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  1. I know that but obviously lots of people don't so it is random.
  2. No its states that sometimes gunner couldnt see where shell landed due to muzzle break smoke and it also states that smoke make them slow fire at greater distance which was giving their position away. But you do especially on those ranges as 1° error (ither axis) is 17 m error on 1000 m. This is quote from ex-tank commander when I asked him about blind shooting: So even modern tanks with thermal sights don't do blind shooting.
  3. Biggest issue is that its all random. When you spawn at different spawn on some maps you either cannot safetly go to other part of the map or you have vehicle that is too slow to get there in time. In general flanks needs to be covered but not with too many tanks. On some maps flanks are key to victory as you can controll bigger part of the map from certain locations.
  4. Agreed and thats another game issue. But all of this is off topic which is about rebalancing T5.
  5. And thats the point since urban combat is nightmare for any armored vehicle. People would think twice before rushing into urban area. If cap is inside town/village you should establish terrain control before capping.
  6. Making gun controls relative like mouse joy would also fix some part of it at least quick snapshots that ar most unrealistic.
  7. I haven't missed it. That's why I said commander/gunner link is to good, perfect even. Especially when commander's view takes out gun sight parallax out of equation. Shooting from binos is not an issue as long as gunner has clear sight on the target. But shooting through bushes, fences without gunner even seen target moving there makes it unrealistic.
  8. Of course commander is correcting shots but it also states that gunner shoots when he has clear target in his sights. Nothing about shooting from obscuring position.
  9. Yes I do because hitting target on 1000 m is not an easy task even if you have clear sight on the target. Also having some experience in multicrew armored warfare games to know that acquireing target and shooting something you don't see is not happening. Unit 19 is an ex-tankers Arma group which organize Rolling Thunder events. Leader of the group was Challenger 1 commander in UK army and even if gunner ROE was fire at will there was always needed for both him and commander to have visual on target to engage it. At least he said it was like that. Well we can only speculate especially about impossible part. No, but shooting blindly at least 2 shots (1 for correction and 2nd to hit its target) also gives away its position to other potential targets. Which page of this book is mentioning shooting without having visual on target?
  10. I simply don't be live that because most important rule of all direct shooting weapons is you always must have eyes on the target. Shooting blindly is not an option unless you seen target first and see it move behind some cover are or shooting in the dark without NV.
  11. Here is the list done some time ago: Some issues may been fixed since this post is quite old.
  12. Maybe because he tried it and immidiately noticed its not SIM at all as advertised. There are lot of stuff WT GF is good at but being a SIM is not one of them.
  13. Exactly. Gameplay on one map is pretty linear for all tiers with slight modification as tiers progress towards more modern vehicles. Only real difference is Reserve and T1 because of their engagement range if you get large map. On small map its same for those tiers too.
  14. Exactly. Because he didn't have reticle. From comamnders view without reticle it could be done the same in game. Look down the barrel and see if its on target.
  15. You are ignoring the fact I posted about FoV. In commanders view you have FoV about 90° while in sniper view 25° at best. So your reaction time need to be 3,6 times quicker in sniper view than in commanders view. I am not sayin it can't be done from sniper view I am saying its much easier to do it from commanders view. Thats why this reticle is unrealistic.
  16. He can and his doing it too good thats the issue here. There is still missing human factor from the equation. If Sherman Commander says to gunner: Pz IV bearing 230°, distance 500 m and gunner cannot see the target? What he does? Shoots blindly at given direction giving away his position? No. He states he cannot see the target. In a game gunner shoots blindly through any busshes/obstacles just because Commander orders it (pushes fire button). Commander is in elevated position and has much vider FoV while gunner has tunnel vision looking through sights. His FoV is its sight FoV. And thats a big difference between shooting from commanders view and sniper view. Edit: Whittmans gunner doing it because he had no other means than his gunsight which also proves it can be done using sniper view so reticle is needless.
  17. There is a big difference. Lets go back to car-marble example. Hitting target on the move is not easy but not even that hard either. Now try to do it looking through binos. Its immensley harder. Same thing is looking through gun sights. Its biological fact that human brain needs more time to process magnified images (lookign through any scope) in regards to images one sees with eyes alone. Also looking through gun sights gets you tunnel vision. If you want a military example its like shooting gun from the hip. It takes more time to bring it up and aim accurately then aim from the hip.
  18. Because that way game takes out human factor (reaction time is more sensitive factor in sniper view) from gunner and gun parallax (which is also huge factor on close range) at close ranges. This is not that issue at long ranges. Let someone drive you in a car at 60 kph and then you try ti hit 50x50 cm target with a marble. This is exactly how it is with M18 speeding at 60 kph and using commanders view to hit target around corner. Of course its possible to do it in sniper view too but it takes much more skill and human factor to do it right.
  19. Relative gun controls like mouse-joy for air would be a good start.
  20. But thats the point there should be some only GF combo for heavy too because there is for meds/light + SPAA. Maybe Plane/SPAA (1 spawn) + heavy (1 spawn)
  21. But thats exactly why its not that simple. SPAA/meds/lights have 2 spawns so one basically gets 4 spawns instead of 3 which is max now. That way some combinations might be pretty OP (Gepard+Leo or similar Japanese combo). - 1st spawn 1 spawn tank (heavy or heavy TD), 2nd spawn SPAA/plane - 1st spawn med/light, 2nd spawn SPAA/plane - 1st spawn SPAA, 2nd spawn 1 spawn tank (heavy or heavy TD)/plane
  22. I believe that was suggested in the past but its not that simple. What one can spawn for 2nd vehicle if his first was SPAA?
  23. Its true. Choogle posted tutorial how to quick grind tanks in AB. IIRC he researched & spades T-62 in hours not weeks or months.
  24. Well its got derailed few posts before and actually you encouraged it.
  25. And I said Steel Beasts has no combined battles either yet you didn't compare it to that.
  26. There are no combined battles in Steel Beasts either. Its incomparable because ballistics and DMs are completely different. Also there are 3 mode s in WT while there is only one in WoT. But unfortunately vehicles are arcady in all 3 modes but with different dificulty settings.
  27. No it isn't. WoT is incomparable to WT in almost all of its aspects.
  28. Exactly. I mean when you drive tank around forrest in Arma you need to pay attention for trees as your barrel is hitting them and you might get killed if you are not positioned right. In WT "bigger issue" for players would be all those CQB maps which will become almost uselles. Probably thats the reason they will never fix gun barrel.
  29. Not in Domination or Break. One cap doesn't end game. OP was talking about Domination especially on flat maps like Fields of Normandy. Rush to cap, cap 1 point, J out and your in the plane whitin 2 mins.
  30. And that just proves OPs right about rush cap & fly theory. Killing slow heavies early on the game leaves opposition SP only for SPAA or light tank which are easier prey.
  31. But that opposite what you said "caps win battles" yet you can win without capping too. Thats also strengthens OPs claim about rush cap & fly.
  32. Wrong again. Objectives don't matter if one side is out of vehicles. I get lots of kills just by sitting outside uncapped cap and killing tanks trying to cap it. Also with those 3D markers fighter is also worth if not for shooting opposition planes for marking tanks too.
  33. Thats where you are wrong. All players (both sides) are working their own objectives and if you are lucky their objectives are same as yours. As thread says some have objective to rush cap & fly apparently you don't have that objective. Some have objective to rush and reach opposition spawn to spawn camp apparently that is not your objective either. And thats only 2 general examples. There are much more which are map dependant.
  34. Again no. There is no team in random game. You can be excellent and have 7+ ground kills and still be killed by plane.
  35. What you are saying is plausable only in highly team oriented game. Its completely random because of random players/games. I cannot control whats happening on left flank if I am on right flank thus I cannot prevent players from getting enough SP to spawn a plane. In a random game one can influence very little in an organized event you can as everyone has certain job to do.
  36. You cannot stop the threat if you are being good in a tank! So you are saying you J out and take SPAA/plane to counter threat even though you are good in your vehicle?
  37. It can be done even under 2 mins on some maps. I have seen people do it.
  38. Its not. If I am good and have more than few kills with a tank I am not going to J out to take SPAA/plane because some of players I killed might be back with a plane. This spawn system encourages exactly what thread topic says. I have seen on many occacions light tank/SPAA rushes to cap, caps, J's out and hes back with a plane for easy kills because game is practically at the begining for heavy tanks.
  39. There are plenty of locations where tanks fought but we also need some new game modes like attack defend scenarios with realistic objectives.
  40. Its your opinion but thats completely wrong assumption.