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  1. There have been very few, drawn out battles it seems. They are usually routs, one way or another (win or lose). And this has been for a while although I'm not sure for how long. Why? is the question that should be asked. Some of the blame belongs to MM but not all.
  2. I've found the T25 quite capable even though it is always going to be up tiered as most 6.0 always are. Definitely better than the M26. Don't be in such a rush to the black hole that is 6.7...the T29, KTH (inc SLA), and IS-6 spam is real. Side note: Personally, until you unlock the better ammo and other mods, the T26 is just a large, slow target.
  3. You can during the game but not at the summary screen. This has been the last 2 or so days (since last update to increase stability as ironic as that is).
  4. Well, some one has to feed the Tiger II Sla, T-29, RU-251, and IS-6. Seriously, the up BR (not tier but battle rating) is getting ridiculous anymore. 12 5.7s and 4 6.7s per game is a normal match. And don't dare play 6.0 as it always is up BR'd. And as someone mentioned, play 6.7 and get 7.3/7.7 or 7.3 and get 8.3. I'm not saying I want to be at the top, but being at the bottom constantly isn't fun either.