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  1. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Interior only.
  2. Aircraft/Loadouts

    It's defensive armament shouts tier 3.
  3. Aircraft/Loadouts

    At tier 4? RIGHT! That thing is more likely to come in around tier 3.
  4. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Cause it's unique in design one of a very few actual bombers that weren't built by the USAAF during World War 2. And there aren't many bombers at all available to the US that can fit in as a Tier 4 premium.
  5. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Most paper planes we have reliable data for, wind tunnel tests as well as engine outputs and weight of the aircraft itself can give us a reliable idea on it's performance, and the B-33A was almost built if not for the B-29 even without the B-26. And it is needed for the US Tech Tree. More Premium Bombers the better.
  6. Tanks/Vehicles

    Sheridan is more likely to lead onto the Stingray.
  7. Tanks/Vehicles

    I suspect it is actually a T69 and not a T42. I can't find any information at all about a T42 Light Tank, all I can find is a T42 Medium Tank which was developed into the T69 Medium Tank. Yes
  8. Tanks/Vehicles

    That is incorrect, the US only received the Firefly towards the end of the war, by then they had the 76.2mm guns for their own Shermans, so it was nothing to do with the mass producing the ammo for the 17-Pounder gun as it was being widely used in the Anti-Tank role.
  9. Ground vehicles

  10. Tanks/Vehicles

    That they captured.
  11. Tanks/Vehicles

    No, just British regular.
  12. Tanks/Vehicles

    That would make the A-10 and SU-25 9.3 at best then. Also when it does happen I can't wait, but let's get back on topic even though we've talked the Skink to death :P
  13. Tanks/Vehicles

    As I keep saying about the F-4 & MiG-21 being added to the game, it's only a matter of when and not if.
  14. Tanks/Vehicles

    Su-25 is subsonic, and doesn't have an afterburner, think you are thinking of the Su-17. And I think America should get the A-10.
  15. Tanks/Vehicles

    The API round has an MV of 1010m/s, so slightly less than the much lighter M61 rounds, but it's time to target is 30% less than the M61 rounds at a target 4000 feet away, so it will have a clear advantage over the Vulcan. I think we'll likely see this and the Sgt. York in game, with the A-10 appearing at 9.0.
  16. Tanks/Vehicles

    What is the mv of the M163 in game?
  17. Tanks/Vehicles

    Sorry guys, but nothing beats a downscaled 30mm GAU-8 :P
  18. Tanks/Vehicles

    And this one:
  19. Tanks/Vehicles

    Only makes sense, British, Canadian, ANZAC and Indian troops were all fighting and dieing in the name of his Majesty King George VI.
  20. Tanks/Vehicles

    You already have plenty to choose from which are of equal power to the Skink such as the T85 MGMC.
  21. Tanks/Vehicles

    M60A1 has the 105mm M68 which is a licence produced 105mm L7. And the Skink doesn't use an American chassis, it uses a Canadian chassis. And NATO didn't exist till 1949.
  22. Tanks/Vehicles

    T77 Quad will come before the M15, as would the T77 Sextuple which I believe is the T77E1.
  23. Tanks/Vehicles

    True, but Gaijin have surprised us in the past.
  24. Tanks/Vehicles

    It's a good candidate for either position.
  25. Tanks/Vehicles

    M15 Special, or M34 as it will likely be known as in the Tech Tree, is equivalent in power to the Crusader 40mm. The T85, like the Skink for the British tech tree, is equivalent to the German Wirbelwind. So it should,in my opinion, and discounting premiums, should go M15 - T86 - M34 - M19 T77 Quad will be a Tier 2 premium with the T77 Sextuple being Tier 3.
  26. Tanks/Vehicles

    If we go that way, the T77 and T85 are likely to be tier 3 premiums, though I could see the T85 filling in the gap in the standard tree between the M15 and M19, the T65 is the best candidate for a premium Tier 4 SPAAG with the Twin Bofors ,and the M15 Special, or M34 as it should appear in game, would likely be an early Tier 4 SPAAG after the T85.
  27. Tanks/Vehicles

    I've mentioned several American Alternatives if you bother go back several pages.
  28. Tanks/Vehicles

    No, it shouldn't be in the International tree either, and the Commonwealth Tree IS the British Tech Tree, there is a reason it was called the British Commonwealth during World War 2! So no International Tech Tree, no American Tech Tree! And yes I take it as a personal insult for it even be suggested for an International Tech Tree as many Commonwealth soldiers died fighting for Britain in Africa, Europe and the Pacific and in my opinion it insults their memory!
  29. Tanks/Vehicles

    Yep, such as better sloping of the armour and high quality tracks.
  30. Tanks/Vehicles

    No, Canadian Built Grizzle I Cruiser tanks, Licence production of the M4A1. And no, the Skink and for that matter M4A5 Ram II shouldn't be American Premiums, even then, the M4A5 is in correct in game it should have a Sherman turret and 75mm gun.
  31. Aircraft/Loadouts

    The development of the B-26 Marauder and it's High Altitude derivative, the B-33 was designed as a Medium Bomber with 2 different designs, a 2 Engine and 4 Engine variants, the 4 engine variant was ordered by the USAAF but the order however the program was cancelled before any were built.   The prototype for this project was to have been the XB-33A, with 2 ordered by the USAAF and to have a bomb load of 12,000lb bombs, the same as the B-24, heaviest bomber at the time before the B-29 and was to be powered by 4 Wright R-2600 Engines compared the the original XB-33s R3350, the main reason being the demand of the engine for the USAAF's most prised project, the B-29. January 17 1942 400 B-33A bombers were ordered to be built at the Government-owned plant Omaha-Nebraska operated by Martin. On November 25th 1942 however the orders were cancelled as the factory was designated to mass produce the B-29 Super Fortress.   General characteristics Crew: 7 Length: 79 ft 10 in (24.3 m) Wingspan: 134 ft (40.8 m) Height: 24 ft (7.32 m) Wing area: 1,646 ft² (153 m²) Empty weight: 85,000 lb (39,000 kg) Loaded weight: 95,000 lb (43,000 kg) Powerplant: 4 × Wright R-2600-15 radial engines, 1,800 hp (1,300 kW each) each Performance (estimated) Maximum speed: 345 mph (300 kn, 555 km/h) Cruise speed: 242 mph (210 kn, 389 km/h) Range: 2,000 mi (1,700 nmi, 3,000 km) Service ceiling: 39,000 ft (12,000 m) Rate of climb: ft/min (m/s) Wing loading: 58 lb/ft² (280 kg/m²) Power/mass: 0.076 hp/lb (55 W/kg) Armament Guns: 8× .50 in (12.7 mm) machine guns Bombs: 10,000 lb (4,500 kg)