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  1. Hi, Matchmaker doesn't take control method into consideration. Also, with simplified your maneuvering is severely limited compared to realistic or full controls. Me, I fly full controls, stick, ab. In ab nobody it sort of evens out the playing field between ma and manual controls. Good luck and welcome to war thunder.
  2. Hi, You do this in test flight. And then use the fixate trim command to store them. Some planes are a lil buggy about test flight you seem to need more rudder trim for ex, then in game its too much. This bug started about a month ago. Too lazy to bug report it. I just set em in test flight and check em in a custom battle. I the see if there's a problem, note it, and go back to test flight to adjust. This works in all modes using full controls.
  3. No your not...they hid It in a weird place
  4. There is..its called sensitivity in zoom. Under common.