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  1. So awful. If only the poor 251 had a shell that could penetrate more than 102mm of armor.
  2. Damn I guess losing 3mm of pen on the HESH is too big of a change to judge the thing then.
  3. Does testing it on the dev server count?
  4. Specifically a lack of any fighters included in this patch. It may be a longshot but I can hope.
  5. Italian flight models got reworked this patch, April 25th is Liberation Day in Italy, and they confirmed the Italian tech tree again recently, I'm getting some pasta vibes personally.
  6. You are aware HESH ignores slopes? 102mm is enough to punch through M26s, T-44s, and Centurions frontally, and more than enough for the side armor of most tanks in the BR bracket, and if that's not enough that's what the HEAT is there for. And let's compare the T92 and Type 62 to the Ru-251 since you brought them up as counterparts. Yes they all fire HEATFS, but the Ru-251 beats them both in terms of penetration, it's 120mm better than the round fired by the T92 and 20mm better than the one fired by the Type 62. They also lack the HESH the 251 gets. In terms of mobility the Ru-251 has neutral steering, neither the T92 nor the Type 62 have this, and in terms of reverse speed the 251 smokes them both. T92 creeps along at 8kmh, the Type 62 does 10, and I've easily gotten the 251 over 50. Forward top speed goes to the 251 as well. Turret rotation speeds are similar on the T92 and the 251, but the Type 62 seems to be hand cranked or something, might as well be a turretless vehicle. So even against those counterparts it does a multitude of things better than them. Even a beyond garbage player like me can see that this thing is great dude. Only issues people have with it will come from misuse.
  7. Totally agree.