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  1. aircraft/loadouts

    Yes it was, thx.
  2. aircraft/loadouts

    Naval vessels would have very little impact on regular ground forces. I would definitely not implement playable infantry. It could be very fun actually. World of tanks is introducing a longer gamemode as well pretty soon. Wouldn't hurt to turn Gaijin's head in Wargaming's direction from time to time. Obviously it would be RB without markers in the ideal. You remove AB and random battles as a whole, keep sim events as they are. If you can come up with a gamemode that is fun for longer periods of time, and that supports in the realm of 64 players, with a balanced SP system, then I'd be all for that. If you were to base it off of the April fool's event's spawnsystem, and made it so you can go in with tanks and aircraft as well, however you choose what type of vehicles you want to be using primarily. So if you want to be a tanker primarily, aircraft are spawned in with SP, and if you go in as a pilot, tanks are spawned in with SP. Who knows, maybe this could work. I think if you limit the amount of primary pilots, then sure why not. What do you guys think?
  3. ground vehicles

    This has to be the most stupid argumentation of any of the posts I ever had the displeasure of having to have read on this forum.
  4. aircraft/loadouts

    I play what's fun to me. And props just lost it for me.
  5. aircraft/loadouts

    Well, there is only one Tier with jet aircraft, and four others with prop aircraft, so it gets dull obviously. Tanks is a different story. For me at least. Though I'm a strict Tier V player at this point.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    Yeah, props are still boring. After 4 years, you really can't come up with any prop aircraft that would revive them for me. Sorry, naht.
  7. Tanks/Vehicles

    Britain, Russia, JAPANESE? You guys are way too fast with asserting ideas and mind games as fixed and balanced. Do some research into that topic and you'll find the Japanese outclassed in every respect of the imagination here...
  8. tanks/vehicles

    You can agree and disagree on opinions, not facts though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. tanks/vehicles

    And it clearly says: Diameter 32mm and length of 360mm
  10. tanks/vehicles

    I would like to see the Leopard 1A3 and A4 before the A5 though. Seems like less of a dramatic jump in performance to me.
  11. Tanks/Vehicles

    You people are funny.
  12. Ground vehicles

    For most cannons up to lets say 125mm it doesn't.