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  1. Gameplay

    Just makes the game very unwieldy. No, thank you.
  2. tanks/vehicles

    Yup, you saw it with the CL, still the overall best performing jet in the game. If it had 4x20mm cannons instead of those pea shooters it would be the best aircraft in the current game. Tanks are fairly easy to kill, since they have sides and rears, planes however are a different story. If you can't even get into any kind of firing range, then how would you kill something like that?
  3. ground vehicles

    And people asked for that feature for 3 years now, eversince the CBT for GF
  4. ground vehicles

    Wouldn't use any of those. I would love to switch ammo without firing the gun.
  5. aircraft/loadouts

    Alright, let me rephrase that. No jets at 6.7 that perform similar to F2H2s
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    No jets at 6.7, nice try though.
  7. Exactly, you could make both ways work. I prefer to leave it as is.
  8. The issue is, that every nation would be able to do everything equally good. You wouldn't be able to distinguish what's what anymore...
  9. +1, I'd love to fire and control ATGMs with my joystick
  10. ground vehicles

    The T10M is doing just fine atm. Maybe in the future.
  11. american planes

    *2x30mm DEFA autocannons All variants that the German Luftwaffe adopted or pruduced under license were equipped with the 30mm cannons.
  12. tanks/vehicles

    If you could find non composite tanks that used ERA or NERA, then you're good again.
  13. It really is time to extend to 9.0 at least... But after that, I don't see why not. Extend even further to 10.3 and add some new planes as well and we're golden again, given you can balance everything properly.
  14. tanks/vehicles

    Well, you can't leave a nation incapable to fight another. It's never been completely equal across all nations, but every nation could competently fight another nation's vehicles.
  15. tanks/vehicles

    I don't know bout you, but I think it would be pretty cool to habe that. Would force bombers to fly at a pretty high altitue for once. Attackers and fighters would less effected by it.
  16. tanks/vehicles

    Well, I'm not strictly against them, as long as they don't get radar guided firing control systems. Or better, if they do, it should be added for the Gepard etc. as well. Also, I think that there are pretty good AP rounds for all of those. If they geht them, then I want the APDS for the Gepard and Type 87 as well. Those had like 200mm of pen at 500m or something like that. I'd prefer to leave tank killing to actual tanks though.
  17. tanks/vehicles

    I am talking about a second top Tier SPAAG for every other nation.
  18. tanks/vehicles

    +1, IF a similar vehicle is proposed for every nation. And a whole new range of top Tier jets is introduced.
  19. tanks/vehicles

    The STB 1 is better.
  20. I wouldn't pair a T72 with a Leopard 1A3 or A4.
  21. aircraft/loadouts

    Revolvers work pretty well with autocannons, not sure about sealing the breech to the barrel though. If that isn't done properly then the autoloader is useless. Also you need to refill the revolving magazine automatically as well or else, the autoloader wouldnt make a difference anyways. Are you working on something like that? Might be a fun little project to fool around with... Also is there any info in how the T14 Armata's auto loading system works?
  22. aircraft/loadouts

    After the M60, it's an MBT after all.
  23. aircraft/loadouts

    As well as spalling
  24. aircraft/loadouts

    Well, seeing, as a 152mm cannon can handle much grater pressures than something like a 105mm, velocity would be insane.
  25. Then you can't use words like: all, and historical anymore, since you are not speaking the truth... It's not just nukes.
  26. Video game development is a long process. It's understandable, that not everything is done at this point. *cough, cough* World war mode. I think that Gaijin prioritized the wrong things a lot. Well, then you just straight up lied to us.
  27. Are you telling me, that there are going to be nukes for the B29 and Tu4?
  28. Well, retaining a certain flavour for each and every nation is a thing for the devs, so I would guess T64, Keiler and MBT70. The British have a lot of options as well. No idea what's in the works for the Japanese though.
  29. They'll put it in the boats MM, the geniuses... +1, I support it . However, I wouldn't get my hopes up, as it is a chinese tank.
  30. tanks/vehicles

    Yes, why not. However there are different tanks from this, that also fit pretty well. Gaijin said that they were only going to introduce tank variations of the same vehicles, if that is not the case.
  31. We will see. I don't. I should've rephrased that. They are not worth playing to me, since they lack the qualities needed to complement my capabilities in the game.
  32. Skins/Decals

    You don't see a swastika and go: "Nice"y you don't do that...
  33. Are there any news about the aircraft sound mod? Are you still working on it? Can we expect something soon?
  34. I'd maybe actually play USA if this were to come. Right now, the M60s are not worth playing...
  35. tanks/vehicles

    Seennit on your WT Live already. Pretty neat.
  36. tanks/vehicles

    Bro, do you even lift?
  37. Damn son, where did you find this?
  38. tanks/vehicles

    The MBT 70 is a MBT, thus should be put into the MBT line. I don't get why you would put it after the M103, while another M103 might be cimg up anyways...
  39. Best: Mozdok, Ardennes, Normandy, Eastern Europe, Poland, Sinai Worst: Stalingrad, Kuban, Karelia, White rock fortress All in SB, since that is what I mostly play
  40. tanks/vehicles

    Couldn't care less for it to be honest, so why not. +1
  41. tanks/vehicles

    Because the MBT is the natural evolution if the medium tank... That's why. Besides, it doesn't even matter for your lineup if it were a heavy, so why not do it properly and make it a medium/MBT?
  42. No, because there's enough people who buy T4 premiums to influence the game. Just look at the T29 or the Ru251 or the IS6. I don't think you realize the scale of how much Gaijin is making with T4 premiums. If at all. As an event vehicle. That's the End of that.
  43. tanks/vehicles

    The MBT70 is not a heavy tank. It's as fast as a light tank. It's better armored than a heavy tank. It has a better gun than a TD... Literally a MBT. If it were to ever be implemented it would be as a MBT. The nonesense with the MBT70 beging a heavy tank.
  44. Ground vehicles

    No, thank you. It's not like the Germans have a captured T29 or T34, so...
  45. Tanks/Vehicles

    I support it. It won't be that useful in comparison to other tanks at it's BR, but why not.
  46. aircraft/loadouts

    The fume extractor looks like the one in use on the MBT70s gun, so... MAYBE it's supposed to be a 152mm...
  47. ground vehicles

    Well roumor has it, that 9.0 will be arriving fairly soon™.
  48. Yes it was.
  49. The Radpanzer Fuchs was relatively widely in use with the Bundeswehr.
  50. There's a reasonably high probability for 9.0 to be implemented fairly soon, let's just say that. The E 100 was an event vehicle. 300 players have it. Out of the whatever many millions of players we have playing the game. The E100 practcally doesn't exist in War Thunder...
  51. Agreed. Ninetheless, I would like to see some wheeled weapons platforms. May be some thing like the Flakpanzer Wildcat after the Gepard?
  52. Anyways. I have a feeling that the next patxh will be focused on naval content. That the majority of us won't be able to use. And that the majority of people aren't even interested in, since it's going to be some stupid boats...
  53. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Well then you'd have to suggest an aircraft of similar performance for all the other nations as well...
  54. No thank you, the upcoming BR increase up to 9.0 will relieve pressure on 6.7-7.3 GER TT. This is neither wanted, nor is it easy to implement. No data. No tank.
  55. aircraft/loadouts

    That looks awesome.
  56. tanks/vehicles

    I voted no. It serves little purpose, because we have the M103 and another one may be coming up. On top of that it's not playing in the same weight class as current top Tier MBTs or ATGM platforms. Maybe as an event vehicle, but there would be better options for sth like that.
  57. ground vehicles

    Not a Bad idea, though it needs at least 7.7 then...
  58. ground vehicles

    So..., as Gordon Ramsay would say:"SHUT IT DOWN!"
  59. ground vehicles

    The thing is, that neither of them would serve ANY purpose. It's literally just mounted to an actual vehicle for convenience...
  60. Interface/UI

    ONLY if it's clientside.
  61. ground vehicles

    It's as if you were to put the VT1 or VT2 in the game. Completely useless...
  62. ground vehicles

    This is a stupid tank. No.
  63. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Slower acceleration as I remember it. BAD rollrate, compresses like a hydraulic press at speed...
  64. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Because an all aroumd better F2 would be borderline OP
  65. Of course. You can bend reality in all sorts of ways to fit the game, and I wouldn't mind. I just like the Keiler more because it looks better in my opinion.
  66. Yeah, cause that would be a fun game to play...
  67. The 1A5 has a FCS that is way too sofisticated to be in the game. The Kpz Keiler would fit even better in my opinion.
  68. That looks good. A different, more accurate graphic for HEAT rnds would be nice as well, if we are here already.
  69. ground vehicles

    + 1 If we can have a Centurion mk10, then we can have this too, given it receives a proper BR and ammunition.
  70. aircraft/loadouts

    That comes down to the space the loader has available to him. You can imagine a gun beging way harder and slower to reload in a cramped turret than in a more roomy and easier to move in environment. In the Leo's case it is to balance out the lack of armor.
  71. Lol, the T 64 would mop the floor with anything wie have ATM. It will only come if every nation gets a new, equally potent tank.
  72. aircraft/loadouts

    The M60 has a way better gun.
  73. aircraft/loadouts

    Well now it's 11.5 in. Can wie settle on one number? Also 11.5 in isn't that impressive at 8.0...
  74. That's with the rack in the back of the turret opened. Opening and closing the rack blast door is automatic and takes like 1,5 sec. You would repack the ready rack whrnever possible.
  75. I agree, the engine might also need some new capabilities. Once those mechanics are in game, we can mive on.
  76. When I served on the Leopard 2 A4, we loaded a New round in 3-4 seconds.
  77. I know, but from personal experience I know, that a lot of those tankers load an AP shell for the first round and only usw APDS and HEATFS as a "last resort"
  78. Of course not against equally tiered MBTs, but against anything that fires AP rounds and the such ( ZSU, T54, T10M,...)
  79. Skins/Decals

    Those symbols are not illegal to be portrayed in video games in Germany and Austria. The Swastika is. That's it. No more discussion about it.
  80. No, not really,
  81. aircraft/loadouts

    That is around ~250mm. There are lots of tanks that can pen that.
  82. Skins/Decals

    Yes it is. I don't have to be. We won't get it and that's it.
  83. I'm hoping for some news on the Fiat G91 for the Luftwaffe. The Germans really need a good ground attacker...
  84. Of course it is. Its turret, I could imagine would be difficult to penetrate.
  85. Besides, the armor of the Keiler is not enough to defeat what would be fired at it anyways.
  86. Skins/Decals

    I'll direct to my previous posts on this topic.
  87. aircraft/loadouts

    It wouldn't be on the same level as the IT 1. The IT 1 doesn't even have to expose any of its turret, while the gun/launcher of the Starship is in the middle of the turret...
  88. Probably helpful to take a look at @Mai_Waffentrager and the blog she writes about Japanese vehicles.
  89. @F7UCutlass, Beautiful <3 Is that a 20mm autocannon on top?
  90. tanks/vehicles

    It has a modern FCS and a more roomy turret, and plastic Fuller between the turret and the bolted on Armor. Some sight repositionings were done as well.