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  1. in regards of the Belt: after Penetrating this they also would have to penetrate the Turtleback to enter the citadel
  2. i only wanted to say: A Bismarck that was already damaged, couldnt steer, was slowed down to 11 knots.. oh and due to it's list to portside it's accuracy was also reduced.. also iirc the Rodney used 16" guns and not 14", so her inclusion is not saying anything about the Power of the 14" guns Rodney and King George V drew closer to Bismarck in line abreast, their enemy well illuminated by the morning sun in the background. Rodney steered to the east so that her gunfire would work the length of Bismarck, while King George V took the side. They opened fire at 08:47. Bismarck returned fire, but her inability to steer and her list to port severely affected her shooting accuracy. Her low speed of 11 kn (13 mph; 20 km/h) also made her an easy target and she was soon hit several times by the large guns of the British battleships, with the heavy cruisers Norfolk and Dorsetshire adding their firepower later, after Bismarck's heavy guns had all been put out of action. One 16-inch (406 mm) salvo from Rodney destroyed the forward control post, killing most of the senior officers, while other salvoes destroyed all four gun turrets. Within 30 minutes, Bismarck's guns had all been silenced, and the ship was even lower in the water. Rodney now closed to point-blank range (approximately 3 km (1.9 mi)) to fire into the superstructure while King George V fired from further out; so her fire would strike Bismarck from a more vertical angle and be more likely to penetrate the decks. did they deafeat the Bismarck (defeat, not sink) yes... but it's not really a meaningful comparison due to the Circumstances: the Bismarck being damaged and alone VS 2 Battleships and later on smaller ships
  3. the only truly made up stuff would be the potential Inter-war refits, the rest either was planned or even in the beginning of being constructed... and we know the reasons for why Germany had a lack in this area... aka Versailles-Treaty and the sinking of hte Hochseeflotte... the Queen Elizabeths were remnants of WWI... so would be their counterparts... the Bayern btw iirc there evenwere different designs for the Bismarck-class that could, theoretically beimplemented..
  4. pretty much... i guess even in the times when the .50 cals were instant death lasers there were people complaining about them being "Nerfed/Gimped/UP"
  5. it could be easily done by including the Hochseeflotte's WWI ships (König and Bayern for BBs, Derfflinger for BCs etc.) with potential inter-war refits as well as the Designs like Mackensen (altough they were actually int he process of building), Ersatz Yorck and L20a, so going a route with the Versailles treaty having less of an impact on german shipbuilding also: only one CL? They had Leipzig-class and Königsberg-class aswell as the projected Hipper with 4 15cm Triple Turrets... which is not even including the rest of Plan Zs potential classes 2 BB classes with one potential? You mean the "fictional" (considering that they started to build it the " are approbiate) H39? There was also the H41... only with the H42 iirc we start getting itnot he range of more "fantastic" ships. You could also differenciate Sharnhorst and Gneisenau as it was done in WOWS: Scharnhorst using the original Guns with Gneisenau being in the state after the planned refit (Before it was cancelled) with the 6 38cm Guns
  6. just as the "he did kill a KT" was accepted by US-Fans without any actual source aside from anecdotes and stories... no picture of the wreckage, no loss report that covers with the claim... only the words of crew members iirc...
  7. QWERTZ should have üäö on it already... alas mine has... though the "u" for "Ü" normaly is more a convinience thing imho... it's faster to write "Dusseldorf" for "Düsseldorf" instead of "Duesseldorf", also because it looks more similiar to the original. Btw from what i've seen via google: Düsseldorf also is the name of Düsseldorf in the english language... so saying "it's because international stuff" is not correct
  8. Rasputitsa is the Mud Season
  9. we simply didnt have any further distances for testing... we went from 800 down, since that's the longest, even street on Poland iirc... we dont have any special testing maps^^
  10. ilu and i are testing right nowusing the jumbo, it's now KWk 36 proof til poiint blank... not inclund the MG port... KWK 42 penetrated only at a distance of roughly 150m... KWK 43 penetrated at 800m (we were using the Main road of Poland for testing on roughly max length through the village)
  11. if you want somebody else...
  12. and since gaijin is gaijin they decided: instead of actually making multiple modifiers for APDS so that each generation has it's proper performance... WE'LL SIMPLY NERF THE APCR!
  13. define "proper fuse mechanic" please
  14. just a short list of stuff that should still be noted: 1) there is still the IS-3 in this area 2) T-34-100 and T-44-100 3) IS-6 also is int eh area 4) iirc even withwout hte D round the IS-2 (and 6) can penetrate the side of the Maus from 500m away 5) The Maus is slow and nor very maneuvrable... that means on some maps you can play it out in a way (in theory... even more so with better map design) that it can't really take part in the match
  15. "Anfang 1942 wurde ein Versuchsrohr, Kaliber 7,5 cm Länge L/60 beschossen, dessen Leistung and er Grenze der Forderung lag. Daraufhin wurde ein Kaliber 7,5cm mit einer Länge L/70 gewähnt und eine Lieferung für Juni 1942 in Aussicht gestellt. Daraus ergab sich nach eingehender Erprobung die in Serie gefertigte 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70. Außer beim Panzerturm VK 3002 sollte diese Waffe auch in die Panzertürme VK 3501 und VK 4501 der Firma Henschel eingebaut werden." same book p. 11
  16. "Hinsichtlich Panzerung und Schrägstellung der Flächen entsprachen beide Lösungen den gestellten Forderungen. Die äußere Form war bei beiden Entwürfen wertmäßig etwa gleichzusetzen. Die Raumverhältnisse im Kampfraum waren bei der DB Lösung auf Grund des vorhandenen Heckantriebes in Bezug auf Sitzbequemlichkeit für Fahrer und Funker besser als beim MAN Vorschlag mit Frontantrieb." Walther J Spielberger, Der Panzerkampfwagen V Panther P. 18
  17. this is btw how it works in Red Orchestra (2): if you play anyone aside the driver you will always have the commander tell the driver "Drive forward! Turn left! Reverse!" etc. when you press the directional keys
  18. according to Fröhlichs Maus Book the Maus had a ground pressure of 1.27 kg/cm² with 100mm sinking deepness on SOFT ground and a ground pressure without sinking in of ca. 1.45 kg/cm² on hard ground (due to the shape of the the tracks). Though due to the sometimes a tad... "crowded" writing of the book i aint sure if that was for the final 188 Tons Maus or one design steps inbetween
  19. i think he means that 324 mph can't be 318 km/h
  20. as longa s stuff like the IS-6 is in that area...
  21. isnt like we already had been there once, when Gaijin... was it in 2014? for the first time adjusted the APHE damage to the HE filler.. the 75s were close to useless
  22. eh... 15mm MGs in the BF 109 F4s gunpods instead of the 20mms (because according to gaijin the 20mms had problems... but what the community found is that hte 15mms had problems), Tiger II "Bad steel" and the Me 262s speed reduction when using the Orkan rockets (i think it's around 10 times as high as it should be but i have no sources to get that fixed)...
  23. the germans also named the Tank Josef Stalin iirc
  24. Iossif Stalin, Joseph is the western "Translation" of the name
  25. it was, back then, an official response...
  26. Tanks/Vehicles

    December 44 Museum, La Gleize, Belgium. A cosmetically restored Tiger II (production turret) Hull number 280273, built in October 1944. Turret number 213 from s.SS Pz.Abt 501. Displayed at the entrance to DECEMBER 44 MUSEUM Collections, a museum devoted entirely to the Battle of the Bulge. This tank was abandoned in La Gleize on 24 December 1944, where the advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper was halted. The front part, about 1/3, of the gun barrel is restored with a Panther gun barrel and muzzle brake. It also has restored mudguards. It is stripped of exterior and internal fittings and most of the torsion bars are broken, but it still has its gearbox and engine in place. the tank is not in the state as it was used in combat... it was repaired that way after the war so that it looks correct
  27. Panzergranate 40 is APCR... no boom
  28. it should be noted that, in the german language, Shells are, like Grenades, called "Granate"... like Panzergranate 39, Panzergranate 40, Sprenggranate
  29. eh.. they dont really need to have "Health"... they could easily give every crew member 1 HP so to speak... but then they would have to scrap one of the Tank crew skills and seemingly Gaijin doenst want to do that, which is why tank crews, that already accumulate points slower than Pilots (in the sense of points gained per game mode) also have... i'd say 3 times the amount of skills to level compared to Planes...
  30. i think he's talking about after being penetrated by an APHE shell
  31. Tanks/Vehicles

    that and a bunch of russian stuff which could very well simply be wrong... maybe they got wrong informations... the guys who looked at the Tiger made a mistake or so... well... or the classical thing we have in other regards "misinformation"... the story pretty much lets it sound as if they did a conversion from the KWK 43 to the KWK 42 in the field because of supply problems...
  32. personaly i must say i considert the choice namings a tad... eh... " Yes, The less damage aphe does the more realistic this game is " -> if APHE would deal no Damage at all anymore it would be completely realistc... which would be wrong... would be amusing if we'd ever get the GW Tiger... 2.345 kg HE filling in the Armour piercing shell "oh it just penetrated an IS-2 and the over 2kg of high explosives didnt do any damage, completely realistic because APHE deals no damage"
  33. onthe other hand their Diesel ended up turning into Jelly iirc
  34. meanwhile in this game everyone who can puts bushes over it, so...
  35. sorry to say that i aint willin' to pay 40 bucks for a special fish cutter and access to more fish cutters... and, while potentially interesting... even CBT Forum access isnt nearly interesting enough for that...
  36. considering that i'm pretty much the whole time... am i counted in by thsoe 7 people or not? :P
  37. they would have had pipes to throw the flames to the front of the vehicle and pretty much roast every enemy soldier stupid enough to be to close tot he Maus also it seems as if the Heereswaffenamt was responsible for this... Porshce himself was... bewildered... that a tank carrying a long range gun like the Pak 44 should also get flamethrowers for clsoe defence here you can see how it would've looked... it's the wooden mock-up Krupp had already asked the company Kobe for a Flamethrower with a range of 150 to 200m... they didnt have any and later on the flamethrowers were scrapped anyway
  38. C: They believe their own stuff, so the Maus is perfectly fine and perfectly accurate and since this is war thunder they dont do no "inaccurate stuff"
  39. Hello Guys, since we have such a thread for planes (altough nothing has happened there since 2015) i thought: why shouldnt Ships have their own Thread in which you can tell us what you think where the best looking ships of both World wars. For me those are the best looking ones: WW1: Großer Kreuzer Seiner Majestät Schiff Derfflinger (Battlecruiser SMS Derfflinger... while overall the german battlecruisers of WWI could be considered to be more related to fast battleships...) though the Bayern also doesnt look to shabby... and for WWII: The Ship that ties with the Grand Old Lady HMS Warspite for the longest confirmed hit in history (altough i've seen distance informations that suggest that her hit migh actually have been a tad further away then the Warspites). The Ship the British insulted by calling her and her Sister the "Ugly Sisters"... the GERMAN BATTLESHIP SCHARNHORST