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  1. Ok sorry, must have mis-read.
  2. You have tried several servers so that isn't going to change anything. I see from your other posts, you're in Australia. Sort of a ping graveyard for WT. A few players I know from there all have the same issue. 150 is pretty good according to them. I don't think there is going to be any helpful suggestions as its a geographical thing.
  3. Pugs are pugs....15 randomly assigned team mates will be of various qualities. If you have a 4 man squad on your team it might increase your chances more. 4 man squad on the other team maybe improve their chances. It's online gaming and not limited to WT. You take your chances and while it should be 50/50 whether they are good (and you win) or vice-versa if they are bad. Often seems like we get the bad team (and they may think we are the bad part of the team). First 32 go in based on BR...not sure how you could limit it otherwise. Kills? Win rate? PvP rating? I don't have an answer to improve it.
  4. Haven't seen Hurtgen lately and finally after what seems weeks, had an Ardennes today. While there are maps I hate (looking at you Factory and some Mozdok conquest maps), I think if we were to chose maps to exclude, it would screw up the screwed up rotation even more. We could effectively eliminate some maps (which = wasted resources, time, $$$$). I just wish the random map was....random. Many times I get the same map 3 or 4 times in a row (record for me is 6....Factory). Just my thoughts...
  5. If it's for tanks you lose, isn't that the repair costs for the tank itself? Outside of reserve tanks (which have no repair costs) and the 10 free repairs you receive with each new tank, damaged or destroyed tanks have a repair cost. It gets significantly higher as the tanks BR increases.
  6. It does match squads in games which is why there are 4 man squads of 6.7 in 5.7 games. Both sides have a 4 man team only 1 is 5.7 and one is 6.7. The absence of a 4 man squad on one team is because there wasn't one available to queue or was already in another game. As someone mentioned, it starts with 4 man, then 3 man, then 2 man. If only 1 4 man team is available, one team gets it and the other gets the next available squad, be it 3 man or 2 man or none if they aren't available.
  7. There are squads I love to see...potential for 12 easy skills. There are individual players I worry about more than squads ( Deniedone, YoMama, and probably 10 others). There are probably 6 squads I don't like to see on the opposing team (the ones I mentioned in a previous post). Can one person wreck a game? Yes. Can a squad? Yes. Do they always? No. Again, the issue with MM isn't squads, its the BR compression. If you played 1 BR above and 1 below (5.7 plays 5.3 and 6.0 while 6.7 plays 6.3 and 7.0, etc) there would be less of an issue. An example, yesterday our team was 1 6.3, 1 6.0, and 14 5.7 vs. 5 6.7, 2 6.3, 2 6.0, 5 5.7. You know what the result was without even knowing how good or bad our team was. This is the issue not 4 man squads but crappy MM mechanic.
  8. Until they are spaded, they are,,,mediocre and always, for me anyway, uptiered. The T-34 is the best of the lot, although a weaker cousin of the T-29. Aside from the T-34, I did well with the T-25. The M-26 gun/ammo seems under-powered as does the T-26 (which I haven't spaded yet). For me, they are decent side snipers and don't do much frontally (not including the T-34 as its not a 90mm cannon). You can do well but not if you Rambo these tanks...more of a hide and pick your shot and hide again tank. Down tiered they do much better but still can get killed with relative ease. The T-34 can take a few hits and its gun is much better. Just my experiences with them as I have seen other players do well with them.
  9. @DoDo....machines. A mediocre player with a good 6.7 (KT, T-29, US T-34 for example) will wreck a few 5.7s before they eventually get him.
  10. There are deadly squadron squads out there (HuntU, Elder, Chins, WinFX, JOut, and so on). They can and do change the outcomes of battles (although mainly when downtiered, at equal BR they are just tougher.). My squad is randomly made of the first four people on my friends list who message and say "let's squad up." (sometimes WinFx, sometimes Elder, sometimes JOut, sometimes un-squadroned players). Sometimes its 2 or 3 of us not 4. As I stated before, we do okay. BUT, even though I am an average player, I do okay solo too. Squads are encouraged by Gaijin. Cooperation is too. You can't penalize people for playing in squads when you have the opportunity to do so as well.
  11. This goes back to my suggestion of tanks playing 1 BR level above and 1 BR level below rather than the +/- 1 we currently use (5.7 would play 6.0 and 5.3, 6.7 would play 7.0 and 6.3, etc). Games would be more competitive and maybe even fun (games are supposed to be fun right?). I don't believe queue times would be affected as much as every thinks (at least try it and see). There are enough 6.7s that they never should see 5.7s in a game (many battles with 4 6.7s and 12 5.7s per game which are then determined by who has the better 6.7 players). I have played a few games so I'm not randomly tossing out an idea without any basis or thought. As Davenprof states the constant uptiers are real and definitely not fun (all 6.7 battles or all 5.7 battles could easily happen without affecting queue times). But then who would feed the T29s, King Tiger SLAs, and RU-251s (the most downtiered tanks in my experiences)...if not the uptiered 5.7s?
  12. Not every four man squad disturbs the balance. My four man squad, which is usually 5.7, and is uptiered nearly every game to 6.7, doesn't unbalance the teams. We do okay but the constant uptier negates any perceived advantage. 6.3 squad playing 7.3, 6.7 squad playing 7.7, etc has minimal influence on the outcome (other than maybe caps). I still stand by my statement MM and BR decide the games. There have been far too many games with 4 6.7s and 12 5.7s per side. The deciding factor again is which side has better 6.7s, squaded or not.
  13. Not sure if you are referring to GF or AF or both but there is no shortage of players wanting to squad up. Not just squadron members, but I get many requests to squad up on a daily basis. Its not because I'm some great player (because I'm not) and its definitely not because of my charming personality (again, I'm not). Perhaps finding players who want to squad up rather than just your regular friends who don't? Just a thought...don't knock it unless you've tried it. You may actually like it.
  14. People leaving early or bringing one tank can affect wins/losses but not as much as you think (unless lots leave at the start, which has happened...had 6 leave the other day without firing a shot...MM thing). 4 man squads can be an issue, depends on the squad. Some are devastating, some are...not. My opinion, and its just that, is matchmaking determines more wins/losses than the aforementioned 2 things...4 man squad of 6.7s in a battle where there are 12 5.7s to a team is more impactful. Not arguing, derailing, or disagreeing...just my thoughts.
  15. And quote, "They are historically correct opponents..." Anyway, my random prize was a tricolor disruptive camo for .....the Archer. Lovely. Tasks would have been better if they were from normal games much like last year's summer event.
  16. It's rarer than a balanced MM...not since the first few days it was introduced.