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  1. they would... but as i said: there are some dialects in both, Austria and Germany (not even mentioning the border regions)... and i simply wanted, for correctness sake, make clear: Austrian is not considered a (completely) different Language... just as it's with American English and British English General situation of German As German is a pluricentric language, Austrian German is merely one among several varieties of Standard German. Much like the relationship between British English and American English, the German varieties differ in minor respects (e.g., spelling, word usage and grammar) but are recognizably equivalent and largely mutually intelligible.
  2. if with "PS" you mean "Pferdestärke"... that's simply german for "horsepower" (or to be more specific: Metric horsepower) Pferdestärke (PS), abbreviation of the German term for metric horsepower
  3. just for correctness, even if some Austrians might not like to hear it: Austrian is german... it's simply a german dialect... and i think the bavarian dialect for example also is rather common in Austria... but well... from Austria to Dessau it is quite a while... dessau being in todays Saxony-Anhalt... that would atleast explain why the crew didnt really combat the Super Pershing and did the mistake of exposing the "Belly" to him driving over some rubble... they didnt even want to fight... just pay a family visit... and the Yanks of course didnt care for this!
  4. which might be an indication that some maps simply are not really fun...
  5. how nice of you to not include stuff like Panzerfausts and Panzerschrecks in possession of German units... the potential of keeping guns like the Pak 44 in production (atleast for a short time) as a countermeasure, and Tanks like the Panther and the Königstiger in Europe
  6. the Jagdtiger also is an immobile, turretless TD...
  7. in regards of the gears... the T25 is not alone with this in the game... for example: not perfectly aligned, but it says "Anzahl Gänge" (numbers of Gears) 2/2 (2 foward, 2 reverse) for the Maus... i think the Leopard and i think also the M60 have wrong gear settings....
  8. we could also remove it's incorrect APCR and give it HESH instead
  9. or 450 or more destroyed Tigers at Kursk when Germany had 250 tops
  10. no... it was the time i'd say... rohgly... well... matter of fact from after the end of GF CBT to the release of US GF...
  11. no... since it was rather common to mistake Panzer IVs and IIIs for Tigers... i think i've read a story of a unit whose advance was slowed down for a few days by the report of a tiger sighting... which was a Panzer IV...
  12. let me put it like this: German tanks back then in the area of 7.0 to 8.0: 7.0: Elefant, Tiger II H 8.0: Panther II, Tiger II KWK 46, JT... 7.0 was woefully inadequate VS T-54s and IS-4s 8.0s: Tiger II KWK was more of a side-down-grade to the Tiger II (Same mobility, bit better armour due to no Bad Steel modifier, Gun with marginaly more penetration, and even that only with the Pzgr 39 iirc, and far lower RoF), Panther II: simply a a bit more armoured Panther F with 88... no improved mobility iirc (or maybe they gave it the top speed of the Panther A back... MAYBE)... which couldnt really cut it VS IS-4s and T-54s... and the JT... aTurretless TD that was the only Adequat Tier V tank for germany... where do you think we got hte whole "Learn to flank"? It was this... when T-54s and IS-4s rushed over the German 7.0 - 8.0 Teams without a mere thought on what they were doing and reaping the profits... when Tiger IIs (both variants) were, by the soviet teams, expected to flank T-54s... the JT being the only worthy tank was from a numbers PoV not enough... The Maus was the only possible choice to add... especially after the M103 entered the fray...
  13. 2 Tank names: IS-4... T-54 Mod 51... one memory: horrific seal clubbing... more or less "press W and shoot everything you see -> Profit" But the Maus was the poor idea...
  15. reading this... i guess they would've also classified the Maus as Panther... maybe "two gun Panther"?
  16. with all due respect but could you please explain what it faced up in the event? i havent checked the last event and therefore dont know against what the IS-6 was pitted there...
  17. you mean a bit like this here?
  18. and the wreckage then was towed back to the rest of it's unit and only then the loss was reported
  19. Possible: maybe... but 100 KM would be a bit more then "straying of course" especially if, before, they were in a unit... and the official reports report no Tiger II around Dessau for this time period... There is no Evidence any Tiger II was in the area aside a story in which one enemy tank had changed and had been made stronger and stronger over time iirc
  20. aside that the next King Tiger was 100 km away? Teleportation?
  21. just that it never happened.... the next King Tigers were roughly 100 km away fighting the Soviets...
  22. "If it looks like a box: Tiger If it doesnt look like a box: King Tiger or Panther" like this?
  23. nah... that's how the russian report would've looked on the same thing... "took 3000 men to take a city that was held by 100000 germans"
  24. "Maus with no gun"? no gun indeed...
  25. the second one was known as "Guderian-Ente" though because it ended up being quite front heavy
  26. ah the good ol' story of "Tank armour should be useless and it should be possible to penetrate all tanks frontally... all aside the ones i drive of course"
  27. panfilovs

    what i've read was, that they were doing a continuation of Das Boot, an eight part mini-series based on books of hte same guy who wrote "Das Boot"
  28. panfilovs

    've only read about it on Wikipedia... in the "Buying the myth" 've also read some goodstuff about the old Stalingrad movie in the Buying the Myth thread... since it was said that it's a really old movie i guess they ment "Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben?"
  29. panfilovs

    I'll leave this here atleast the director of Saving Private Ryan didnt claim "this is how it happened, everything else, even official russian documents is lying propaganda!" and SPR atleast had it's opening scene (arguably the best part of the movie) in regards of (WW2) war movies... Hollywood... Russia... top this... don't forget hte one guy serving in the german police forces in the Ukraine later on...
  30. maus

    they also don't care if they are, at the same time, increasing/decreasing anything on the Vehicle, turning it into a(n) (possibly even more) overpowered/underpowered thing on the new BR
  31. it works in games like Red Orchestra... but only because you can respawn until the team runs out of points and not "Tank taken out = you're out"
  32. to be more precise: in german APHE the HE part wasnt ment to be the damage dealer (well... maybe on the Pak 44 and the Kanone 18 it could... the latter APHE shell having 2,345 KG of HE filling...) but to help to break up the shell, so that it fragments after penetrating and doesnt stay one piece
  33. nice link... guess what my pick for the OP of this lil thread of mine was...
  34. it should be noted that this advice was given to them by the soviet players when the german "invincible machines" drivers complained about T-54s and IS-4Ms simply rofl stomping most opposition with only the JT being a worthy opponent to them... the Tiger II 105 back then was more of a downgrade (no Engine boost, vastly slower reload and only miniscule penetration improvement... iirc that also only on the Pzgr 39) if you want the monsters that are the later cold war tanks... then prepare for the MBT 70, Leopard 2s, M1 Abrams... but thank you for finaly playing with open cards... "i want these all that would be immune to anyhting Germany, Japan, Britain and US could offer! WITHOUT ANYTHING IN RETURN!" and in regards of the crying about "not being capable of penetrating everything frontally"... that goes both ways... we've heard it often enough against Tigers, Panthers, Tiger IIs and the gimped Maus too... so please... do not try to blame all of that on the Fans of the Panzers
  35. balance

    turret rotation speed on Tigers (atleast Tiger IIs and Es) and Maus is underperforming (maybe also Panthers) they could transfer engine power to the turret drive... Tiger I E and Tiger II 360° turret turn in 19 seconds (could go even faster... but risk damaging the turret drive), Maus 360° in 16 seconds...
  36. heck one of the sources they used for the 220mm CHA turret of the Maus was Wargamings Maus Book... which wargaming themselves are now ignoring in the armour of the Maus(afaik they stoped using Armour for Balancing and the Maus has 240mm of turret armour)
  37. amusing...when people made this argument for APHE since it has less pen than most solid shots of comparable guns, or APDS or so... then it was... suddenly... unimporant... because "Magic one hit whatever"...
  38. Pen was nerfed, behind armour effects increased
  39. how about a German Sturmpanzer line too? With Sturmtiger... and the GW Tiger added for hte open top branch
  40. prototypes with a 600 PS Diesel engine...
  41. from what i've understood (might be wrong though, because i follow this whole sutff currently only half hearted) they originaly buffed HESH Pen on the Dev server but this buff seemingly has been roled back now
  42. good ol shatter gap... Pzgr 39 meanwhile....
  43. wait i found more E-100 given main source is a report from the 15th of January 1945 Maus... D Prüf-Nr 13 from the 1st of July 1944
  44. wait i found more
  45. tis is all there is for the armour
  46. this is all in this regard i've found (you'll need to turn some of hte pictures)
  47. i'll scan some stuff in and poste it
  48. By Walter J Spielberger? I have right on my lap. What'ya need?