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  1. Just like stabilizer it will come but not necessary at the moment.
  2. Its a shame point of view means nothing its all about the data. The issue when you take a youtube video as a reference for damage is you're finding the most perfectly clip there is. Slick, phly or other youtubers arent going to uplpad a video where they just get ammo red and die. They get the best clips.
  3. I think they wanted it in the heavy line because there isn't any other heavy other than the m103's
  4. tell the most powerful APFSDS t-62 that when it can't even pen a conqueror 7.3. Yeah I remember the first time I took that thing out bounced 3 times on UFP top down and absorbed by turret 2 times. I was about 800m away.
  5. it's work in progress hell you forget to use your smoke half the time and not many people care to get it first as you would need to grind the modification.
  6. Being apfsds its quite good spalling however is the shell lacking some penetration? I know its minor but anyone got some data on this? I noticed from test server to live they actually buffed the slope penetration a good chunk 30mm@60°. I think this will be a decent tank at 8.0.
  7. Umm no many vehicles got smoke shells and launchers in all tiers. Read the changelog.
  8. atgm

    HEAT shell is for close quarters where you can actually use it's muzzle velocity to kill people instead of trading all the time. But issue is if you some how don't pen or land it well good luck.
  9. Please just let this tank die off they already ruined it by not putting e-100 in there. Gaijin it's a game not irl just because there were not made doesn't mean you try to replicate the same scenario in game. IT'S A GAME JUST ADD IT IN.
  10. 105 leo/m60 sounds like a big ole slap. Also the 122mm BOINK with that deep bass.
  11. Why would they US obviously contributed the most to the project money,time and development. So US gets it.
  12. https://gyazo.com/67cf55d847c9e959e9b69ae5c942ec68 not hard
  13. you play arcade so we are on completely different skill levels. I'm a mediocre player with m46 someone with the tech tree version also gets addon armor will get 2-3 easily.
  14. it really messes with you when you go from apds to hesh or something lower velocity
  15. You're taking this too serious rocket tanks are just gimmicks not actually killing anything lets be honest here. You really think they added the katyusha with the intentions of it being a top main battle tank? i'd rather see actual at vehicles on the battlefield than these gimmick vehicles taking up slots.
  16. Imagine they used the full standard deviation right? Lets just imagine that .1% chance that your HESH will FAIL ON A GOD DAM PIECE OF STICK HAPPENS. Yeah I thought so I'll take the 20%.
  17. meh sometimes especially if it's a close game otherwise it's w.e
  18. You probably kill yourself often also. Why come in treetop level when you can hit a target a km away with decent accuracy.
  19. Absolutely not this separates clearly skilled players and mediocre players.
  20. because a plane would never get near 100m of target but in war thunder they can do as they please as there is no chain of command no military structure no restrictions. IT'S A GAME.
  21. Even modern abrams dont fire more than a shell into enemy vehicles.
  22. they would put it back at 7.0 if they added heatfs. instead of the HEAT round.
  23. I didn't see anything about that on the stat card but I thought it was a bug that it didn't have it i'm still not sure from the information given maybe a developer can shed light on this?
  24. Another one of these threads again? Aren't there about four of these threads? How about ysing the search function.
  25. Actually the thing is that the chieftain mk3 was ALREADY 8.3 material with its insane and probably best default shell of any tank exluding atgm plus good armor amd sloping but put into 8.0. The extra horsepower was what it needed to just boot it out of there.
  26. Pfft in my custom battles the smoke grenades were used little or wisely.
  27. Not exaggerated at all trust me.
  28. One you can tell the tank was hull up, two he was shooting from below also , three it was far away, four the shell is underperforming at the moment. AND FIVE IT'S A T62.
  29. the energy transfer might be there however because of the difference in energy transfer the first layer of metal may give out before it can transfer all the energy. If the energy cannot be transferred quick enough to the siliceous armor it will never reach the third layer and the first layer will reach a maximum energy threshold and give out. Not to mention T95E1 is one of those few tanks that is angled enough where you can honestly reach the limits of where HESH will start to lose penetration. with Siliceous armor HESH would be most likely negated completely.
  30. You can utilize it more than just cover from atgm. You can use it to swap position after getting a enemy frag. etc.
  31. it doesn't fit into the game meta but it is better than nothing.
  32. Actually shot the m60a2 with t10m umm it's really hit or miss few times I blew it up few times only because I hit ammo. but a few times the shrapnel didn't hit anything.
  33. look at the sky. bait them wait for head on shots. your not going to hit them as they fly past
  34. you killed me in battle on dev server it's stronk
  35. only time I got to hit a t95e1 was from a highly angled frontal shot with m551 ATGM and it still penned well.
  36. Personally I feel that this update is getting ready for something bigger. They are filling in the gaps(maybe another update in august) to fill out the tech trees then BAM composite/era. All these tanks getting more and more APFSDS. Jumping into 8.3 for real this time not just ATGM.
  37. Does this variant have siliceous armor? didn't see anything about it.
  38. at tier 5 even if it was 100mm and breech they would break my gun every time they shot me so not surprised.
  39. From what I seen on dev m60a2 has a 220mm cast+100mm structural steel right behind it. even if you pen it you will only hit like the commander that thing will be hard to kill without hullshot. https://gyazo.com/9441c9d0a617b4c35eedc5159c3843cd Interesting they placed it on TD line kinda gives people who went down that line something to use.
  40. wouldn't du shells have a pyrophoric effect?
  41. atgm

    mk4/5 is definitely coming out this patch I feel it.
  42. yes you had the m60 before m48 came out so you don't care correct but someone who didn't and had to grind through m48 isn't going to be as easy going as you wouldn't you agree?
  43. atgm

    issue is even the m60a2 is not within the games meta long reload relying on again useless armor. people can punch right through that mantlet and hull. Although I like it, it will just be a uparmored m551 that's slower.
  44. You know some foldering the US sabre line was quite nice but once you start foldering many techtrees there is going to be a uproar because so many people put work into it and now people have to research one thing.
  45. "I can easily play without fpe pfft usually your going to die anyway if someone catches u on ur side or rear.
  46. How about proof that this happened?
  47. https://gyazo.com/13c4527b0f7fb907a9670de38d96bbcc t62 APFSDS best one. A casual reload of a t62 resulted in a 12-13 second long reload with crew max honestly you should do 8 seconds.
  48. special

    A10? No problem just give me a sukhoi pak fa.
  49. LMFAO BOUNCE 88 bLahahhah Wooo weee haha good laugh right there funny guy, wait nice gun? BALAHAHHABAHAHHAHAH. Too early in the morning for this.
  50. arcade

    If ur brawling short range 412b
  51. Pfft i bounced point blank on type74. 3 times.
  52. So if you haven't realized APDS vs HEATFS. HEATFS seems to rock my tank back more than APDS so I tried to see that in some tester mode and it really does have a bigger kick.
  53. T10M is barely surviving the meta if you took out it's APHE it would be another useless heavy. It will be guaranteed to be phased out by 8.6 BR vehicles
  54. I dont play arcade which it seems like you are primarily focused on. But I have no issues with anything mentioned above for RB. As for AB thats what you get it literally says in its title ARCADE meaning its ment for a joke.
  55. Almost got me there almost thought a guy actually said t62 was too powetful. Nice necro.
  56. No parts no fpe managed okay with leoa1a1. You survive hits many hits too for no reason in the leopard at times it does even make sense when you see a t10m bounce off you. I can only speak for leoa1a1 its space armor does little to nothing heatfs/atgm but be happy if you get hit by those as they might not kill you. If you havent seen already
  57. Issue is it didnt bounce it was sucked into some kinda black hole.
  58. https://gyazo.com/13c4527b0f7fb907a9670de38d96bbcc I swear leopard turret is the most trolliest piece of dongus.
  59. honest don't bring them down just bring up is6 to 7.3 and ru to 7.3
  60. 120mm isn't getting nerfed...
  61. Nope very consistent for me EXTREMELY consistent(it's guaranteed kills frontally side obviously you have to hit the crew compartment from the side for OHK)
  62. Have yet to die because of moving up and fown with stabilizer. And you can turn it off AND why are you spamming threads theres already one so use the seaarch function.
  63. Nah ru251 isnt 8.0 material but can easily survive 7.7
  64. Billing information name and address.
  65. Saw 2 m18s rush cap die to spawn in ad2.... Not even sabre... A AD2. Sturmpanzer is good in the right hands pfft so is a leoa1a1.
  66. Abrams has MPAT If it was ever added id say it should freeze the tank like during repair so you cant drive/move turret etc and should take 2-3 times as long and even longer for 2 piece ammunition. At that point its a useless and arcady function so no need to even consider.
  67. Do you have the rjpz 2hot? And make sure you have the Canadians sabre until then you are not finished.
  68. Also DO NOT BUY 10,000GE TWICE OVER LIKE THIS MAN. You spent $49.99*2 for a total of 24,000ge. When you buy the $94.99 for a total of 24,000 had $5 left over to purchase a addition 800ge(will not have bonus) but you still get 800 ge more than you would with $49.99*2.
  69. I wanted to buy but the issue is since you cant buy a specific amount you are left with unused zgold. Purchasing the top package will yield most savings. 5000ge free plus you save more the More you buy. And for those who hve never heard of Razer.... Do you even computer?
  70. Must be many peoples first rocket equipped vehicle. Let me tell you play them with a grain of salt they arent really ment to kill anything unless your talking about atgm or missiles made specifically for tanks.
  71. No that was caused by a heavy footed commander.
  72. Anything is possible but unloading is pointless.. The time to unload shell will be far longer to unload than reload. Cannons arent built to unload so it would be very difficult and put limitations on the take as if it was repairing. Imagine trying to unload 2 piece ammunition then re racking Simply impractical. Ever second counts your "perfect" situation is not going to sit there wait for the most part. i hope devs dont even waste their time considering this.