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  1. I wasn't sure but I'm also on my phone so blah.
  2. Composite armor is already in the game (Sherman Jumbo, Leo A1A1, Type 87) ERA files were found in the run up to 1.65 they want to introduce those types of vehicles only with similar types all together (when it comes to the T-64, it's contemporaries would be T54E2, or MBT-70, KielerPanzer-70, Vickers MBT wit early 60s British Chobam, and the STC) the bottle was opened awhile ago just depends on if it's a slow trickle or a huge out pouring, an opinion not withstanding it's up to if Gaijin feels it's worth it to research and implement those vehicles. *edit* please note there are more vehicles than just those I listed as contemporary vehicles to the T-64A. Those were just some examples.
  3. whats your build

    Silver Lions
  4. tanks/vehicles

    When you really need the dakka +1 from me just for the derp
  5. tanks/vehicles

    Sweden would be better added to the German tree, just because they used some Centurion doesn't mean they belong there.
  6. aircraft/loadouts

    indeed it's the only reason I've avoided using it, give it this load out and it will be a pain to GFs.