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  1. vehicles/tanks

    It's not bugged. Look at the angle you bounced at.
  2. 183MM GLASS CANNON It's a t4.
  3. Wow. You picked one thing. You get a gold star. That hesh round isn't even the hesh round data from The L7/M68 105MM. The cheiftain has a fake round. FAKE NEWS
  4. Okay. I've found this bug today. The trigger is this. Start the game. Play as any nation in a tank battle. Then switch to a nation. Ie. British to German. The sound becomes distorted. You don't hear a turret drive noise. Firing the main cannon will sound very buggy. Uploading a video Vehicle I tested CHEIFTAIN MK3. STRV81, TIGER2SLA, T29.
  5. I was in SR. I dropped 2 FAB 3000s . One landed on the bridge. Maybe 2-6 feet away from 2 T44-100s. The kill radius is 158 feet. Clearly they are within 158 feet. The second bomb went behind the bridge but still was within distance. The bridge absorbs 6000 lbs of combined explosive. My squad mate will upload the video of the battle tomorrow.