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  1. Which is CCCP in cyrilic as they write it.
  2. Fantastic work. Since I used to play a lot of Arma before I missed map markings.
  3. Server kick after 2 kills
  4. Correct. 2nd has basic relative controls with instructor help as much as I could see. None should hate anyone since this is the game for people to have fun and blow off some steam. Knowing GJ I am only sceptic about new mode requset thats all. I have nothing against it.
  5. They do unlock skins. SB don't give you any warbonds if thats what you meant.
  6. No I am not indifferent I supported *walfreyydo request for new game mode but again you are missing the point here. Changing (yes) and improving (its debatable) but within existing game itself.
  7. But you are using PC are you not? So if GJ separate PS4 players you need to buy PS4 or play on PC with mouse & keyboard. As for happy its debatable. That group of players would be happy but GJ not so much as I still stand by my oppinion if they give something to some interest group it would open possibility for others to ask for the same treatment. Thats why players in general will support your new game mode request.
  8. No youre not as VonZahl explained but you either didn't understand or wont accept.
  9. You can be sarcastic as much as you want but deliberately going into situation which puts you in disadvantage regardless of control type is only your fault nothing more and nothing less. GJ wont fix it for reasons Stona posted and because then they will have to fix planes in RB combined arms. As for another game mode chances are slim but still possible.
  10. Going head-on is most stupid thing thats what I meant that has nothing to do with MA or JS. MA has advantage in head-on against JS that for sure but even MA vs MA is 50-50 chance and every even remotely serious pilot wont like those odds. So one of the solutions is avoid head-ons I know I do. Usually happens that one is dead and one survives with some damage. On the side note I supported *walfreyydos suggestion.
  11. You mean that post about combined speed of 800mph head on? Again you are using only vehicle speed as time-critical factor which it is not entirely accurate assumption. That has nothing to do with JS or MA. Yes MA has more chance to win there but I also avoid head-ons unless forced into one because head-on is 50-50 chance and I always like to have better odds.
  12. As silly as saying that AF is always time-critical. Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't. Vehicle speed isn't only measure if everything is scaled down. Can you remember when did you last time had air battle over in under 5 mins or even 15 mins?
  13. No but its doesn't mean its not very time-critical. Tanks are slow, shells are fast reloads are slow so its very time-critical to do it right otherwise you are dead. Tanks fights are 2 dimensional while planes are 3 dimensional.
  14. And there you go. There are always 2 sides but it doesn't necessarily mean one is wrong.
  15. Yes really. I play both air and ground in combined arms and speak from my experience. Maybe yours is different.
  16. Even though what you are saying is true it is also true what VonZahl posted that difference between AB & RB is much bigger than RB & SB. Also I do fly with mouse joy in SB. I did it in on Wake Island SB event (air & ground) and even landed on Japanese carrier couple of times to refuel.
  17. But these words (apart from Arcade) doesn't mean what they should represent in WT. Realistic should mean as in real world so above simulation which means simulate real world. As VonZahl alredy posted even sim is not a real sim (basic example is no clickable cockpit) but soft sim (wont even go to SB GF). These words are like difficulty settings Easy, Normal and Hard.
  18. You are mistaken here. GF is very time critical especially with all those CQB map. Large open maps are available only in SB (except Sinai & Kursk). Sometimes its even more time critical than AF.
  19. I know but Juiceter was talking about competitevness and there is problem in GF too as PS4 players using JS in GF too. So they are in disadvantage control wise and yet they are doing very good. That was my comparison.
  20. I have nothing against your suggestion there as for changing RB would require whole RB community to be as one (most likely wont happen) to make Gaijin change stuff. Similar to SB community when they announced possibility of disabling friendly fire in SB GF. Whole community stood up and it wasn't implemented there. As for event thingy I wish you luck with getting it. I am playing WT even before GF closed beta (have some screenshots from 2103) and changes like that never occured.
  21. There are lots of PS4 players that are competitive in GF without mouse and keyboard especially in SB and they are in disadvantage there against mouse and keyboard.
  22. Basically it is you who are wasting your time arguing with players instead trying to convince Gajin to give what you want. You saw what Stona wrote at the begining of the thread. So more less anything after that point is irrelevant. Its devs you need to argue with and convince not players.
  23. Regardless on any control balance issues. If people want a new game mode is Gaijin they need to convince not other players.
  24. It is because tanks are arcady in all 3 modes. It would be exactly the same if planes are arcady in all 3 modes.
  25. And yet there is no balance on numerous game levels (not only controls) since game is released even though people asking for changes for years. You are also forgetting this is F2P game. One doesn't have to spend a dime on this game if he doesn't want to. Thats why we have what we have. Battlefield or any payed game comparison is not good example. Do you think there is control balance (or balance in general) in Arma? Absolutely not and people still play it.
  26. No I am saying that if air is balanced (made more realistic) in both ground and air RB than tanks should be treated the same. So if both are made more realistic than I wouldn't have anything against it. Otherwise it should stay as it is because MA for air goes with MA for ground. Having different settings for RB Air and RB ground wouldn't go well with GJ. IMO RB ground should get SB ground settings and SB ground something more sim like. But thats just me. Biggest question how to balance MA with JS without going into RC/FRC because from mouse joy perspective its essentialy same as SB. For me its even easier to use mouse joy from cockpit than 3rd person. Same as KoocieKoo said for him goes similar for me. I also have JS Thrustmaster Hotas X (no TrackIR but I manage) and play other sims like DCS, even use it in SB when I fly but it simply doesn't feel right in RB.
  27. If they are made realistic for ground too then no. Otherwise yes. Controls in ground forces are exactly the same in all 3 modes only difference is difficulty settings thats why they are more balanced.
  28. And last time I checked this thread is in RB general thread and not RB Air thread so this is open to all RB not Air only because combined battles contain planes too.
  29. I don't play Air RB any more ground battles only. And I told you IIRC that was their answer and to ask on next Q&A and see the new answer.
  30. I know he is talking about air but in WT there is more than air segment and not only control wise. They are looking at the bigger picture not only one segment. I am not against your request just puting out their oppinion. Giving up to one interest group (doesn't matter how big) it will open whole new can of worms for them.
  31. No I am not talking about air groups only. I can't be bothered to search through all Q&A but IIRC there was a question similar what you ask and their answer was similar what I posted above. Ask your question on next Q&A and see what they answer.
  32. And we are back at the begining. If they do that what will stop any other interest group to demand game mode for them? Thats main reason why they wont do it.
  33. But bluntly said gameplay is simply not the same AB and RB. Same with ground forces RB and SB. They are essentially the same (unfortunately controls are arcady for all 3 modes) but with minor adjustments in difficulty settings (no markers, accurate gunsight no 3rd person view) gameplay is very different. In ground SB you get much bigger immersion than in RB.
  34. Sometimes those connecting plate edges works like they should but sometimes you get wierd bounces. Will try that spot.
  35. Not really. Panthers got MGs after Pz III and IV. Even Tiger I got MGs before Panther did. StuG still don't have roof MG.
  36. Probably because they decided to model MG's when US tree was in development. Another fact is that German tanks got MG's last because T-34s had MGs before German Pz line.
  37. Not really because if you were we would agree long time ago because thats exactly what I was saying. 1 and 0 are digital signal input but what data are they represent is something different. In MA/keyboard data remains in 2 state form while in mouse joy are not. Very true.
  38. They cost the same (if you mean energy only) but due to instructor is easier to recover. If you mean your life than yes youre right using MA one has much cheaper price to pay for heavy energy manouvres.
  39. Regardless of everything bomber doing manouvers like that is just silly Its much more difficult to keep guns on target with joystick I believe thats one of the issues Juiceter is talking. With MA its easier to track target.
  40. Question is how do you know Bf 109 pilot was using MA? Turning is actually situation where JS excels over MA because with JS one can maintain continuous control input (analog) while with MA cannot (digital). So if Bf 109 outturns Siptfire its usually either due to Spitfire pilots error (or wrong energy judgment) or Bf 109 pilot was also using JS and hes just better. I managed to outturn Spits with Bf 109 only when I saw Spit pilot made an error and has very low energy (cannot manouver through turns) otherwise I avoid turnfight with a Spits like a plague.
  41. Not really unless by "take out" you mean OHK. Allies have plenty of tanks which can penetrate Maus frontally. But you are right IS-3 is not equal to Maus.
  42. It depends. Choogle posted speed grind tutorial for AB with average 8-10k RP in less than 5 mins. He researched SU-122 54, IT-1, T-62 and part of ZSU-57 2 in 18 hours. He also started with 53 level crew on T-62 and ended up with level 76. Biggest question is: Do I want certain vehicle that bad to play AB for it?
  43. But crew didn't always jump out immidiately to inspect damage. If damage was internal they didn't jump out unless they were bailing. Since there is no crew bail in WT and you cannot kill crew with MG while repairing/inspecting it means crew is inside (in game at least) thus messages and crew damage/casualties are enough.
  44. Thats why you get messages because others look too. Otherwise it would be only what you see without messages. Messages simulate others looking because others don't have x-ray vision to see damage inside tank. Ricochet, Hit, Critical hit & Kill simulate commander/crew which is done by crew audio messages too.
  45. Exactly thats why no detailed damage info is needed (apart those 4 messages) as you know where you hit it. There shouldn't be any automated help in SB. It should be upon players skill to know that stuff not for computer to tell him where his shell landed. See or not see the crew doesn't matter because in game they repair tank from inside otherwise you could kill them with MG.
  46. Crew kill info could stay because we don't have animations to see what they are doing and because everything is repairable but nothing more. Showing module damage is an issue. Critical Hit means some crucial module is either destroyed or heavily damaged. You need to know what modules are at part of the tank you hit to guess is it safe to move out of cover. Hit would mean light to medium damage to the modules and Ricochet means what it means.
  47. Kill cam feed after your death showing enemy pos was an issue. IMO Hit cam is also an issue because its showing too detailed damage report. In SB there should be only 4 messages Ricochet, Hit, Critical Hit and Kill without any additional info. So if you pen crew compartment and get Critical Hit info its up to you to judge if you are going to rush him and risk his breech wasn't destroyed.
  48. All I can say good luck. They use certain book for Russian tanks and in that book T-34 76 1940 has RoF 2-3 rpms in game it has at least 8 rpms which was never achieved. Its fantasy number. And even though everyone knows they are wrong and after over 20 threads of proofs about it nothing changed. T-34 76 1940 still has fantasy RoF just because they say it does.
  49. They wont do it I am just saying it wouldn't hurt them that much. Also you saw what Stona wrote at the begining of this thread. Thats their oppinion and it wont change. I mainly play with tanks and I can give you dozens of examples where proved they are wrong but regardless they simply wont budge because thye are set that way.
  50. No I am not talking about any air group. This is general RB section so it concerns air and ground. For example group of people wanting tank only games without planes. You are forgetting we are all minority in comparison to AB players which are more than RB+SB combined and AB players are thein main source of income. So even if they shut down RB & SB they would still survive. Its a sad truth.
  51. Do you really think you are first asking for that? As every thing that doesn't suit their goal (or they don't see any reward in it) they will just ignore it. Acceptable or not we are back at the begining. Making this special event will create precedent and that will allow any group to demand their own event.
  52. And it has mouse aim since it was Historical Battle so from the very start of WT.
  53. And again its is possible to do it now through CDK but without rewards because Gaijin wont let players to control economy. It was asked in the past and they stated it will never happen. There is also no executable file to create your own dedicated server like some games do have.
  54. Actually I did. But I also play DCS & Il-2 COD from time to time. Whats your point?
  55. Same here. I just bought it and stock M47 is utterly bad against almost anything at its BR.
  56. Post in SB thread that you are looking for some SB tips/games/wingman and people will answer. SB pilots are quite open to newcomers.
  57. It wasn't I played it when it was HB (no ground forces yet) and it is just the same control wise. Lots of people came when ground forces were released. Also Realistic and Simulator have no real meaning in WT at least for ground forces it doesn't. For planes at least there is a difference between modes.
  58. You just don't see how wrong you are. First - RB was called HB (Historical Battles) in the begining and it is still the same control wise so none foreced anyone to change anything there. Second - I do own joystick (with a throtle) and I use it when I fly in SB but not in RB because thats how game is made from its release. Third - people doesn't leave because they get bored they leave because both ground and air FM/DM are not getting fixed for too long and of course MM/BR being broken. They don't leave because of controls.
  59. Hmmm no. This is general RB thread which means it concerns both ground and air. Asking realism for air but not for ground is double standard. Also I was talking about Gaijins point of view not mine. There is 0 motiv for them to create some new hybrid mode when there is SB.
  60. Because Gajin wont let players to control economy thats the only reason.
  61. You can already create battles like that but without RP/SL
  62. Well this is not flight community thread it is RB general thread. If thread was in Air section then your statement would have more weight. You consider this pathetic because you are looking only from your point of view. Dangerous precedent in a way that they would probably need to make separate event for tanks only if that one comes to life and they don't wont that. Also splitting players even more is what they don't want either. There is already game mode where people fly their planes and thats SB.
  63. But from Gaijins point of view this is not going to happen because it would make dangerous precedent so anyone with some idea would ask for something and expect to get it because someone else did. What they might do is include controller restriction into game code so one can make custom battle with certaint controller type.
  64. But thats not going to happen since even in SB mouse joy is allowed in other words joystick isn't enforced.
  65. The point is RB is middle ground between AB and SB thus mouse aim and joystick is allowed. You cannot ask for one realism but disregard others. Joystick only would drag cockpit only afterwards and thats SB. As Stona wrote RB will never be joystick only as there is SB for that.
  66. I will test it but RC is different than Mouse Aim which is default. I was talking about Mouse Aim not RC. Youre right about that but thats rather unintentional spin due to filght control damage which happens quicker than instructor can react.
  67. Well if you go by language terms REALISTIC is than even above SIMULATION as REALISTIC would mean equal to real world while SIMULATION simulates real world.
  68. Then its definately yes. Because joystick is also degree of realism. Its double standard if you want for people to use joystick because of realism but don't want to use accurate gunsight because it doesn't have to be realistic in all categories. Strange because in all of my RB flights I never managed to get aircraft into spin even when I tried to. One example is flat turning. Turn plane by 90° and press full aierlons. You can continuonsly do turns untill you loose energy.