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  1. I tried SPAAG and it's not rewarding. Sometimes you get no air targets to shoot at. When you do you might not hit any if they are fast and nimble fighters. On the other hand I rarely see planes having a decisive effect on the ground battle. Best I ever got was 4 ground kills in one game with the Stuka D3. Whereas with a tank I have a lot more influence on the battle. Exception are when there are rocket armed fighters like the Hurricane and the P-47. In the hands of a good pilot they can get a lot of kills. Turn off join in progress and you won't get bombed at the start of the battle. Honestly, I play a lot of GF SB and I'm rarely killed by an aircraft.
  2. On some maps you can cap and still get in to ambush position afterwards. Mozdok and Port Novo if you're Axis. Volokolamsk if you're Allies. SB
  3. Good post Althix. I have found a few places and routes on some maps that are rarely travelled. Allows you to sneak in behind or to the flanks. When you get there you can do a lot of damage on unaware enemies. Providing you have APHE and a decent RoF. Example: Going down the middle on Stalingrad - along train tracks. SB GF I'm referring to.
  4. Tip: I use the air brakes on the Stuka (default key H) to dump speed when approaching airfield for landing. Also landing flaps of course. Saves time having to slow down from further out.
  5. Panthers are better on open maps like Kursk. T-44's are better on the smaller CQB maps where it's agility allows it to outmaneuver the relatively cumbersome Panthers and Tigers. You can be more aggressive in the T-44 I find. Get to the flank of any German tank and one shot it quite easily.
  6. I would like: Longer repair times. Maps that are more open - less city maps. Larger teams to account for the fact that the maps are sometimes larger and that some players are in the air. Morale system for crew - chance to bail out increases with every crew member knocked out. Crew shock - stun crew when crew take injuries or casualties. Remove commanders view reticle to make shooting from the hip more challenging. Anyone agree or disagree?
  7. It's also quite bomb proof. Only knocked the tracks off with these two 250kg bombs. Then dropped a 500kg bomb but a little further away. Again just the tracks. Oh well...
  8. The OP is getting a bit of unfair stick here. He made a considered and well argued opening post and then was immediately dismissed and ridiculed in the first response. OP, you have made your point and I would advise you to leave this thread rest. You'll just get into an endless cycle of having to justify and explain yourself.
  9. I'd prefer if SB GF teams could be bigger to account for those who start in aircraft. 20 vs 20 maybe. Prefer a longer queue time rather than getting a 6 vs 6 on some huge map with short sightlines. Volokolamsk (for Axis); Tunisia and El Alamein have long drives to the capture points during which time you're likely only to see enemy aircraft. Boring. Kursk and Mozdok have long drives too but as engagement ranges are typically longer you can see enemy sooner. You can ping map for enemy location and also give your own location with T-4-1 so I'm not as concerned about the lack of situational awareness.
  10. Actually, his post is well written though I don't necessarily agree with all of it. Main problem for the OP may stem from the fact that he plays when the player population is at a low ebb. 5 vs 5 on Tunisia is not fun.
  11. The Logistical Services crew skill is just for free tank repairs outside of battle right? It has no in-battle effect was my understanding. Unlike the equivalent for aircraft which speeds up turnaround time on the airfield.
  12. If APCR ever becomes as good in it's ability to knock out a tank as APHE then we would have everyone using APCR almost exclusively as it has better penetration and is easier to aim (albeit it would bounce more). There would need to be a restriction on, for example, a Panzer IV carrying 40 plus rounds of PzGr 40. So historical ammo load-outs for APCR at least.
  13. In SB You are generally more useful in a tank. More useful in a medium tank than a heavy or a SPAAG. If you have a plane use it but you will often do better just concentrating on your tanking. CAS is fun but unless you are a good pilot with perhaps rockets you will be more useful in a tank. Depends on the map too. Harder to get CAS kills on Ruhr; AF or Berlin. Easier on Volokolamsk where tanks show up nicely against the snow.