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  1. XP-55

    Thx, In Rb w full controls = SB. Then if it really flew like this, why did it kill pilots? I only test flew it, but it was like flying in ab. But if you say its be it.
  2. Hi, Bombers are nowhere near realistic in any mode ATM. Or realistic plus 30% boost for ab. Some are more dangerous DOGFIGHTING than some FIGHTERS. Just waiting for the next pendulum swing.
  3. Also, When I last used my 3d, I actually got good results by installing LGS and turning sensitivity there down to 0. I've read many internet posts saying it doesn't work but I found it did. Unless my old timers is kikin in:-) You must launch wt from LGS tho. Also make sure its calibrated correctly in windows. Then in wt. And,last one, a good Combo,IMHO, is a t16000m and even car pedals for rudder..tho I don't have floor space myself. While the twist on the t16000is one of the most accurate and smooth available,also imo, but pedals would be better. Couple that with a used t flight x for about 30 bucks, complete inexpensive hotas. Again, I don't have space, but used my friends.
  4. Hi, An unmentioned tip...turn camera shake will get earlier info on impending stall when in cockpit view. The logi has a short throw relatively speaking. So I would start with a sensitivity on pitch down to 60 to 80%. Start with a nl of 2 and try that . Roll can be higher sense but still keep 2 or > nl. IMHO. Also in test flight you can use rb views and still have sim FM if you set controls to full. Like start w vc then switch to cockpit as u progress. The Japanese ki43 and 61s are great stick friendly FM's. Now. About 8 months ago the 61s flew under full controls like the Italians do now..not good. But they fixed the 61s.
  5. XP-55

    Hi, Is there a reason that this plane can not spin when you go to a 90° bank and pull stick to ze balls? Sim or rb full controls? I dont have it..just tried it on test drive. When I test flew it, it seemed like I was flying ab ....I was in SB.
  6. Hi, I think its as wobbly under manual controls as it ever was.
  7. Hi, I'm glad you think so, but that's one opinion. Controls first. Adjust ma where planes fly like they do with stick. Ahhhhh.then adjust markers the way they used to be. More ahhhh.IMHO..which counts as much as yours. Hi, This is how it used to be. But u couldn't see markers even that far.
  8. Hi, I fly in ab w full controls so there's not much landing and rearming. So I went to test flight to confirm ops problem..I'm on PC...and when I land and rearm it indeed doesn't reload the notification. And all trims are 0... Default. As aerolars said. In battle trims recall seem to be working..cept no aileron recall. But that's how its always been for me.
  9. Hi, The bearcat also has this "feature". I have no idea if its historicly correct.
  10. Hi, My experience says that trimmer fixation works, but it doesn't save aileron. It says it saved, but only on one it recalled. Elevator and rudder are recalled.
  11. Hi, You can turn the instructor all the way off in rb if u use full controls. There's a hair left in ab full controls, but just a hair.
  12. Hi, I vote yes! Even a way to enforce control method in custom battles would be good. But this would be better.
  13. Yep...and if you put the 8th slider to a value of 1.... The 8th slider will disappear. But no worries, it seems joystick curves is running great! Thx Amyel!
  14. Hi amyel, Edit...can you tell me which versions...vJoy and curves app works? Win 7 64. Thanks.
  15. Hi amyel, Its good to hear that joystick curves still works...considering the sliders thing in .blk no longer does. Haven't used it in about a year. Can you adjust it while war thunder is running? BTW..I share your above opinion, but I would add that its also a matter of throw, linearity/non line rarity of output....which is not nessacarily good or bad IMHO....and quality of sensors. Think I may give it another try..thanks Amyel.
  16. Hi Saw a documentary on the sea dart and the sea bomber it was to protect.......amazing story really. Nuke missile firing subs ended that stratagey.
  17. Hi TeX, As wolf said basicly, it ain't easy. I started wt with a logi. Besides some planes being unfriendly stick wise, that is particular stick has a relativily short throw. So any sensitivity has to be lower than notmal . Also, its actually harder to set up a stick in ab , because everything is sped up. I have a setup around this section somewhere. But ,also as wolf said, its a labor of love. Meaning much test flight practice. I'm not saying you need a different stick, but, say, a t16000m has a longer throw and its a bit easier. Esp aiming. I can see why wolf man is so frustrated, he's been here a long time. I share his frustration but I haven't given up yet because there are still cool moments:-) But, if I had to mouse aim, I'd quit.
  18. F8F-1

    Hi, Does anyone know why the Bearcats stabilizer is crooked? Where the rudder is? It flys like it also. Look at it from the top.
  19. Hi, I mean open your xxxx.blk in notepad, and look fot duplicate bindings, delete them carefully then save. You can also go to my my games/saves/warthunder/machine.blk...thst Is your current setup.
  20. Hi, There are if you fly manual controls.
  21. Hi, @sardinha trim is engaged automaticly if you select realistic controls. There is now 2 newish buttons available in the control screen...if your in full controls, and hit..use auto trim puts you in realistic. Also, there is a button u can assign now which toggles you thru all control modes. I use it in test flight and random battles with planes that are bugged in the elevator under full controls. I put it in realistic. Its magical. But it won't fix rudder wobble..p40.and others.....or airleon wobble..p40 is the only plane I know of that has that one:-) And try the mc202.. Omg..w full auto all over the sky. Even with its a mess. Just go to test flight...get some salt..go to full controls and trim the plane. Now just pull up briskly..not to ze balls..just from 3rd a carnival ride:-) has to be a bug
  22. P-39

    Hi, Yes, isaw is Very aware of that. It is still mesed Up. You know, i Guess ill Hve To file a br. with a vid. Have you tried observing it in vc Fc Rb Test flight? Or 3rd persn ...just pull up briskly. The plane is the wobble champion. And this new forum sw Is also a champ
  23. Hi, Well I hear ya tigerspook. But for those of use using joystick, it makes a big difference.But I'm glad you're happy. Really. To anyone else that cares about wobbly messes:-) ...the mc202 and the other early Italians ..cept for the falco..are also wobbly. I know the 202 wasn't wobbling like this before the patch, because I flew it the night before just to see. And the new spit llb....hardly ever fly British because of the way they handle w manual controls...still is stick unfriendly. Onto the Japanese...hope to God they left em alone:-) I mean in the control reaction department.
  24. Hi, Sorry I missed your question tigerspook. I flew the p63s the first day....not sure but they feel wobbly..not the worst. But the p39s are much much better wobble wise. The p40 is areal disappointment . I thought for sure someone at gaijin would fix the wobbly mess. Not so. Feels like it did but with more power. Have not played today yet tho:-) BTW...any elevator wobble is eliminated in any plane I tried by using auto ab and rb ...magicly. Weird no? Note this is not new...I just never use it.
  25. P-40E

    Sorry I can't edit..put the second paragraph after the third, and it should make more sense. The p47,the 109, and the p36 are other examples of non xtreme wobblers. And the Japanese....muwaaaw. Beautiful.
  26. P-40E

    Hi przybyz, In cockpit mode it isn't as obvious. Try it in rb test flight w full controls and watch the piper in virtual cockpit. What fighter wobbles more may I ask? I can fly the Japanese fighters in the pacific war event almost like its arcade...but I can't spot, but that's another story. Not the zero...wouldn't know both that one. It wobbled too much for me in I never fly it. Then do the same thing with,say, a 109. Or a p47. Or a p36. Hell they broke the 47 awhile ago, and a bunch of ppl its fine. It wasn't fine. Now ppl are saying the p40 is fine. I don't believe it. Just try it in rb fc. Watch it from 3rd person or as I said, vc. And believe me, I can setup a stick. BTW...I don't think it wobblkes more now, it just wobbles as much as it did.
  27. Hi, Its not really in the stick support.IMHO...its certain planes FM. Fly the ki43 cannon....flies like a rb ...with full controls. Fly the p40 ...even with auto trim(realistic controls) taking out the elevator wobble, you still have rudder AND aileron woibble. That's right, aileron wobble. Now take the p39...p400. They were notorious wobblers..not anymore since the recent update. There are many more stick friendly planes than there used to be. But for balance between ma and manual, arcade is still better than rb. Just ask grmblz, if u don't believe me.:-)
  28. P-40E

    Hi, It is faster and more power full, but its a wobble king. Its one of the only fighters to have all three axis wobbling.tested in sb test flight. In rb and ab you can eliminate the elevator wobble by using auto trim(realistic controls). They fixed the p400 tho...its like on rails:-)
  29. Hi, Thank you sixth knight for your post. Hadn't heard of Bauer. Looks awesome. As an aside, have you seen any ffb sticks besides the old Microsoft's? Sorry for the ot.
  30. Hi, Pennywort is on the money. I fly with full controls ab ....the p40 while more power full is still a wobbly mess. The p400-39s ,which used to wobble ...both rudder and has NO wobbles.
  31. Hi, The Mc 202 seems to wobble more now. I just tested it yesterday w 1.65, and now today briefly 1.67. Full controls ab test flight. I know ab, but ab magnifies any irregularities with stick movement. In my experience. Oth, the p39s are absolutely glorious. IMHO. They took out ALL the bobble.
  32. P-39

    Hi, Omg! They fixed the bobble completly ! Stick,full controls....ahhhhhhh! No more rudder wobble! No more elevator release wobble...No more any wabble. Its freak in awesome! It now corresponds to some of the best stick friendly planes in the game. Even the p400! Thank you,thank you thank you! Whoever you are. No can you do the p40? Please? And please...don't unfix it!:-) Wait...I had to pinch myself..yep,I'm not dreaming!
  33. Hi, Didn't know the x55 was different than all the previous saiteks. Just Google the x52 for example. And didn't know which saitek u have. Your advice about all sticks should use 100% and low non linearity is the real bs around here. If it works for u,great. And do you have multiple accounts or something? Because it doesn't look you are very successfull at I find your whole package of advise suspect. I have a t16000m. Ever heard of it? Hall sensors?
  34. Right on the money. Hi, The saiteks are known to be nonlinear out of the box, where the t16000 is linear in its output stock. So ...dam this new forum Sw blows! Check joytester outputs.
  35. Hi, Yeah its OK when you got superman making the moves. When they fix the FM again, maybe it'll be good.
  36. Hi, Couldnt agree more....look at my stats^^ Cept,they have adjusted the fm as regards to stick input..foir the better. Not talking bout the wobble, i Mean in relation to exceeding aoa On pitch.
  37. Hi, Sorry, that's not true. In ab, a bit..but full controls in rb is the same , but markers etc. Its in the wiki.
  38. Hi, Im Sorry, thats Not true. I use full controls in all modes. And, for the planes that wobble...depending on whast kind of wiObble.....trim aint Gonna help. And in the case of elevator input wobble, autotrim will magicly eliminate it.....but w/o autotrim ,there are NO trim settings that will eliminate it.
  39. Its a filter in other sims. It a percentage of the speed of question remains. I'm not talking about the max value,talking about movement/time. Longer throw..more time..etc.
  40. Hi, Here's what I don't get. If I'm using a stick w 4 to 5 " of throw and use 100%.....and another pilot has a full on extender w about double or more throw...what does he use? 150%? Where is the reference point to real life? @walfredo....dont you use a mini stick? Or is my memory bad:-) BTW..did my monthly test of p51 D's....and besides a bit less wobble, it Seems some elevator work was done. W full controls in ab test flight....I doesn't shoot up for the sky on take off. Although, releasing control input still is entirely different than almost all other still continues as if I'm still inputting. These tendencies are still there in sim test flight, but not as obvious. And tHe D's did not always fly like this in wt. Ask Twisted.
  41. Hi, I was having this problem until I went into my machine.blk and removed the value for default preset. Just delete the part between the "".
  42. One more thing, Look up naceo videos ...things have changed a bit since he did em, but his setup technique is good. Except for the simplified controls part and his vid on multipliers.
  43. Hi, I'm back. Well the bug is still there, will try your idea, but I may have found a workaround......starting from a version 5 control file.....the version is one of the first parameters in the blk ..... Went to an old version blk and copied the elevator axis parameters and copied them to clipboard.. The one with the 10 sliders. I went to my my documents/my games/war thunder /saves/ machine.blk. I highlighted the current( no slider) elevator parameters and pasted in the nl sliders. Then saved. You can do all this while running wt. I use the windows key. Got in test flight......paused, looked at machine.blk , sure enough no 10th slider. I reentered the 10th slider line and used a value of 0.99... Didn't work... However, I thought, OK, I'll bump the multiplier to seen in the games controls screen...axis I still can get full deflection. It seemed to have worked, but I have to confirm it. In test flight with a p47 and a p63 it seemed easier to keeep the aiming rectical on a moving target. Phew.... I'm sort of familiar with your has its own mechanical maybe set the games dead zone to 0? And I would start with a sensitivity of around 50% for the elevators and > 75 on roll. Some dead zone on the rudder..assuming twist....and a super low rudder sense.and about a 1.7 to 2 nl ...if your not using the sliders for rudder. Obviously set in game nl to min if using sliders. In my experience there's mainly three types of wobble ....rudder induced hamfistedness wobble.....bugged FM rudder wobble.....and on some planes elevator use wobble. The elevator wobble can be eliminated by using auto controls..but only in ab and rb .not all planes wobble. The p47 doesn't, and another example of anon wobbler would be the ki61s and the ki43s. It used effect more planes...many have been corrected. For ex. There was awhile where the ki61 would just float and wobble uncontrobably, but now its great. Sorry for the wall of text, but I admire your "work ethic". I too have lost some eyesight researching possible fixes for joystick maladies:-) Doesn't that thread you mentioned end up at the joystick curves project...also kinda of a pita. Feel free to pm if I can help more...which planes etc. Hi, It wont work I dont Think. Any line with a 1.x gets removed.
  44. Hi, Sorry I never did do the report. Those nl settings are not in a fresh made .blk as u probably found out. I will try again and see if the bug is still there. When you check your xxxxxx.blk saved controller file that you have added the nl lines to it will look normal. Check machine.blk...assuming PC...... And you will see the bug. Machine.bulk is ones current settings. Be back.