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  1. i wonder how much pilots would cry if Player-SPAA could spawn in air RB... also this is not really helping... if you spawn in a (non tank hunting) SPAA you can not really help your team until the enemy spawns a plane...and most people play GF TO PLAY TANKS not SPAA...
  2. yes, Tier V Back then looked like this: Ger: KT 10,5 (8.0) Panther F (??) Panther II (8.0) JT (8.0) USSR: T-54 T-54 iirc IS-3 IS-4M ISU-152 But the 8.0 matches mostly looked like this: 10 KT Hs/Ferdinands 4 KT 105s/Panther IIs (with the aforementioned tanks as back up... maybe even JP, Panther A/G/F or KT P) 2 JTs (with the aforementioned tanks as back up) VS 8 T-54s (with potentially IS-4s as back up tank) 8 IS-4Ms (with T-54s as back up tank) the only proper gemran Tier V tank was the turretless casemate JT... the KT 105 had less penetration then the KT H while having a higher reload time and the Panther II also was underwhelming... the soviets meanwhile had their T-54s which were for most of the german tanks a tough nut to crack frontally and the IS-4s...
  3. The Empire knows how to deal with Necromancers!
  4. you could also use the german home grown equivalent... sure didnt make it for hte war anymore but well
  5. reminds me of the good ol' days when T-54s and IS-4Ms were stomping wild in Tier V, with most of the german Team composed of Tiger II H, a few Panther II and KWK 46 (which was near useless and actually a downgrade on the Tiger iI H) and 1 or 2 JT (back then the only valid Tier V tank for germany)... basic soviet gameplay back then: Go brain afk and deleate everything you see... the enemy can't scratch your paintjob anyway... answer from the soviet players because of complaints of that massive imbalance? "Learn to flank".... yes... flank T-54s with King Tigers... sure... heck after the introduction of the Maus i ended up flanking IS-4s with it on multiple occasions... one was even on open field with me standing only 50 to 100 meters away from him... his side armour went "lol bounce" on the Pak 44 3 times yet he completely ignored me (til the 4th that is) if "L2F" is your answer to that, i want the Maus on 6.7 because it's side armour can, theoretically, be penetrated by the soviet 10cm gun... i'm talking about a proper Maus with 24cm Turret and not Gaijins Frankenmaus btw and in regards of the 1978 Ammunition... i'll take the VT 1-2 then... from 1976... with a twin Rheinmetall... autoloaded... computer fired... 34.5 PS per ton Power to weight ratio (could be boosted to 55 PS per ton for a short while)... or Leo 2AV... also 1976 i hope you start to realize that you try to open (another) Box of Pandora....
  6. or imagine it with a guy thinkin' he's smart and climbing to 8 km or so (ingame)... or doesn't know how to open the cockpit because he never checked that key binding^^
  7. *La-5 starts -> 5 min ingame* "Pilot knocked out"
  8. which is not comparable to T-64 VS Leo 1/M60 with no APFSDS...
  10. from what i've read the T95E1 is normal steel, the E5 and E6 were supposed to have composite armour but this have not been completed nor are they ingame Type 87 is a thinskinned AA Vehicle were the type of steel doesnt matter for game purposes since it's easy-pen for (nearly) all guns anyway you might want to keep in mind that the Event Put Leopard 2 VS... T-80 or was it T-90? and not T-64 VS L7 armed tanks
  11. in regards of the whole MBT/Kpz 70 stuff "Nothing we don't already have" nearly 30 PS/T... yeah... "just as mobile as a Leopard" ha ha or while we're at it... why not htis baby? built 1976... 2 120mm Rheinmetall with automatic reload and aimed via computer and a Power to weight ratio of 34.5 PS per ton... which could be temporarily boosted to whoopin 55 PS per ton...
  12. take a look a the 3 postes above mine and you will know... for the lazy:
  13. it's not... not if the Vehicle because of which you introduce thisammo still is immune to nearly all other vehicles other then the vehicles getting this ammo... while the other factiosn don't have vehicles of similiar armour capabilities...
  14. in this regard, though the Power creep will still bring a bad taste with it, the main problem mostly are people that more or less go "i want my T-64/T-72/Twhatever/Whatever Composite armour, APFSDS firing tank but not it's counterpart for other faction cause Reasonz (and definitively not because i want to club!) and because giving the other factions one ammunition that can deal with my new vehilce frontally is absolutely fair and balanced because everyone will have it and this vehicle in the game!"... (side note: meanwhile the maus sits in a corner and sobs)
  15. Considering that the Mig already flies for hte Luftwaffe... and we have an NVA Decal
  16. if the T-64 has a "slight edge" over it's competition then the Maus is EQUAL to 6.7/7.0 Vehicles...
  17. i do know that, it was solely in regards to the "17 pdr Jumbo", and i mentioned exactly because i know that it was done^^
  18. Ground vehicles

    congratulations on answering a nearly 2 years old poste
  19. having 4 postes by the same writer one after another also isnt inviting...
  20. you can easily fix that by writing, for example, "in regards of Stahlvormund" or "to PantherAl"... or simply use the "quote" button, so that the name of the guy you're talking too is in the quote
  21. in an attempt to bring allof that stuff together: Maybe it started of as an unofficial nickname, then was adopted for the E-whatever since it woudl've been basically a Jagdpanzer 38(t) built purely with german parts and after the war it was adopted "semi-officially" for the Jagdpanzer 38(t)
  22. in one of the Flaktowers in Vienna, in 1946, children blew up ammo reserves from the Flak 40s while playing... they ignited 2000 12,8 cm shells... lifted the roof of the tower i think you could also cram more people than "only" 10,000 in it... i think the Vienna towers had space for 30k, and in atleast one of the Berlintowers there also were 30k people crammed in, from what i've read
  23. no, they were not dead due to the emergence of Aircraft Carriers, but due to the masses of aircraft carriers and planes... today, with accurately guided missiles and jet fighters? Yeah... but back then? iirc it took 600 Planes to sink Musashi... and for 356mm guns VS Aircraft... them maybe not, but: hello 46cm AA Shells
  24. Including the available places where these buildings can be built to have a good AA coverage/good routes for the civilians to get to the shelters... it isnt helping if the AA perfectly covers the important parts of the city but the Air raid shelters are placed so, that most people wont get there in time/the air raid shelters are easy and quick to reach for people but the AA doesnt cover the city
  25. its should be kept in mind that, in case you would split them up and have the Flaktowers instead really purely centered around the AA Protection, you'd need 4 buildings instead of 2... the 2 AA towers (AAA and Radar) and 2 large Air raid shelters, which means: more construction sides, more buildings you need and for which you need to find building grounds (and the shelters should be built at places where many people can easily get too, while the AA also has to be placed in a way to effectively protect what it's ment to protect), the Radar also benefits from the elevated positioning on a Flakturm
  26. Necromancer... and a Rebel too...
  27. it could be an effective secret weapon... when it appears the opposing team simply laughs itself to death
  28. wärend der End Times haben se die Alte Warhammer Welt in die Luft gejagt (Wortwörtlich) und danahc Age of Sigmar angesetz Soric... sei froh das du das nicht im TW WH Forum frägst... ich glaub du würdest geteert und gefedert
  29. Especially since they were built in pairs with one Tower hosting the heavy AA Artillery and the ohter one having the radar to guide the AA fire
  30. it could be possible... the Molotow wouldnt have to hit directly into the hatch. If he lands just close enough the burning liquid might still get into the tank... and if enough of that fire gets intot he tank i can see the crew abandoning it
  31. you do know that the 128mm Twins used on teh Towers have a weight of 26 - 27 tons? Put that on a normal clearing and see what happens... most likely nothing good... i could imagine them pushing away the ground and tilting for example... take a look at this monster Rate of fire: 28 rounds per minute... ammo weight: roughly 28 kg... +26 kg for the propellant... 45 kg alltogether also in these times many streets were not made out of asphalt but cobble stone on a Flak Tower they would be anchored on reinforced concrete Flak towers are a type of bunker in german called "hochbunker" (meaning High/above ground bunkers), they are quicker, cheaper and easier to built then a comparable underground bunker... a german study in 1940 concluded that a Hochbunker needed 1/6th of the materials of an underground bunker for the same protection against bombs, because, above ground, the energy of the bomb disperses more easily, while underground it's compressed. there were hundreds of Hochbunker in Germany and Austria, including the U-Boat pens (Zombeck-Turm, the stones are only facade, the tower itself is made out of concrete) Winkelturm ( the roofs served an additional purpose: due to their cone shape they could "deflect" bombs The disadvantage of "Hochbunker" is that that it's maximal potential of protection is reached sooner than an underground bunker ones (due to limites in regards of structual engineering (thickness of walls etc.)), because you could, for example, "simply" dig that one deeper into the ground (i guess the Flaktowers basically were close to the strongest possible for a Hochbunker) not even beginning with modern guided ordonances and the likes