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  1. This is my vision of how the trees could look: Heavy Tank Line: Tiger II (P) -> Tiger II (H) -> E-75 -> T-54 mod.1951 -> Maus Medium Tank Line: Panther A -> Panther G -> Panther F -> Panther II -> E-50 -> M47 Patton II -> Leopard 1A0 -> Leopard A1A1 Panther II (75mm L/70) [BR 6.7] - Based entirely upon the Hull and Panther G turret as per the real single example in the Patton Museum, would also keep the same HL234 engine of the current Panther II (In game). It would follow the Panther F at a BR 6.7. E-50 (75mm L/70) [BR 7.0] - Replacing the current Panther II in game, although heavier, slower and carrying either the same 88mm L/71 (as the in-game Panther II) or the weaker 75mm L/70 gun, its armour however is significantly better. E-75 (88mm L/71) [BR 7.0] - Replacing the Tiger II 105 in the heavy tank line, heavier armour thus slower than the current Tiger II 105 yet swapping the paper 105mm L/68 gun with the established 88mm L/71 (still very useful at this tier). Also on an unrelated note, you could also add foreign tanks without conflict as they would sit at higher Battle Ratings: West German M47 Patton II [BR 7.3] East German T-54 mod.1951 [BR 7.7] (Battle Ratings as per Realistic Battles)
  2. Hello everybody, Today I would like to make a topic, that really isn't new, but I can't seem to get it off of my mind so I thought I might as well put it out there. As we all know both the Tiger II mit 10.5cm (KT 105) and the Panther II are both real paper designs, although neither of these two vehicles were ever proposed in their design to represent what is seen in game. These designs were made up by the developers in the early days of War Thunder Ground Forces to balance the high tier meta, this was done by merging different German tank projects together, when in reality they were never meant to be. This action has sparked a lot of controversy over their right to exist in the game. The Tiger II 10.5cm being a somewhat flawed vehicle with it's outdated, redundant armour, (relatively) low gun penetration, bad accuracy and an awful reload time. Conversely the Panther II is a shining example of an early MBT-like tank at a lower BR, which in and of itself has caused a lot of controversy, even to the point of being moved from 6.7 to 7.0 as it seemed to over perform in most circumstances. Tiger II mit 10.5cm KwK L/68 While there is a known King Tiger 105 that did exist on paper, the way its represented in game does not match the intended modification of a standard Tiger II H, in game the KT 105 has a large horsepower boost up to nearly 900 hp. This is similar to the diesel engine Tiger II H Sla.16, although unlike the Sla.16 the KT 105 retains the same gasoline engine as seen on all other Tiger II variants, so where did the extra horse power come from? Well after some searching it seems the only likely answer lies in a proposed modification to the current Maybach HL230 engine, the Maybach HL234 which had a fuel injection and guess what the projected horsepower out put was? 800 - 900 h.p. the same as what in in the King Tiger 105. Now why do I bring this up you ask? Well it's because the HL234 engine was only meant for the scrapped Panther II project and the Entwicklung (E series) of tanks and that blueprint sketch of the KT 105 (as seen above) was not associated with the E series nor was it ever intended to mount the HL234 engine. Thus the vehicle as seen in game is an amalgamation of both the Krupp proposal sketch and the Entwicklung series Maybach HL234 engine of which was never designed to be combined. Now what I personally think should be done is to swap the King Tiger 105 as it exists currently with the E-75. The E-75 was designed and planned to be a standard production replacement of the current Tiger II's by simplifying the materials and parts needed for assembly, sharing as much parts as possible with similar E-50. Some of the major modifications included of course the fuel injected Maybach HL234 engine, all around heavier hull armour and even reports of larger guns, some documents stating the standard 88mm, 100mm and even the above existing 105mm. If the King Tiger 105 did in fact get replaced by the E-75 in essence we would get a vehicle with similar capabilities as the current King Tiger 105 but with a slightly better armour layout increasing it's survival rate for it's BR, of which the current KT 105 struggles to achieve at 7.0. My proposed BR being the same 7.0, what this does for the game is somewhat fix the problems plaguing the current KT 105, without having to modify much of the current in game performance, whilst at the same time adding a vehicle that really was actually conceptualised by German engineers, of course this is still a paper vehicle but at least it isn't a fake vehicle. Panther II Panther II and E-50 Blueprint/Sketches - Courtesy of KorEEnium Now the Panther II is the 'odd on out' in the Panther line, the current representation in game is commonly known to be fake and multiple suggestions have appeared in an attempt to make it more representative of the real thing. Now of course the Panther II really did exist, as it was done to achieve one goal, add heavier protection to the hull, as prior Panthers D/A models were being lost in combat from side penetrating shots above the road wheels of course this was soon rectified with the addition of 4mm side skirting which was decidedly a cheaper alternative to creating an entirely new vehicle platform, hence the Panther II development ground to a halt. However the Panther II development did slowly proceed until it was stopped indefinitely around 1943, this was done to prioritise other more pressing projects. This left only one completed hull, although this was around an entire year before the development of the Panther F and its Schmalturm turret which was first penned in November of 1943, and actually designed and built in 1944 long after the Panther II's cessation. Those Schmalturm turrets were also intended for the Panther F, additionally the 88mm gun mounted in a Schmalturm was too a seperate project designed for the E series vehicles. The HL234 engine was in fact planned for the Panther II late into it's development but no example was ever constructed nor mounted in the Panther II hull, the HL234 was later designed as a key feature on the E series of tanks. So once again we are in a situation where in this case 3 separate German projects were merged to create the 'frankenstein' amalgamation we see in game. Panther History Expanded - Courtesy of PantherAI So I propose to replace the Panther II (in game) with the E-50, the E-50 similarly to the E-75 was supposed to be a standardised tank that was to borrow as many parts and materials from the E-75 in it's production as possible. While the chassis was the same basic design as the E-75 (less road wheels) it was to be lighter in armour compared to the E-75, with armour more similar to the Tiger II H, granting less weight and a higher top speed compared to the E-75. This new layout would without a doubt be heavier than the current Panther II, but would compensate with heavier all around armour than the Panther II. Best of all this would also mean that it would retain the same 88mm gun that the Panther II currently has, along with removing the issue of the night vision equipment that currently blocks the gun's depression. My proposed BR would be 7.0 so as to leave room for the real Panther II at 6.7, while also accommodating the E-75 at the same BR. Doing this will remove a well known unhistorical tank and in its place put in a vehicle with armour similar to that of a normal Tiger II, assuming the same gun with less mobility (still better than a Tiger II), while also adding a vehicle that would have become a real standard tank had the war lasted just a bit little longer, and in my honest opinion a paper design has more merit added as opposed to fake and amalgamated vehicle. Again I know this type of topic isn't new but I would really like other people's opinions on the subject, thank you for your time.