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  1. Lol, by this logic, Britain should have the P51H because it uses a merlin Engine.
  2. Scorpion uses 76 HESH which would be meh. Scorpion 90 uses an 80s gun with 80's APDSFS and Heat.
  3. Well, in theory the 4202 would have a strong turret armor profile capable of being at 7.0, if the game actually modelled shell size. Pixel shells is one of the biggest problems for it.
  4. There really shouldn't be any lower L7s tbh. 7.0 should be the barest minimum it can go.
  5. With the new Justified br nerf to the FV4202(and a new magical APDS shell), lets talk about price. Because Holy Crap, these two tanks are the most expensive vehicles to repair in RB. Just to set a baseline here. The Tiger 2, last year's king of 6.7, sits at 5203 SL right now . The IS-6, the current king of tier 4 sits at 3800 SL. Even the T29, the herald of the Freedom balance update, currently sits at 3790 SL. Meanwhile, the Centurion 3 Sits at a painful 7103 SL per repair cost, not counting APDS. If you were to load full APDS in this tank, went out and shot 10 times and then died, you are looking at a 11k SL cost. But that's not the worse. The newly raised FV4202 is the king of the Repair Sink. It stands at a whooping 9879 SL per tank! This tank is more expensive to repair over the MIG 15. It is 3 times as expensive as the Leopad 1A1A1. It is twice as expensive as the IS-6. And that is before you fire (its new magical) APDS. If you fired 10 APDS shots out of this tank and died, it becomes more expensive than a CL-13 or any of the Mig Jets.