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  1. Lol Famous for it? I want actual real sources showing this happening more than once.... on any of the above match ups. The rarity of Ferdinand/Elefant Tank destroyers makes me highly doubt these 2 met more than a couple of times.
  2. smoke should be fine. Will allow lightly armored tanks to be able and break a defensive line by using smoke shells to cover the advance
  3. No clue on the m48, but a recent patch heavily nerfed the M47 Heat-fs shell. So if that nerf stands, it cant fight 7.3 tanks effectively( what use is penning anything when you cant even kill a crew member 100% of the time). The armor has always been 100% useless.
  4. Maybe you should read the title..... Clearly states US tanks. DO you want to continue the argument you have lost?
  5. I responded to a specific segment of this conversation... said comment was about the american tanks. I dont give a damn what the original post said, as i was talking to that person, or responding to their main topic
  6. Why is it that every AA gun there is can pen the tanks at its tier to some degree but neither of the 20mm high velocity SPAA guns for the british have the pen to even kill light tanks well. So the tier 2 and 3 AA gun on any other tier can kill atleast some of its opponents tanks easily( 72 gaz can and does kill shermans from the side in seconds, the sdk, ostwind and wirblewind can easily kill light and medium tanks with the upgraded rounds.) The wirblewind has a round that pens 64mm of armor. But the british 20mms? 40. only 40. why is this Gaijin? seriously why did you make the British (and lower tier American) SPAA so weak, but give the russians and germans tank killers. Balance it. there is no reason why the wirblewind can pen 24mm more armor than the Crusader mk2 spaa. None.