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  1. Did you try using the "Controls Setup Wizard"?
  2. If you leave a game early then you will get "crew lock" and will not be able to spawn those same planes for that period of time (3+ minutes).
  3. The Siege of Bastogne requires the Me 262-1a; cannon x4. I think the requirements are that you need to purchase 3 out of 3 vehicles to unlock it. So, if you have the two Tier 4 planes purchased then you need to purchase one more Tier 4 plane. That's my best guess.
  4. A- disagree B- disagree C- disagree D- copy and paste "disagree" E- copy and paste "disagree" F- copy and paste one more time "disagree"
  5. Thatch's Buffalo was my first Free premium when I first started playing, so I have fond memories of that one.
  6. I'd say slightly above average (B+) since that is 7.5 planes per spawn. A single spawn with 15 kills should make you sweat a little, and get an (A).
  7. This mode needs to be tweaked to be winnable. In it's current state all you need to do is land on the runway while you go get a cup of coffee and hope the bombers destroy the base quickly so you can get your booster, and then go back to PvP.
  8. We need to see screenshots or replays or it never happened.
  9. How about using the helicopter to deploy crew replacement (in GF) but let us be able to shoot it down with our tank mg's and SPAA?
  10. He can use the same OS he already has but just needs to reinstall which is a PIA. Either way, he has a lot of decisions to make.
  11. Purchase a GPU base on the tower's air flow. The Turbo-fan types are for cases that do not have cross flow, or multiple fans (front, rear, side or top fans). The ACX 2.0 (2 fans) or ACX 3.0 (3 fans) are for cross flow cases and are cheaper. Turbo type.... for single fan closed cases like pre-made Dell, HP, etc. ACX 2.0 type.... for cases with front,rear, and side fans.
  12. I don't see pay to win but I would sure like to "pay to keep BR at +/- 0.3 BR".
  13. It is odd that I don't get a time warp jump when attacking fighters. Only happens with bombers, and maybe a few heavy assault planes.
  14. Just get your free extra booster and be done with it.
  15. There should be some kind of stamp on our missions so we don't have to repeat the same map over again. You can play 20 missions but only see 5 maps. Very aggravating,
  16. Being up-tiered by +1.0 BR is much less forgiving in AB than in Tank Battles. A spaded 3.0 plane can easily shoot down a spaded 4.0 plane, and even more so if that 4.0 plane is stock. With tanks, you just want to scream because you are one-shotted to death as you climb the "BR Ladder".
  17. Thanks @Flying_Dodo .....a little easier if you have AI Suite....
  18. Your damage indicator and crosshairs look like perfect circles, so they look fine to me considering your extra wide monitor. Do you have before and after screenshots for comparisons?
  19. Try turning ON or OFF Group Tuning to see if that helps.
  20. Vereség = Defeat Gyozelem must = Victory! Well, I'm learning something on this forum.
  21. I haven't had any luck with those HEAT shells at BR 4.0++. I usually have to get my one-shot off at distance.... meaning, I am more likely to camp and hide at the higher BR's rather than go Rambo. Even at close distance, like 0.4km, the HEAT seems to just plink enemy tanks.
  22. Dude, do you have any idea how long it takes to write code to create a game like this much less worry about fixing a bug when having to read through over a million lines of that code, and you only give a 4 week deadline? Hmmmm.....
  23. I saw them (Logi 3D Pro) on sale at Office Depot for 19.99 US. So dang cheap I might just get one, and let you know.
  24. Wait a second! You want Gaijin to work less?? DX12 is about the only good thing Win10 does, but until all popular games support it (WT included), I'm just sticking to the old and rusty Win7.
  25. They mean when you hit the 'T' key and pull up the message board and select a pre-defined message. Only those will show, and speak, in a player's personal language. Although, I don't know how many languages are supported (including yours).
  26. I have both ammo at home ('Merica). The 7.7 (7.62 NATO) can penetrate your leg and possibly give you a mortal wound. The .50cal will blow your leg completely off which would equal a flimsy wing.
  27. I finally played the new map today. Too hard to give a fair impression with just 1 game under my belt but I don't care much for cap points lined up in a row.
  28. You notice this a lot more during co-op Assault mode when you go after tons of ai bombers. You never go after that many bombers in Arcade so maybe it is the same?? I do notice less flaming deaths now.
  29. Sounds good to me. I have DSR at 4x with a 2k g-sync monitor and don't really notice a difference with DSR at 2x or 4x.
  30. Most games don't use addition cores and can make things worse. I think WT uses 1 core at 100% and the second at 20-30%. You can try turning on (or off) group tuning and see if that helps.
  31. They probably look better on night missions but those are very rare.
  32. I have not seen it either, but have been playing ~BR 5.7 lately.
  33. Yep, ai gunners still kill effectively. If a fighter attacks you then maneuver to get him on your tail.
  34. If you need a booster then fly out, shoot some bots, and lose quick (which is very likely) and get your free booster. No complaints from me.
  35. I have pretty much the same the line except for the Dicker. The Tiger H1 gets off to a slow start as a stock tank but does get researched quicker and almost as fast as the Jag IV/70. The stock PzGr 39 shell is all you need. Research parts, horizontal and elevation, then fire ext. Crew up reload speed, targeting, and rangefinding, and you will see it morph into a formidable weapon.
  36. Update: I finally caught the "ghost" or shadow effect while recording gameplay. In the pics below, one pic of the movie is taken at 8:45:xx (movie time) and the other shot is taken at 8:45:xx+1, and the shadow effect is gone in the next frame of the movie. It happened 3 times during gameplay but I was only able to capture the 3rd one. It looks like the tank shadow gets skewed for a few milliseconds. So, at least I know I am not seeing things. Funny thing is you can only see it in replay at normal speed at time 9:03 but I can't see it when speed is slowed down to 0.333x 2017.03.19 12.21.13.shadow.effect.wrpl Good luck figuring this one out.
  37. Can you go directly to the folder and double-click on 'aces.exe' and run without Steam running?
  38. Just be quiet and read a book when you go.
  39. When you log into your account on another computer you will just have to go through the 2-step verification process in your email account. All your info is saved on Gaijin's server. As for a "gaming" laptop... prepare to spend a lot of money, or save a lot and build a kiler desktop computer.
  40. The lens flare seems to be the same as before previous patches. I have not changed my settings. But I wonder if the lighting conditions in the Hanger changes according to your clock time since the sun seems less bright at the end of the day??
  41. There are very few players who drop ahead of the target. Most drop right on you so best bet is to move forward, plus forward speed is your fastest anyway...unless you happen to be in the Brit Archer.
  42. We just need to wait unit Gaijin fills up the tree more. Once you get past Chi-Tos, it gets bad.
  43. I don't know because I would never fly into debris to find out. I just want others to try it.
  44. I haven't had the problem again to record a vid since it does not happen all the time. I played one game yesterday on Sinai and it happen at the beginning of the game then I went to record but it never happened again. Kind of like catching a ghost. I'm very curious to see if that is actually the effect I am seeing. Like I said, it happens so fast that it's hard to describe. But your screenshots are certainly catching something weird. I never thought to check my replay files since I don't believe they capture everything.
  45. Seems like the higher the BR you go the worst invisi-tanks become. I got shot by invisible tank on every single game yesterday at BR 5.7.
  46. If you think you have a problem or bug you can post here:
  47. I like it. I got hit with a crit and lost half my wing but was able to continue to fly and get at least one more kill.
  48. Might be better to post your problem here:
  49. When I first started this game, I was getting shot down like a gnat to a ping-pong paddle. My mistake was that I got tunnel vision on my target and never looked behind me. The "C" key was a life saver and a new friend. After that, the game became rather simple.
  50. Jets vs Props has been a long complaint by less experienced players (including myself) however, once you learn a particular jets weakness, like lack of tight turning, then you can easily defeat them with slower but "faster turning" prop planes.
  51. You are in "Tank Arcade Battles" so your planes are 'grayed out'. Just click on the up and down arrow when you hover over a crew vehicle to place the correct vehicle back in it's slot. As long as you place it back in the slot it was in before it own't cost anything. It's the same as sending a crew on 'Holiday' and then putting them back.
  52. It could be your ISP throttling you down. Sometimes you cause pause download and then start it again, and it will download faster. However, you will have to do this several times.
  53. He might be talking about Ash River where everyone spawns on top the hill (left side). Old version:
  54. I think we were on the same map and got killed by the same invisible man....
  55. I am liking the new exhaust flames but I thought with WEP we would get something like this:
  56. Welcome to BR 5.7.
  57. It would be cool if you accidentally flown into debris like a piece of wing that it would impact your aircraft, but probably you would just get sparks.
  58. Do you think these guys complained about sparking and not getting shot down??
  59. I should have noted that the ai gunners not shooting on the B-17 was not in the co-op mode but in AB.
  60. I just noticed they added "ships" icon in the scoreboard instead of just including them with ground units. Could this mean they will open up Sea Battles to non-paying customers?
  61. It's up to you guys to stop Kamikazes. When you spawn a plane, shoot their A** down! Or, at least, ram them!
  62. I can't complain about getting Boosters. I only play using them. Sometimes, I only get the stupid 10% all allies booster. So, I will jump into a co-op when I need more.
  63. Yes, it is not the case...
  64. Someone else reported that ai gunners in a B-17 are not shooting enemy also.
  65. I guess you are talking about the new Co-op mode. Yes, we have been asking for one for quite a while. But enemy are still dumb bots. You won't learn much shooting them down.
  66. Here is DxDiag.txt It happens way to fast to do a screenshot. I can try a video but it might take a while to edit and post. I will try game with shadows OFF and report back.
  67. Fonts too big for 1440p. Maybe merge all the same topics.
  68. The info fonts on the left are way too big. At least give us the option to size it back down along with the friendly and enemy tags. I'm at 2k (1440p)
  69. With the last update, and this new one, I will be playing a tank battle and I get what seems like a very fast shadow zipping over my screen. It is almost like as if a supersonic plane flew over and cast its shadow over me. It is so fast when it happens, and will happen several times during the game but I do not recall it happening on every map. I have not noticed this with Air Battles. Anyone else notice this? nVidia Strix 1070 OC
  70. More like a Minecraft looking tank? I think you mean "pixelated"?
  71. Plus a new motherboard plus a new CPU cooler....
  72. Only way I know at the moment is to uninstall GeForce.
  73. Turn on vsync if you are stable at 60 FPS. If you drop under then you can turn on adaptive-sync instead for smooth gameplay. I have a Strix 1070 OC at movie settings (1440p), and the tanks do not look perfect far away. They should be a little blurry naturally due to "gray fog effect" at long distances. It's the tree leaves flickering that drives everyone crazy at the moment. As for CPU, an i3 or better is good enough but that don't get you more FPS.
  74. First question is obvious: Where all the mini bases totally destroyed before you bombed the airfield? Next question: Did your bombs actually "hit" the runway or did they hit beyond it? It would help a lot If you can submit a replay. AFAIK, there is no bug bombing airfields.
  75. I'm sure a Mod will explain it to you, shortly.....
  76. Got Flames?
  77. Do you think it was the GPU fan spinning up when at a higher load making that noise?
  78. Are you sure that a better GPU does not increase FPS? My comment was in general to @Fog_of_War, not to @Gorbalad
  79. Don't fret, the added detail you get on high settings is really not too noticeable especially if playing Air battles. A stable FPS is what you are looking for.
  80. I guess I need to start on my youtubing and get some vids up. Think about what targets those kamikazes go for and not be one of them: Sitting still on cap area SPAA sitting still anywhere and not firing at you Being in a 8.8cm because they were so hated before hull break and BR increase Camping at spawn Being in too close proximity to another friendly making both a larger target Open top vehicles late in the game The guy that just killed you and has a "skull" by his name I'm sure there are a few more.
  81. It happens all the time and more noticeable when you attack a bomber. It's just lag, and then your computer re-draws the plane in the correct position (or is told by the server where to draw the plane after your computer lags behind the server clock...... something like that... AKA: the warping effect/bug
  82. I've seen a Gaijin thread a long time ago about hit detection for server and client side, and how they use both then use other code ( sometimes called lag compensation ) to compare between the two to see if you got a hit. Maybe, someone nice can find that thread and post it?? Either way, we all see hit detection (and sparking) all over the place.
  83. In the end, Gaijin only allows you to win 50% of the time. So, if you get on a losing streak then you will get on a winning streak... more or less....
  84. Do you have a gaming mouse that LMB is binded to Windows volume control? I ask because on mine you can hold down the "shift" key and roll the mouse wheel to raise or lower the volume.
  85. It could be the sound freezing for a second. Try turning off "music volume in menu" and "music and internet radio volume" by sliding all the way down to the left in the Game Options > Sound settings, and see if that helps. A sound freeze won't hurt your computer ...just your ears.
  86. it's not the CPU that gets you higher FPS, it is the GPU. an SSD only loads the game (and other programs) faster. BTW. I run WT, and all the other new titles, with Win7 64 and never have freeze or BSOD issues. i could probably go another 2 years before having to upgrade to Win10. it has too many issues for me to want to upgrade now.
  87. It actually could be the computer going into sleep mode (hibernating) then hangs and reboots.
  88. We already know about that.
  89. Simple. The US faced kamikaze pilots in WWII. This is was a "real world" tactic and is mirrored in the game. It frustrated (scared the heck out of) the US back then, and frustrates player now. They are not hard to avoid. You have a mini map that shows a red dot moving. If it heads towards you.... then move. Playing tanks is not just about looking along the horizontal axis.
  90. Let's hope the hell not.
  91. It still won't help since you are a "marked target" for suicide planes with the new update. You have plenty of ammo left over when you die now.
  92. Client side hit detection alone opens up a can of worms in regards to "difference in ping" giving the advantage to players who will play on the server with the highest ping possible; allowing their shots to register first while causing lag for low pingers. You can easily experience this with FPS games and CSHD. Server side hit detection helps balance high and low pingers on a server but is not a "one-all" fix. I guess that's why Gaijin uses both and then uses compensation code between the two.
  93. So, that is why their later tanks are close copies to US since we had to loan them some after WWII, but mostly stripped down versions. I don't have a problem inserting Japanese tanks into the game that may have been conceptualized on paper..... It's sure to make that tank tree more fun anyway.
  94. I've seen that it has been bug reported. It is not easy telling an Ai unit what to do.
  95. You're correct. I thought it was that other F-86 type.
  96. PS4... I think.
  97. I had an enemy team cap a dom mission and then only to rush our spawn. There were 5 enemies on us. We spawned 3 tanks, sat still, and killed all 5 while they desperately tried to pen us. Another 2 teammates spawned right after and all 5 of us rushed to cap point and won the game with just a smidge of tickets left. Epic! Lesson: be careful not to get overconfident when you overrun the enemies spawn.
  98. I enjoy the rocket tanks when I get keys for a "free 1 hour test drive". You get 2 spawns with them. I find them the most fun when you have at least 3 enemies sitting still trying to cap and you sneak up on them at point blank range and blast all 3 to smithereens. So, when the 4th enemy tank kills you then just spawn again... but they will be looking for you then.
  99. ^This^ With equally skillful pilots, the plane that is fully modded over one that is not will have the advantage. An exception would be if you research and purchase bombs for a "fighter" or torpedoes for "assault planes" when you have no intention to use them on that plane. That extra payload will decrease the planes performance. Research those last just so you get the "spaded" distinction.
  100. Ahh.. you just want to brag that you shot down one of those pitiful 100 guys with your measly 50cals.
  101. SPAA should now have free repair costs since spawning them is a sure bet for death by kamikaze. The most plane kills I can get with them now is only 2 before dying which adds up to chicken feed. Hey, where is @sidchicken ??
  102. I don't believe I have had more loses than 5 in a row because I usually will win 5 in a row before and after.
  103. I have been researching the Sherman II, and noticed (on some games but not all) that their is no sound coming from the main gun during an entire game. Sound on MG's are okay but when I shoot the main gun it sounds distant like an enemy gun. I am using a 5.1 surround system and I will only hear the main gun on my rear surround speakers but not the front Center or front Left and Right speakers like other main gun sounds. Anyone else notice this?