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  1. If nobody wanna play axis at tier Iv is just because of extreme unbalance.(you'll find more players at tierIII, definitely more balanced.) Not all the pilots have the skill to do well with german planes. since this is a game and everybody want to have fun, Annoying if you end getting clubbed every time, over and over again 109K4 br is insanely high, even if i don't think it's a br problem. guys at that tier allies have some of the best planes around, Corsair's, Mustang, Spitfire. More user friendly compared to their counterpart, don't you think? I mean a 190 in the right hands is an op plane, but it's also extremely hard to master it. I'm always on the axis side, since i can fly italy now. not so impressive against brits, but good enough against russians. G55/56 are tough opponents for yaks and lala's, especially against overconfident pilots.
  2. The rare times i flew on the ally side,i was in a mustang mkI, a friendly p38 tried a Bnz on a 109 and overshot him (missing hit), i was just there and opened fire (enemy plane perfectly flying) after that, while returning to base i was hit by tons of bullets, it was the friendly p38 start harassing and insulting about a kill steal, or better "My KILL" (lol). my answer just was "well sorry, i didnt read your name on it". Tbh i usually don't cry for a ks, of course if the enemy is on fire or on a death spin and you chase it then i feel disappointed. The only thing I hate, greedy players ramming into me (so you get the kill in the end but we both lose our planes), or even worse who shoot to both you and your enemy.
  3. I opened a bug report about this spectator issue! Those who experienced the same issue pls visit that topic adding useful details to make them fix this soon
  4. I wish! I created a post on War Thunder live asking help about that, and i can do that also in the air sim section of the forum if needed
  5. Not on a specific server, US, Ru, Eu is the same, i can join ie 2 or 3 match (or even more) and at a certain point i'm not able to join, sometimes waiting for the end of that current match fixes the issue, i mean in the next match i can join, even if the map is the same. I play only Enduring Confrontation or Air Simulator (that new mode where players can create a room) and so far i've experienced this problem on both the game mode, usually after the game ends and another one starts. Ports should be open and my antivirus put no limitations on War Thunder. Notice that this is a issue experienced from other players too and it seems to happen randomly (some of them are ps4 users)
  6. Non mi piace il G.56, ci sto facendo solo assist, i nastri di munizione di default... dire che fanno pena è un eufemismo! è una mia impressione o le breda hanno subito un ninja nerf? non ho incendiato più nulla, se non rompo l'ala o shotto il pilota posso spararne a migliaia, boh magari sono solo io, o forse è stata solo un'operazione di marketing, renderle efficaci al lancio del tech tree per invogliare all'acquisto. Mistero. Ah, bug nei bomber nostrani (ho visto che è già stato reportato)
  7. It's a common issue for those who fly on air simulator battle, sometimes after the map has been loaded you can't choose any planes, getting the message "waiting for data about the crew/ Waiting for data from the server". Leaving and rejoining the match doesn't work, nor even restarting the client. Added Clog files, DxDiag and a shot of the issue, let me know if more details are needed. DxDiag.txt 2017_06_17_05_05_08__6464.clog
  8. Visto che nessuno ha ancora ricreato questo thread, lo faccio me U_U