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  1. i play it in sim , in the event vs pz IV f1 and pz3j in this event is really overtiered but i have good results as well,i think is really fun tank
  2. i will it in game now!
  3. another time and no veicles......
  4. this forum is useless.......
  5. i have waste a lot of time to purchase the new matilda/exelsior tank and now is not in sim??? now i have a useless tank! A good gift gaijin!
  6. HI i open this suggestion for all care the stats of veicles! I think is a good iedea have the possibility to reset in one mode simulator/realisitc/arcade the stats of one tank/plane How many time the painful grind of stock plane or tank ruin your stats? no problem... reset it! You have become skilled more thant the first time and you will grow up the stats of a old veicle? no problem.. reset it! i have thinked this solution because a lot of player care from the stats at point to restrat new account for have better profile. Is very good option have to pay a couple of gold to reset stats for this players! i think is a good choice make this reset able only once per veicle. for the price? gaijin have to chose it ^^ leave a comment!