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  1. Tanks/Vehicles

    Unless there is outcry from the players like with H8K2, which won't happen with the T14 as there is no reason for it.
  2. Tanks/Vehicles

    It's not yet been implemented so no.
  3. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Yet you cannot prove the credibility.
  4. Aircraft/Loadouts

    As far as I can tell, you haven't yet disproved the pictures of the mock up. Disprove them please.
  5. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Because you have yet to disprove it.
  6. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Photo of that mock up is accurate.
  7. Aircraft/Loadouts

    A mock up was made which is good enough, and a photo is better than nothing, if you can find in writing that these pictures aren't accurate then post it.
  8. Aircraft/Loadouts

    This image must be photo shopped then
  9. Skins/Decals

    Every wall has it's weak spot, the best place to look are it's foundations. So the best way to get Germany to do so, is to campaign in other countries first that have made it illegal as this should cause pressure.
  10. Skins/Decals

    This: As my favourite Imperial always said, "well, you have to start somewhere." Though if a campaign is started it's got to be made clear that the campaigners don't condone the Third Reich.
  11. Skins/Decals

    German's are the most stubborn people in the world when it comes to laws iirc.
  12. Skins/Decals

    If Gaijin do it correctly, if they ever bother, then it would be just like a skin that overrides the games default, and that also includes the DAC emblem as well. Essentially it would be invisible to players who do not have the DLC, whether by choice or IP restriction.
  13. Skins/Decals

    Actually there is another solution, Hearts of Iron 4 have a free DLC that is automatically acquired if you are using a non German I.P Address. But in my eyes games are art in the same way films are art, and yet both are also classed as a form of entertainment.
  14. We've got more chance of getting the Type C than a down tiered Canberra. And I'd rather see the Victor than the Valiant.
  15. Type C is still needed, it's the only plane, with regards to the Washington B.1 which is essentially a B-29, that is on par with the B-29 itself.
  16. Pure British ingenuity.
  17. That's true, XF5U is very close to a helicopter in terms of take off and stall speeds.
  18. If true I wonder what it would be armed with, 6 12.7mm Browning machine guns or 4 20mm cannons.
  19. Tanks/Vehicles

    The VK45.02P was a blueprint vehicle that was competitor for the Tiger II. Designed by Ferdinand-Porsche, the VK45.02P was designed to give the Germans a better tank to the current Tiger I. It featured a rear mounted turret, with 120mm of sloped armor. However the vehicle never entered the prototype stage, as the tank required too much copper at the time it was designed, however, the turrets already built for it were fitted to the first Tiger II's.   This vehicle would be a good solid Tier IV Premium vehicle, with similar capabilities to the Tiger II.