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  1. they ruin the game at other player, and ruin the stats. all this people have to be punished well
  2. first game in era 5 and im teamkilled, i think all my report are waste of time, gaijin dont act against this players
  3. other game session other temkill, im teamkilled 3 time in one night, im the only? i have reported all
  4. today 3 game, 2 teamkill and 1 bomber death... this game go worse evry time, im really close to quit this game, with no teamkill in RB now simulator is full of tard shot at evry tank they see
  5. is not possible im really temkilled most of the time.... this game have to punish REALLY TEAMKILL, after a temkill a one hour of ban, the players have to think first and after fire. and the temkill dont have sense to count in k/d stats, i have played like 30 game in t95e1 and im teamkilled evry 4 game, this is not acceptable
  6. spaa are boring end very tedius and you not are able to protect other tank, like now my games are ruined from planes and teamkiller evry xxxx match, i am death 23 times in the new t95e1 8 time by planes and 4 teamkill, this is not acceptable, this game go worse evry time, im really at the point to quit the game. wen you are matched vs squadron of planes you are not able to do nothing, tank gamplay is broken with aircraft presence
  7. personally i report evry time im temkilled sorry or not im tired begin killed evry 3/4 match this game is full of stupid
  8. is not possible, 50% of the time im bombed, the planes ruin the gamplay of the tanks
  9. is suggested like 1 year ago, but i think now with all the new tanks is a good think restart the poll and the suggestion
  10. i have waste a lot of time to purchase the new matilda/exelsior tank and now is not in sim??? now i have a useless tank! A good gift gaijin!