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  1. I wouldn't mind if they lowered the rewards as long as the mode was not frustrating to play, that's the isssue, not the rewards. Current situation => The rewards are very bad on average and it's frustrating Lowering the rewards but increasing the win ration to ~80+% (while keeping the average reward the same) would turn Assault into => The rewards are very bad on average but it's relaxing I'd take the second case any day when it comes to PVE.
  2. I give up on assault. I thought PVE would be relaxing and fun but it's even more frustrating than PVP simply for the fact that it's deliberately frustrating by design, apparently Assault is meant to be a frustrating series of loses. Armored Warfare PVE win ratio: 80-90% War Thudner PVE win ratio: 10-20% It's clear that one is meant to be fun and the other not. Ah well, I thought I'd finally be able to get my PVP and PVE fix in a single game but I guess I'll still have to go play Armored Warfare whenever I feel like having some PVE fun.