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  1. If I get one I'll pm you. Might be some time though as I'm on holiday for the next week.
  2. XP is based on over all score in game. Apart from killing things and getting shot at your score increases automatically the closer you are to the enemy thus a tank destroyer way out on the map has to rely on kids and taking hits, which don't happen as much, so less xp
  3. If that's the case then I understand the target lock wrong and they must have been cheating with some kind of aim bot. I I see another ill post their name and game time and see what you think. (assuming you can watch other players replays)
  4. I think the siren would be annoying too but I do like the idea and f the crew saying something. Tbh the crew should be saying a lot more like calling out damage and targets instead of the useless stuff they say now
  5. I can't post links to replays from the PS4 or I'd link to the ones mentioned. If you don't see an advantage then maybe it's something that has to be learned to use or set up on a macro. The guy mentioned above may have been cheating, I don't know, a few times he was literally sat there doing nothing or that might be another game I watched where someone else was doing exactly the same.
  6. Another one. M3A1 12 kills no deaths on Poland. He stuck in one place the whole game jumping forward and back round corners. Again you can see on the replay he's using target lock as it's forward, gun jumps and bang, in about a second then he's back behind the same wall and repeat. Zero skill or help to the team other than the kills. This is what leads to massive kill/death discrepancies (yes I stats don't really count) and make players appear better than they are or certain tanks harder to fight.
  7. Ash River just outside B is the same with its one way rocks. I still want to know why we can't shoot through stuff, for example why can a brick wall on Cologne stop everything but not on El Alamein?
  8. Jumping gun again. He hardly touched the turret controls or zoom but you can see the gun jump to a tank even when it's behind cover. He faced two Japanese tanks head on at about 200 yards and got them both before they had even chance to fire as his gun went straight to them.
  9. No sorry not in this game. Even if you are both in the same tank there are many situations where you or the enemy can't see you but (or you think you're in cover) in fact they can. I think it's to do with how high the camera is behind the tank and of course that varies between tanks due to their design. The stupid lumpy maps don't help either.
  10. Well I'm just having the delightful displeasure of watching a replay of my last game in Cologne. A very fine individual, using auto aim (for that's what it is) decided to take a Gepard straight to one of our spawns getting 10 kills and only dieing to a lucky shot, he then did exactly the same with an Panzer 4 E and hid. He didn't need to be skillful, he didn't need to watch where he shot, he just spammed the fire button while the computer did the rest. These are the stats of someone with (I think it was) 23 days of medium tank using auto aim How is this not legal cheating? Some may say 'it's only arcade' yes it is and that's the game the majority play.
  11. I've had exactly the same tonight trying to kill a type 94. I know solid shot goes straight through, I was in an A13, but the metal is supposed to be penetrated by the machine gun as I sprayed the cab, it kept driving. I shot the two on the back, it kept shooting, how?
  12. Someone posted the same last night but then the topic got deleted. Might mean Gaijin are aware, might mean they're not bothered again, who knows...
  13. Not only invisible tanks for me tonight but back to invisible caps as well. It was there as I capped it (ps4 is slow taking pics so I missed it) also the decals are again missing from my tank, it all must be related in some way as I don't remember it happening before the spotting system changes.
  14. Gaming mice don't jump like target tracking does. You'd still have to have skill to move the mouse just right as opposed to being mlv d for you in a split second. It's something that I could never use, what's the point?
  15. Messed up yet again! Why is there never any ps4 testing? I know they already don't think much of us and stuff like this doesn't help
  16. Why is there target tracking for tanks? I just don't understand it, it's basically an aimbot and gives players an advantage over others. If you watch replays you can see the player using it as their crosshair jumps all over the place instantly targeting and making a mockery out of those that don't use it. What's wrong with using your own skill and actually getting good at a game, no hang on I've just realised what I said there, I forgot about the mind set that's screw everyone else I want those kills and 'I'm better then you' way of thinking. This isn't me trying to sound like I'm ranting it's just another thing that can make 'ground forces' one of the most frustrating games to play. What does anyone else think?
  17. Just had the same as above with one squad is three all had a full line up of 5.3 Russian tanks and our team had none, not one, exactly 0 at 5.3 (someone we won the game hut I was no help as I has in all 4.3 American) This thread and this game but mainly Gaijin make me want to rant and swear like some kind of loony as that seems to be the only way you ever get anyone official to actually read a post even if it's only to lock it.
  18. There's been some very good points raised and the initial shots can make a difference but as well over stretching can be as bad with tanks being picked off. Something that can contribute to a loss is the whole team. Being auto spawned at one side of the map then all going off in the same direction and refusing to move. Had some games recently where me and one or two others had to defend two caps. I've noting against long range sniping but just not moving in a light or medium tank for the whole game doesn't work. But, I do feel the game has a lot of luck involved.
  19. Something needs to be done about them being able to hit you as soon as you spawn. Got about 30 foot out of the spawn, as always you're not 100% at what's happening in the game, bullets in the back of my half track then hit by a plane. It's just stupid. "we're very sorry Mrs Smith (and the rest of the crews familys) but Johnny didn't make home from his last mission. He spotted an enemy half track and decide the death of himself and all his crew were worth it. Oh and here's the bill for the plane"
  20. It's not down to crew skill as you can see tanks highlighted past the ones that are invisible or are in the range of even a basic crew. It also effects premium time players as I've got some after buying a bundle and the game was really bad last night. A quick restart though 'fixes' it (decals dissappearing from tanks is normally a signal that invisible tanks can also happen)