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  1. You hear about things like this because they were the exception. Not the norm.
  2. I've been having issues with it all day myself. I've been on the US server too. Sat on the runway earlier waiting for it to go down but after 5 minutes it never did. Stayed between 30-60% PL and 600 and above ping. If you even try to get airborne with that kind of connection you'll slam into the ground and crash the second you get off it. Really sucks.
  3. If only we had practice fighting against a nation with relatively slow to average top speed planes that climb decently and turn well. If we did then we might have been more prepared to fight the G.55 menace.
  4. Dr. Jiro Horikoshi and Japanese Naval big wigs.
  5. Captured axis aircraft were tested by the Americans to discover the handling characteristics of the planes and find out their weaknesses. The Luftwaffe and Japanese used captured Mustangs to train their pilots against Allied machines, the British had an RAF unit for testing German and Italian vehicles. This was standard practice for the US and almost every other nation in the world did this with captured enemy vehicles. I don't see that as a reason to add this particular plane.
  6. You say the US doesn't have counters to the Tu-4 but then you list them. What exactly is your endgame here?
  7. The American tree already has a Zero, a Hayabusa, and a Hien. I don't think they're starved for captured Japanese aircraft. Their 6.3 fighter is already better than the Shiden Kai anyway. So I vote no. No.
  8. I know very little about this aircraft other than it was a postwar conversion of the G.55 to use the Merlin engine. Armament was switched to .50s or Hispano cannons mounted in the wings and there were some later models that were given a bubble canopy. From what I understand it only saw use as a trainer but it's interesting nonetheless. If anyone has any info related to the performance capabilities or history about this plane please post it here, I'd love to read about it. Thanks. Here are some images of it.