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  1. Last update i had was 1.67 just checked download log. The graphics do look sharper, fps seems more stable although i dont think its more than 30fps i can definitely see a change when in the hanger even the trees look better. I cant wait to see what changes they make now, hopefully 60fps and up the graphics.
  2. Thanks man for info. I just logged into war thunder and graphics seem sharper has there been anything changed in past few days? I can only recall 1.67 patch
  3. I can understand why the keep stuff a secret but they dont need to keep everything a secret 100% of the time lol
  4. So no news you mean? lol im not having a go but just wondering as you guys are saying your still figuring what to do with the pros extra power and i can only think of more fps, 4k or higher graphics and kinda wondering why its taking so long. (dont take offense) Cant yous just unlock the fps in the mean time. Also it would be a good time to add pro support while there is only a small number of games with pro support and it should lead to new players. I bought a few games only due to having pro support that i would not have bought if i was using standard ps4