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  1. The standards from which you Judge a tank is really poor.....
  2. Actually, the British Just never Prioritized Speed in post war development. Cross Country Mobility rather than speed was the Idea behind its performance and it fitted that idea perfectly.(Example:the isreali drive across the Sinai Desert during the 6 day war.) While the Centurion was not intended to go fast, what it was intended to have was an amazing ability to go anywhere.(Example:The Centurions Mountain Goating Across Korea).
  3. Actually, the Vast Majority of Casualities was Artillery hence the term King of the Battlefield.
  4. The lack of Damage is due to the Lack of Consistent Spall and the fact that Solid Shot has a drunk Damage Scale. For example, I can put a solid shot into a Su-85M and watch everything Get eaten by the Driver. Or the Shot Skewers the entire tank from Front to ****. Its incredible inconsistent. The worse is when your shot penetrates 1 inch to the left of a Crewman but he is totally Unscathed due to the Lack of Spalling. For the Record, even APDS doesnt not spall 70% of the time. I would know, I just Spaded my Centurion MK 3 last week.
  5. Its a bit of wrong to look at past estabilished Statistics and just conclude "Clearly they are wrong because what they concluded from their finding does not fit what I believe." Right now APHE is dominating because the Blast radius is physically impossible and is pretty much nothing more than a Sphere of Doom rather than a vertical Ring of death, which is what it should be. Solid Shot is actually Acting quite similar to its Real Life counter part except for the Lack of Spall from the Displaced Armor and Inconsistent Damage.
  6. It's good then no one ever shoot there then. In my Experience.
  7. Aside from "Daily Adventure's with Rubber Shot", Even Stock, I find the Cent 1 Quite Strong for its Br. Aside From the LFP, you're pretty much frontally immune to Soviet and Japanese ammo Of the same BR and lower(barring the 122). Your Turret Front will stop the 85 and the Type 5 shells, Slightly angling at your opponents will Ensure A bounce and with the Very Common UK/S V RU 5.7 match up, There aren't that many tanks you need to fear. I still have not gotten the APDS so against the 5.7 Germany, Its a bit of a uphill struggle. Tank is 100% stock at this time.
  8. balance

    The Panther 2 has similar performance to the T44-100. It also shat on everything before the T29. The panther 2 was superior to *every* medium at t4 except the T44-100 and so was equally tiered to suit it.
  9. RU-251 has superior Horse-Power Per ton ratio(it has 100 more hp), 0.6 slower reload(WOW! SO BAD!), An actual working turret traverse and Shell that has superior penetration and more importantly, is 50% faster and is therefore far easier to aim. Aside from your poor attempt(you can't even use the right stats) do you have any legitimate proof of the poor accuracy such as Numbers?
  10. Aside from only one unique catagory, solid shot is still as terrible and inconsistent as before.
  11. I would rather maybe the Panther G be downtiered to 5.7 rather than the Panther A. Panther A gets the best engine before the Panther 2 and is probably the Best panthers of the 75s. Personally, I feel for either tank, its a matter of who gets the first shot off. Both tanks are quite evenly matched 1v1(especially with APDS). But all of this is all guess for me until I do get the centurion 1 and start grinding.
  12. I do sincerely consider it the equal of the 7.3 br tanks. Given how out of place the tank currently is, I wouldnt call the br raise a nerf. Its really diffcult to fight in this point. All I can say of the matter is keep playing and get better. Hellcat drivers did not magically become good in a day(and a lot of them still arent).
  13. The RU251 is similar or superior to the entire 7.3 Medium Line ups. There isnt any real nerf to the tank from uptiered it. Also, Tantor is balancing out of performance of the tank. The battle rating is a different story and is up to gaijin to change at any time.
  14. PEOPLE, ITS A DAY OLD. Its non gonna magically tilt the balance in a day. The Hellcat spam at 4.7 took time to get rolling. Keep playing and getting used to it!
  15. Havent gotten it yet(priority 9 tho) but it can't be any worse than the BP. I feel like with the Cent 1 the BP is kinda overshadowed now.....
  16. Actually no, WT MM is more randomized compared to its competitors. Also my point still stands. 19 games is too small a sample to draw anything. You could have having a bad streak today or you're still getting used to the tank. It takes a week for me before I even called myself experienced with any tank.
  17. 19 games vs 200 is such a massive sample gap nothing useful can be pulled from such disjointed numbers. Also, winrates and the performance of the tank are totally different things. The OP was talking about tank performance.
  18. 13 kills to 18 deaths? How are you using the RU251?
  19. Problem is that style of gameplay is extremely map dependent. Or often than not, it gets stuff into close quarters battles where its poor and inconsistent solid shot damage make it less effective than other tanks. And running APDS is so prohibitively expensive that I taken to mostly AP to avoid running in the black every game.
  20. The L7 is for the record Underperforming in penetration as is the 20 pdr.
  21. The problem is downtiers in the Centurion MK3 are rare and in between. More Often than not, it get sucked into 6.7 to 7.3 games.(I seem to get a lot of 7.3 german/russian wombo combos). The tank is still do-able, its just Fighting it's equivalents requires a much higher skill floor than other nations. Its soft eco stats is the worse of its tier tho, being more expensive to repair than even the tiger 2. Also the APDS is still missing penetration.
  22. Refunds don't work that way.
  23. Cent 3 is actually more expensive to repair than the caernavon now.
  24. Actually, you can't. Shooting the lower glacis of any tiger will only disable the tiger because the transmisson will eat any shot. Frontally killing a tiger 1 in one shot requires you to hit the middle of the UFP otherwise, you will only kill 1 or 2 crew men. I am gonna need some proof on being able to frontally one shot a maus. Right now, anything non HE filler shells are effectively laser beams while APHE goes off like a stupidly powerful 10kg tnt charge. The performance is incredibly inconsistent across the board. All the non-He filler shell needs spalling buffs.
  25. No, Germany does not need HEATFS at 6.7. Give it a light tank for support. But HEATFS use on Tier 4 should be lessened as much as possible. Germany needing a support does not mean that a tank should be horrifically undertiered.
  26. You clearly have not tried using the PT-76 otherwise, you would know that the 5.3 HEAT FS sucks. Yous seem to also forget the existence of the Panther, which is Empirically Superior to the M26 in terms of gun performance.
  27. Oh wait, I just realised you're trying to argue that king tigers are bad in the current meta. Now that's a new low if I ever seen it.
  28. More like Tank gets 7.3 gun and 7.3 performance yet is somehow 6.7. And is somehow competitive. By this logic, the centurion MK3 should be 5.7. Edit: Actually this logic is better applies to the Super Hellcat. from 6,3 to 5,7 it is!
  29. I don't.
  30. Rather than ask for another Cheiftian(which is kinda unnecessary in my opinion), should there be more push for more L7s for the british tech tree? The evolution of the Centurion from 20pdr to L7 should br represented in game better. Also maybe the vicker MBT as its a side evolution of british tanks for export.
  31. the M348 in game is 100% fictional. Its supposed to be a HEATFS with 305mm of Flat armor pen. And 152mm of pen at 60 deg.