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  1. Sämtliche Off-Topic Kommentare sind entfernt. Das Thema hier ist M56 Scorpion und was ihr von dieses Fahrzeug haltet! Weitere Off-Topic Kommentare werden entsprechend verwarnt
  2. Good day Catweazle. So how many topics and posts have you deleted or 'stopped' so far this month. I am not trying to be a ****, but I am honestly very interested. You seem to be the local 'police' officer of these forums and delete more stuff then any other War Thunder 'official'. 

    1. _Catweazle_63


      Hi, you are right, i am online a lot and that's why i come across a lot of threads not following our posting discipline and forum rules. :salute: 

  3. teamkilling

    There is a difference between Air and Ground battles. In Air battles with FF-on TK's are happening on a regular basis and the culprit doing multiple TK's in one battle will be kicked immediatly. What you describe is disruptive game play in Ground battles. If you report him (ingame and/or through the server replays this individual will be dealt with)https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/323318-disruptive-game-play-please-dont-do-it/ Whether there is one or multiple reports doesn't matter, disruptive game play is disruptive game play regardless the number of reports. But TK's in AB GF ( by means of artillery of bombs) will also detected automatically as in RB as well.
  4. OP, The War Thunder Wiki explains in detail how the Match Maker works and how the BR's are calculated. Please read: http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Battle_ratings http://wiki.warthunder.com/index.php?title=Matchmaker As already mentioned, it's never too late to ask the right questions. Now for the other fine "gentlemen" that can't be bothered to respect the OP's question and thread and only come here to rant and rage and derail this topic while showing their ignorance and toxic behaviour. Your inflammatory off-topic ranting and raging comments are not acceptable, nor is the call to boycott the game. Those players paying towards the game ensure that you can play without having to spend any money and now you want to harm the game and it's development by calling for a boycott? So you think that because of your personal issues with the game no one should be able to play??? Because no income means no game. We appreciate feedback whether it's negative or positive but if you got nothing constructive to say but just want to harm the game and it's community then refrain from commenting all together. The OP's question was answered thanks to some helpful forum members therefore this can be locked.
  5. Cheers for the clarification
  6. teamkilling

    FYI: frequent teamkillers will be removed from the battle automatically. Not only the TK's per battle but per day/week are recorded. Frequent teamkillers will be removed automatically once they reach the limit and can't join battles for a specific time. The best solution against teamkillers is to let them kill you as much as possible so they are automatically taken care of. "defending" by becoming a Team Killer is no solution, it makes you part of the problem and makes you the team killer.
  7. FYI: a reply was added as you can see What do you consider "doing a good job" ? ( rhetorical question) As written in the reply to the thread you mentioned, not having enough SL to advance is usually due to not knowing how to maximize you own performance and that of your Aircraft. Know the vehicles you use and the vehicles you encounter is the first step, then you need to know how to contribute to achieving the goals to win the match thus generating a higher income and experience. There are a lot of guides in various forum sections that teach how to maximize you SL and RP. While being a not particular skilled player myself, they helped me tremendous up to the point where i do not lose SL anymore even in high BR battles ( both tanks and planes) Not sure why you think this game is Pay to Win when your statement shows the opposite. Premium grants you more SL and RP per battle but the base income you still have to provide your self.
  8. Hi, Since you do not have the time to read a million posts or threads let me point you to the official pinned thread dealing with "Spawn Camping" since that's what your thread is about: Feel free to add your feedback on this subject there. Furthermore i would like to ask you to be more careful as to your language. Since this is a 12+ forum we do not accept language that is not suited for a forum like this like the word i've edited out ( sexual reference) and as such it's mentioned in the forum rules
  9. There are more then enough threads dealing with this topic so you will get the same advice as before: Do not create new threads on a topic that is already being discussed and especially no unconstructive rant threads. Note that the more threads are dealing with the same topic the more feedback will get lost. Those that need the feedback in order to assess and, if needed, change it can not plough through seceral threads to get all the feedback. I hope you understand since it does make sense. Please note the following as well: Spamming and trolling (this category includes): 1.1.27 Topic titles MUST NOT: be fully capitalised, use unclear abbreviations, reflect profanity (even through the forum filter), and they must be a clear indication of the content of the post. So here's the inevitable lock and redirection to the already created discussions on this topic.
  10. Hi, A suggestion like this can best be submitted in the Suggestions Forum if it's not already been suggested :https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/611-suggestions/
  11. Hi, You might find this forum section a good place to discus this: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/forum/939-international-tech-tree-project-unofficial/ As you can see a lot air and ground vehicles from other nations then those currently represented ingame are being proposed and discussed there.
  12. Hi, Glad you like the game as much as we do!! No, there are no plans to add this. Note that this is a 12+ game and adding infantry would mean raising the age requirement which is something the Developers do not want.
  13. ^^THIS^^ Well posting here will not get this noticed by the ones able to make the proposed changes so, as a proposal, it's a redundant thread.
  14. Ok, the trolling post and spam comments have been removed for now. If people decide to continue trolling and spamming then i'll switch to harsher measures. So OP: try to ask for tips on how to be better and accept constructive criticism and those that want to respond to the OP: provide either tips for OP or explanations as to why you agree or do not agree with the OP.
  15. Knowledge is very useful:
  16. Please i urge you to read: and Rule breaking rant locked
  17. Empirical data is only based on experience or observation alone often without due regard for system and theory. And since my experiences and observations are my personal observations and yours are your personal one's they are subjective and not facts thus can't be used as facts (evidence)determining the state of the game and the experiences of the majority of the player base. To know the whole picture you will need all data to determine the state a game is in and if you are on the right track achieving what you set out to achieve. ^^This^^ is basically what it's all about but i would like to add that every feedback coming from the community is appreciated and when good suggestions are submitted that fit the game and the goal the Dev's want to reach with it then they will be implemented. As the past has shown, a lot of changes to the game had their roots in suggestions and ideas coming from the community ( removal of : Last man standing or adding of the Italian Aircraft, anyone? ) But as with everything in life, and i quote the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want (but if you try sometimes you well might find you get what you need)"
  18. Hi, As i stated, please contact the Suggestions helpers for more information regarding your Suggestion not being approved. If have to agree with Stona here, you say creating the suggestion took you a lot of time but you missed all the information posted in the Suggestions forum that was needed to have your Suggestion opened for discussion. Note that Suggestions are meant to be passed on to the Developers and they require specific information hence there are requirements set for Suggestions to meet. The requirements determine whether a Suggestion will be approved rather then time spend on creating it. This is not to disregard the effort you put into but the state a fact. You have to realise that we got a lot of people that are really determined to make this game a success, both players and staff. Now i really believe you too got the best intentions but please do realise that not everything we think is a great idea is actually a great or practical idea or fits in the way the Developers want this game to go. A gaming experience is personal and subjective as is what we look for in a game and what makes a game fun for us. But do not be discouraged by forum users that spread all doom and gloom and think they know exactly how things work. We value all constructive feedback!.
  19. Hi, The maps and objectives for battles are randomly generated so you can't change this yourself.
  20. Please do not spread misinformation, i suggest you carefully reread the forum rules and especially section 1.4 Punishment.
  21. Guys, There is no reason to ridicule the OP for sharing his personal opinion after all your opinions are just that as well.
  22. Guy and Girls, Agree to disagree, acknowledge the fact that all your personal opinions are subjective and therefore neither wrong or right. Do not let difference in personal opinions and not accepting other people's opinions lead to insults and demeaning remarks. If the personal insults and demeaning remarks continue then it leave us no choice other then to take action against the posters and/or this thread.
  23. Da steht: Was ist der Zweck von dieser Thread hier? Und die Antwort darauf lautet: Der Thread hat kein Zweck wir wollen nur lachen über Leuten die eine andere Sprache sprechen können die ich nicht verstehen kann und deshalb wird er geschlossen.
  24. This is a very worrying statement, nothing justifies using cheats in an online game. Illegal modifications are not used for the reason you mention, it is used to not play by the rules like the rest of the players, to appear better then they are. They not only fool others but they fool themselves as well trying to be something they are not. Using illegal modifications is a slap in the face of those that play by the rules and know that the MM is the same for everyone and are able to accept and adapt. If you read through the whole thread you will find your conclusion: You ban them = lost of players = lost of potential customers. is incorrect. If by loss of potential players you mean loss of potential cheaters then Good Riddance! It's rather like this : We ban cheaters = players are happy about this = attract more potential players
  25. This is the 1.71 Rumour Round-Up and discussion. To discus already implemented content please use the appropriate forum sections like the Game Mode sections, The Machinery of War sections and the Naval sections.
  26. There is no reason for this trollfest, flamefest thread to stay open. Even the OP engages in derailing and trolling his own thread. OP, The Developers made a conscious decision to make and keep this a Free to Play game, i do not understand why you would want to remove a large portion of the playerbase by making this a Pay to Play game. If you want to financially support the game then you got the option to "take a monthly subscription" in the form of a premium account. Furthermore the title is misleading since, whether this game is either a F2P or P2P game, is not something that is up to the players to decide. derailed thread locked
  27. I advice you to read the forum rules before using our forum then you know that rants and insulting comments are not acceptable. Reading in general is always a good idea, it saves you a lot of trouble.
  28. Hi,


     My Post about artillery was in the right section while it is a constructive criticism about the misuse of most of the SPG's.

    There are way to many sections in those forums so that nobody find now where to post something. It remembers me the belgian state rules, so complex that even our politics are lost...


    2. I'm by nature a polite guy, respectful and so on. But I ask the same attitude in return. We are here in a WARGAME where the vast majority of players are Adults and even Senior adults. We're no more kids... The  "F***" about kamikaze planes is justified by the fact that gaijin IGNORE all our complaints about the problem for over 2 years. 

  29. Geschloßen Grundsätzlich Regelwidrige Themen und Diskussionen wie: 1.1.21. Jedwede Form politischer und/oder religiöser Diskussion welche dazu neigt eine Meinungsverschiedenheit zu erzeugen.
  30. Being as i have attempted to private message to resolve issues in the past with no success. Now i see i have to do it this way.  How or who do i contact if i have issues with the moderators in-game? I have tried going through the list and that has failed and now i want to further escalate the situation. I have attempted to contact Orion with NO results.  Any help here?  

  31. Erst kam der Hochmut, dannkam der Fall und jetzt das ende dieses Thema. ^^THIS^^ Der OP fand es nötig Dampf ab zu blassen und hat nur Kritik ohne den Versuch Konstruktiv zu sein. Trotz den Versuch, einige Teilnehmer etwas Konstruktives aus dieses Thema zu machen hat dieses Thema sein Ende erreicht. Der OP hat seiner eigene persönlicher und subjektiver Meinung und hält an dieser Meinung fest. Das ist kein Problem aber es macht weitere Diskussion hier unnötig und überflüssig. Also dieser Thread ist hiermit geschlossen.