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  1. it is confirmed to be added in. just a matter of time. They said so in a developers answers thing a week ago i think.
  2. lmfao. you shall get no sympathy from anyone. You got the best possible position, with a tank that has an amazing gun. And YOU Failed to execute a proper shot. thats on you
  3. My HVAR rockets in the bearcats are detonating in mid air before reaching ground targets, making it almost impossible to kill tanks. Vehicles affected: Bearcats are the only ones I for sure know, but would guess any rocket bearing vehicle may be susceptible. Difficulty: Ground RB Replay: Watch the attack on the RaketenJagdpanzer with my bearcat. You can clearly see the rockets detonate early both times. Clog file added shortly rocket error.wrpl 2017_04_19_22_40_28__6100.clog
  4. Why is it that every AA gun there is can pen the tanks at its tier to some degree but neither of the 20mm high velocity SPAA guns for the british have the pen to even kill light tanks well. So the tier 2 and 3 AA gun on any other tier can kill atleast some of its opponents tanks easily( 72 gaz can and does kill shermans from the side in seconds, the sdk, ostwind and wirblewind can easily kill light and medium tanks with the upgraded rounds.) The wirblewind has a round that pens 64mm of armor. But the british 20mms? 40. only 40. why is this Gaijin? seriously why did you make the British (and lower tier American) SPAA so weak, but give the russians and germans tank killers. Balance it. there is no reason why the wirblewind can pen 24mm more armor than the Crusader mk2 spaa. None.