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  1. p-47n

    So deep.
  2. this is the new "gib HE-177"
  3. yes it's always a shock to allies when their decade newer tech still cannot compete with ww2 planes because the teams suck allies need more handouts to survive...
  4. it's faster that way... landing a 262 the normal way takes ages... plus the repair time when landing on engines is a mere 15 seconds...
  5. what's the point then?
  6. yes it was also designed by a german... that's why it was so good... still no.
  7. doesn't matter, the point is: anything german is still better than unneccessary captured premiums
  8. there's lots of better german premium choices before a p-51... plus if you want p-51 premium there's at least 3 in game already i think.. also "low demand item"? a 190 with a 20mm revolver cannon? who doesn't want that?
  9. if that thing was available i wouldn't care what it took to get it
  10. and us planes should be in the us tree... i'd gladly take a FW-190 V32 mg213 revolver cannon testbed for a premium over a boring mustang...
  11. Aircraft/Loadouts

    make one
  12. Aircraft/Loadouts

    make one
  13. except any german plane ever before the p-51
  14. Agreed 100% the more skins, the better.
  15. p-47n

    You out-teamplay them. not difficult considering it's the allied teams we're talking about...
  16. the only reason people want a german P-51 is so they can fly it in a team that can actually win... but absolutely no to this. this is not needed.
  17. Aircraft/Loadouts

    germany needs it's heavy bombers... every other branch has something for every nation.. like jet bombers. but germany is the only nation without it's heavy bombers. granted there isn't many but that makes it even more important..
  18. Aircraft/Loadouts

    no. get a talisman for your B-17 and a camo from WT live. we don't need this.
  19. Aircraft/Loadouts

    put a talisman on an existing p-51 and get a soviet camo from WT live... we don't need more captured premiums.
  20. torpedoes

    sinking ships should still yield way more rp than it does.. if you kill a fighter you destroy one plane and lose one pilot, if you sink a carrier or even damage it you'll lose thousands of men or put it out of action for months...
  21. i so much want the HE-162 A-1... i don't care if it's event plane just don't make it a tournament prize...