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  1. I checked my P-38 and the same occurs. It seems decals are only visible outside by implementation. Try putting two-sided decal on the outside of cockpit just below the window. when in 3rd person view you'll see the decal copied on the insides of cockpit (so there are 4 copies - 2 outside, 2 inside). Now when you go into virtual cockpit the decals are gone - inside and outside. Those doubled decals inside cockpit should be removed and all decals should be put in virtual cockpit view. This could be a bug report. I just wonder why that weazle put your thread here instead of suggesting a bug report...
  2. exactly, Fidget and Broman - very good examples.
  3. You're thinking wrong. Very wrong. You don't even have a clue how wrong... Thank god you're not in charge and Gaijin has a brain so your advocacy for unrealistic and artificial solution to realistically working game mechanic falls on deaf ears (ok, the prop hang can be unrealistic below 100kph but it is a bug not an intented game mechanic so propose a proper fix not a dumb solution). And now if i had it my way i would instantly ban you for spreading misinformation and trying to dumb down game mechanics instead of fixing.
  4. What the hell are you posting about, dude get a grip you like a stubborn kid that wants his cookie no matter anything. There's no reason posting with unreasonable and unlogical person stuck on few empty and false sentences repeating like a parrot without ANY arguments and ANY constructivity. Welcome to my ignore list shmuck.
  5. Said who? A patient of an asylum? Looks like an illiterate not knowing the basics of physics and having problems grasping reality! Also answer my last question: why don't you position yourself better so you won't be in situation needing to extend. Why you do not do that instead trying to insolenty ruin the game for others? ok time to end this nonsense... This thread is a budhurt, outskilled player ranting about it in a form of a very nicely formatted text, which advocates for unconditional and uncounterable buff for BnZ planes by repeating nonsense like a parrot cos he's too stubborn and close-minded to accept answers from more experienced players. Request for closure for beign a waste of time for everybody.
  6. Fidget calls it "aim in the general area and shoot"
  7. You got all of that wrong. Positioning is not a depth of a game, positioning is your decision, nothing more. But ok, let's go your subjective and completely wrong way - Why won't you position yourself better to not have to extend?
  8. You want to cut an aspect of a game = takes depth. So how current long range kills are taking away depth? Could you explain that?
  9. I was referencing to your solutions which take away depth and skill factors from game - that is called dumbing down. It's not about what's easier/harder. man start to give some viable arguments cos apart from your false theories and personal preferences you got NOTHING.
  10. BnZ players do not suffer from this - UNLESS they can't BnZ right. You do not have to extend if you kill the guy do you? So, again man l2p, do not say for others cos you are not a representative of players, not with your experience. And do not try to dumb down the game to compensate for your lack of skil, you will not succeed.
  11. But this is RB air if you want more realism you go for SB. Checked your stats. It seems you have almost 90% games in AB and... suprise suprise! NO SB GAMES. So you want realism huh? More like you want the game to be easier in regions you do not like. Will not happen my sad friend.
  12. this would actually UNBALANCE most of the game. If you want to reduce your frustration get good or make your goals not fantastic. And do not create threads which dumb down the game, we do not like it.
  13. You probably won't get it now but it's good it happened to you (better than to me ;)). Such situations happen so rarely (i remember from my experience few times?) and it's good they are there - cos it's REALISTIC. You are on a battlefield, enemy has your positions covered, you see enemy AAA on a battlefield! You wanna be sure 100% it won't get you? GO AROUND. If not and you want a serious thrill of "if i'm gonna make it safe?" then try your luck and go straight. It's that simple. And it's not done on purpose lol how spoiled you have to be to even think that wow damn those kids lol
  14. You do not have a clue, your assumptions are illogical, do not plunge it further... Probability you talk about concerns even situations, GF battle is not one of that kind by ANY means. More probably you're making yourself "xxxx up" - either that or you just choosed a bad time to play for you.
  15. It's a Havoc, look at the engine cover shape.