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  1. It is way too long:
  2. I thought that nickname only applied to the Jagdpanzer IV/70(A), not the IV/70(V), because the (A) was an interim design and because it was nose heavy so much so that it needed double the amount of steel-rimmed roadwheels than used on the IV/70(V) .
  3. Sd. Kfz 140? I think you are confused as these are not armored cars: Sd. Kfz 140: Sd. Kfz 140/1:
  4. Not really:
  5. When can I unlock some vorpanzer in this game?:
  6. which was influenced by the testing of two torsion bar'd Panzer III E/F sent to the soviet union
  7. Post the test here or give the source as the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster is claiming otherwise It did. See the soviet diagram above. Also this tells me that the bazooka, with its vastly inferior power, penetration, caliber, diameter, fuse, total explosive filler...etc compared to the Panzerfaust will be stopped even more so:
  8. Sure they did....Too bad the wire mesh "Schurzen" were american made improvisations that were of incorrect gauge, thickness, wire spacing, and were not mounted at the correct distance and slope on the tank not to mention that the guy seems to be holding a Panzerschreck round. Their failed attempt at imitating Schurzen is almost child-like as you can see here: I would place more stock on the plaque from the Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster than on some discredited hack author who produces wikipedia-grade book series that are often riddled with errors. Also there is this test below:
  9. Exactly my point........
  10. Ground vehicles

    The 'hypocrisy' is that you want a King Tiger as your captured vehicle while we are given tin cans such as the captured T-34/76 Pz 747(r), Churchill Mk IV (e), or the M4 German sherman. At the maximum your side should get a captured Panzer IV H or Stug III G or some similar equivalent and not the heaviest tank of ww2
  11. Aircraft/Loadouts

    They remodeled the Stukas yet forgot to equip some of them with the missing sirens
  12. .
  13. You mean every Panzer since 1934, such as the Panzer I, used sloped armor wherever possible. Other than the roof, floor, & wheel well there is no place on this tank that is so-called 'flat' or 0°/90° as you can clearly see here: That is like asking: Which nation after WW II adopted or utilized the 7.92 x 57 mm round, the STG 44, or the MG 42 as their widely produced standard? The answer is none, because no matter how superior the equipment, it does not make logistical sense, does nothing to troop morale, and is not cheaper to clone something one for one especially from a foreign, defeated, and so-called "evil regime".... Pre upgunning/uparmoring programme Post upgunning/uparmoring programme .
  14. Ground vehicles

    Since we get a German sherman hidden in this game somewhere you can have this equivalent:
  15. Because that was not the production turret
  16. What variants/models of the 177 and 155 are being made? .
  17. Someone should make the Bv 155 C
  18. Also be sure to measure the top of the Maus:
  19. Somewhere in this book:
  20. Next time someone is at kubinka measure the turret thickness through the coaxial MG's port
  21. It should do the following and it should be controlled like it was in reality:
  22. In the patch notes it states the following:       However, upon running the latest game patch the MG are still missing: