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  1. There is an international YouTube tournament coming at some point but as of previously only the winning team (6 players) will win the E100. *edit* I say previously because I don't know if they've changed that or not.
  2. That's been a thing since Ground Forces were implemented
  3. The Chinese tech tree could happen but I am fairly certain that it is way down the line. Yes yes I know that will agitate all the "but mah tech identity" people but they will be a mish-mash because that's how it was for China during WW2 and prior.
  4. All it takes is a minor look on Google. phone and waiting for the bus means I can't link the now almost 3 year old q & a where Anton Yustef says that jets will go into the sixties. I'm very much paraphrasing his response, but you're information is very out of date.
  5. Lol, they've never said no to more sabres. Also there is no hard timeline anymore just a tech timeline
  6. Tanks/Vehicles

    Random troll face? Are you getting a good inkling?
  7. ground vehicles

    Can I ask what that tl:dr blog post has to do with the suggestion other than calling Mai out for some reason? On the vehicle I support it as it would help flesh out the Japanese tree.
  8. Just an FYI Japan would get the Type 74 G (a Type 74 with composite armor) or the STC the prototype vehicle that lead to the Type 90. So Japan is not SOL