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  1. aircraft/loadouts

    It'd see a couple kmh increase in stall speed which would hurt its turn time, but not enough to make it act like a different plane entirely or even be that noticeable. It'd still remain very very agile as Zeroes are.
  2. aircraft/loadouts

    I don't think so, this plane just trades firing time for a bit more hitting power. It'd be good for anti bomber usage and potentially ground attack, though I'm not sure how long it'd be good for in the latter role considering it has 42 rounds per gun. It's still a pair of hard hitting weapons mounted on an incredibly agile airframe though, makes it kinda similar to the cannon Chaika in that regard. I'm more inclined to say it should be a premium as well.
  3. I'm still blissfully and totally blindly hopeful that they'll surprise us with something on liberation day.
  4. Except it was designed as a long range fighter my man. From F4F Wildcat vs A6M Zero-sen: Pacific Theater 1942, page 19.
  5. Zeroes absolutely worked as bomber escorts, they also conducted long range carrier operations. Long range was one of the requirements demanded of the fighter. I'd say it's in a very similar boat to the Mustang considering the kind of reach their historical roles necessitated.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    It probably does change things ever so slightly, it would increase the stall speed in this plane's case, but it's not that drastic. Never noticed a difference on the Kikka but I'll have to try it without the extra gun.
  7. The one where you kill 10, 5, or 3 people in a single game seems to be bugged. You can see I've got the required number of kills but it's not tracking it, done multiple times now too.
  8. When dealing with the Japanese you're going to want to prioritize their faster fighters first. These are your Ki-84s, J2Ms, A7Ms, J7Ws, Ki-87s, Ki-83s, and N1Ks. The reason for doing this is that Japanese fighters work with each other very well, their faster fighters will run their opponents down, and the slower but more maneuverable fighters will then swarm you when you're forced to break. By prioritizing their faster aircraft you can then fight the rest with a speed advantage, which is much easier. Of those planes, you can safely maneuver at lower speeds with the 87s, 83s, J7Ws, and J2Ms. The N1Ks, 84s, and A7Ms especially the latter two with their recent stall speed fixes are fully capable of outmaneuvering you in addition to being able to keep pace well, so don't attempt to maneuver with them at lower airspeeds. All the planes discussed also have high dive limits, some are higher than certain Soviet aircraft, so don't count on that to save you when fighting them. Your slower aircraft are your Ki-43s, A6Ms, Ki-61s, and Ki-100s. These you'll want to do hit and run attacks on when the faster aircraft are dealt with, slowing down below 500kmh will probably get you killed. Just make a pass, and if you don't hit extend away. The A6M5s and Ki-100s have a higher dive limit than the earlier models that may catch you off guard despite their slow level flight speeds, so watch for that. Those are your two major categories, not very detailed but a good starting point, pretty much every Japanese aircraft possesses good maneuverability and acceleration, which are powerful factors that can come into play if you don't plan your attacks well.
  9. aircraft/loadouts

    I understand your point, but the difference between this Zero and other zeroes is less than a J2M5 and J2M3 or M2. This has the same powerplant as your standard Mod 22, the J2M5 is different from its predecessors in ways that make it a noticeably worse performer than them except at high altitudes. This plane would function in the same way as an A6M3 Mod 22 already does, just hitting harder. Also keep in mind that the 7.7mm are retained, so you can still use them to pose a threat to people when your cannons run dry and you're waiting for a reload. It's better than having nothing for backup on the J2M5. I'm also not sure how accurate the armament on the Raiden is, for instance it has the ammo count of the Type 2 as opposed to having 120 rounds like two Type 5s it has should carry. I'm also skeptical of it not carrying a pair of 20s. But that's not for this thread. Overall I think it's a bad plane to draw a comparison to, but I understand why you make it considering there are plenty of cases of tiering by armament. I think a case can be made for it being tiered with the regular Mod 22. Thanks for the feedback either way!
  10. aircraft/loadouts

    Sorry about the mess, images should be fixed now.
  11. aircraft/loadouts

    What I'm suggesting today is a relatively simple suggestion, that being an A6M3 armed with 30mm cannons instead of 20mm. This was a modification done in an attempt to increase the firepower of the A6M series. The selected aircraft were a handful of A6M3 Model 22s that were stationed in Rabaul, at least 3 were modified. Their 20mm Type 99 cannons were replaced with the 30mm Type 5 cannon. This modification was field tested, so they saw combat. The Type 2 30mm cannons weighed 51kg each, were about 2 meters long, had a muzzle velocity of 710m/s, fired 380 rounds per minute, and carried 42 rounds per gun, adding up to 84 rounds total. The addition of the cannons would hamper maneuverability slightly, stall speed clean would go from 136kmh to around 138. Below are some images of the gun, round, and the weapon in a wing mount. The aircraft would just look like a standard A6M3 Mod 22, just with the new cannons in the wings. Preferably with a Rabaul camo. I think it'd be a good addition into the game, it's a unique vehicle that combines maneuverability and hard hitting firepower, saw service, and stands out from its brethren ingame currently. I think it'd make a nice addition at tier 3, whether it be as a premium or standard vehicle. What do you think? Vote and leave a comment. Sources: Mitsubishi A6M Zero by James D’Angina page 32 Japanese Report on Type 2, includes diagrams of ammo Japanese Manual for Type 2