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  1. CBT probably won't happen until 2018 I get that people want to try it, but they are still testing mechanics for naval.
  2. Actually yes you would need the A-10 to be the US equivalent of the IL-102, the initial iteration didn't carry any laser guided bombs and you can easily do the rocket pods and forego the Air-to-Ground-missiles and A2A missiles. It'd still be able to be knocked out by SPAA, due to it's low speed you'd be able to avoid the who sound barrier issues.
  3. Hmmm, I'm on the fence...perhaps foldered with the C-2b?
  4. Ah, if true okay. I was simply referring to people making the comment about Botswana using something similar. Either way I see so many people arguing (not here) about where something should go I figured I'd address that.
  5. Built for export, German chassis, french turret, I say if there are no options for France it deserves it, if the British Tree ever becomes the commonwealth tree, deserves to go there as well, and for now no other option in the German tree for a 7.7/8.0+ light IFV/tank (not a light tank tis classified as an IFV, just as in the late part of the tree the heavy and medium classification falls off and you see MBTS come into the fold) so it belongs in the German tree as well +1 for those three trees because no one will ever agree about amalgamation like these getting into one specific tree. Don't feed me reasons like we'll tis a French turret! German chassis, Botswana used it! Yeah, okay German designed export to save us all some time let's just site it for all three nations then there's no need for an argument about it.
  6. You don't have to play, if you have the cash you can buy the tasks (which is what I plan on doing) M3 Lee was also something that you could do which was similar to the Thunder League headache, but they also allowed you to purchase it in a pack while the tournament was running (which was how I got mine)
  7. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I'll take Gaijin's word for it, not yours
  8. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I think you misunderstood, I'm not questioning the climb rate, I'm just talking about general game additions and that Gaijin has a tendency to leapfrog in tech. I don't doubt that they could stop at the F86-H, but planes like the Cutlass and this one also had guns and could carry ordnance like conventional bombs and rocket pods. Mind you I'm only talking about if Gaijin crosses the afterburner threshold. For now I'll just take what they give us until then.
  9. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Tis far enough along and the only thing that kept a prototype from being built was RLM requirements and material scarcity. There's enough to make an accurate flight model and with it's armament it's a decent 7.7-8.0 canidate. It got to the mock up stage it deserves at least a looksie by the devs.
  10. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Sorry Tarkin that's just your opinion, Gaijin will probably leapfrog it just how they do things sometimes. The power creep will continue no matter how much people protest it.
  11. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Though my personal opinion on afterburners is if they come in the initial one for the US should be the F7U Cutlass.
  12. Aircraft/Loadouts

    This is the plane that the F4 phantom was based upon, sadly not all nations are equal, on the GF side you have the heavies locked up by Germany and Russia. On AF side not all nations have planes that can manuver like a Zero or a Spitfire. So not all nations are equal sadly some things will club and some things will be clubbed.
  13. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Guys take the off topic stuff to pm or open up a new thread for it, on the topic of the plane in question I'll take it when we get to afterburners. Till then I'll take what they give us.
  14. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Indeed these need to be in game
  15. this used to be an issue with the J2 series, they've since become slightly more reasonable (still more expensive than a jet) but now the Ki-84 planes have horrendous repair costs the first plane alone has a repair costs of 32000 SL base, a nations popularity should not dictate it's repair costs neither should it's capabilities or is Gaijin suggesting that these three planes are more capable than a 9.0 Jet? If they were between 10-15,000 Silver Lions that would be understandable. Also please mods don't come in here repeating a company line about a nations popularity (I've already mentioned it) I will never understand WHY Japan gets the short end of the stick in that regard.