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  1. To quote someone above about the gunner getting 2.5 zoom in the scope. Yeah I know that, but what I didn't explain well was I meant the knew the tank was there but couldn't see it with the normal behind the tank view. Swap to gunner, still can't see it until I got the actual cross hair on it then it appeared. Back to commander view and the tank popped in and out of view. Both crew members have the same skill points, both could see it normally (and on some maps do) so why sometimes do I have to point the gun at a tank to see it? I feel like we're going round in circles putting posts on here about not seeing this or that and Gaijin not actually caring one little bit. With Ash River having the spawn points changed back you know they read our posts and can change stuff if they wanted, why is issue being ignored?
  2. Nobody seems to have mentioned Ash River has changed back (of they have and I haven't seen it) first time I've been to cap A and I see its now going to the a lot of cover and that the entrance to the left spawn has all changed, both of which are for the better. Shame the right lower spawn is still in a strange place but still thanks for the change back its very much appreciated.
  3. Would love to know exactly how the match maker works. Around 59,000 people and 1700 or so games at about 1800 tonight, most I've seen in a long time so I thought I'd get a few good games. I tried my American 4.7 line up (nothing higher and one 4.3) first game, other team full of 5.7 our team only a very few 5.0/5.3 were dead. Next game the same and the game after that. The 75mm guns and bad armour just can't fight the heavy German and Russian tanks yet the games were full of them. I don't know what the solution is but what we've got not just doesn't work as in the end I turned the game off which I seem to have been doing more and more lately.
  4. It's definitely related to the gunner. Panzer 3b hiding on the hill in Poland again (seems to happen a lot there) I know the tank is there but I can't see it at all unless I switch to the gunner view at which point it appears. If this is how it works then what's the point of spending crew points on the other crew members?
  5. At its new br the thing is nearly impossible to destroy from the front by most tanks it faces and I've also seen it get some stupid kill streaks. But I have found though that you can get through the commanders cupola which, if you're lucky, kills the gunner. Other than that though it's the same as another other Sherman and has totally useless armour on the sides. (no idea why the text is different sizes)
  6. I honestly thought the game had been getting better until yesterday again there were invisible tanks on the other side of the lake in Poland, I was looking right at them, of course they appeared when they fired. Ardennes, got drove into the back of when everything was clear. I think the most important thing seems to be where the gunner is looking for distant enemies appearing but I've no idea about the rest.
  7. I didn't even know you could see how much you have the potential to win till three days ago as I'd never noticed it on the left hand side.
  8. You sure a very pretty tank didn't just go past?
  9. While I don't think there are pay to win tanks as such I do think there are a few that give an advantage but that's more due to their br, but as the post above says, they can still be destroyed if you know where to hit them. Some premium tanks are rubbish. The SMK has a really bad gun and armour for the things it fights against and mine is always dying. I've also never been killed by a Calliope but I have destroyed them loads by shooting at their rockets, as with anything it's swings and roundabouts.
  10. There's always been one or two mystery hits but now I get at least one per battle. Start of the game today on Normandy. Went to the top of the hill to take the cap. Mystery hit in the transmission on my Na-To. Hit again kills two crew, can't see anything. Turn camera about five degrees, four enemies pop into view close and a few at the spawn, I didn't last too long after that. So as I'm thick I take my next tank up the hill again. See am M4, try to target but nothing, can't get the cross to change from white, bang my turret explodes, shot by the same M4 I'm looking at.
  11. I ha e this exact same problem with not winning enough to cover my cost of tanks used. Same goes for trying to upgrade the buildings. I need massive amounts now but I can loose around 20,000 by being attacked but that can be up to 5 times a day...
  12. I'm not in trouble and I don't need assistance I was trying to say that your game is fatally flawed with the slow collection of silver versus the very high loss of silver when attacked by opponents whose level far exceeds your own. (why am I bothering trying to type something cohesive and comprehensible when I know you've absolutely no idea what I'm on about....)
  13. Something I've been getting a lot since the patch is invisible hits. All of a sudden somethings damaged or a crew members dead but noting hit your tank. Or you know you're getting unit but there's no incoming shell.
  14. I don't understand why they can't just go back to the spotting system there was before? Just change the code back, surly it can't be that hard.
  15. I've tried the air assault and didn't really like it. It took ages to get to the altitude of the bombers and by then they had dropped their bombs and were leaving. As they're on a timer chasing them is no good as other waves come in and (I've I read in chat but not seen) the leaving enemies just despawn leaving you miles away from your base. I think it should be changed to what someone says above and make it so the waves only appearing when the previous one is defeated or make the rewards more so if you don't last a long time it wasn't all for nothing.
  16. Well now I've managed to have two games on Ardennes that haven't crashed I can only mirror what the atomicpope says above in that it's not a bad map with varied terrain that isn't too lumpy so letting you use long range tank destroyers or faster tanks to flank round. Only down side is again the houses are in a random unrealistic layout.
  17. I had it for my first game yesterday but same as above it locked up for me twice. Not had it since.
  18. Thanks you but I've absolutely no idea how to make a big report and Tbh I think you have said before and that you can't do it from your phone (which is my only computer)
  19. Well I had my first game on the new Ardennes map today and it's started on with relatively flat areas (as in fields with no pointless lumps) but the buildings are again just jumbled up with no order like a real town. It was also stuttering (not sure if frame rate like Korea or not) as it then locked up. Restart and went back into the same game for it to lock up again. PS4 specific problem?
  20. So after the update I've only had one game of ground forces with my Russians and it was on the new map Ardennes. The game locked up 5 minutes in. No response at all had to rest the game. Restart game says do I want to rejoin the battle, yes, locks up again... Before that it was Jenkins around like the Korea map. Is it doing the same for anyone else? Is this PS4 specific? Did any actual playstation play testing happen?
  21. This game is far too random! What I mean is you go ta attack another player and there are times where you literally walk over the enemy then using the same units you get wiped out in about three moves. How is it the AI seems to build units a lot faster than you can? Or that your tanks are totally useless against enemy planes?