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  1. On forum and on our website in news about Italian Aircraft.
  2. Because you did not bought pack.
  3. News updated with info about Marcolin's CR.42 CN!
  4. Try to search it here:
  5. Sadly yes (afaik). I am in that same situation
  6. No daily login streak will be lost guys!
  7. It's already reported as a bug. AFAIK you will not lose your consecutive login days.
  8. I got info that vehicle listed there got some minor updates for module positions etc. Sadly no detail was was changed specifically for IS-6
  9. Never say never, but right now is too early to discuss another tech tree. First Italian one need to settle
  10. What is soo hard to understand in this sentence? Functionality of shooting smoke grenades for rank 5 ground vehicles equipped with smoke grenade launchers in reality has been added. Smoke grenades have been added to the following ground vehicles READ AGAIN 1st post in this thread as many times as you need till you will notice all information you are asking.
  11. Scroll to 1st page of this thread - read it carefully please. Why you think that random user can answer such question? I doubt we have any plans to disable it. If you want to know, please send a PM to Tournament Organizer on forum.
  12. 1) I am pretty sure there is a mention: Premium aircraft for the first battle in US aircraft has been changed from Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo to F3F-2 Galer. 2) Marcolin's CR42 is a premium vehicle given as an award for "selecting" country during first battle. If you cannot see it in Italian Tech Tree it means that you already have it in German Tech Tree. 3) We cannot do it due to multiple(mostly) technical reasons. Believe me (or not), it will help us a lot if we would be able to do it like that, but we cannot.
  13. What do you mean by "new pre-orders"? If you bought pack BEFORE 1.69 launch - it means that you bought pre-order pack. If you bought it AFTER 1.69 launch - it means that you bought pack (not pre-order pack). Things may (and AFAIK are) differs for PS4 users who was (sadly, we really tried our best) not able to buy pre-order packs in PSN Store.
  14. Can you explain, I do not catch it from this short phrase, sorry.
  15. No bug report is deleted if it's submitted according to Technical Section Rules.
  16. Ok, this is what we said: Functionality of shooting smoke grenades for rank 5 ground vehicles equipped with smoke grenade launchers in reality has been added. Smoke shells have been added to the following ground vehicles: You see the difference?
  17. We invite you to participate in an historic event for our game - the introduction of a new nation! Meet Italy in War Thunder! Italy will come from the air and be able to compete on equal terms with any other nation in the game. But before that every Italian aircraft will be carefully tested by designated testers from among our players! Available Italian aircraft In this thread we will regularly post Italian aircraft which are available for research and purchase for all players even if they are not Testers. Regia Aeronautica Tech Tree Available Italian aircraft CR.32 CR.32 quater Ba.65 (K.14) L Italian Premium Marcolin's CR.42 CN for all players! Just win one random battle between 12:00 GMT on the 26th of May and 07:00 GMT 29th of May with the aircraft of any nation with an activity of more than 65%! Become a Tester for Italian aircraft: We have prepared three ways to become a tester! I Purchase one of the pre-order packs and get the Tester status Fiat CR.32 bis Starter Pack Fiat G.55S Advanced Pack 9.99 BUY 29.99 BUY This pack includes: Fiat CR.32 bis aircraft (Rank 1 Italy) Premium account for 7 days 500 Golden Eagles This pack includes: Fiat G.55S aircraft (Rank 4 Italy) Premium account for 15 days 1000 Golden Eagles II To access the Italian aircraft CBT you can exchange symbols of speed and accuracy - arrows. Earn 12 tester arrows and join the Tester team for the Italian air forces! From 25th of May until the end of the test Get 5 wins on any rank III-V aircraft with an activity of more than 65% to get one arrow. Terms: Tasks will be counted from 9:00 GMT every day and ends at the same time on next day. For 7 arrows you will get unique "Tricolore Test Pilot" decal. You can earn only one arrow daily. III Volunteers will always be needed! You can apply by describing your combat merit, and the Regia Aeronautica command may choose you. But remember that things are valued above words and having earned arrows you are guaranteed to provide yourself a place in team Tester! SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION Becoming a Tester in any of the methods described and you will get access to a special area on the forum where you can report any detected problems and discuss the new vehicles. You will also receive a special forum reward. Special section for Testers on our Forum Read more about Italian aircraft: Update 1.69 'Regia Aeronautica' released! Italian aircraft in War Thunder Update “1.69 ”Regia Aeronautica” Italian aircraft in War Thunder Devblogs The War Thunder Team
  18. Double check if aces.exe was downloaded with update. If yes - add it to exceptions in firewall.
  19. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 WAR THUNDER PRESENTS UPDATE 1.69 «REGIA AERONAUTICA» 38 NEW AIRCRAFT 9 NEW TANKS 3 NEW LOCATIONS We are happy to announce the release of Update 1.69 ‘Regia Aeronautica’, which unlocks the Italy as War Thunder’s sixth nation, initially offering a formidable line-up of 35 of the most historically accurate representations of their famous Air Force in any computer game ever. Other features include new aircraft and tanks for five other nations, the long-awaited ability to launch smoke grenades and smokescreens from tanks, new realistic recreations of battlefields, and support for PlayStation®4 Pro. Italian aircraft Click on the link to see the full Italian research tree The new Italian aircraft tree stretches from Italy’s famous biplanes of the 1930’s to its powerful jet fighters of the 1960s. Among the latter is the Fiat G.91, a light, fast and agile fighter-bomber. Italian bombers include highlights such as the heavy four-engined Piaggio P.108B, which can carry a staggering 3.5 tons of bombs or three torpedoes. Its sister model, the ship hunter P.108A, comes equipped with a massive 102mm anti-ship cannon with 50 rounds of ammunition, which is now the largest aviation weapon in the game by far. All players will get gradual access to the new nation’s aircraft, with new models being unlocked for research every few days. C.202EC BR.20 DR C.205 serie 3 S.M.79 serie 8 Bf.109G-14/AS F-84G-21-RE More about the introduction of the Italian tree in War Thunder: When will the closed test of the Italian aircraft tree start and how it will be done? Many of you are already familiar with the procedure for the implementation of new vehicles from a new nation into the game: all Italian aircraft will be opened from the beginning for research and purchase for “Tester” (read below on how to become a tester). As the tests are conducted, players will regularly get the opportunity to research and purchase a few new vehicles. The list of the vehicles will be published in the news. How do you become a tester? Detailed information on the various methods will be published later, but you can currently purchase pre-order packs, which in addition to Italian premium machines, include Test status and unique pre-order bonuses. Some Italian aircraft are already represented in the German tree. What will happen to them? They will remain with those players who have researched and purchased them and will still be in the German tree. Also, the modules and improvements for those aircraft will remain tied only to them. For other players they will just disappear and their new representations will appear in the Italian tree. Will the Italian premium vehicle packs stay available for purchase in the shop? They will be available to purchase for some time, but after update 1.69 is released. Special pre-order bonuses, like decals and titles will however disappear from these packs. Development blogs Breda Ba.65 K14 Sd.Kfz 234/2 «Puma» Fiat G.55 Centauro CANT Z.1007 Alcione М60А2: «Starship» PB4Y-2 Privateer Т-55A Ba.88 Lince Fiat G.91 pre-series Fiat G.91R/1 Piaggio P.108A More ground vehicles The United States gets access to a new top-rank vehicle, the M60A2 “Starship”, which can fire both conventional shells and guided-missiles from its 152mm cannon. For the Soviet Union, the T-55A is introduced as a worthy successor to the T-54, sporting excellent close combat and flanking capabilities. The Japanese tree sees improved version of the Chi-To Late version. Fans of the British vehicles will be able to obtain Churchill Mk.I, the older brother of the Churchill Infantry tanks that are already presented in the game and rank 5 reinforcement - the mighty Vickers Mk. 1. Churchill Mk.I Vickers Mk.1 Object 268 Chi-To Late T95E1 Chieftain Mk.5 Smoke grenades & smokescreen launchers A completely new feature in War Thunder are smoke grenades and smokescreen launchers. The first will allow tankers to deploy protective smoke over large distances, while the latter are an effective method to hide from enemy fire while repairing on the battlefield or defending a capture point. Improved locations The ground battles location ‘Kuban’ has been greatly revamped, which will make tank combat on the new location much more tactical and varied. For pilots, the hot sands of ‘Tunisia’ await. Knights of the Sea pre-beta testers will be able to try the Black Sea Port! Tunisia location for aircraft Reworked Kuban location Black Sea Port Playstation®4 Pro support Now, War Thunder fully supports the improved performance of the PlayStation®4 Pro console, allowing owners to play War Thunder in 4K resolution. Metal technology support for Mac Metal technology support has significantly improved dynamic scenes display in Mac-client and in specific cases it increases FPS up to 100%! Click here for more information. Check full list of changes See you on the battlefield! The War Thunder Team
  20. War Thunder presents Update 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica" C.202EC BR.20 DR C.205 serie 3 S.M.79 serie 8 Bf 109G-14/AS F-84G-21-RE New Aircrafts Italy CR.32 CR.32 bis (Premium) CR.32 quater CR.42 Marcolin's CR.42CN (premium) G.50 series 2 G.50AS series 7 C.200 series 3 C.200 серия 7 Ba.65 (K.14) L BR.20 DR C.202 series 7 C.202EC C.205 series 1 C.205 series 3 C.205N2 Breda 88 (P.XI) S.M.79 series 1 S.M.79 series 8 S.M.79 AS S.M.79 bis/T.M S.M.79 B G.55 sub-series 0 G.56 Z.1007 bis series 3 Z.1007 bis series 5 P.108A series 2 P.108B series 1 P.108B series 2 Bf 109G-14/AS G.91 pre-serie G.91R/1 F-84G-21-RE G.55 series 1 G.55S (Premium) G.56 Germany Bf 109A Flegel (premium) USA PB4Y-2 Privateer F3F-2 Galer (premium) New Ground Vehicles Object 268 Churchill Mk.I T95E1 Japan Chi-To Late Germany Sd.Kfz. 234/2 USA М60А2 Т95Е1 Britain Vickers Mk.1 Churchill Mk.I Chieftain Mk.5 USSR Object 268 Т-55А New locations “Tunisia” air location Significant changes in the “Kuban” location. Black Sea port New missions Gladiator 1x2 and 4x4 missions have been added to custom battles for the following locations: Kursk Berlin Eastern Europe Krymsk Mozdok Sinai. Assault PvE mission Assault PvE mission for ground vehicle arcade. Location and mission updates: Performance optimization for “Poland”, ‘Eastern Europe”, “Normandy” and “Berlin” (up to 25% performance boost for low end PCs). New trees have been added and some vegetation has been reworked on the ‘Eastern Europe”, “Normandy” and “Berlin” locations. Updated vegetation in “Poland”, “Normandy” and “Berlin”. Test flight/drive change: a user no longer exits to the hangar automatically after his vehicle has been completely destroyed. Mechanics Functionality of launching smoke grenades for rank 5 ground vehicles equipped with smoke grenade launchers in reality has been added. As well as this, smoke grenades have been added to the following ground vehicles: Britain: А13 (all modifications) Valentine Mk. XI Valentine Mk.IX Centurion Mk.1 Centurion Mk. 3 Strv-8 Caernarvon FV4202 Tortoise Charioteer Mk.VII USSR: Т-44-100 ASU-85 Smoke shells have been added to the following ground vehicles: USA: M103 M26 M46 M47 M48A1 M4A3 (105) M56 M60 M60A1 M3 GMC M18 M3 Lee M41 M4 M4A1 M4A2 M4A1(76)W M4A2(76)W M4A3E2(76)W M4A3E2 M4A3E8 M8A1 Calliope Britain: Achilles A30 Challenger A30 SP Avenger Black Prince AC4 Thunderbolt Centurion Mk I Centurion Mk 3 Charioteer Mk VII Chieftain Mk 3 Caernarvon FV4202 Sherman Ic Firefly Sherman Vc Firefly Archer Japan: Ho-I Chi-Nu Ho-Ni I Ho-Ni III ST-A1 ST-A2 STB-1 Type 61 Type 74 USSR: USSR: KV-1 ZiS-5 KV-1E KV-1S SU-122 SU-76M T-34E T-34E STZ T-34 1941 T-34 1942 Germany: Nb.Fz Pz.Bfw.IV Pz.III Ausf.N Pz.IV Ausf.C Pz.IV Ausf.E Pz.IV Ausf.F1 Pz.IV Ausf.F2 Pz.IV Ausf.G Pz.IV Ausf.H Pz.IV Ausf.J Maus E100 StuG.III Ausf.A StuG.III Ausf.F StuG.III Ausf.G StuH.42 G Flight Models changes Do 217J-1, J-2, E-2, E-4, K-1 - Flight models have been updated. The error where engines on WEP mode caused the speed of horizontal flight being less than should be possible has been fixed. P-47 (all modifications) - Fuel consumption has been corrected. When using emergency mode with water injection (WEP) the consumption is less than when using the take-off mode (100%). Ju 88A-4, C-6 - A bug that caused the propeller pitch to hang in the extreme position after diving which caused the engines to not spin at normal speed has been fixed. Ki-43 (all modifications) - Flight models have been updated. You can check the full characteristics in the data sheet..Chassis amourisation has been improved. Ki-44 (all modifications) - Fluctuations in aiming have been reduced. Thermodynamics and controlling of radiators have been refined. General controlling for all game modes has been improved. Ki-96 - Flight model has been updated. You can check the full characteristics in the data sheet. Handling on all types of controls has been improved. Acceleration characteristics (especially in a dive) have been improved. Course stability has been improved. Bf 109B-1/п - Flight model has been updated. Propeller motor group efficiency has been improved. The brakes have been strengthened. Stability on all flight modes has been improved. The moments of inertia have been recalculated. The polars of the wing group have been updated. He 100D-1 - A bug when controlling with mouse aim which resulted in uncontrolled rotation (corkscrew) at low speeds has been fixed. F-82E - Maximum allowed speed in a dive has been increased to 535 mph. He 51 (all modifications) - Flaps have been modelled (fight/take-off/landing). Spitfire (all modifications), Seafire (all modifications) - The effect of flaps on oil temperature has been fixed. Spitfire LF. Mk.IX, Spitfire F Mk.24, Seafire FR.47 - Incorrect calculation of power when using 150 octane fuel in AB has been fixed Economy and research Premium aircraft for first battle completion in German aircraft has been changed from the Marcolin's CR.42 CN to the Bf 109A Flegel. Premium aircraft for the first battle in US aircraft has been changed from Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo to F3F-2 Galer. F2A-1 Buffalo, Thach's F2A-1 Buffalo - BR has been changed from from 1.3 to 2.3. Sounds Sound settings changes have been improved depending on the distance of the enemy aircraft (AI). CPU load has been reduced. The position of the sound source for machine guns in ground vehicles has been fixed. Graphics Improved smoke visual effects for “fumes” from vessels have been improved, vessel fire visual effects have also been updated. 4k resolution support for PlayStation®4 Pro has been enabled. “Metal” (MAC) render support is now available - it improves game performance by up to 100% on MAC platforms newer than 2012. Italian pilot model has been added. Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes A bug where information on protected fuel tanks was not being displayed has been fixed. A bug where specific aircraft could not apply user-made camos has been fixed. Ki-67-I - A bug where the preset for torpedo weaponry was opened while researching bomber presets has been fixed. A bug where the torpedo weapon preset was unlocked after researching the bomb pylon has been fixed. P-63 (all modifications) - information about the influence of fuel injection on flight characteristics has been been corrected. PV-2D - A preset without secondary armament has been removed. PV-2D - Defensive armament elevation angles have been corrected. PV-2D - Bomb armament has been fixed, Tiny-Tim rockets have been added. Sunderland Mk.III - A preset without secondary armament has been removed. Type 91 mod 2 torpedo characteristics have been corrected A-26B-50 - Aircraft class has been changed to attacker. P-51 (all modifications) - Fuel tank visual effects have been fixed. Ju 87 - Damage model has been updated FW 200C-1 - Defensive armament ammo display in x-ray view has been fixed. Pe-8 M-82 - A bug where a defensive turret could still fire whilst its gunner was knocked out has been fixed. Spitfire F Mk.22 - duplicate pylon names for different bomb presets has been fixed. B-29 - Deflection angles of defensive turrets have been fixed. Tu-4 - Deflection angles of defensive turrets have been fixed. Tu-4 - Number of displayed gunners in the crew menu has been corrected. N1K2-J, N1K2 - Ja rocket armament modules have been fixed. F2A-1 - Buffalo offensive armament has been fixed. B-29 - Number of displayed gunners in the crew menu has been corrected. BV 238 - Deflection angles of defensive turrets have been fixed Ki-44-2 hei, Ki-44-2 otsu - Damage model has been updated. Ki-45 tei - Ho-204 - Cannon replaced with Ho-203. Ju 87R-2 defensive armament has been changed to MG-15 F1M2 - Defensive armament info has been updated. Ki-21-Ia - Defensive armament info has been updated. Ju 88A-4 - A bug where the rear defensive turret could still fire whilst its gunner was knocked out has been fixed. I-301 - Offensive armament info in x-ray view has been fixed. Fixed a bug where some bombs were dropped from external suspension pylons on some aircraft incorrectly. Corrected the name of Japanese bombs. Added the correct army and naval classifications. IL-2 1941, IL-2 1942 - Presets of rocket and bomb options were added. Bf 109G-6 - Fixed the display of weapons in X-ray mode. Bf 109G-10 - Fixed the display of weapons in X-ray mode. Bf 109K-4 - Fixed the display of weapons in X-ray mode. Yak-9P - Fixed the display of weapons in X-ray mode. Ki-102 otsu - Armour has been fixed. P-40 (all modifications) - The 100 octane fuel module has been removed. DB-7 - The injection module has been removed. Boston Mk.I - The injection module has been removed. Havok Mk.I - The injection module has been removed. He 51A-1 - The injection module has been removed. He 51C-1 - The injection module has been removed. He 51C-1/L - The injection module has been removed. G4M1 - A bug, where dropping torpedoes or bombs required the bomb-bay to be opened has been fixed. SM-79 (all modifications) - The fuselage machine guns have been replaced from Breda machine guns to Lewis machine guns. Tank damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes M60A1 - ammo allocation in the turret has been updated . Tiger II (P), Tiger II (H) - ammo allocation has been updated Ferdinand - driver’s and radio operator’s allocation has been corrected Jagdtiger - Damage model of the front armour plate has been represented in more detailed M26/M46 - front armour plate angle has been corrected from 43 to 46 degrees Sturmpanzer II - a bug where sniper view dimmed after setting the distance to more than 1600 meters has been fixed T34 - a bug when gun mantlet could be penetrated by MG has been fixed Conway - A bug where a round could reach the battle compartment through the gun barrel has been fixed Centurion Mk.3, Caernarvon - gun mantlet and front turret armour has been updated . М103 - a bug where the turret ring could be penetrated by MG fire has been fixed T-34, All - a bug where the drivers hatch “overlapped” the hull’s armour has been fixed BM-13N “Katyusha” - The ability to move with the front suspension lowered (imitating undercutting for front wheels) has been disabled. The damage model has been updated for the following vehicles: Type 5 Na-To M26E1 IS-6 Black Prince T-70 T-80 KV-2 KV-220 M4A3E2, Cobra King, M4A3E2 (76)W Visuals have been updated for the following vehicles: E100 - Grill texture has been corrected. Tiger II (H) Sla. 16 - Display of track slack has been corrected. IS-2 1944 - Black textures displayed at some distances have been fixed. Sherman Mk Vc Firefly - Historical engine has been added to X-Ray mode. Churchill Mk.VII - Tracks traversing through track side guards have been fixed. RakJPz 2 - Display of machine gun belt for the anti-aircraft machine gun has been added. .com reported bug fixes: F7F (all modifications) - offensive cannons have been changed from M2 to M3 (source) A-26B - Bomb sight has been removed (source) Fw 200C-1 - Bomb release sequence has been corrected (source) .ru reported bug fixes: In aircraft missions on combined vehicle locations, instead of a ground vehicles map an aircraft one will be displayed. Type 91 mod 2 torpedo characteristics have been corrected IL-10 (all modifications) - Duplicate bomb presets have been fixed. The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated. See you in battle!
  21. I got mine 4h ago.
  22. The G.91R is the reconnaissance version of a light Italian jet-powered attack aircraft that was designed by the standards set by the newly formed NATO in the early 1950s. Although the aircraft wasn’t exceptional in it’s intended role, it was liked by both pilots and ground crews for being reliable and easy to fly. It served well into the 70s as a military aircraft and up the 80s as an acrobatic airplane. During its operational service, it was employed by several air forces, such as Italy, Germany, Portugal and Greece. History Several years after NATO was formed, a requirement for a new light jet attack aircraft was issued in the form of a competition in 1953. The intention was to standardize the types of aircraft used by NATO members, an idea that tried to be implemented in not just aviation, but nearly all military branches. Several design bureaus entered the competition, with Fiat’s design being proclaimed the winner. The new aircraft, designated as G.91, while being a unique Italian design, was also influenced by the F-86K, an aircraft Fiat was already producing under licence. This design choice lead to Fiat not having to completely restructure the production process in order to adapt it for the manufacturing of new parts, thus in turn saving on production cost and time. The G.91 is remembered for being sturdy, nimble, very easy to fly and maintain. It was liked by both pilots and ground crew alike for ease of use and reliability. This is backed by the fact that the aircraft had a very high efficiency ratio with only a handful of breakdowns during its operational lifetime. However, as with all things, the G.91 wasn’t perfect. The aircraft had a rather limited payload capacity and wasn’t the most stable firing platform. Although these shortcomings restricted the ground attack capabilities of the G.91, the aircraft’s redeeming qualities of reliability and ease of use, made it very popular among the ranks of the Italian, German and Portuguese air forces, whilst smaller numbers were employed by Greek and US air forces for testing purposes. As the aircraft’s operational service was set during the cold war, it didn’t see much action in it’s lifetime. The only conflict it was used extensively in was in the Portuguese Colonial Conflict in the 60s and 70s in Africa. There, the aircraft proved to be very effective at combating the guerilla warfare employed by the nationalist movements, whilst suffering only a few losses from ground fire. However, due to the rapid development of new technologies in aircraft engineering and newer combat aircraft making their appearance, the G.91 was subsequently decommissioned from military service throughout the 70s. And though it’s military service had come to and end, the plane refused to retire just yet. The favorable flight characteristics made the airplane a very suitable platform to perform aerobatics with. This sparked the interest of the Italian national aerobatics team, who used slightly modified G.91s in their performances up until 1982, before the plane was ultimately retired for good. The G.91 had a long and, for the most part, peaceful service time of over 35 years in which it struck fear into the hearts of the enemy, and spread joy to delighted airshow spectators alike. In total, around 750 G.91s were produced between 1956 and 1977. In War Thunder, the G.91 will continue to delight our pilots just like the real thing did back in the day. Don’t underestimate the G.91 simply because it was tailored for ground attack! The G.91 is able to reach a max speed of 1068 kph at sea level, placing it among the faster jet aircraft in the game. Apart from that, both newcomers and hardened veterans of high-speed jet combat will appreciate the agility provided by the sturdy G.91 airframe and will quickly become inseparable from it. To engage enemy ground targets, the G.91 features a respectable array of secondary armaments ranging from HVAR rocketpods to a pair of bombs. To deal with soft targets and enemy aircraft, the G.91 is equipped with four M3 .50 cal Browning machine guns with 300 rounds per gun, mounted in the nose section. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 The G.91 will come to the game in two variants - the pre-production (pre-series) and R/1. The latter one differing from the pre-series in being outfitted with the slightly more powerful Bristol Orpheus Mk.803 engine and being equipped with camera equipment in the nose for reconnaissance missions. Both versions will represent the pinnacle of Italian aircraft design in War Thunder’s upcoming update 1.69 “Regia Aeronautica”. Stay tuned to the news to find out what’s still to come in the next major update. Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A - The Eastern Menace Piaggio P.108B: The Imperial Eagle Breda Ba.65 K14: The Sharp-eyed Hawk A Whole New Kuban Macchi M.C.205 Veltro: Sicily’s Guardian Angel Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma: The Nimble Feline Predator M60A2: The Starship PB4Y-2 Privateer: Pirate of the Skies Update 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica" digest Preorder Italian Premium Aircraft! The War Thunder Team
  23. Try to tax to very end of airstrip, hold breaks till you got some power and then release breaks. If it doesn't help, switch payload to something that weight less than 1,5T
  24. So please next time create more appropriate thread name. Calling your thread "Matchmaking" breaks forum rule: 1.1.27 Topic titles MUST NOT: be fully capitalised, use unclear abbreviations, reflect profanity (even through the forum filter), and they must be a clear indication of the content of the post.
  25. The version of our game for Apple computers now supports Metal, which means that battles are going to look even better! We are pleased to announce that War Thunder for Apple computers will support Metal in the incoming update, a graphics API that will substantially boost the game's frame rate. Previously, the Mac version of our game client only worked with OpenGL, which restricted the speed at which battles could be displayed and could lower the frame rate in scenes involving a large number of shaders, for example when a player takes an artillery hit. With Metal, dynamic scenes in the Mac client will be displayed much faster, and in some cases, the frame rate will be doubled! War Thunder will automatically switch to Metal on all Apple computers that support this technology. To try the new Metal technology currently, you need to include the following line in the config.blk file in the vide section: driver:t="metal". List of computers that support Metal Metal Best Practices Guide Download War Thunder client for Mac
  26. Nope. We announce when dev server is opened for public.
  27. Please use your game accounts when you are logging in to Forum.
  28. Basic idea behind War Thunder - have a game where you have three main vehicle forces in one battlefield. Air maps are too big and not prepared for ground forces controlled by players.
  29. Za każdym razem kiedy piszesz przekleństwo na forum, system notuje sobie tę informację i rzuca Twoją maszyną o glebę. Jako, że czasami bywam łaskawy, dam Ci wyproszone ostrzeżenie i oszczędzę Ci kolejnych problemów. Tak swoją drogą, skąd pomysł na nazwę Dywizjonu? Bo chyba nie chodzi tutaj o poziom rozumiany jako ogólne przystosowanie do życia w społeczeństwie, przestrzeganie norm i zasad, umiejętność poprawnego wysławniania się bez obrażania interlokutorów itp. ? Bo jeśli tak, to dajesz piękne świadectwo całemu Dywizjonowi. Tylko pogratulować!
  30. This thread should not exist. If you want to discuss any vehicle, please first SEARCH - most probably someone already created thread about it.
  31. Guys, it's not cardboard tank game with life bars. We need DATA to create vehicle in game. I know it's super easy to just launch internet and type "Japanese Tanks" then hit search and check all that fancy names, but War Thunder is not working like that.
  32. I do not understand your idea. We should now ask EVERY player which date fits best for him (and then make EVERY other player angry, because we did not select his date)? We will launch Update when it will be ready to launch
  33. Lel. What next?
  34. Na ogół konto jest kopiowane 1:1 z serwera zwykłego. To znaczy, że masz tyle expa i innych rzeczy ile zdołałeś sobie odblokować w trakcie gry. Postępy z serwera deweloperskiego nie są przenoszone na serwer zwykły. Godziny podawane są na oficjalnym forum w osobnym temacie (patrz dział DEV SERVER).
  35. Check files via launcher.
  36. The PB4Y-2 Privateer is a heavy naval patrol bomber, a major redesign of the B-24 Liberator. A new tail, new engines, more powerful and re-arranged defensive armament! Who could seriously question its pirate manners? History The PB4Y-2 Privateer was a serious redesign of the B-24 Liberator heavy bomber to suit the needs of maritime aviation. The first prototype was ready by September of 1943. The aircraft’s length was extended and it gained a completely new tail design with a single tall fin that improved handling. The engines were also upgraded, becoming more powerful but also losing their turbochargers, which were not necessary for low-altitude maritime aircraft. The aircraft’s armament increased by two large-caliber M2 Browning machine guns (12 guns instead of the 10 on the B-24), turrets were re-arranged to strengthen defences from above. The PB4Y-2 Privateer first saw action as part of Patrol Bomber Squadron 119 in March 1945. The squadron was based in the Philippines, from where they executed “offensive search” missions along the Chinese coast occupied by Japanese forces. In its combat career, this aircraft also participated in the Cold War, the Korean War, and the First Indochina War as part of the American and French Naval forces. After being withdrawn from service in the US fleet, the PB4Y-2 Privateer continued to be used by the US Coast Guard well into the 1960s. Several units remained in service until very recently (2002) and were deployed to combat forest fires. In the game, this low-flying but heavy naval bomber will be of interest to every fan of maritime aviation. Six turrets with twin large-caliber Brownings, which securely cover the whole upper hemisphere, will easily calm the ardor of any enemy fighter on your tail. It’s best not to expose the lower hemisphere and keep it close to the water, as there are no turrets on the belly. The variety of bomb set-ups is very useful for clearing both enemy bases and convoys. The arrival of this aircraft in War Thunder is somewhat unprecedented, as it will be the first naval heavy bomber specially designed for this purpose. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 The PB4Y-2 Privateer will make an excellent addition to rank 4 of the US aviation tech tree, so load your machine guns and add some Jolly Roger decals - the “Privateer” goes hunting!! Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A: The Eastern Menace M60A2: The Starship Breda Ba.65 K14: The Sharp-eyed Hawk Fiat G.55 Centauro: A Dual Personality CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma: The Nimble Feline Predator A Whole New Kuban The War Thunder Team Check more pictures and leave comment on our website!
  37. A to w takim razie przepraszam
  38. Temat powstał tylko i wyłącznie po to, żeby kilku widzących przyszłość (która się niestety nie sprawdza) miało miejsce, gdzie mogą sobie ponarzekać jak to zostali oszukani : przez historię - bo nie potoczyła się po ich myśli oraz przez firmę - bo nie rzuca w nich darmowy prezentami za straty moralne jakie ponieśli.
  39. Z tego co kojarzę, pojawiła się taka sugestia w odpowiednim dziale na forum. Też mi się ten pomysł bardzo podoba, tym bardziej że większość z tych maszyn ma swoje historyczne, niemieckie malowania do znalezienia na fotach.
  40. We are excited to present to you the M60A2 Starship - A Main Battle Tank based on the M60 chassis with good mobility, more than decent armour and great armament that was also used on the M551 Sheridan. History The M60A2 was in development since the 1960s as a temporary solution for the mutual German-American joint project of the Main Battle Tank - the MBT-70. The tank went into the series production in the 1974/75 and was based on the classic M60 hull with completely new, very well armoured (up to 290 mm!), low profile turret housing the 152mm M81 gun/launcher system that was able to use the wire-guided MGM-51 Shillelagh anti-tank missile as well as the conventional ammunition. Starships was powered by the Continental AVDS-1790-2A diesel engine with a maximum of 750 horsepower. With a combat weight of 52 tons it was able to reach 48 km/h on the road or 25 km/h during cross-country combat deployments. The M60A2 was a short-lived production model and was eventually replaced by the M60A3 - many of the Starships were converted into the A3 model or specialized vehicles such as bridgelayers. Chrysler produced cca 530 vehicles until the production was discontinued. This machine will surely be a well appreciated addition to the American medium Ground Forces tech tree. Good enough armour with excellent armament and decent mobility guarantees versatility and the ability to step into most of the roles on the battlefield. Looking for good enough long range support for your advancing heavy and MBTs? No problem, load in some Shillelagh and cover your allies! Are your friendlies stuck in a difficult situation and cannot move? Flank your enemies from sides using your mobility and punish them with some HEAT rounds. Were your light tanks overwhelmed by the front line of enemy heavy tanks? Go ahead and draw some fire on yourself, your turret armour can surely take some beating without causing a headache to your crew. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 Starship (nicknamed due to its space-aged technology) will not bring anything unknown to the table, but because it combines well known elements from other existing tanks we are convinced that tankers will get used to it very well and it will quickly become player favourite vehicle. Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A - The Eastern Menace Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet The War Thunder Team Check more pictures and leave a comment on our website!
  41. Do czasu aż nie pojawi się devblog, na takie pytania nikt Tobie nie odpowie Właśnie taki przekaz jest od początku. Kto ma włoskie maszyny w niemieckim drzewku, będzie je tam miał cały czas. Kto nie ma - nie będzie ich widział. Włoskie drzewko zaś będzie "dziewicze" dla wszystkich graczy i każdy będzie je musiał odblokowywać. Z postów innych wynika, że doskonale to rozumieją, być może Ty to przeoczyłeś lub naczytałeś się jakichś bajek od zawiedzonych właścicieli włoskich maszyn którzy toczą tutaj straceńczą walkę o ugranie czegoś, co im się nie należy. Pisz więcej o tych gratyfikacjach, zadośćuczynieniach i prezentach którymi powinniśmy Ciebie obsypywać, bo nie wszyscy jeszcze zrozumieli o co Ci do końca chodzi i dlaczego masz taki ból istnienia.
  42. No więc nie - nie widzę. Grałeś MC.202 w niemieckim drzewku. Wykupiłeś talizman który działa w niemieckim drzewku. Odblokowałeś kamuflaże na samolocie w niemieckim drzewku. Skąd pomysł, że teraz przeniesiemy Tobie ową maszynę do innego drzewka? Czy wszystko, co odblokowałeś na MC.202 powinno teraz zostać Tobie zablokowane (inne maszyny, które odblokowywałeś latając MC.202). Jak sobie wyobrażasz logistycznie/programowo coś takiego? Jak wytłumaczysz ludziom, że ten Bf 109 którego sobie odblokowałeś kilka lat temu zostanie teraz Tobie zablokowany, bo latałes używając włoskiego samolotu? I dlaczego uważasz, że masz mieć jakikolwiek pożytek* z maszyny z jednego drzewka w drugim drzewku (bo właśnie tego oczekujesz)? Robicie raban, jakby ktoś Wam te samoloty kasował i odbierał. Nikt czegoś takiego nie robi. Cały czas będziecie mieli do nich dostęp, a z biegiem czasu pewnie dodatkowo staną się one czymś unikalnym, bo niedostępnym dla nowych graczy.
  43. Wydałeś 125GE na samolot premium w drzewku niemieckim. To, co miałeś wtedy w głowie i czy były to ślimaki czy cokolwiek innego, to już Twoja prywatna sprawa, faktem jednak jest, że NIGDZIE nie było potwierdzenia, że dodamy do gry drzewko włoskie, więc owe rzeczy, które miałeś wtedy w głowie najwidoczniej nie do końca potrafiły przewidzieć przyszłość. Założyleś sobie coś błędnie (przeniesienie maszyn z jednego drzewka do drugiego), a teraz robisz larum, bo Twoje wróżby się nie sprawdziły.
  44. A w jaki sposób ktokolwiek tutaj kogokolwiek sabotuje? Czy tracisz dostęp do odblokowanych maszyn/kamuflaży? Gdzie wyczytałeś takie nowiny?
  45. Tak, bo dla Ciebie szanowanie kogoś = rzucanie w niego "darmowym kontentem". Idąc dalej Twoim tokiem rozumowania, powinniśmy płacić po 5$ za każdy odblokowany przez Ciebie samolot czy czołg, bo przecież żeby je odblokować, spędzasz w grze Swój cenny czas, prawda? Obrażanie? Obrażaniem jest sugerowanie, że rok temu kupiło się maszynę premium za 125GE tylko po to, żeby użyć jej w niezapowiedzianym i nie potwierdzonym przez nikogo drzewku włoskich sił powietrznych i skoro bajania wróżek się nie sprawdziły, to sugerowanie że należy się refund lub jakieś zadośćuczynienie.
  46. Rozwiń swoją światłą myśl, bo nie bardzo widzę jej związek z tematem. Zapewne zostanie zastąpiony inną maszyną.
  47. I osobiście będziesz je tam miał. Jeśli zdążysz je odlokować również w niemieckim, to będzie je miał w obu. Nie wiem skąd w ogóle się Wam wziął pomysł na to, że te maszyny Wam przeniesiemy? Ktoś coś takiego oficjalnie przyznał? Czy podobnie jak jeden ze sprytniejszych, który już się w jednym temacie wypowiadał, byliście u wróżki która zanim jeszcze oficjalnie zapowiedziano pracę nad włoskim drzewkiem, wywróżyła Wam, że odblokowując maszyny z niemieckiego drzewka, przy okazji odblokujecie te, z nieistniejącego drzewka włoskiego?
  48. Vehicle is complete. If you think that there is a bug, please submit a proper bug report in technical section.
  49. The Breda Ba.65 Nibbio is an Italian twin seater, multi-purpose aircraft designed to fulfill a wide variety of combat tasks. After being used extensively in combat in the Spanish Civil War and North Africa, the Ba.65 is now preparing to join the ranks of the Italian Air Force in War Thunder with Update 1.69 “Regia Aeronautica”! History The Breda Ba.65 Nibbio (Kite) is an Italian interwar, twin seater combat aircraft that was designed with versatility in mind. The aircraft was intended to perform a multitude of combat tasks ranging from conventional ground attack to intercepting hostile aircraft. However, due to many shortcomings of the Ba.65, it was later confined to pure ground support roles, and at the end of the war, converted to a trainer aircraft. Contrary to the positive first impressions that the aircraft left on it’s maiden flight in 1935, is the relative unpopularity among its crew due to the difficulties they faced while operating it. Nevertheless, over 200 Ba.65 aircraft were built between 1935 and 1939. The aircraft fought on several theaters of war such as in Spain and North Africa, whilst some versions were also exported to Chile and Iraq. The Ba.65 will join the ranks of the Italian tech tree as the K-14 variant fitted with the Type L 7,7mm Breda-SAFAT turret. This version’s standout feature was an open gunner turret which offered better visibility and comfort for the gunner, but less protection. The pilot, on the other hand, will have four wing-mounted machine guns at his disposal to engage both aerial and ground targets at his leasure. Besides that, the aircraft is also capable of carrying up to 1,000 kg of payload distributed between external pylons and the internal bomb bay. The Ba.65 will form the base on which the future Italian attacker line will build up and will be one of the first vehicles our players will be able to research. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 We are also pleased to present to you a new pilot model designed for the Italian tech tree. The model has been nicknamed “Mario” inspired by a real WWII Italian airman, the grandfather of our historical consultant for the Italian tech tree Francesco Pergolini. This is what Francesco tells us about his grandfather: “His name was Umberto Pergolini. He joined the Regia Aeronautica in the late 30s. He was initially a gunner in the AP.1 and later on in the Ba.65 and trained briefly as a pilot , but when the Ba.65 was converted to a monoplane he switched back to gunner/mechanic on the Caproni and SM.79 . He served with the 159a Squadriglia, 12 gruppo, 50o Stormo based in North Africa. On the 8th of September in 1943, he was a mechanic for C.205 Veltro units. He returned to Italy from Sardinia where he was involved in a famous rescue where there were 4 people in a single fighter. He was in the same aircraft where the Ace Visconti was piloting the plane whilst sitting on our hero’s legs. After the war he served until the late 80s as warrant officer in transport units, serving for the United Nations in Africa and the Middle East”. Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A - The Eastern Menace Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet Preorder Italian Premium Aircraft! Check more pictures and leave a comment on our website!
  50. The Sd.Kfz 234/2 “Puma” is a German armored car created in late 1943 as a result of favorable combat performance of armored cars in the invasions of Poland and France. The Puma featured a 50mm KwK 39 cannon mounted on a fast, 8-wheeled armored chassis that can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h! History After signing the Versailles Treaty in 1919, Germany was restricted or entirely prohibited, among other things, in producing new tanks and heavily armored vehicles. However, as the treaty didn’t impose such serious restrictions to the development of armored cars, German engineers focused their efforts on improving and perfecting the armored car concept in the interwar period. When the Second World War broke out, the excellent combat performance of these highly mobile, hard-hitting armored cars impressed the officials of the German high command. However, as the existing designs showed certain flaws and shortcomings, efforts were put into creating the new Sonderkraftfahrzeug (Special purpose vehicle) 234 Puma that was intended to fix those issues. Between 1943 and 1945, over 450 Pumas were built spanning across four variants. Although the Puma isn’t the first armored car to be introduced into War Thunder, it’s introduction will surely be eagerly awaited by many. Until now, British tankers were the only ones to have access to armored cars, however, as these were confined to AA duties, their capabilities of engaging heavily armored targets was very limited. As the Puma is armed with the same 50mm cannon, found on later variants of the Panzer III, future commanders of this vehicle can expect good ballistic properties and a high rate of fire, qualities that are always appreciated by expert marksmen in the heat of battle. A good complement to an accurate, fast-firing gun is certainly good mobility, and the Puma delivers just that! The V-12 Tatra engine is giving the Puma the ability to reach a maximum top speed of 90 km/h (55 mph) on roads. This will make the Puma one of the fastest land vehicles in War Thunder. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 The Puma excels at fast surprise attacks from the flanks. It’s best to avoid head-on engagements and instead focus on outflanking the enemy. Once that is achieved, make sure to use the high rate of fire of the 50mm cannon to drill a few holes in the sides and rear of the enemy! The Sd.Kfz 234/2 Puma will be a unique addition to the German ground force roster on Rank 1 coming soon with War Thunder’s Update 1.69! See you there! Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A - The Eastern Menace Piaggio P.108B - “The Imperial Eagle” Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet Check more picture and leave a comment on our website!
  51. Leave Random Battles and find some people who will help you to create videos in Custom Battles (as tank/aircraft operators). Thanks to this you will have full control on whole battlefield + look of vehicles. It should lift your videos into higher level. + Dukla Pass, not Dulka Pass + A little L2P is needed (that "battle" with M2A2 ) If you do not know if you are using all functions in replays - check controls settings in options, there you can find all functions listed. Good luck!
  52. Read the forum rules before you create another thread
  53. Make your vehicle more authentic! We regularly introduce new decals you may unlock and/or purchase. New decals will become available for unlocking and purchase for 2 weeks and after that time, they will be replaced with new ones. Players will retain the unlocked decals forever! We have already added several new decals for you that are available until 31st of May. You may find them in customization menu, “week’s latest” section. Follow the news and don’t miss out on some interesting decals. "Emblem of 740th anti-aircraft artillery regiment, USSR" Gain 40 victories (20 for RB and SB) with a 80% battle activity whilst driving USSR ground vehicles "Bird" emblem, 1 Stormo CT Gain 40 victories (20 for RB and SB) with a 65% battle activity whilst flying any aircraft "Claw" emblem, 163 Squadriglia CT 200 Golden Eagles "Skull" emblem, 279 Squadriglia AS Destroy 60 (30 for SB and RB) enemy controlled vehicles whilst flying German aircraft or purchase with 200 Golden Eagles "Emblem of 9th Armoured Division" Capture 20 zones whilst driving British ground vehicles or purchase with 200 Golden Eagles Decals by Colin 'Fenris' Muir and Jej 'CharlieFoxtrot' Ortiz The requirements for the decals may be checked by hovering your mouse over the decal in the customization menu. In order to obtain a decal you should be using vehicles of ranks 2-5 in random battles and events. They cannot be gained in Enduring Confrontation mode. Previous decals will be now moved to their sections and will be available only for the players who have them unlocked/purchased: "Pistol Pakin Gremlin", No. 93 Squadron, RAAF "Bagpiping Roo", No. 460 Squadron, RAAF "Panther and Fleur de Lis", Lt Aubrey Stanhope, 335FS, 4FG, 8AF, USAAF "Green Hornet" emblem, 675 BS, 417 BG, 5AF, New Guinea, 1944, USAAF "Green Hornet" text, 675 BS, 417 BG, 5AF, New Guinea, 1944, USAAF The War Thunder Team
  54. The P.108B is a revolutionary four-engined heavy bomber used by the Italians during the war. In many respects the aircraft was able to go toe to toe with the most advanced allied aircraft of the time. Meet one of the most interesting Italian aircraft of the conflict in War Thunder’s Update 1.69! History The Piaggio P.108B is the only four-engined heavy bomber employed by the Italian air force throughout the war, from 1941 right up to Italy’s surrender in 1943. The first units rolled off the assembly line after Piaggio secured a contract with the Regia Aeronautica in 1939. Although the aircraft was more expensive to manufacture compared to other models, it was also able to deliver a bigger payload further and required less crew to operate. However, due to engine reliability issues, lack of specific combat doctrine and the impossibility to field more than a handful of units on each mission, the aircraft suffered high losses. These high losses are also reflected by the fact that the Italian air force had only two operational P.108 bombers remaining, out of the initial 24, after its surrender in 1943. In War Thunder, the P.108B will perform best at low to medium altitudes, reaching a top speed of 419 kph at 4000 meters. However, for being such a lumbering beast, the aircraft is also quite durable and agile, able to withstand a 6G turn without breaking apart. Besides being able to deliver 3.5 tonnes of bombs on land-based targets, it is also capable of carrying 3 torpedoes underneath the fuselage, making it a force to be reckoned with, even when engaging naval targets. One of the standout features of the P.108 is most certainly the defensive armament, featuring remote controlled dual high caliber machine gun turrets on the outer engines, as well as single high caliber machine gun turrets in the ventral and nose section of the fuselage. Players are already familiar with such technology from late war US bombers, such as the B-29 and A-26, however, it was actually the P.108 that was one of the first aircraft to pioneer this type of defensive armament. In the upcoming major update, we will include both production versions of the P.108B - the Serie 1 and Serie 2. As the second production serie was adapted for nighttime operations, this lead to the removal of the nose turret in favour of additional fuel supplies and increased armour protection. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 A new avian behemoth is making its way to War Thunder in Update 1.69 as the first heavy bomber of the much anticipated Italian research tree. Adjust your bombing sights and be prepared to pilot a unique addition to the game’s aircraft roster! See you there! Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit T-55A - The Eastern Menace Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Fiat G.91 pre-series: Italian comet Preorder Italian Premium Aircraft! Leave comment and check more pictures on our website!
  55. *podaje zimną wodę* Już, lepiej? Bo podekscytowałeś się bardziej, niż przy pierwszym swoim zestrzeleniu. Serio jarasz się mechaniką strzelania do BOTa z misji, która ma pewnie milion lat i nie była aktualizowana od czasów Mieszka I? I to, że "ktokolwiek" to nagra. No bo przecież nie Ty, prawda? Wtedy byś nie mógł sobie śmieszkować, że w grze jest błąd, bo, nie dajcie bogowie, jeszcze by go naprawili!
  56. I will ask.
  57. 4th May 2017 Aircraft Why do HEI-T projectiles for aircraft have larger penetration values than the same calibre in ground forces? Minengeschoß do not count. However the 50 mm German cannon found on the Pz III J1 penetrates 4 mm but on the Me 410 its 6-7 mm. 37 mm on aircraft have 5 mm penetration but on the Ostwind only 2 and 4 mm? Answer: This is partially down to the aviation Damage Model, however we are working to correct everything to have the same parameters. Are there still plans for more variants of existing popular low - mid rank fighters? Such as the P-40, Bf 110, Hurricane, F4U, P-47 and P-51? Answer: Yes, several modifications of these machines are in production now. When the Spitfire Mk V’s receive their reworked models, will you remove the tropical Vokes filter from the Mk Vb and keep it on the Vc so we can have a Tropical and Nontropical filtered Spitfire V? Or perhaps a premium clipped wing LF Vb without a filter? In addition, are there any plans for a premium US Spitfire Vb tropical? Answer: Yes, we plan to add several more options for the Mk V, along with the remaking of current models, including one without a tropical filter. Is it possible we will see premium variants of famous Spanish modifications of German aircraft such as the Merlin Engine powered Hispano Ha-112-M1L Buchon (Bf 109G) and CASA 2.111 (HE-111)? Answer: Currently, there are no plans. Ground Forces Are there still plans for a Light Tank branch for Germany or have plans been abandoned? Answer: Most likely it will not be a completely separate branch, but we will add the most interesting machines amongst other branches, something interesting is already planned in the next major patch. Currently there are very uncomfortable camera positions on the top British tanks (Centurions, Chieftains) in Simulator Battles. The sight is much higher (with the lateral correction everyone is used to), it is insanely difficult to acquire the desired elevation angle. I understand, it seems to be historically accurate, but we do not have sight grids, which historically were on the vehicles. Is there any way to fix this (to shift, as an example, the grid to "clear" height)? Answer: There are plans for Simulator Battles and in Realistic Battles to improve camera positions and aiming positions. Currently the axes of the gun and the sight are parallel, which is not entirely correct. Why does the game need viewports and sighting devices? Why should they be modeled and given damageable modules? Answer: Currently, these modules represent some protection against secondary armour fragments, especially if the sight or devices are of a large size. Usually, the more modern the tank, the larger the amount of protection these models can provide for the gunner. Why are there no more new options for additional armour protection. You said that extra armour would not only be tracks, but also sandbags and individual armoured plates, will this be revisited? Answer: Currently we are somewhat focused on new vehicles and models, but the addition of different types of additional armour protection is in planning. Are there plans for a Ground Forces Japanese tier IV premium? Answer: Yes, there are such plans. Are there any plans for German Waffenträger SPG/Tank Destroyers in the second German Tank Destroyer line? Answer: Yes, there are plans for such a machines, but most likely we will not make a second line of tank destroyers. We will add the machines separately to different branches. Now that the 183mm FV4005 is in game, is it possible we could get a new top tier British 183mm Heavy Gun Tank FV215? The tank was developed from the Conqueror and uses the same gun as FV4005, so it would be the perfect successor to the Conqueror Mk II. The tank was classified as both a Heavy Tank and SPG, but it would fit better after the Conqueror as a heavy tank. Answer: Only a mockup model was built and we try not to introduce such machines without an emergency situation that calls for it. Britain already has the FV4005 with this cannon and there are heavy tanks on the top ranks. We plan to introduce other machines and modifications at the moment. Do you have any plans for low Rank US premium multi-turreted tanks like the T-35, A1E1, Nb.Fz and Type 95? Answer: So far we have not chosen a worthy candidate that compares well to these tanks. Other Why not give players the opportunity to choose when to activate test drive rewards, just like with boosters or wagers? The fact is that not everyone has time to use the test drives after entering the game. Answer: There are some technical limitations to this factor. Recently, I have noticed a depressing tendency to cut the size of the maps, not only in RB, but also in SB. This particularly affects the top vehicles in which these maps are very tight. What is the reason for this? Answer: Relatively recently, we have in fact increased the specific rotation “weighting” with "bigger" maps in SB, currently, they occupy about 70% of the total rotation, and for some maps Additional parameters have been added for the battle area in SB. Why has the program that added user created content (camouflage) to the game ceased? If this is not the case, then what is the criteria for selecting the ones that enter the game and why in the last few years, no camouflage has been added to the game from War Thunder Live? Moreover, for the entire time of the game's existence, under the "Revenue Share" program, not a single user camouflage for ground vehicles has been added. Why is that? Answer: "Over the past few years" - is a bit of an exaggeration. The reason no user camouflage for ground vehicles have been added into the game is purely technical in nature: there is no way to make a custom camo so that it worked together with a camouflage mask and was correctly processed when the tank was destroyed. In the future, we plan to revise the principle of adding custom camouflage to the game so that the creators and players themselves take a greater part in this, and to make it much easier. Is it possible to add small previews in the pre-match menu opposite the currently selected camouflage? This would help visualise the camo and help to choose the best camouflage for the situation. The current names are not always informative, especially ones such as "one-color" or "standard". Answer: Unfortunately, downloading camouflage information will require downloading the model itself, which has not yet been loaded in the pre-match menu. Downloading the model will require loading all the vehicles on the fly, which would significantly increase the waiting time before a battle and would require considerable client resources. Beyond Italy and France, are there any other major nations that may be considered? Or will the remaining nations be united into a “International” tree of sorts? Sweden for example has many independant aircraft and ground forces and could support its own tree. Answer: We do not exclude the possible introduction of machines of Swedish or Czech construction, as well as other European countries, but we cannot discuss the details yet.
  58. 19th April 2017 Aircraft Which attackers are you planning for the USSR with a BR within the 3.7-8.0 range? There’s an obvious shortage of assault aircraft with such Battle Ratings right now. Answer: We are not going to share all of our plans right now. Developer diaries will definitely be posted eventually. However, I can tell you that we’re planning to introduce some interesting attackers and something unusual-looking. Some of which is already in the works. Will it ever be possible to increase the number of aircraft spawn points in arcade battles? Adding a large number of respawn points could solve the problem of “spawn campers,” who shoot down aircraft a few seconds after they respawn without giving them a chance to react. Then aircraft could spawn somewhere else, and players would have the time to examine the situation on the battlefield Answer: To be honest, we don’t see a problem here. First of all, the diameter of the respawn area in Air AB is about a kilometer, so camping at a specific point where players will always respawn is not possible. Needless to say, you can still camp “approximately” above a point, but I doubt that this would guarantee you a large number of aircraft kills. Is there a chance you might add some Japanese heavy fighters with high-caliber weaponry for co-op battles? You said there were no armor-piercing rounds for them, but this isn’t actually true. The 75 mm Type 88 AA gun (there’s even data available about this gun’s ability to fire on Shermans that proves its effectiveness) installed on the Ki-109, as well the 57 mm Ho-401/402 and the 75 mm Ho-501 (based on the Type 88) installed on the Ki-93 all had armor-piercing rounds. Taking all this into account, I’d like to ask whether or not it’s possible to introduce at least a partial solution to the problem of Japanese assault aircraft? Answer: Specifically we were talking about lower-caliber rounds. It’s true that there was a gun installed on the Ki-109 that could also fire armor-piercing AA rounds, and we’re planning to introduce this aircraft to the game. Are you planning to ever go back to intermediate Battle Rating values for the era V aircraft in RB? Right now all vehicles are spread out in accordance with rounded BR values, i.e. we only have 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0 (with rare exceptions), and players simply do not fly many aircraft (such as the MiG-15) because there are vehicles tied to the same BR value that are significantly more powerful (such as the MiG-15 BIS or the MiG-17). That is why such an approach to assigning Battle Ratings automatically implies dividing vehicles into “Holy cow, that’s so OP!” and “Why would anyone want to fly that thing?”, which isn’t ideal. Answer: We decided on this kind of division because of the following factors: the need to match as many top-ranked aircraft as possible in a single battle on the one hand, and the significant differences in flight characteristics between early and late jets on the other. Incidentally, this division was very well received by players at the time, although certain aircraft with certain characteristics end up in the same battles over and over again. In other words, no, we’re not planning to go back at this time. Ground Forces Will you ever add at least some kind of visible/distinctive difference between auto-repairs (fixing tracks only) and manual repairs? Sometimes you press the repair key, and it seems like the repairs have begun, but it isn’t the repairs activated by the player, but just the track. Answer: It’s certainly possible. We will consider this suggestion. There’s this popular expression: “fall on deaf ears.” So why is it that in Tanks AB, RB, and SB, tank drivers can hear the whizzing of bombs as they fall from a great height? Most bombs dropped by aircraft make absolutely no noise, you know. The only sound a bomb can make before it explodes is the sound of it hitting the ground and other surfaces (assuming it has a delayed fuse). Answer: What makes you think that most bombs dropped by aircraft are silent? If a bomb falls at a speed that is less than the speed of sound (usually when dropped from a height of up to 6,000 meters), the sound it generates will reach the ground before the bomb does. Are you planning to rework the way HESH rounds work? In the game, they generate a massive amount of shrapnel with a dispersal cone of nearly 180 degrees and enough penetrating power to pierce a breech, engine, and transmission, although in reality, this kind of shrapnel has low speed and no penetrating power and can only “disable” people. Answer: We aren’t planning to do this in the immediate future. The parameters are selected in such a way that secondary shrapnel from armor, when a HESH round hits, can take out a tank’s crew, parts, and components without completely running them all through. The most powerful shrapnel has a dispersion cone of 50 degrees, and less powerful varieties that can only hit the crew have a cone of 140 degrees. When are you going to introduce a mechanic for correctly calculating the sides of armor plating? Right now a three-meter-long, 20mm-thick plate has a side of only 20 mm (i.e. its effective thickness along three meters is 20 mm rather than 3,000 mm). The result of this is that heavily armored vehicles have weak areas, where they can be penetrated by machine guns. Just one of the example would be the Ferdinand. Answer: This kind of mechanic, i.e. one in which the thickness of the armour is calculated based on the distance the shell flies within a tridimensional armor component, certainly seems very attractive from the perspective of the options it could lead to, but it also demands substantial changes to the code, as well as painstaking checking, and reworking of the models, so for now I can’t say anything about how long it might take or how and when we might introduce it. For the examples described in the report, correcting the geometry and thickness of certain armor components would be enough to remove these bugs from the SPG. We’re definitely going to fix it. Other Are you planning to add an expanded (perhaps ring-shaped for ease of use) tactical command menu to the game? One with more advanced messages for the team. You could talk about your intentions, issue requests or orders, etc. Right now there is, tactically speaking, very little interaction among players. It’s frequently easier to just type a message to a teammate to let them know that I’m moving from this point to that one and ask them to do something. But I’m sure you can understand that you don’t really have time for typing in the heat of battle. Answer: The current command menu is already ring-shaped. Which commands do you think are missing?
  59. Aircraft Will there be more turboprop aircraft in the game? The Piper Enforcer in particular would be great. The Westland Wyvern turboprop aircraft is already in the game, and we haven’t ruled out adding other vehicles with a similar powertrain. There is still an issue with notifying the player about penetration of aircraft missiles, as well as the missile type (HEAT or high-explosive, for example) and the quantity of explosives they contain. Is this going to be fixed? This is valuable information. I agree that this is an issue. It should be added to the card. You’ve been promising tech trees for Italy and France for a long time. Are these still in the works? Can we expect one of the trees to be added this year? We’re working on it. Keep an eye on our news. Could you add American jet-powered bombers, i.e. bombers with American roots? The turbojet bombers currently in the US tech tree are more British than American, which is strange because the US had its own turbojet vehicles, such as the various modifications of the B-45. This isn’t going to happen in the near future. But the B-45 is an interesting aircraft, and I won’t exclude the possibility of it appearing in the game, not least because it has a defensive turret, which the B-57 lacks. Ground Forces Why is the survivability of tracks so high? They don’t even have steel armor, so they should break after being pierced and hit by explosive shells. Tracks currently last an unrealistically long time, for a suspiciously high number of shell hits, and it doesn’t result in the damage expected (breakage). Tread durability in the game is based on 1 or maximum 2 hits by shells from a tank of the same tier. Could you provide an example of tracks surviving more hits than this without consequences? We have two Leopard modifications, two M60 modifications, and two versions of Japanese STB. It looks like the Chieftain’s getting another modification. But what about the T-62? Is it going to get another modification? We regularly add modifications for a single tank in the same era with similar BR when there isn’t a comparable vehicle of another model in terms of battle characteristics. In this case, there is no need for another modification of the T-62, but we do have the T-55 in the pipeline, which is equipped with a stabilizer. This question is about machine guns on Japanese tanks. Historically, the Japanese did not have twinned machine guns, only frontal and auxiliary guns. Would it be possible to make an exception and issue anti-aircraft guns across the board (the 3D model exists for the howitzer) for the already modeled mounts? Yes, we plan to add anti-aircraft machine guns for these mounts, based on these same considerations. Will there be heterogeneous (mixed) armor in the game? We haven’t ruled it out. The problem with this type of armor is that it’s not entirely clear how distinct the modifiers would need to be for different countries and tanks, since this armor was used in various countries. Other Do the dimensions of aircraft carriers correspond to the historical reality? Right now they just about match the wingspan of aircraft. The Akagi is a good historical example. « Aircraft carrier dimensions in the game are correct for the condition depicted (year of modernization). I checked the Akagi’s dimensions, and they are correct: 250m long and 31m wide. Photos and Screenshots: Are you planning on adding victory marks for German pilots and tankers? Right now, there are no aviation bars (fixed to the tails of the aircraft) or tank rings (on gun barrels). Victory marks are already present in the form of iron crosses, stars, etc. They are clear and versatile in terms of placement, so we have no plans to add barrel rings or “bars” to the game.
  60. 3rd March 2017 Aircraft Will the fire mechanics be reworked for jet-powered aircraft? After all, they caught fire at lower altitudes. For example, jets can burn below 5000 m, whereas they didn’t above 5000 m. Of course, kerosene is difficult to set fire to, particularly at a height, but an engine fire is still fully possible for jet aircraft. Both the engine and the fuel tanks can catch fire on jet aircraft. Will there be a way to choose which bombs to release? It’s awkward right now, with the smallest being dropped first.Usually, in RB it’s more helpful to first release a large-caliber bomb on the main target (bridge), then drop bombs on secondary targets (tanks). The logic of bomb release in the game, when several mount points are present, works like this: first from the outer pylons, then from the central pylons. Often, it’s actually the larger-caliber bombs that are dropped first. There aren’t so many mounting options for different-caliber bombs in the game or opportunities to provide for a choice of bomb selection – so we have no plans for it in the near future. Can we expect an aircraft DM 2.0 with more detailed destruction? For example, the horizontal and vertical fin planes tearing off, the wing tearing off where it attaches to the engine and the Tsviling map breaking in half? When aircraft take damage now, the given root zone just goes black without the wing coming off. Same with the fins. We’re constantly working to improve the damage model both for tanks and aircraft. We may in the future make visual damage for the two fuselage structures. In the near future, to solve the problem of the central section, we’re going to somewhat improve the Damage Model for such aircraft, so that the destruction of this wing section also counts as a shootdown. Are there plans to introduce the experimental Boeing XF8B-1 aircraft? They aren’t in our near-future plans. Will there ever be a revision of suspended armament on airplanes? When Lassar first took up his position, he promised to check the missile/bomb mounts on many aircraft and add the missing options. As of now, one of the most flagrant examples of missing weaponry is the F-82E, which had the ability to carry 25(!) HVARs. Now it has the ability to carry only 10. Yes, we periodically update and expand the options to mount weaponry on various types of aircraft. Right now, for example, we’re working on expanding the available suspended armament for Japanese aircraft, to make them more fun in mixed battles. Specifically with regard to jet-powered shells. We also plan to add the Soviet 82 mm and 132 mm armor-piercing RBS-82/132 shells, which will allow the early-series ILs to take on armored vehicles. Ground vehicles Do you plan to introduce limitations on the controllability of ATGMs at ranges of 300-400 m from the carrier? The strange thing is that a missile that was only just fired can immediately change its trajectory. For RB and SB, it would be fully possible to do this. And ATGM-users would have their own niche in battles. ATGM carriers already have their own niche in battles, with their own unique gameplay. Also, at a distance of 300 meters, it’s safe to say that most of them already have limited missile control. Because of the narrow field of view of the sight, and thanks to the missile’s flight speed, correcting its flight in under 1 second is extremely difficult. This means that unless you aimed right at the enemy’s silhouette, you probably won’t have the ability to turn the missile in time at that distance. I.e. at that distance, there’s no difference in whether the missile is guided or not. Now that the Tiger Ausf E tank has received its fully deserved battle rating, can we hope for the release of a APCR round for such vehicles as the Tiger H1, the Panther D and the Panzer IV/70 (Vomag)? Historically these vehicles used this shell, and it’s also worth remembering that there’s already a vehicle with the PaK.42 gun at BR 5.0 (identical to the Panther and the Vomag SPG) that uses this exact shell – the Panzer IV/70 (Alkett). It isn’t off the table. Is there an SPG planned for the USSR with the ZU-23-2 gun? For example, based on the BTR-152, BTR 50, MTLB, BTR-D or BMP-1? Or other gun platforms. No, we don’t currently have such a vehicle in our plans. Misc Hello. Could you please tell me whether sounds will be added for shells that fly past ground vehicles? Also, a ricochet only makes a hit noise, you can’t hear the whistle of the shell. I’ve been waiting for this change for a long time. It’s a small thing, but would be nice. The game has noises for shells that fly past – both on airplanes and in tanks. Hello! Do you plan to implement wave-based sound? I.e. if the M103 fires, and there’s a player tank 662 m from it, will this player hear the sound of the shot only after 2 seconds? (The speed of sound is 331 m/s) No, we don’t plan to implement a terminal velocity of sound effect propagation. In a game in which the player constantly sees explosions and shots at a distance, for which a difference in the speed of sound effect propagation would be noticeable, this would cause a feeling of discomfort due to the difference between visual and auditory output and wouldn’t provide adequate feedback.
  61. 16th February 2017 Aircraft Do you plan to add fighters of the 6.0-6.3 BRs for the USSR and Germany? At the moment, these nations experience certain difficulties against allied teams using Griffon 22/24s and Bearcats, since the above mentioned fighters at the BRs 6.0-6.3 are superior to the Soviet and German aircraft at the 5.7-6.0. We recently changed the BRs for these mentioned aircraft, so the situation has changed. As for the new aircraft for the USSR - it is possible that we will add prototype jets based on German technology (Su-9). Germany has good aircraft at the mentioned BRs. Do you plan to update the A6M series 3d model, as well as an MG belts animation whilst flying in cockpit view? We do not plan to update the A6M series 3d model in the nearest future. Will there be an option to rack the slide of jammed MGs where it was possible? No, such an option is not planned. Jamming in game recreates a more complicated issue caused by overheating. At the moment we only have 2 targets for bombers - bases and airfields, and they are the same from map to map, while many maps already have potential good targets such as ports, power plants, factories etc. That would bring more diversity to the game. Bases and airfields are specially created objects that can be easily relocated without changing location itself. So, we think this simplification works fine. Besides that, there are ships. Ground vehicles Before adding the Tiger “E” back in update 1.47 it was said that you would probably add the famous Tiger of the first series from pzAbt 502 №100. It would fit greatly as a premium vehicle. Do you have such plans? We do not have such plans for the nearest future. Do you plan to add the Heuschrecke 10 SPG to the German line, at least as a premium vehicle? It’s a very specific vehicle and at the moment we do not have plans to introduce it. Where is the fix for the Leo A1A1 sights magnification switch? It will be fixed in one of the nearest updates. Where is the promised reload for the Panzerwefer 42 rockets? We know of the issue and it’s planned to be fixed. Will you implement armoured vehicles’ transmission differences in the aspect of turning mechanics? Because it really affects vehicle maneuverability in real life and will also affect gameplay and at the moment the only thing we have in game is neutral steering. In the first place it should affect such tanks as the Tigers 1 and 2, Shermans etc which lose much less speed while turning on the move. Yes, we plan to implement alternate turning mechanics. Why do the hit/penetration marks disappear after a while? Because their amount is limited - it’s done for video memory optimization.
  62. Fiat Aeritalia G.91 (codename “Gina”) was Italian light fighter-bomber aircraft produced as an outcome of the NBMR-1 NATO program to develop a light, small, inexpensive, tactical strike fighter capable of carrying both conventional or tactical nuclear weapons from unpaved airfields with simple maintenance requirements and minimal ground support. History The pre-production variant of the Gina was outfitted with the Bristol Orpheus Mk.801 engine delivering up to 2,200 kg of thrust, giving it maximum speed of 1,080 km/h at 1,520 metres and initial climb ratio of 30 metres per second. The aircraft was only 10 metres long with the take off weight of around 4,700 kg, making it one of the smallest post-war jet fighters in the game. The armament of the G.91 consisted of 4x forward facing Browning M3 12.7 mm machine guns mounted in panels on each side of the fuselage. Additionally it could be outfitted with several pods containing 38 rockets or two 500 lbs bombs. While initially rejected by many NATO members, with the French and British being the most notable ones due to their interest to pursue local indigenous projects, the aircraft was adopted by West Germany, Italy and eventually Greece and Portugal as well. The first flight of the pre-production version of the aircraft occurred during in 1958 and last aircraft was phased out of its long service in the 1995. There were around 770 G.91’s produced in total through multiple variants for different countries, including trainer variants. With its small dimensions and impressive performance, the G.91 will be indeed be a respectable opponent in post-WW2 jet skirmishes and a worthy representative of the Italian technological tree. This small rascal is no one-trick pony, make sure to take the advantage of its versatility. Utilize your payload the to max, drop a small surprise in between the lines of the enemy Ground Forces or unleash the hell by releasing barrage of 38 rockets on a group of your enemies. Once done, you can easily chase other aircraft and participate in the mighty clash of now 6 major playable countries available to our players. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 Will it be able to keep up with others and claim its respectable place in the skies of War Thunder? Fans of the Italian tech tree rejoice - you will be able to find out very soon! Make sure to leave a comment, because this one... is truly worth commenting. Check full gallery and leave comment on our website! Check out other Development blogs: Fiat CR.32: The Spanish Cricket Ba.88 Lince: A Wild Spirit Fiat G.55 Centauro - “A Dual Personality” CANT Z.1007 Alcione: Bird of Prey Preorder Italian Premium Aircraft!
  63. Someone always wins on the battlefield, but someone also needs to create those battlefields. Today we present to you the five best authors and winners from the PvP mission competition! You will be able to start every mission created by participants in either single or multiplayer mode in custom battles. The ability to start these missions in custom battles will be that every player who hosts must have purchased any item in the shop for $10 or more. Start this mission in game It’s warriors fighting for a funny shaped ball and not pretending to be mortally wounded, it’s a form of rugby. In War Thunder the armoured vehicles shooting each other for the ball. The rules are the same. Include a Stuart M4A1 light US tank in the line-up, build 2 teams and punt the ball into the enemy goal! 1st Place Аuthor: Dm_G Awards: 8 000 , in-game title “Creating the game” and choice of premium vehicle! +4000 To be considered for addition to the game! Start this mission in game War is not only an endless battle, but a tactic which the maintenance and support of allied forces is an extremely important task. It so happens, that two columns of opponents met at an intersection of roads and missed the opportunity to undermine the enemy supply line, neither side made it. Destroy the enemy column and save your own - that's the purpose of the mission. 2nd Place Аuthor: aizenns Awards: 6 000 , in-game title “Creating the game” and choice of premium vehicle! Recommendations by the author It is very simple to destroy vehicles, try to strengthen the column or run them in different directions. Rework the balance of your prospective mission and we can launch it in the game! Start this mission in game The next mission is also not a classic PvP battle. In this battle you don’t need to count captured points, you need to capture them by moving along a dynamically changing map. Keep the pace, you can’t sit nervously behind a rock, unless, of course, you have a defensive team. 3rd Place Аuthor: GreatInka Awards: 4 000 , in-game title “Creating the game” and choice of premium vehicle! +4000 To be considered for addition to the game! Start this mission in game This will be more familiar to players in a PvP mission, although it does also involve defensive and attacking teams. The defending team holds the key point, which the attacking team can capture only by taking control of two of the three auxiliary points. The captured points can not be re-captured, so even the defending side will have to act quite aggressively. 4th Place Аuthor: RideR2 Awards: 2 000 , in-game title “Creating the game” and choice of premium vehicle! +4000 To be considered for addition to the game! We recommend that you checkout all creations from this author! Start this mission in game In the air there is no shelter and no complex routes, this means creating an interesting aviation PvP is a little bit more difficult. An attractive feature of this mission, is that pilots will participate in a truly massive battle with the involvement of not only players, but also of dozens of allied AI aircraft. Both teams are united in the task: destroy the enemy fleet! 5th Place Author: reia2998 Awards: 1 000 , in-game title “Creating the game” and choice of premium vehicle! +4000 To be considered for addition to the game! Question: When will will we see these missions in the game? Answer: We will certainly try to launch them in events, but before this they need to be tested, finalized and planned as one of the events for the weekend! Question: When I will get my prize? Answer: Dear winners, we will contact you within 3 days! Once again, we thank all our authors for the challenging missions! We thank the participants for the addition of their challenging creations to our LIVE site with new and interesting creations. Don’t trash your creations - develop them and they will definitely come in handy in some of our next competitions! Leave comment here! The War Thunder Team
  64. Dear Pilots! In Enduring Confrontation mode the mechanics of the reward that a player receives have been changed. A player receives the first half of the Silver Lions reward normally (right after destroying an enemy unit, base or by performing any action that gives a reward to the player) and the second part after safe landing on the friendly airfield. This change should limit unfair bailing by pilots from their aircraft instead of returning to a friendly airstrip to rearm and repair their machines.