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  1. sure. The crew was just gonna open the breech and let a guy walk up to the tank a second time. makes sense. I wonder what disabled their tank completely and left the crew alive inside. weakest part of a cannon and the most likely part to fail in case of overpressure would in fact be the breach.
  2. *sigh* An HE shell in the barrel. Not a shot through the side. Just ignore the video of the t72 being destroyed and having the ammo cook off by a couple grenades then.
  3. salt would be from the maus drivers when they get bombed without cover from top spaa or penned by 8.0 tanks on an uptier.
  4. put AI artillery throughout the map that will one shot you, and shoot through mountains. just like aa in rb air
  5. the flakpanzer 1 has had its spawn cost increased. it costs as much as a tank to spawn in, at least last I checked.
  6. this is really good advice. like stona said you have to know the maps and where the enemy goes. You can find great spots to ambush them or surprise them.
  7. I usually play the Sheridan because I am grinding it out. Its actually a fun experience, because I actually have to expose myself to enemy fire to man he a missile, so I dont feel too OP. Sheridan is the only mouse aim atgm tank that isn't op imo. but taking an m22 into tier 5 is always fun. Killing Leos and dodging missiles
  8. you would rather face tigers twos in an m4a1?
  9. I actually killed a t54 with the first arty shot from my fire mission. It can kill but only with a direct hit usually.
  10. here is what I think. each team believes its tanks are awesome. Except maybe Americans. Because of history channel. at tier one, they will play very bad, but so will the enemy, so its fine, and they make it to tier two very quickly, especially if they get the premium tier one tank for choosing ground forces first. (might be a misconception, I think this happens but I'm not sure as I joined years ago) tier two will be left fairly quickly, and most players I encounter there still do not have basic skills you need at later tiers to survive, they seem very blind and get tunnel vision easy. tier three is where you start learning skills, because you will be facing things that can kill you at some range, and you will start facing good heavies. You start either fixing your mistakes or the grind into tier 4 will be very painful. However, balance at tier three will effect these teams as they move through the ranks. Recently, tier three Germans were very OP, because of the APHE Nerf. Experienced players were abusing this too, because it was very fun. So the players who are grinding through have their playstyle awarded, even when it is horrible. untill last BR patch the Germans were also at tier 4. This tier takes a really long time to grind out, and Germans were awarded for stupid things because of how the tiger twos handle, and the panther two as well. so the teams eventually make it to tier 5, with their fast tank and good gun, and they do not have the skills required to play well. This is offset by people who ground through during rougher times (America release patch, my playstyle in American tanks was hampered for a while after that) or have outgrown their mistakes. anyway, tl;dr is that the balance of the trees while you play effects the teams at tier 5, and tier 4. this is just a theory though
  11. well, a pve mode made tight could be pretty good. Its also pretty fun to shoot at mindless columns of Ai tanks. if they make it possible to win and make it give us decent rewards it could be a way to alleviate stock syndrome. although world war mode would be great, I can see a place for the PVE, if it gets made properly.
  12. in my experience all teams below 5.0 are bad. playing in my stug, had a friendly stug drive within 5 yards of me while a British light tank was ramming me, the guy didnt notice and got killed after me. its just that at the 3.0-3.3 range you are maybe 30 battles in, you really dont know basic tank play that you pick up later.
  13. yes. I used the f84 at 7.0 while grinding through to the m551. It would put me at 8.0 occasionally, but before the last br patch uptiers were rarer for 7.0 vehicles, so I actually would club prop attackers and make lots of SL.
  14. when terrorists and rebels and the like are in battle, they usually have RPGs for knocking tanks out. usually trying to stick something down the barrel of a live tank will get you killed. If you didn't notice, there are MGs aligned with the barrel on pretty much every tank, so nothing stops the tankers from machinegunning the idiot who is trying to put something down the barrel. if they fire the main gun it will most likely kill the guy at the end of the barrel, regardless of whether the shell hits him or not. for destroying a stationary tank, with the barrel at the right angle, its plausible. Especially because the pressure caused by the grenade using C4 will be extremely higher than the pressure caused by the propellant used to fire shells. the breech is the most likely part of the gun to break from overpressure.
  15. your statement is wrong on such a comical level I am not sure where to begin.
  16. breech would be blown, its a contained explosion, and its way more explosive force than the breech is designed for. the T72 likely has a really thick breech as well, but its not a solid plate, there is an opening. and the Abrams has things like computers and stuff inside that are required for the tank to function properly. A grenade exploding in the tank might not set off the ammo, but it would destroy the FCS and other electronics
  17. shouldn't be too hard, since Ai tanks take full ammo. Just take an 8.0 tank and you can probably penetrate it easy. the assault mode alleviates stock syndrome by a lot I would imagine, if you win anyway.
  18. 1st grenade blows the breech open(irl the HE shells from things like an m19 or zsu37 should do the same if they explode inside the barrel) 2nd cooks off the ammo. I really hope this is allowed here, there are no people in the tank obviously, so I think it is in compliance with the rules. I can take the video down if its rule breaking.
  19. might set off a high explosive shell actually. Especially an API .50 against an aphe shell I doubt it would do much besides maybe setting off the fuse, but I am sure there is a safety mechanism that keeps both types of shells from going off easily. The HE shell would have a thinner shell though so depending on the type of explosives the flash from the incendiary charge could set it off.
  20. actually, I've noticed that apparently bounces and mg hits aren't lighting up tanks on the minimap. Airplanes strafing targets aren't giving me an icon on the map, air even chevrons at times. Even when they destroy tanks I've noticed that I cannot see the tank on the map.
  21. yeah, the air assault seems to be impossible to win. It seems that the enemies come too fast eventually and the team cannot kill the bombers fast enough
  22. makes sense, biggest thing I wanted to play with was the ground assault mode.
  23. Fighting Spähpanzers in my m36
  24. Just flank bro Thats what the germans said about the tiger two.
  25. There is already a realistic control only mode. Play simulator. Honestly, that is the only logical thing to do. If mouse aim is such a problem, dont play RB. Go play sim. Its and enjoyable game mode if you want to use a joystick