, I rarely even see people spawning SPAA anymore because.. it's suicide to do so. I expect Gaijin will revert the hull break mechanism some because SPAA has become almost useless and easy fodder for suicide planes. It's okay to sustain damage from bullets and bombs but the planes crashing in the ground should not cause any damage.
  6. Try turning off your anitvirus progam and see if it will start.
  7. Did you check that you are playing on your default server? US, EU, RU, SA??
  8. I noticed in "death cam" view that their are some trees that rotate very slightly with you as you move your mouse left and right to pan. I wonder if that has anything to do with this? A tree should not turn like that. I made two vids of 2 different instances but have not posted yet. The red arrow points out the moving tree.
  9. I did look at that one but it does not have any programmable keys. It's just a basic key extension, but it looks like a comfortable design. I do like the T9. Maybe that is why it has been copied so much. My problem is that my desk has a keyboard drawer. Plenty of space for a keyboard but limited mouse area. (I don't have a slide-out mouse thingy). It might be cheaper just to place a thin flat piece of wood to extend over the drawer so I have enough area. I already have a programmable keyboard (Roccat ISKU/FX). I just need a few more cm of room to make everything work or get the keypad??
  10. You need to be careful when using replays to identify enemy tanks for comparison. I reviewed one of my replays the other day to see how an invisible tank was able to turn and shoot me only to find out that a total of 3 enemy tanks were in a "known" location the entire match. I have no idea where the other 13 were.
  11. The 8.8cm used to be OP. Now it is just another SPAA due to hull break. Really, any tank that kills me before I kill him when trading shots is too OP.
  12. You can have packet loss for 1 second which you would not even notice and then it would quickly show 0% but you still get weird things to happen afterwards until your PC time catches up to the server time.
  13. I just finished a BR 5.7 battle and the game assigned me 2 teammates. I got best squad award which seemed to be no surprise with 2 "green guys". Is this new at higher BR levels?
  14. That's it ^^
  15. I'm looking to get a "keypad" for gameplay so I can move my keyboard out of the way and have enough room for mouse movement with my 400x280mm mouse pad. I'm narrowed down to these, They all have pros and cons. I'm leaning towards the Alleri T9. Which would you prefer? 1) Alleri T9 (exactly the same as 1byone) 2) Logitech G13 3) Razer Tartarus
  16. Make sure to select Tank Battles like in pic below (see red arrow) and your tanks crews will be hi-lighted and ready for Battle...
  17. Check out this replay. One of the few times I am proud to be a Brit tanker. Please don't give away my position. 2017.02.20
  18. You can get Packet Loss during a game and still remain connected and then catch up to actual game time very quickly. Usually, you might see a tank flying in the air then a second or so later the tank disappears which means you are connected back to gameplay, and that flying tank is a few meters down the battlefield. You can have the best internet connection invented but you can still get packet loss from Gaijin's server.
  19. Yes. It happens to me a lot. I wonder if hit detection is messed up or if it is due to lag??? Best example to use is with one of those Brit tanks where you fire over and over but only register about 70% of your hits. My ping is 120 on EU server.
  20. Holy Cow!.....
  21. Best answer to OP: It takes a very long time.
  22. Unfortunately, I've seen the "Hull Break" message shown in the kill cam replay but the message only appears for a second. Blink and you miss it.
  23. I always thought of it as a UFO. I would hold off spawning it unless I became desperate at the end of a battle and needed just a few more kills.
  24. Then it would the Hull Break mechanism that destroyed you, as I said. This doesn't mean I like it. In fact, I don't.
  25. It might be very difficult to merge due to the numerous changes and additions of vehicles over several updates.
  26. If you can see an enemy from spawn to spawn with little RP of crew's keen vision then how could an exploit change the game. You see me but I see you. I killed them the same so I don't get it. Only weird thing I ever had to report was someone being a speed racer which was very obvious. At least we didn't get our speed cut in half because of him
  27. So, people complained about the SPAA spamming for so long and we get a fix where SPAA is totally useless instead of a happy medium. This tells me that after we complain for a long time about useless SPAA then we will revert back...some time in the not too soon future. I guess I will park all my SPAA's for now. Even when you kill a plane coming at you head on it still has inertia to crash over you and kill you be fire.
  28. Could be "Destroyed by fire" scenario when an enemy planes crashes near you and your open top tank burns down. This was implemented in last update.
  29. It would more then likely change gameplay since multiple aircraft could attack a single enemy from all kind of angles without the worry of catching FF. AB Tanks has FF protection but you will never see a team engage an enemy tank from 360* on the x,y, and z axis. If you set up FF protection just at spawn then any enemy approaching your airfield would still be susceptible to 360* attacks.
  30. The new update adds 15% more HP to mini bases and such. Before, a Do-217 with 4x1000kg's could take one out. Now you need an additional 500kg+ to take them out. Anyone know the actual tonnage per mini base, and airfield?
  31. Your graphic setting are fine. The spotting system has been change a couple of updates ago.
  32. It's part of the new "hull break" mechanism thingy. You can also die by fire if you sit in fire cause by a plane/bomber crash with an open top vehicle, "Death by Fire". It's driving many payers nuts right now.
  33. That BR grind for Brit tanks was painful. I'm soooo glad it's over for me.
  34. Servers handle multiple games at the same time. It is just a tally on the stragglers who are still waiting to join a battle. You don't join a battle by Rank I, II. III. IV, V (Tier), you join according to matchmaking of your average BR loadout.
  35. 16+ was normal for SPAA spamming at BR 2.0, so I don't count those.
  36. When it happens it is very rare. To avoid FF on cap zones try to aim edge of arty circle on roads leading to cap area on the enemy's side. Also good to save one arty hit on yourself if you taking heavy fire, called "Broken Arrow".
  37. I think you should be able to shoot directly down the enemy's barrel and blow the tank to smithereens. I practice this when taking a tank out for a test drive and go nose to nose with those practice tanks. You should get the "one in a million" shot award.
  38. Exact same to me twice yesterday. I don't like it.
  39. You need to take into account RP boosters. A %150 RP boost can get you 1 mod researched in just one game. A 30% RP boost will take several. Considering that you are an average+ player. I have several jets but never paid much attention to "time to spade". I just play with boosters.
  40. Honestly, I don't know if gun convergence even works for gunners. I assume the setting is only for primary and secondary weapons, with gunners maybe a locked default merge at 800m -1.0km ??
  41. I'm sorry I can't help you but I am already taken....
  42. You need to try using another browser program like IE Internet Explore or Mozzila Firefox so we can see if it is just an issue with Chrome. Another option is to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it keeping default settings with no add-ons or extensions and then see if you can enter text in THIS box.
  43. You either have to spawn a TD or hope another teammate spawns a TD to kill them off fast, or soot them in side as @Breakfast84 says.
  44. Tip 1: Wait until your losing ratio goes under 49.99999% and then the game code will put you back on the winning side until you get to 50.9999999% then you start losing again. rinse. repeat. Tip 2: Use the same tanks for about 20 missions then change to another Nation for 20 missions. Tip 3: Try 10 missions at a lower BR. Gaijin makes sure that everyone has a 50/50 win/loss ratio. No getting around that. If you get caught in the losing streak then just trade as many shots with the enemy to gain SL and RP to grind more tanks. What you are going through is the same we all go through. Nothing knew.
  45. You guys need to bug report the crazy roll on the Spit instead of just posting it here then post the bug report link here so we can gripe about it there.
  46. First check that you have enough space on your hard drive. Then check to make sure that directory has not been set to "read-only". If you know the path of the files to be overwritten then try to delete those manually.
  47. Maybe try to update your sound drivers. Also, post more info about your system.
  48. Looks like some kind of anisotropic filtering problem within the driver.
  49. Are you sure?? I only saw 3 yesterday but just played a few games.
  50. Good question! Anyone??
  51. Correct. Not really needed but IMO nothing wrong with someone doing a little bragging as long as it does not get out of hand. Most I had was 12 with German BR 4.7 Poland (hiding behind Reichstag) but one kill was from my bomber. My best run was 2 11 kill games back to back and the third was 10 kills. Totally exhausting. The following games that day are not worth mentioning, and quite embarrassing.
  52. How is the pace of the game at BR 6.7+ ? It would seem more cautious and slower because of longer gun reload times and turret traverse speeds?
  53. Those who know that "10 strikes you're out" are not here to play but to cause anarchy. They play just to P some people off and get their jollies. The get a 2 week ban or so which they don't care about because they don't play much anyway then they come right back and wait for 10 more reports on them. Best thing to do is just try to avoid them, and report in chat to other players so they can be blacklisted for future reference.
  54. I would think so. I'm not crewing up that at this time. Just crew up; reload speed, gunner accuracy, arty accuracy....etc., and see if the spotting system gets adjusted in a later update. If you're going for long shots then pull out the binoculars from time to time.
  55. You don't want sparking. You want BOOM!
  56. Now have to take into account that even though a suicide plane may not cause you any damage (to open top vehicles) but sitting in the planes fire will get you killed. So if a plane crashes into you....move fast!
  57. Strange Imbalance may have something to do with the number of players actually playing the higher Tier vehicles. Same thing as with Air. Seems most players find a happy BR area to play but won't go higher due to clubbing and long queue wait times??
  58. After reading @Scarper reply. I will just learn to bear the new spotting system until they can rework it back into the game. At worst, it will make me a better player anyway.
  59. ThanK you @Scarper Your post was very informing and forthcoming. I fully support and agree to the steps you have taken, and I know you will continue your endeavors to keep War Thunder a great game free of unethical players.
  60. I might try and see if it is still available. It would be epic to post a video of a kill like that! Imagine if you could do it once per game. Talk about racking up good money. Maybe that's why it might have been removed? Let's find out!
  61. Here is another link to try to override BIOS VRAM setting through your OS registry: (Read down to Dedicated Memory Reporting:)
  62. The lower shell calibers like 20, 23, and 37mm are easier to manage and get kills with than the 45mm. IMO. If you strictly go after bombers then go for 45mm.
  63. You do not have to have the red outline show to kill a tank at distance. If you see the enemies tank name then you just aim a bit lower than that and get insta-kill. I've been doing that a lot since the spotting system is all over the place.
  64. I been noticing games where if you are at x.7 then you are at the top BR of the battle. So if you are at 4.7 then you will not see a 5.0 (or higher) tank in anyone's lineup. Is this true?
  65. Take a look at this:
  66. Thanks. I did get the award several times for capping areas, and the "blank" space is not necessarily where the first icon would be. You can get the award (following other awards) in another position on the scoreboard and still have the blank space. I guess Gaijin's artist took a holiday for Valentine's Day. Please mark as solved.
  67. I'm not doing too bad with the German 4.7 lineup. I am about to jump into the 5.7 circuit, and want to do it cautiously. It does give me a bit of chills reading the posts about that higher BR though. We'll see...
  68. You don't have to go for revenge. It's your choice. I like being able to see the enemy who just killed me marked with a skull but it doesn't mean I will go after him. If I spawn a plane, I am certainly not going after a heavy tank. That would be useless. Going after SPAA is risky. So, the best choice for a kill "is" an open top destroyer.
  69. Try using another browser and see if it works. If not, then you should try contacting a Forum Moderator via Message and see if your privileges have changed.
  70. I figured they had some sort of icon representing the award/achievement since there was an empty space in my pic above.
  71. I got this award today. I assume it is some kind of Valentine's Day thing. But what does it look like? Like this.......?
  72. You can thank me by clicking on that white arrow with the green box.
  73. There is/was a massive thread about the 8.8 Flakpanzer and how it was too OP. People complained that shooting MGs into the unprotected crew resulted in nothing. So the new update fixed that issue along with any other exposed crew type vehicles.
  74. Obviously, you can since that pic was a line of text transferred into a link.
  75. Gaijin siempre castiga a cualquiera que encuentre trampas en el juego. Si sospecha que alguien de engaño a continuación, utilizar el sistema de informes en el juego y también puede ponerse en contacto con un moderador en este foro y enviarles su queja en un mensaje con una repetición en lugar de publicarlo en la vista pública. Buena suerte.
  76. This happens when you show (or try to explain) backlight bleed on high end monitors. Once you know you have it......
  77. If you want to use a TV for a monitor then you might as well just get a PS4 slim for $249.00 US. Usually comes with a Free game like Uncharted 4 or something like that. It has 500GB of space and one controller. This is about the cheapest route you can take while getting the most bang for the buck.
  78. I had this happen one or two times.... then the moment I hit "Cancel" the mission loaded.
  79. I'm getting aggravated by this now. If a tank fires on you anywhere on the map then they should light up at least as long as you are engaging him. It's really bad when you are just 0.5m away. I heard the spotting system was changed due to it being exploited but I think it is something else.
  80. I voted other. Leave in aircraft but remove their ability to cause any damage by impact from their fuselage. This includes the new "Destroyed by Fire" that is happening when a plane crashes into you and you don't move out of the fire.
  81. I think it is mostly done by new players. I guess they don't get that they are just telegraphing their position, or heading, to the enemies.
  82. I favor the B-25J-1 (BR 3.7). It has the same payload as it's predecessor, and after you can use it's 5x.50s to go after other bombers in your vicinity. Always enjoyable when going head on with another fighter too.
  83. this works for me..
  84. You could have had a small freeze causing you to drop and ping out. Also, could be Windoze auto updates??
  85. I suspect RB players are more team oriented. At least that is what I have found just playing a few. I have found more teammates pushing you into fire lately, in AB. Maybe it is the latest fad?
  86. Naaah. It's just RNG but with a low percent multiplier to get those good boosters.
  87. You mislead and misread again. I never posted such a thing. My original post was a razz. Maybe criticize me for not putting a ? at the end. If you feel the need to pick a fight then just launch the game. Chill out and get back on topic.
  88. Check under Tank Controls > Weaponry > Fire from the main caliber gun: LMB ...for Mouse Aim controls. Make sure it is not "LMB, S" where "S" is your key to reverse (tank throttle) or "down arrow key"
  89. That's because you are taking your girlfriend to some secluded island of the coast of Southern Spain.
  90. Not true. I have won it twice within 2 months. However, it wasn't until I reached like lvl 80 in which I really didn't need it--- I mean, who needs another Mil when you already have over 10.
  91. Maybe they want to get the "Rank doesn't matter" award.
  92. With a mouse, LMB fires the main gun, and SPACEBAR fires the MGs. If I were to bind both options for the primary weapon then both would fire. I'm not sure how you would do a workaround for a "weapon selection" which I think is what you are wanting to do. Maybe try binding your selection button first and then add the trigger button after the comma in controls and see if that works like so: Fire Primary: JoyButton1, MainTrigger instead of: MainTrigger, JoyButton1
  93. I had no such thought. You are stating what you think I am thinking but it is really what you are thinking.
  94. I've been looking to get one of these myself since my keyboard and mouse are in a limited sized pull out drawer. I'd love to be able to turn my mouse pad back to landscape mode. I have an old Logitech Dual Action force feedback wired controller that is awesome for GTA games but never tried for WT since I prefer mouse but it is basically the same shape and feel as the PS4 controller. Only $20 US.
  95. Look at the Asus ROG Strix 1070 OC. It has the highest factory clock speed and runs super cool. I've seen prices at $379.US, if that will fit your budget. This card screams "feed me pixels"! if you can afford the 1080 then go for it.
  96. As @astohakin_fr said, post your budget and you can get good advice from other users on here. One good piece of advice is to get a system with a dedicated graphics card and not one with on-board (integrated) graphics that shares memory.
  97. Congrats! You can't go wrong with the nVidia 1000 series.
  98. Try this to update to DX11:
  99. Yep. I got a disconnection after a match when the scoreboard was up yesterday. Asked me to re-login and was back on gaming. Sounds like a hiccup but all good now.
  100. If you have unprotected personnel on top of a tracked vehicle then HE should blow their heads off. About time Gaijin!
  101. At least is is easier to kill those dreaded 8.8 flaks now with HE.
  102. I actually got an on screen message saying I was "Destroyed by fire". I believe it was added to the most recent update. It kind of makes sense if your crew are in an open space not protected by armor. If it happens you need to get out of the fire quickly unless you are frozen by doing repairs. I will post a SS and replay next time I get it to happen.
  103. Up up and away...
  104. Don't feel bad. New players get mixed up about ranks (tiers) and battle rating (BR). Same thing happened to me.
  105. Simple answer: Wait times too long. AB usually means FAST and continuous action. You just can't get that waiting over and over for a single mission to start, and then only to find that you need to chase down jet bombers.
  106. Events seem to be a mixed bag. I've tried a few but was not happy with the gameplay... so back to AB or GF for me.
  107. It seems that you can "die by fire" now from a crashed plane. I was in a SPAA yesterday next to a flaming fuselage, which never scared me before, and got killed. "Destroyed by Fire".
  108. Now, I don't feel so bad but would still hope someone replies how to do it. I've tried RMB on the map and such but can't get it to work. A couple of times, players did the "Attention to the Map..." during the game and I got a peek of a red enemy then arty his butt for a kill. Many times I would like to call out to teammates the area to be aware of like that. Who gonna give us the answer??
  109. I got my first death by fire (from a crashed airplane) in a SPAA yesterday. Never seen that before. Guess it is part of the latest update.
  110. Hopefully, with new update to spawn heights and base health, this thread will DIE!
  111. Update to spawn heights and base health yesterday. No more Bomb Thunder Posts.
  112. [server] [update]

    Good info on this update. Hope it works out well.
  113. We definitely need more Japanese tanks, and with lower BR spreads. I don't care if Gaijin invents them. Just give us some more options.
  114. I always see this blinking command on the mission map before the game starts, and on the mini map during the game (even in air battles where it seems useless). Sometimes, it is aggravating as heck. My question is: How do you do it?
  115. I would suggest only putting 2 new vehicles in your lineup and have the other 3 spaded even if they are a low BR. The grind gets harder as you go up in tiers. Playing a full lineup of stock planes is just bringing cannon fodder to the game. Speaking of cannons, you need at least 20mm as the .50cals only register sparks at that point.
  116. Most I got so far was on [Front Line] Great River. 60.8 tons.... we lost. The guy on the red team got 62.6 tons It was a full cloud mission.