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  1. it`s me or ADEN are sparking more now?
  2. Yeah I noticed that HEAT is strange these days
  3. Yeah, after the addition of Japanese tanks this is more relevant than ever. Gaijin said they wanted to expand Japanese CAS capabilities, this should really be passed to developers
  4. I support this super Coelian, would be a nice 7.7 AAA to use Alongside the Maus line (if you ever want to try a high tier WWII tank line)
  5. Yeah Gaijin did some nice graphical updates with the tracers, bombers cockpit and even engine fire. Maybe it`s time to update some assets like the ordnance and pilot skin for later Jets
  6. The Fiat G91 pilot has a modern mask, I wonder if we finally will get a pilot update for modern jets that would be a truly nice change
  7. interface/ui

    yes please, this would be very useful in tanks specially RB
  8. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I dream with the addition of this jet in the game, maybe, maybe someday...
  9. ground vehicles

    +1 I like this tank
  10. Agree with this and not only taht, we should futher improve the RP modifiers, like a bonus RP gain when you use spaded vehicles for research or bonus module research when you have all vehicles in a tree unlock. I think all these changes would be fair in the game. Don`t need to be a giant bonus but they encourage the players. This one in the topic would be very welcomed in at least rewarding players using vehicles that are constantly overtiered
  11. Just did some testing, at slower speed it can`t turn like it used before but above 550 km/h it turns much better than expected, it won`t compress as much, not to mention the good roll rate, in general it still is a very good plane and the Tracer belts are the absolute superior ammo for the guns if you are wondering about ammo
  12. It`s been some time since I play tanks but now that I`m back I fire on the side of enemies and never kill them, Feels like HEATS does less damage than APDS, makes all the crew yellow. And yes I should aim at the ammo but it`s not always possible. It so ridiculous that most of my deaths I fire on the side of an enemy, kill a loader or commander he turns and kills me. I heard that they increased the chance to bounce for HEATS which seems right considering I bounced from the turret of a Caernarvon twice using HEAT. But was the damage changed as well or I need to get used to the ammo again?