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  1. They kinda need to fix HEAT shells once more, since the HEAT on the M8 "Scott" acts like APDS without any fragments against armor thick enough to trigger the fuse. It also has a rather crap HE shell that also fails to hullbreak a few vehicles, same for the HEAT shell.
  2. There was a hint at the end of the last shooting range. "Ratte?" -> "Goddamnit."
  3. I was referring to the planned armament, not the 'shop job.
  4. I'd rather have my Kalinin K-7 base eraser/flying flak fortress
  5. Imagine ramming TU-4s in that thing.
  6. Well, the flying flapjack did fly... Kinda. (off wikipedia)
  7. That's a Turboprop.
  8. Im still holding on to the claim that the april fool's joke tank is a P.1000 Ratte, though in a "bossfight" mode similar to the Gaijinzilla assault event. That or we get to play as (tiny) Rattes shuffling around in a map with (smaller) Maus tanks, while a random tank is picked as the one responsible for erasing the "infestation". ... Idunno Im pretty clueless.
  9. Leo 2, chally (1 and 2) and abrams (all versions including the XM1) still have their armor classified along with details of their ammo (afaik the penetrative properties of the long rod DU penetrator only has estimates that vary greatly, plus the oddly classified/obscured data on the hesh for the chally)
  10. what ammotypes for the M40?
  11. That's an ISU-122S kind sir... An SPG built off the chassis of I think an IS-1 with a D-25S 122mm cannon. It's shells in real life can't kill a Maus sadly.
  12. I got confused since I typed that up just as I was waking up. Anyways... Black Prince APDS not... O-I which doesn't have any (afaik it didn't have solid shot or HVAP/APCR either)
  13. Since when did the O-I fire APDS? Unless you are referring to the A.43... Still. O-I deserves a BR of 5.7(AB)/6.0(RB?) max... Though anything lower than 4.3 is asking for an absolute disaster.
  14. We already have the M163 though, and honestly I have no clue what that is... But it wont get in game due to the M163.
  15. We need more tanks!
  16. I would like pics of the kampfpanzer M13/40, since so far the only tank I was able to find is the M13/40 which is rather... Meh.
  17. Type 79 on a Jeep sounds fun, honestly.
  18. Im wondering if it would be possible to toss in just the air tree first while working on naval and future Japanese/US/GB tanks/planes, along with working out more ATGM options for Russia (MCLOS... I hope. That or nothing), US (MCLOS also needed... I think?), and Japan (Gib SACLOS ATGM ples)
  19. The corpses staying on a map would be too resource-heavy for low-end PC's, last I recall when a dev was asked about it. MBT-70 was denied for having incredibly effective composite armor that is unlike the RHA-Aluminium Alloy-RHA sandwich that the latest SPAAG for japan gets (which honestly is nowhere near as effective as the Ceramic, Plastic, and Steel(?) combo on the MBT-70.) Though the T-55 has a far better chance of being added than that. M113 TOW seems redundant if it's using SACLOS (the M551 has that guidance system), though it is possible to add it in should it use MCLOS instead (I have yet to read the suggestion). T31 I really don't even know how useful that would be, KPZ-70 is a no due to composites, Gaijin won't replace tanks in the USGF tree unless they cause problems, and even then to solve a problem with progression they would simply remove it (such as with the OS2U Kingfishers) or attempt to resolve it without ripping a hole in the USGF tree. The latter seems most likely. And the M113 ACAV RR is less useful than an M50 Ontos, as the Ontos has 6x M40A1c's vs the singular M67 (A 90mm RCLR, the M40 is 105mm.) on the M113.
  20. It is... nevermind.
  21. Latest ep of the shooting range showed a rather interesting skin on a P40... Though, it could be an actual RoC variant of the aircraft.
  22. Hiya! I was hoping for a skin based on a character for the chi-ri II in-game. Though, it would be nice if it was a full on skin with a "theme" rather than a copy/paste slapjob with resized snippets. And an image for the character... *As for any copyrights, you won't get into legal troubles unless you try to sell the skin and claim the character given as your own.
  23. Actually they commonly removed the muzzle break from the barrels of their tank destroyers as the side blast usually blasted away their cover and gave the enemy a more convenient way of spotting them post-firing... Just look for the break in the hedgerow, or the sudden lack of a small bushes upon a hill with an unusual large dense patch of shrubs.
  24. ground vehicles

    Then it can fall either before or after the su-76 and share a BR with it, though I can see it being 0.3 lower than the SU-76 and hence being before it.
  25. ground vehicles

    I am quite eager to support this, since it can fit well alongside the asu-57 (if it shares a gun of similar power). In fact it can serve as a useful backup tank in the regular tree! +1
  26. If it's not a full blown mission builder, how come we have guys like RideR2 making multiplayer custom battle missions like Operation Citadel which was a modification of the old Kursk Tank Defence which even changed in-game mechanics and added objectives that were custom built by RideR2 himself. Or perhaps Operation Eagle Nest (1982) which even features in a short from thunder show-
  27. But doesn't the CDK already do this? With creating custom maps/missions using either user generated content or content from the game itself? Though, those missions do not reward the player with RP/SL/GE due to the fact that they are user generated creations, and not officially part of the game.
  28. Ookay... Do you have a tank team already set up with a chain of command, along with plans for a future naval branch for future tournaments and joint tank/air and/or joint naval/air command? For combined arms battles and coordination across multiple teams (Air units and Ground units, or Air units and Naval units)
  29. tanks/vehicles

    ... That's kinda interesting, a 15.2cm rocket. Basically a Kv-2 caliber ATGM with HEAT. I'll support it.
  30. It would be ever more likely that the germans would also dump resources into completing their Maus, Waffentrager and E-100 programs before using allied resources to up gun or modernize them against the soviet threat, which may result in concepts such as a Long Tom Waffentrager type weapons system, or marrying the Maus to the gun of the T95 GMC, with likely improvements to the AA armament.