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  1. Tanks/Vehicles

    I never said they were connected.
  2. Tanks/Vehicles

    And M36B1, they were mounted, if I'm correct, on early production M4A3 chassis, were the M4 90v used a Late M4A3 Chassis with VVSS rather than HVSS suspension.
  3. Tanks/Vehicles

    Most of what I've read on tanks haven't mentioned a shortage of 90mm guns for the US Army.
  4. Tanks/Vehicles

    I'd say the majority are, I got sources that state it's an M4A3E8, M4A3E2 or just M4A3.
  5. Tanks/Vehicles

    This topic was posted first but the other one is more popular for some reason.
  6. Tanks/Vehicles

    M36B1 would be best in the Tank Destroyer line, and used an early M4A3 chassis, the latter with M36 turret used a late model M4A3 chassis. Frontally the hulls look identical.
  7. Tanks/Vehicles

    As far as I can tell, it's not a Jumbo hull. Sources are very sketchy though.
  8. Tanks/Vehicles

    The VK45.02P was a blueprint vehicle that was competitor for the Tiger II. Designed by Ferdinand-Porsche, the VK45.02P was designed to give the Germans a better tank to the current Tiger I. It featured a rear mounted turret, with 120mm of sloped armor. However the vehicle never entered the prototype stage, as the tank required too much copper at the time it was designed, however, the turrets already built for it were fitted to the first Tiger II's.   This vehicle would be a good solid Tier IV Premium vehicle, with similar capabilities to the Tiger II.    
  9. Tanks/Vehicles

    During 1944 a project, undertaken by Chrysler, involved putting a T26 turret onto the hull of an M4A3 Sherman in order to give Tankers a better weapon against German Armor. The project however was scrapped as it was believe to have slowed the production of the T26E1 and when these came into service would make the M4 Hybrid pointless with only 1 example built.   Such a vehicle would be a good stop gap between the Sherman and Pershing line once it comes out or as a US Premium Medium Tank at Tier 3.    
  10. The Su-9 was a Soviet copy of the Me-262 Jet Fighter that was built in 1946 and was armed 1x 37mm N-37 or a 45mm N-45 cannon and 2x 23mm NS-23 Cannons. The power plant consisted of 2 RD-10 Jets, which were copies of the Junkers Jumo 004B Engine.     The Su-11 was an improved version, The engine was changed to being in the wing, rather than underneath which reduced drag and used a different wing foil that reduced Mach Tuck.     The Su-13 was a further improvement and the final attempt to improve the performance of the Su-9. The wing sections reduced 11% to 9% thickness/chord ratio and swept tailplanes. The powerplant included 2 Klimov RD-500 engines with 15,6 kN Thrust per engine. The armament was also changed to 3 37mm N-37 cannons.   All 3 planes would make great Tier 5 fighters.