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  1. Fang bitte mit dem Manga NOISE an und dann erst mit BLAME. NOISE ist sozusagen BLAME 0.
  2. Prequel lesen! Gunnm Kasei Senki Other name: Gunnm Mars Chronicle; Gunnm Mars Chronicles und natürlich das Sequel: GUNNM Last Order
  3. hast ne Nachricht.
  4. Besser bekannt als Viagra Oxid. Retro Fieber! Hach ja, die guten alten Serien.
  5. +1 from me. Especially the part above has my full support!
  6. Ich wurde fett! 72kg auf 173cm sind nicht mehr in meinem akzeptablen Rahmen. 10kg müssen runter! Also bleibt nur:
  7. Pro Tip: Wenn ihr nach 4 Jahren ohne richtigen Sport beschließt am ersten Tag das übliche (12km) tägliche Pensum, von vor der Pause zu laufen, ist das eine schlechte Idee! MEINE BEINE! ICH SPÜRE MEINE BEINE NICHT MEHR!!
  8. DAS! Ich bin mal gespannt was er am Ende sagt. ^^
  9. Warum soll sie denn stumm sein? Sie spricht nur wenig. Schau dir mal die letzte Folge an, sie spricht durchaus. ^^ Ansonsten wäre es etwas seltsam das sie eine eigene Seiyu mit Rie Murakawa hat.
  10. Japanese Ground Forces       Who am I?   Greetings War Thunder, my name is Eun Ae Sun. I do work at the Japanese Center for Asian Historical Records,  an archiving committee in Japan. Most people here would be more aware of my past username, Mai_Waffentrager. Unfortunately I am unable to speak directly to you today, due to some complications. However, thanks to the aid of a few members of both the Forum and Live community, my message can be heard through their volunteering. Well that's nice and all... but why am I here?   During the Gamescom event that took place recently, Vyacheslav "BVV_d" Bulannikov, confirmed that currently, Gaijin does not believe the Japanese will have an independent Ground Forces tree. Instead they would receive a handful of premium vehicles for other nations, or that they will be implemented through the International tree.   For nearly a year now, I have been working on various fan-made trees illustrating what a fully fledged and devoted tech tree would resemble regarding the Japanese Ground Forces. I discovered just how much the playerbase admired the thought of Japanese tankery through spending time with the Warthunder Live community. Unfortunately, with Gaijin not in favor of an independent tree (right now), I decided to create a group of members from the community to launch an active project supporting, and detailing, Japanese armour and their full implementation in the game.         Our goal is to persuade Gaijin through sheer research and evidence, that such a critical power as Japan deserve their rightful spot on the Ground Forces tab, instead of being declined alongside an independent French tech tree. This project will and can only be successful through solid community support. With a small team of assistants, this project will eventually flesh out the Japanese Ground Forces section of the official forum. This will give the playerbase a concrete and reliable source of information regarding Japanese tanks.   A strong argument against the idea of competitive Japanese tanks is how they can be compared to any other nation in their respective tiering. Japanese tanks can be described as the "jacks of all trades yet masters of none", or in layman's terms, having average qualities in most areas, yet nothing vastly superior to others. They are vehicles that only skilled players can use to proper effectiveness, with the average player possibly finding themselves at a crossroads when they decide to grind down the tree. The introduction of the tanks in Tier 1 are generally mild, compared to competitors. Tier 2 and 3 is where Japan gets vehicles that can actively compete against others, yet lacking substantial armor. The most challenging tier that a Japanese tank player will have to endure will be Tier 4. It is here where Japanese tanks will lack a wide range of selection, relying on their armament and mobility to be effective on the battlefield. However, if players reach Tier 5, Japanese tanks could be said to be "diamonds in the rough",  receiving post-war vehicles and features comparable to that of the German "Leopard 1".           Members of the Project   Project Lead Mai_Waffentrager (Eun Ae Sun)   Moderator Support wotertool   Assistants Orlunu Priest5000 blankfile Nomad_Gaming Azumazi   Posting Assistants BananaG0D BostonNick CmdNomad   Graphic Designer Mostafox         Our Website   To go along with our project here on the Official Forum, I decided to open up an external website for the intended use of reference. While it may seem somewhat basic at the moment, there are plans on growing the website to further lengths in order for the community here to have quick and easy access to all things Japanese tanks. It is also here you can find the latest tech trees I finish for the Japanese Ground Forces.       Tech Tree   I will be updating my tree whenever the opportunity arises. I understand that there may be implementations below that some may disagree with. As a project we wish to address the entire community's idea and thoughts regarding the Japanese Ground Forces. However, I would be grateful if posts regarding specifics tanks be delayed for another thread. This is here to make our project known to all.