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  1. Okay, first off , how is the damage detection system broken, second there is a set time that you have to spend in air rb( i think its 5 min ). Third, The collisions are the fault of both parties for not puling away or moving to close to each other so the punishment for it is completely just. Fourth, If you don't want the punishment for it wait for the points to tick away it there are 300 points left which takes 20 to 30 seconds.
  2. On all the minor discussions or the big over arching one.
  3. i know you didn't use it now tell me what are the cases in which you use it... and after 10 mins yes if you have 1 more spawn you should still get it
  4. Okay first off I do go into a stock tank / plane in up tiered matches ...second is this excluding the people who purposely go into them to spawn in a plane. Okay for example if a stock m4a3e2 is up tiered to lets say 5.7 or lets go higher because said player wanted to bring his or her stock m41 and on top of that wants to use their b29 and f9f-8 so now the match is 8.0 to 9.0 Now in said match he or she brings their e2 first because you know giggles, and you know dies and leaves said match because they can't spawn in their jet or b29, but can in the m41. And you think that their shouldn't be punishment for that or even leaving a match with 1400 points in an m46 when the guy has a t29 in their line up. And third i expect people to fight in a game that involves it and gives you multiple spawns. Why take the AA Truck to begin with if you don't use it
  5. Through out my 3 years playing war thunder I have noticed a relative rise in people leaving matches and still being able to spawn, and players rushing in to die because its a map they hate(as you will see in the pictures i have posted. This is why I propose that crew lock be modified to have a heavier punishment. My suggestion is that crew lock works on a tier system that resets every 24 hours and doubles the time of the it every time a person leaves the match in less than 2 to 4 minutes, depending on the score. The initial time would be from 5 minutes. If this is the wrong section to post this in please tell me where it needs to be and whether or not to put it in Russian.