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  1. Yeah it should be OP but I can't bring myself to drive the Panther D anymore. Combine the lack of reverse speed with the slow turret traverse and put it on the average CQB with Domination mode. I've had enough of it. IMHO the T-34-85 is better in the current game meta. The glory days of the Panther D in WarThunder ended back in November 2014. Plus I only have the crappy Ju87 D5 with half the bombload of the D3 (why?) to CAS with. Food for the average P-47 etc. And yourself and IceDeath could drive any tank for Gold wagers!
  2. The Panther A is good but you'll be lucky if a quarter of the Axis team is driving one. It'll be single spawn heavies and oddball casemate TD's like Nashorn's and other assorted borderline useless vehicles making up the numbers. Yes the JagdPanther is formidable but on most maps it's inferior to anything with a turret. I rarely use it. I've noticed that the Pz IV H event and the ones below it are usually much more even. Once you get to the Panther D vs M18/T-34-85 event it all changes. The primary reason I believe is the slow moving single spawn heavies on CQB maps and under continuous rocket and bomb assault from P-47's as they make their way to already capped capture points where an assembly of M18's, etc are waiting to pick them off. Not helped either by some atrocious decision making and lack of awareness. A lot of Axis players will advance regardless even when it's battle mode on large Sinai and they can legitimately sit back and snipe instead. I've been driving the T-34-85 today in the Panther D event and it's just so easy. 8 wins and 3 losses. Never any stress. It's almost relaxed. You can generally get there first and wait as Tigers and Panthers trundle past oblivious and just one shot them in the side. Again and again.
  3. Also while playing the Panther vs T-44 event in SB yesterday I noticed that player called arty is not working. I heard the arty noise but never saw any explosions.
  4. Not often:
  5. This is just embarrassing. Axis teams in the Panther vs T-44 event are barely putting up a fight. I've had two Gin and Tonics and it's still easy mode. Too many single spawn tanks goes someway to explaining but Sinai is a map that should suit Axis. It's a more even fight at the lower tiers and also the Panther II vs T-44-100 event. But Panther D vs M18 and Panther A vs T-44 are overwhelmingly Allied victories in my recent experience.
  6. I've noticed this very recently too in SB battles. Weird. Also seen tracers at high altitudes. No sign that they are player controlled aircraft when I checked the replay.