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  1. now it's op... you didnt know how it was before uptiering and a little nerf. there was a very, very short period in which 109 could outturn yak-3 on a flat turn, it lasted less than a couple of days, oh and now it has only landing flaps. could you even imagine what it was able to do deploying combat flaps? i totally agree with @Gadjeman flying that thing is toxic for your skills. Also agree for those who ask for a higher br, yep, yak-3 should stay at 5.0 and 3p at 6.3 Lala's also should have a little bit higher br imho (La5FN at least at 4.7, just saying)
  2. thanks mate! the first one is really wonderful! gonna download it for my Folgore
  3. just watchin the winners and the honorable mention i realized that i really had no chance, you're really awesome, guys!!!
  4. Trollare in EraV soo good! Avrei dovuto fare lo screen anche del commento del tizio dopo che l ho abbattuto e pensare che il colpo critico l'ho fatto con le 7mm, perché giustamente i 20mm mg/ff hanno sparkato che è una meraviglia!
  5. it happened to me a couple of time to be set on fire, fire off, landing.. player credited for the kil, but somehow..plane repaired and took off again...
  6. It happened to me tons of times in RB or in the old sim queue, just 2 or more players facing each others, nothing more Nope, even if in spec mode, friendly GPS position is disabled, no white triangle on the map. Not to mention that's a multi-spawn game mode, so no need for ghosting
  7. Greetings, so i just discovered this thing, i was trying to join a room in war in the pacific event but i couldn't, i got the message that i cannot join because a member of the same squadron as me is in the opposite team. Is there a valid reason for that? The room said there were 7 US players Vs 3 japan, and i could not join trying to bring balance to players number for that reason. Tbh I didn't read anything about that when this game mode was launched, Regards
  8. Visto che nessuno ha ancora ricreato questo thread, lo faccio me U_U