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  1. out right broken

    Hi, Have you tried the 202? The wobbles are ferocious and even w ma it goes into spins in ab. Try it w manual controls....yuckkkk. Stat cards aren't everything. IMHO.
  2. Hi, The only way I know of is to have some fighters on your team climb at start of match. That's all I've ever done since I started wt. And clear hi alt. PS at least this one isn't crying spawn camping. Its a legitimate query.
  3. 100 octane fuel.
  4. Hi, This used to work..not sure if it still does. Go to test flight, full controls. Hit the reset trim button. Then store that trim with the fixate trim button. Assign a button for control modes. In test flight switch to realistic and see if its fixed. If not, switch back to full and try add in aileron trim and store that and repeat. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, Grazie mille duo cento cinquanta!!! Thanks for the Italian TT!! And thanks for the new test flight location on Malta! And danke for the free 109! Guido Aka MrBader
  6. Hi, I haven't received notifications since the new forum software. I do get an email tho when I log into my account from another device.
  7. Hi, Just now in 2 browsers on my tablet....Firefox and my android browser...won't go to the top level of the forum. Http:\\forum.war If I Google search I can select ,for ex, realistic battles, but I can't get to the "top". Anyone else?
  8. Hi, Virtual cockpit or cockpit has it.
  9. Hi, Waaaaaaaa.... Er excuse can practice your op bomber in a custom battle. You've just started the game and your flying later tier bombers and complaining. And you've come to the game in a period of time I call...the great bomber spam of 2017. This is a flying game. Learn and practice...and maybe try the lower tiers at first.
  10. Hi, I'm getting the heartbeat thing and massive stutters in game also. Just started. Wip. Win7 ace 32 660gtx.
  11. Hi, Just make sure the distance nerf is for ma only, because manual controls users accuracy is realistic enough now.
  12. Hi, It does seem like the Hispanos on the cannonstang aren't blowing things up like they did a week ago.IMHO.
  13. Hi, But it still very wobbly under manual controls.
  14. Hi, Yes that's it. Just delete between the " ". ....and save. In machine.blk and the xxx.blk saved config. This is a reproducable bug for me. And once done i never had then issue again.
  15. Hi, When I've had this prob it has been a line in machine.blk in the beginning of the file that says....default preset "xxxxxxc.blk" it doesn't really say xxx:-) its something else I can't remember. Remove whatever is between the " ". And save. Then look at your saved config.blk and remove it there also and save. I can reproduce this "bug" by going to controls and using clear all. The new machine.blk will have the offending line. Been like this for awhile. Hope this helps. Edit..using notepad to make the edit.
  16. Hi, Vmaxwt may I ask if they fixed the wobbles introduced last patch? Is the easter cracker talking about the dev server? Oh please say its true!
  17. Hi, Its not whining. Rb w manual controls is at a severe disadvantage because of the inequities introduced by gaijin over time.Js simple mode does not act like m and k with instructor. Period. If you don't believe any of the whiners, try it yourself. Forget about full controls on many planes that aren't Japanese. Unless you like wobbles. But, I wish there was a never ending custom battle ,cockpit or vc, manual controls and super low spotting distance...its all doable now except the always on part. I could care less for advancements and sl while doing it. Look up some posts on red dit by grbl gaming.
  18. Hell yeah they went overkill. Its a wobbly mess since the new FM. Realistic my eye.
  19. Hi, So you think bomber maneuverability is all honky dori? Not talking about skill here. Because, frankly, its a joke.
  20. ...and teleportation.
  21. gameplay

    Hi, This is now hit a new level. One sbm something bomber dogfighting 2-3 fighters in multiple turns and loops. And winning. Beyond arcade 0.5. Does anyone test the FM's of these things? 30% ab boost and no spin is one thing, but this is way way outahand.
  22. Hi, Do you mean the way "your" group has it now? If ma can't spin, then stick shouldn't spin. Back off the the laser aim a small bit, put back recoil w mouse aim. But as it it stands now, air ab is more balanced between control methods IMHO. And I'm not alone in that opinion.
  23., There was a topic around here by a guy who went deep with both saitek and gaijin...I believe those devices still don't work in wt. I could be wrong. Good luck.
  24. Hi, There was a topic around here by a guy who went deep with both saitek and gaijin...I believe those devices still don't work in wt. I could be wrong. Good luck.