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  1. So after watching a few replays I noticed tank tanks (with turrets) have a moderately detailed interior when the turret pops off... Im wondering if we could get that interior for driver view in tanks, it wouldn't have to be the FULL interior, just enough so that the driver can turn his head a bit left/right and see something other than black space. The driver view could be adjusted to the inside of the tank to look right at the viewport and a little bit of the hull , like what you get in red orchestra (Picture is IS-2) This would be a fantastic visual addition and wouldn't require much other than a bit of cleaning up of the interior model and maybe a few gauges
  2. Idk why people whine about queue times, the most I have ever had to wait (not counting when Japanese tanks were added and all server were full) was about 10 minutes , that was terrible yes but normally im in a match within 1-2 minutes, which is totally acceptable for me... Idk if you people are really impatient but you should be able to wait 2 minutes for a game, it's not that long
  3. So gaijin's new advertising technique is "hey you didn't check our website every day, so now you should give us money for not sending out notifications"
  4. The Japanese tanks, with limited exceptions, are the worst in the game period. I like to think of them as a massive handicap and the team that gets stuck with a majority of them 9.9/10 times loses Imho if it weren't for the sake of Allies vs Axis realism I would petition for them to be removed from the game and the premiums and preorders get their money refunded
  5. No but we got the mkviii with a 95mm Howitzer The mkIV has 6 pounder but that's on a mkIII chassis ;-;
  6. Exactly at 4.7BR the Russians decided that they wanted to be on the winning side and switched over to fight with the Germans (which gaijin has sekrit dokumints confirming they did this IRL )))))))))))) )so at 4.7 you begin to get much more realistic opponents and a historically perfect +85mm APHE and +120mm Armor vs 76mm maximum Solid shot and 50mm armor, and I feel the game is much more balanced with this intuitive realism that gaijin decided to implement
  7. The only bad thing about the Churchill Mk VII is the gun, it is barely adiquate at 4.7 and at 5.7 fighting is-1s you're better off throwing rocks. However there was only one Churchill variant to mount a respectable (anti tank) gun and that is the Black Prince
  8. You mean solid shot?
  9. we all know the real reason you went back - high tier sucks donkey schlong and clubbing children who don't understand RB is fun and easy
  10. Since the propeller is keeping everything going with no oil it is still generating heat, causing the bearings to cease up eventually , however if you keep the engine running it means that more of the metal will have to melt for it to cease up because the engine has the power to keep turning it (via governor and/or throttle) much more than the propeller Not sure if warthunder models bearing ceasing but engine does get damaged when running with no oil so I'll count that
  11. When you shut the engine off in the air and the propeller keeps spinning, it continues to generate heat because of the friction of the bearings inside the engine that need oil to lubricate them... Without lubricant the bearings inside the engine will weld themselves together under the heat and the engine will be ruined, however if you keep it running the bearings won't cease as fast but you'll burn out the cylinders and cease the Pistons.... So basically pick your poison when it comes to engine leaks And if you have no oil and no water there is basically nothing you can do to cool it down except land on airfield What I have found to be effective is to climb and turn back to base immediately after getting a leak, when it begins to overheat level off and shut down the engine until it cools off, start back up and continue as nessicary... However if its massive leak and you are gaining temperature like a Japanese engine on WEP then just give it a SLIGHT climb (maybe 3-5m/s) and 100% Throttle it until it dies, then use whatever altitude you have and coast towards base, dropping down every now and then to gain speed back up and then level off again Best of luck with either ways, I've landed many times using both
  12. The Cromwells are fantastic tanks for their speed and the mkI is the best. If you've ever played the Russians just play the Cromwell like you would a Bt-5 and you'll be A-ok The 3" gun carrier is a fantastic tank Because of it's armor but it has no angling and is built on a Churchill chassis... One overlooked advantage is the gun placement gives it a good depression that can be used to a great advantage The Sherman II is eh... It's a Sherman - what did you expect? The Archer has a good gun but is a pain in the **** to use, for obvious reasons, and it's built on a valentine chassis so it is SLOW AS HELL with only the 17 pounder as a redeeming factor The Matilda II - I feel like this tank gets shoved under the rug Because it moves at Churchill speed but with 75mm armor in T1 it is an absolute monster with the 2 pounder as a very formitible weapon
  13. If fires (useless) HE if that's what you mean
  14. Cast (iron) is generally more brittle and very heavy but it fragments very well and sends chunks flying when it detonates... Welded tend to break along the seam it was welded on and while it still fragments it's not as much as cast Think of it like comparing an M52p2 grenade and an M61 Imagine if they made fragmentation bombs like the mk2
  15. *tiny kv-1* You'll need to find more data on I but other than that it looks adorable
  16. Are you seriously going to bump this thread?
  17. Well host a Missions for Training Aerobics Teams with a password and advertise a bunch and you'll eventually get a good squad with a bunch of good stunt people and do it I'd be willing to join a good squad that's dedicated to stunt flying :P Hit me up on steam if you wana : chasebh89
  18. So I remembered that call of duty did this thing where if you do over ~70% damage to a player and then someone else finished him off you would get the assist but it would give you the points of a kill Why can't we have this in warthunder? People are always whining about someone kill stealing and this is the perfect way to fix that problem and make everyone happy...