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  1. What I'm suggesting today is a relatively simple suggestion, that being an A6M3 armed with 30mm cannons instead of 20mm. This was a modification done in an attempt to increase the firepower of the A6M series. The selected aircraft were a handful of A6M3 Model 22s that were stationed in Rabaul, at least 3 were modified. Their 20mm Type 99 cannons were replaced with the 30mm Type 5 cannon. This modification was field tested, so they saw combat. The Type 2 30mm cannons weighed 51kg each, were about 2 meters long, had a muzzle velocity of 710m/s, fired 380 rounds per minute, and carried 42 rounds per gun, adding up to 84 rounds total. The addition of the cannons would hamper maneuverability slightly, stall speed clean (flaps totally closed) would go from 136kmh to around 138. Below are some images of the gun, round, and the weapon in a wing mount. The aircraft would just look like a standard A6M3 Mod 22, just with the new cannons in the wings. Preferably with a Rabaul camo. I think it'd be a good addition into the game, it's a unique vehicle that combines maneuverability and hard hitting firepower, saw service, and stands out from its brethren ingame currently. I think it'd make a nice addition at tier 3, whether it be as a premium or standard vehicle. What do you think? Vote and leave a comment. Sources: Mitsubishi A6M Zero by James D’Angina page 32 Japanese Report on Type 2, includes diagrams of ammo Japanese Manual for Type 2