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  1. Okay? Have you never played a game where someone has a pros and cons? There will always be pros and cons and you have to deal with them. Be glad you don't have to grind 2 tier 5's to reach a tank with HEATFS that's a lot of rp more. Just to be equal when fully unlocked.
  2. M60 is where it gets good but you still cant just run out in the open ive bounced many rounds in my m60.m60a1 is even more bouncy i had my turret ring and breach knocked out by a zsu i managed to fend myself with just coaxial. No parts i drove over to a cap zone across the map and somehow got to repair lol. Apds is pretty good and if it fails there is hesh and heatfs
  3. Took it out the other day after it went live umm it was good either i got lucky or what ended that game like 5/0 all one shot ko.
  4. Nope i always say enemy plane if i spot one first. And nice ulq in a is6 wtf is this haha.
  5. Oh my god... Not only lacking basic knowledge but refuses to learn.
  6. -okay it's small i said that already nice repeat. -So you admit going off topic nice -Biologic Response to Complex Blast Wage's , LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LAB NM LIFE SCIENCES DIV, by Richmond, Donald R. ; Yelverton, John T. ; Fletcher, E. R. ; Phillips, Yancy Y. Experiment found "but all the animals sustained severe ear injury. " explain the 25% in that. Don't even try to discredit the experiment because you tried to use it in a previous statement. - Just because you repeat the same false junk over and over doesn't make them credible over time what's worse is you keep straying further and further from the topic so ill leave you to that have fun hijacking this thread to spread your personal agenda so reply with junk to heart's content. Bye and have a nice day. On topic it doesn't seem that Large caliber APHE rounds create enough spalling especially if you compare soviet 122mm vs 120mm. AP rounds latest patch have gotten buffed in penetration AND spalling.
  7. - As stated by the abstract "Small, bare charges were detonated inside an M59 armored personnel carrier" - Main purpose of this thread is about fragmentation from APHE i was merely stating the Sheeps in M59 has no relationship with the topic. Not even sure how you went from topic about nerfing APHE and increasing AP spalling to a topic about "concussion caused by explosion"-xrffz2017 - The statistics I got were from the Biologic Response to Complex Blast Waves test you keep refering to now your calling it a myth yet thats what the article clearly stated and documented "No deaths nor lung hemorrhages were observed, but ALL the animals sustained severe ear injury. " So yeah hows that 25% junk you mentioned holding up? Here's the problem with your statements you weren't even posting sources and it seems you haven't bothered to read them thoroughly otherwise you wouldn't have challenged the claims the article you clearly brought up in your previous statement. Honestly your credibility is next to none at this point. Have a good day.
  8. This is why I have to question everyones validity on this forum they are constantly falsifying information. A small charge with no fragmentation was put into the apc which is probably why they survived. Each one of those sheep had severe ear damages and those closes to the shockwave had certain injuries although non died. This doesn't simulate APHE fragmentation damage at all, merely the pressure of the jet of a HEAT round. "Figure 4 shows the distribution of blast lesions among the subjects exposed to blast from the 113-g charge inside the vehicle. All seven of them sustained non-auditory blast injuries. Six received slight injuries to both the UR and GI tracts." Burns,minor to moderate injuries, and severe ear damage.This just proves my point APHE can be even stronger than ever ability to to injure crew without any fragmentation I don't believe that is currently a game feature but from this thread it has made me realize APHE isn't even at it's maximum power. APHE shells should kill crew via self explosion fragmentation. kill crew via spalling(ESPECIALLY 122MM ARE UNDERPERFORMING IN SPALLING). injure crew even without fragmentation due to confined explosion. cancel sound/audio for player who has been penetrated by such shell to simulate ear damage. This thread did nothing to stop APHE but only strengthen it's power.
  9. You gotta be kidding me your saying ulq has no difference from max? Night and day difference.
  10. yeah....is3 was in the meta 3 years ago not anymore.
  11. definitely should be 7.3 MINIMUM
  12. Also since the introduction of t44-100 I've seen less of the t34-100 which is't a bad tank but compared to t44 it's not better.
  13. I was able to kill a m103 frontally with this but it took almost the entire rack first few were to range in and a few hit obsttacles I got to try it on a free trial not bad. haha doesn't have any aim restrictions.
  14. GERMANY for tier 1.
  15. You're the one who gambled so you should lose xd
  16. This is what I would do i would put the 1949 t54 under the current 1947 then add in a t55. Or remove the 1951 and put it under the 1949.
  17. M26e1 is a classic beast doesnt look like much but it shells out a strong aphe round.
  18. Havent spent much lately maybe next sale around $500-600 it says like 600-700 but i realized the history doesnt display discounts the actual price you paid
  19. it's good but you need to be hiding or get those flank hits.
  20. Person experience seeing british tanks in game most of the time i see ussr/us/brit vs ger/japoneeze they do fine. Something they lack is motivation to pull out in a vehicle after their beloved chieftain dies its always a falcon or plane. I feel a few british tanks should be lowered in br they are kinda bit forgotten now such as black prince which was once amazing at 5.7 got bumped up to 6.0 which was fine until introduction of so many heatf vehicles at 6.7. It really cannot keep up to the meta of high ROF and high mobility few other vehicles the same.
  21. Was actually both anti tank rifles AND HE.
  22. So many contradictions claims he uses m56 when he is vs 7.0-7.3 russian tanks for the sole reason heatfs is efficient on them, then later he says he doesnt engage russian tanks that fit in the category of 7.0+ then why are you bringing out the m56?
  23. Don't cheat it's not worth it.
  24. Yeah cuz you have HESH/APDS.
  25. was used actually against HE.
  26. Survived but tank was not combat ready multiple accounts that the tank had welding that split you can look at the guys post. So should we make it that APHE renders tanks combat ineffective I mean 99% of those reports said crew had to evacuate immediately and welding of plates even split you should have see one picture of the turret of the Cromwell it's left side was completely blasted looked like cheese with holes just bursted. Even some reporting flames of clothing. Explosions in confined areas can cause temporary blindness, ear drum ruptures and collapsed lungs.
  27. well at the time 6.0 was some what okay now it really isn't haha.
  28. How do you know that APHE doesnt create a spherical explosion?
  29. Ive seen a modular armor pack for the conqueror where they stacked some plates on it.
  30. So some time last year Gaijin began the first introduction of armorons which included extra armor plates that were spaced / mesh fencing and tracks. However last few updates we haven't seen any sort or advancements or additional work. At the current pace of the game meta the offensive technologies are increasing rapidly recently with ATGM and lower br vehicles equipped with HEATFS/HESH we haven't seen any updates on armor packages especially in tier 4-5 which has turned into a ROF/High penetration meta. Introducing more armor addons for existing vehicles would be nice dont you think?
  31. You couldnt tell from the information given that it isnt going to be a good choice.
  32. First of all have you even seen a type 62? Well the only time I've ever seen it was the slowest thing I've seen the guy died because he couldn't even rotate his turret while he got blown up. ru251 is something the public can by as mass tell me when was the last time you saw a type 62 vs ru251?
  33. Next br patch I see everything witth HEATFS(300MM+ at 7.0-7.3)
  34. Honestly i'd like to see the meta changed towards armor again gaijin stated they would improve addition armor but we haven't seen any progress or significant changes in the last few patches at all.
  35. You should also be asking why the RU 251 is 6.7
  36. I guess I haven't touched atgms that much but Today I was testing out the stabilizer and I shot point blank at a tank with the m551 and I exploded myself from the explosion as well as the target so now we have an explosive vehicle in war thunder huh haha. Not just atgm anything large caliber with lots of explosives will do the same it's funny.
  37. It's better than the m56 in everyway.
  38. wtf hesh was nerfed lmfao
  39. M46 additional armor only(from what ive seen) includes a metal fencing around the turret its literally only used to prematurely detonate the shell the most important factor is the fencing is extremely distant from the turret. Considering the fencing isnt even solid i think its quite relevant.
  40. Factors would include the pressure difference, distance,material,material thickness and what kind of ammunition was used.
  41. Not useless i remember trying to pen m46 with additional armor and it failed to do damage. Im sure distance is also a factor.
  42. Can anyone confirm if spalling increased? Pen is great and all but pointless without great damage.
  43. T-V

    there would be no chance of friendly fire because your the tv
  44. I dont see whats wrong. What's the point you're trying to convey here?
  45. Who even mentioned br? Look at this guy he has no validity to his statement and he keeps jumping around questions. So blind to obvious facts he wants chieftain to be stronger when its already far superior.
  46. Didnt know that i would have to unlock many modules to get on par with chieftain. Tell me that is fair. Im already fighting a tank from 1969 you want the mk5 now?
  47. I aint pen a cheiftain upper plate or majority of the turret with my t10m why cant i complain? Umm UK came out a year ago pal Japan came out no more than a few months and you're already expecting a full tech tree? You pick and choose what you want to listen to hence the reason you skipped around my statement.
  48. Russians have 3 viable t5 t10m(getting outdated due to high ROF meta),t62 and it1. If you refute that by all means go play any t54,is3,is4m or su122-54 and tell me how you fair.