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  1. afaik: 1) due to the Major HE part it works well against soft targets 2) MBTs were increasingly armored against HEAT-FS via Composite armour etc. so APFSDS became the way to go there
  2. well... M41 Walker Bulldog Balkenkreuz thoguh it derives it of a fitting end of the line tank
  3. 85g for the early, blunt nosed version 72g for later versions iirc... also it should be noted that the Minengeschoß at first used pure PETN as filler... iirc 1.7 times or so more effective then TNT (if i remember this wrong, please correct me) that was used in most other Aircraft HE shells, later on it became a mix of RDX and Aluminium-powder (HA-41) (if anyone knows how that's relative to TNT, tell me...) so you cant simply say "they used that much filler" for comparison, going only with PETN: 20mm: 18 * 1,7 = 30.6g TNT equivalent 30mm (early): 82 * 1,7 = 139.4 30mm (late): 72 * 1,7 = 122.4 for comparison: the PGU-13/B HEI round for the GAU-8/A Avenger gun of the A-10 Warthog contains only a 58 g explosive filler, while the 30 mm OFZ shell of Russian GSh-301 and GSh-30-6 cannons has a 48.5 g filler
  4. no... considering how fast the thing is they have already overrun you :P
  5. soo... make dedicated ground attack planes that are based on using cannons VS Ground targets (Duck, A5/Uwhatevertheoneisthathasthe20mmgunpods) Ju-87 Kanonenvogel even more useless? NOPE
  6. ok... pray that they never get numerous enough to get stuff like this done....
  7. maybe dem guys are greenskins, just believe that something works and it works... and da red un's go fasta!
  8. maybe they pushed... wouldnt make much of a difference in terms of speed... :P
  9. hence the term "Fantasy"
  10. with Fantasy KPZ-70 he means the variant that from time to time is found on the internet that's armed with the Rheinmetall L44
  11. the next time we look at WT we have and for "naval" forces
  12. and then the crying starts again because "mah perfectly balanced T-64 has been made useless cause now i can't play it via just pressing W and roughly aiming into enemy direction gib T-14 Armata!!!!!"
  13. fair enough if the T-64 gets into the game... i support (nearly) everything that ruins the day for hte people that secretely hope that the T-64 would get into the game without anything being capable of takin it on frontally in a fair fight just because they wanna club
  14. meanwhile he vaguely aims into your direction and you get kablooey... not even mentioning that hte LFP is not always a good target... and as it looks on the picture even if it is visible it could be quite a tricky target to hit and if the T-64 gets ingame i want atleast a new Leo that has the APFSDS AS STANDARD ammo...
  15. iirc the Jagdpanzer IV/70 had the front heavy problem, the one iwht the L48 not so much
  16. guess who linked the topic to ula because he wanted to correct you but therefore was ninja'd by Ula :P
  17. Stahl... the Pak 40 creates 2 121 940 J... the KWK 36 and 42 create ~ 3 MJ so you wanna tell me that the Friggin Pak 44 has less energy than a 75mm gun? with the 930 m/s we have ingame (and from all we know was most likely used irl) we get... alas Ula told me that...12 238 335 J... so over 12 MJ... not 1.2 MJ
  18. Pak 44 VS uparmored Churchill... uparmored specifically to withstand the Pak 44...
  19. you are aware that the M46 Patton is a Pershing with different transmission and engine? So... if the T-34/85 is a chassis that was designed in 37 (afaik the design face went actually until 40) the M46 is still a 1944 tank... (the T-34 had its transmission and turret replaced for the T-34/85 upgrade btw... the M46 was an engine and transmission upgrade) also the M46 is a MEDIUM Tank... well the IS-1 now sits at 5.3 and atleast i consider the T-34/85 superior to it
  20. mir reichts schon dass das "Imperium" im neuen Kanon nach Endor mehr oder weniger sofort kapituliert hat...
  21. Lusankya unter General Wedge Antilles VS Reaper unter dem Kommando Großadmiral Gilald Pelleaons (früheres Flagschiff Großmoff Ardus Kaines)... müsste die Schlacht von Orinda gewesen sein btw 1 es gab noch andere Sternenschlachtschiffe die von den Rebellen übernommen wurden, wenn ich mich an den Essential Guide to Warfare richtig erinnere... ich glaub eines hies "Guardian" btw 2 ja die X-WIng Bücher warn nett... aber imho z.T. zusehr in Richtung "Freitag MOrgen Cartoon" geschrieben, im Sinne von: Der REbellenabschaum hat oft dadurch glück das angeblich hoch intelligente Gegenspieler (Ice Heart, Zsinj) nicht durchblicken bzw durch Glück das immer sehr gut für die Rebellen zusammenkommt... Nicht Admirälin... Leiterin des Imperialen Geheimdienstes die Endurance war btw mit E-Wings vollgestopft... und wurde mit allen anbord pulverisiert wegen Yuuzhang Vong: mMn waren die noch immer besser als das neue zeug :P und Chewbaca hatte nen Helden Tod! eben! FÜR DAS IMPERIUM! Btw Lusankya: kurz Geschichte: wurde ursprünglich als Exekutor 2 gebaut und vom Imperator als geheimes Fluchtschiff auf Coruscant verbuddelt (wie er das hingekriegt hat weiß keiner... Theorien z.B. sind das man damals behauptet hat neue Generatoren für die Schilde in die Stadt zu bauen etc... und warums so geheim geblieben is, das es eigentlich ein 19km langes Schiff war? Entweder die Macht oder... nunja.... "Verschwinden"), Nachdem Eisherz/Ice Heart ihren Vater, den ehemaligen Leiter des IMperialen Geheimdienstes des Verrates überführt hatte wurde sie zur Leiterin gemacht und bekam die Exekutor 2 zur Verfügung gestellt, dort hat sie ihr Geheimes Gefängnis errichtet und das Schiff nach einem alten, vergessenen Bezirk auf Coruscant umbenannt in dem ihr Vater seine speziellen Einrichtungen hatte... Lusankya....
  22. reducing the armour thickness (unless you talk about reducing it massively) would safe you a few hundred kilos... maybe 2 tons at best... "make everything smaller"... if it would be that easy...
  23. ignoring the problem if it's germany VS RU or Germany VS RU + others... the only german tank with HEAT-FS in the area is the KaJaPa... (currently at 7.7, upcoming 7.3) and that is simply not sufficient... and again: Downtier IS-4... downtier Maus alongside it...
  24. if you want to risk the Maus going into mostly Tier IV battles because it's statistics finaly dropped enough for Gaijins programs to say "nope-... not working out upt here anymore... here take 6.7" or hey... we replace the Pak 44 with the L44... penetration wouldnt be a problem anymore...
  25. this is not helping... afterall one of the biggest problems currently in Tier V for some tanks is the huge friggin amount of ammo that makes armour meaningless... add it... and the Maus becomes even more of 7.3/7.0 material (heck possibly even 6.7) so that it can atleast somehow use it's armour... the Gun would be outclassed from a penetration point of view anyway and post pen matters only if you can pen...
  26. if you are not a Maus driver than please do not simply say "the Maus can stay where it is" because, as somebody who only fought it, you dont know how it is playing it... because since i faced the IS-4 multiple times i say: The IS-4 can stay where it is...
  27. yes... and i was blown up by NOT The Mod 51 if i remember that correctly...not HEAT-FS... you know... the nice thing of having a 2 on 1 is that 1 can keep the enmy busy while the other flanks... the T-54 can attack the Maus form the side or the rear... and thereby destroy it... also: easily closing in on the IS-4 wiht hte Maus, unless we're talking knife fight anyway is, imho, only really possible if the IS-4 driver is stupid... which of course led to it being ridiculously easy when the Maus roled in because before that the IS-4 drivers were used to being invincible demi-gods that could do and not do whatever tehy wanted...
  28. T-54 no effect on the Maus? I remember my Maus having been blown up by a single hit on the frontplate... i was angled... his shell (which iirc wasnt even HEAT-FS) hit... somehow a fragment hit my Diesel tank... and kablooey... and if we again are in the IS-4 on the front situation: if the T-54 comes in from the side the Maus will have to either: turn the turret to the IS-4, exposing its weakness and opening its side to the T-54... or tuirn the turret to the T-54 and get a 122mm into the turret side... OR do nothing and be screwed regardlessley... and about Maus ignoring a T-54... i remember driving up on an IS-4 wiht my Maus... the guy completely ignored me... on 40 meters or so... and RNGesus blessed him with 3 Pak 44 bounces on the side... The IS-4 is still far faster than the Maus... it would be capable of running away...
  29. both play the waiting game... if the Maus unangles the turret before the IS-4 fires it can easily end with a dead gunner and a damaged breach (if not some funnier stuff) which means: repair etc. time which the IS-4 can use to change position, reload or whatever... and if the Maus wants to return fire: the IS-4 weakspots are not that easy to effectively hit...
  30. yep... all the Maus has to do is to TURN THE GUN AWAY FROM THE ENEMY... much superiority if it cant fight back...
  31. haha... the maus is frontally WEAKER than the IS-4... the IS-4s turret is far better armoured and offers a much smaller target... meanwhile the Maus' turret is 207mm effective and offers a huge target... the hull armour of the IS-4 is good enough to block the Pak 44 of the Maus unless it's a rather lucky hit on a comparably small weakspot anywhere on the front (if the player uses terrain and hidest he LFP)... the IS-4 also is faster and far more mobile than the Maus...
  32. for all those saying IS-3 to 7.0: Maus for 7.0! It's completely, totaly and utterly outclassed where it sits