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  1. Turn I think you're missing the point. Level of a player has noting to do with how good or bad they are at the game just the amount of time they have been playing it. You say something about jealousy, someone being better that me and that's why I blacklisted them, sorry no, you're wrong again. There are loads of players better that me I'm distinctly average. Off the top of my head my two tanks with the most kills are the Panzer 4 G or J (can't remember) and the KV-2 but so what stats don't really mean anything except to maybe highlight things like 20,000 kills versus newbies. As I said above if the list had worked, for me it's not about blocking good players but blocking the ones that consistently 'cheat'. The kind that spawn camp, sit just off the map or exploit the game in a as they weren't meant to and nothing more.
  2. ^^^I agree! Hate to use the term looser but really every single game going out in the same tank again and again?? He's sat there all smug thinking he's some uber gamer but knows deep down he isn't and his other tank stats prove it. Ah well getting off topic that seems to be you can't actually block anyone, which is poo.
  3. Thanks for answering the question about the sale now if you can just answer all the ones about invisible tanks, battle ratings and all the other problems we have it'd be really helpful.
  4. Quick answer is you're wasting your time posting anything like this as it's just ignored.
  5. It's certainly evidence of someone being crap with any other tank. Anyway stupid me I actually thought the blacklist might be useful but seeing as how I don't use chat I'll just delete everyone from it. Shame really as I like a challenge in the game (that's why I torture myself with the Japanese tanks) but some players, like above and those that spam certain other tanks, would be nice to be avoided just so I get a good game not a frustrating one.
  6. What is the point of the Blacklist? I've got a player on there that is either a God or cheating. 20,000+ kills but only 4000 deaths, rubbish. (I'm sure someone will say that's like 10 kills per game or some such stuff, I don't care) So he's on my Blacklist. Has been for a while. Yet still he appears in my games time and again. So what's the point of it then and does anyone else have this problem?
  7. The whole game is really starting to pee me off. Sick of well placed shots on known weak points bouncing or not killing crew, shots just dissappearing or going massively wide yet the crew is at 77% accuracy. Hitting the tracks or idler wheels time and time again even though you were aiming at the flat side and then the shot getting eaten by 'structural steel'. Of course mentioned many times the invisible tanks and completely useless mini map. All this is topped off by air forces being about as accurate as a wet fish on the PS4 so you can't even play that. The game is 'broken' in so many ways. Yes they are all minor issues but they add up to big ones with the most frustrating aspect that no one from Gaijin cares. There's never an official response to a thread like this which just makes it even worse. This is why people create the rant threads but of course they get locked as why listen when you can just shut them up.
  8. discussion

    I've just been in a game on Berlin where half the team didn't even bother to play they just went to cap A then off to the top enemy spawn point. Why? I know this is different to actually spawn camping but if you have this mentally of ignoring the enemy team (and not trying to actually win) how can legitimate spawn camping be stopped?
  9. I have the context bound to R1 (I think this is default), for those who don't know this since the thing you pick artillery from. Well its getting right on my chuff! The number of times I try and go for artillery and get a stupid fighter isn't massive but it always seems to happen when you don't want it to. Almost always return to a burned out tank too. Is anyone else having the same problem as it 'accidentally' picking the wrong thing? Is there a way to change it without yet another button combination?
  10. Or in other words no one's got any sodding idea and the people that do can't be arsed to tell us.
  11. I think I forgot to put in my post above is to ask what do the crew actually see. Can they k lying see out of their historic vision slits/periscopes or do they just use a big circle round the tank? But as is said above technically you are outside the tank with a floating camera. Now another thing in the same game was I had just been shot and a team mate can only be seen next to me when it shows the explosion replay, and then it dissappears again. On the actual replay of the game it shows it parked next to me.
  12. So I see nothings changed then with the recent update. I need it explaining how the vision and radio operator skills work by Gaijin as I just don't understand. I'm attacking cap C on the factory map. I'm low on crew, radio operator dead, commander injured. Now I'm on the cap and the minimap is clear but I can physically see two tanks highlighted red in front of me and they then appear on it. I kill them both, minimap clear again, boom! Shot in the back of the turret by a tank right behind me and closer than the ones I just shot. Why couldn't my crew see it? (replay shows it drove through the building next to me) If I can figure it out I'll get the video in my post.
  13. Has anyone made a bug report?
  14. No idea what the update was again but ilin the one game I've had there wasn't anymore jumping tanks or shots being delayed.
  15. Well I've managed a couple of games since the update showing in the change log that's something to do with the invisible tanks (doesn't say anything specific) and it's been a nightmare. First I had Korea, which is always bad but just had Tunisia and it was 'lagging' like mad. Tanks jumping all over the place and delayed hits. I know it's not lag or my Internet. Has the game been like this for anyone else in ground forces? Is it just the ps4 or everyone? It's making the game unplayable.
  16. Been happening more lately but as is said above it has happened before, especially the killed with no sounds thing, I think the explanation is your game and the server game don't match so it doesn't display the results of the shot right as opposed to it being lag or similar.
  17. In what way?
  18. Think this topic is being a bit derailed by 'history' lessons. Please save them for some other time War Thunder is a game nothing more.
  19. I tried to play with the Italian and Japanese planes last night and it was a total disaster. I mean I'm not great anyway with aircraft but I literally could not hit a thing no matter where I shot or at what distance. Of course to counter that I had that click, dead thing happen to me a few times. What really stood out that was I tried to attack a Hurricane. I twas in some kind of Ki-61. He massively out turns down me. In fact he was all over the place doing stuff I could never have done with the controller. L2 did work for t a king him but ultimately it was a waste of time so I just flew away. Tried tanks then. 77% accurate crews, shots going wide....
  20. Is it just mins or does it not work for everyone if at the end of a game you highlight a player to see what vehicles they used?
  21. So no one's posted since June 8th, we're all happy with th maps now? Well I'm not. First time I've had Eastern Europe in ages and the ting is now covered in stupid plants and trees all but in the places the tanks destroyers go. Why? Why is it whenever anyone works out a good place to snipe tanks from with tanks that are meant to be snipers down so someone from Gaijin come along and mess it up? Can be arsed to fix the constant kamikaze or stupid battle ratings but mess with the maps, that's number one priority.
  22. When I saw this on the new even announced on the front page and its accompanying picture of light tanks I was really looking forward playing it. Small low BR tanks speedily running round the map trying to get the flag or stop it sounded good and a nice chance to take out the relatively unused tanks the the M2A2 or BT-5. But no. Again this is yet another unthought out event as it actually encompasses all the tanks of tier 1. As such instead of a nice fast paced game it's dominated by M3 and Panzer IV E with their bigger guns. No other tanks really have a chance (yes I know technically they can be killed but with 5 spawns each it's a very hard task). After covering the flag they sit on the cap then go for a nice spawn camp. No of course some people may say this is what it was meant to be. I think it's poo and pointless again as they 'must win' as opposed to the 'must have fun' mentality wins out again. What are other people's thoughts?
  23. What's L2 like now for tanks?
  24. This must be why tank target tracking was switched on for me the other day (which I hate as it's a legal aim bot) and why I can't shoot the secondary gun while zoomed. Hasn't tried the game today to see if it's fixed and Tbh I don't care as I'm slowly running out of patience with the game
  25. It needs to be explained how a moving tank, in range of your crew skills, also doesn't show or dissappears from the mini map
  26. What was today's update date? There's no patch notes again
  27. The anti cheat thing they implemented was for spotting not aiming. What ever they were doing apparently it showed every tank on the map even ones behind cover/buildings. First view distance was reduced then this thing that makes tanks just disappeare. We did used to get lag a few years ago where tanks would be in and out of view as they moved round corners but it was different to what's happening now.
  28. The bad part is that we're locked on buying stuff to the psn so when it all goes tits up and the ps4 is even less supported than it is now we'll not be able to fully use our accounts if we try and play on the PC, which is nice.
  29. Found out yesterday that I now can't shoot secondary tanks guns while zoomed (I have them on L1) it just jumps the zoom back. Nothing changed in the settings. I know the game is a very complicated set of code but how does an 'update' break something when the update has nothing to do with the controls?
  30. Yet another update where it mess up in some way on the ps4. Absolutely zero testing seems to be done for the ps4 version as it happens far too often. If someone consistently broke something they were meant to be fixing in another job they would be fired yet here it's the same thing week in week out. Our controls get messed with, the context button doesn't work, decals still dissappearing (been happening for months), invisible tanks and guns just not giving you any kind of cross hair on an enemy. All of these have been mentioned multiple times yet nothing is ever even officially acknowledged let alone fixed, no wonder people are getting frustrated and just giving up with the game.
  31. RNG

    I agree with this! Stood about ten foot from the front of an M4 105 in a T-126. I have APCR that does over 100mm damage and I can hit the front and side on the Sherman. Nothing went through even when I had a green cross. I managed about 3 shots as the other player was new and didn't know where to hit me (of course I eventually died) but this shouldn't have happened.
  32. So I've found that I now have the option to view replays, which is nice. But, I press triangle and it always says it can't find the game. Do a search for all battles involving me and only the same 8 appear. So as it says beta at the top of the page has it only recorded some of my games or is it that I just can't access them or what?