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  1. And so is the bolshevik symbol which should be censored for 'legal reasons' as well:
  2. What's the point? They will just nerf its turret front (same turret as Maus) .
  4. flake

    Will you be doing the Fw 187 prototype #6 with DB 600 engines (Fw 187 V6) as well as the pre-production Fw 187 (Fw 187 A-0)?
  5. That would create reality rather than having a game example that is too thin, rare, and not an accurate depiction of a main production example
  6. Fw 200 C-1 currently has incorrect bombload with too much bombs (should be about 1,250 kg total) so if the Fw 200 C-3 is ever put into this game maybe then we could have all of these bombloads listed here:
  7. They cannot "fly it correctly" as the speed penalty in-game from bomb drag is some random arbitrary number that does not follow reality: .
  8. It is obviously not fitted properly as it can equip with R4M rockets....Why would a bombing craft have air to air anti-bomber rockets? Idiots at gaijin probably confused the R4M with the Panzerblitz 2 rocket (found on the ground attack 190 F-8)...... Other than that the manual states this: Actual aircraft manual, page 9:
  9. Then give the Ar 234 B-2 1.) its missing offensive and defensive armament 2.) its missing bombloads 3.) Make sure the bombload does not take -999999.9 km/h off its top speed as it currently does now 4.) Make sure it never has a chance to face post-war aircraft in the game .
  10. flake
  11. If its turret front is bugged, its gun is bugged, the mantlet will obviously be 'bugged' as well
  12. We should get a more common Jagdpanzer IV example with 80 mm in this game instead of the rare 60 mm thick one:
  13. Every Stuka but the G-series (which are ground-attack and not Stukas) should have them and the Ju 87 B-2 has the better payload since it has wing racks and the R-series does not.
  14. 3. Ask gaijin to put in its smoke shell so that you can blind the enemy
  15. Is this considered spam/reportable content?
  16. Question: If the top speed of the Ar 234 B-2 is 750 km/h in clean condition and 683 km/h with 2 x 500 kg bombs & 1 x 230 kg watering can (1,230 kg total) for a loss of only 67 km/h then why is it in-game that 3 x 250 kg bombs (which are smaller/more streamlined than a watering can and smaller/lighter than the 500 kg bombs) cause a speed loss of some 88.6 km/h?
  17. Which is a very blatant nerf on this aircraft:
  18. For the later German tanks in-game: If it has the MG ring mount (red arrow) then it needs an MG: It is as simple as that
  19. rb

    Same reason that the Ta 152 H-1 which can fly at 15,000 meters is flying at 1,000 meters
  20. Sure if you look at the text images at the very top of the page it states 4./B.W. through 7./B.W. received them (Ausf. D through Ausf. F) The 50 mm turret face would obviously stop more things than 30 mm but the H's would be even thicker:
  21. I think this game is incorrect in that regard. Unfortunately, this chart is in low res/small quality but look here: Even with 2 x 500 kg bombs and a watering can the chart states 683 km/h or 723 km/h with just the watering can .
  22. T-34 where NOT superrior to later Pz-4 versions like H-J, not even the T-34 85! Book 1: Book 2: Book 3: Game: The fact that in this game the T-34 85 is artificially elevated to have the performance and capability to challenge the Tiger I, Panther D, Sherman Jumbo, etc successfully is just ludicrous and has no basis in reality. After all this is just a silly game with subjective adherence to history when it suits the devs and pure fiction when it doesn't.....
  23. The Me 163 or the R4M rockets should already be doing that
  24. It had 2,500 kg bombs:
  25. Tell that to gaijin. Tell them to implement everything that is missing here so we can bring a lot more guns to bare against enemy aircraft:
  26. No, it is certainly not Panzer IV H specs. You can obviously tell by all the thinner Ausf. D armored components found throughout the tank in question such as the following: Fahrersehklappe 30 (for 30 mm armor) instead of Fahrersehklappe 50: Kugelblende 30 (for 30 mm armor) instead of Kugelblende 50: Kommandantenkuppel 30 instead of Kommandantenkuppel 50: Additionally, since the tank in question has an Ausf. D turret, the turret will be Ausf. D standard of 30 mm thick front and 20 mm thick sides/rear with a 20 mm hatch as you can see here: As opposed to a later model which has 30 mm sides/rear with 30 mm 2-piece hatch: The above is probably exactly why this tank was used by the NSKK as a non-combat training tank where it was actually captured at a driving school at the end of the war, because all the components mentioned above were that of an Ausf. D, thinner components which offered the protection or performance of an Ausf. D and could not be easily upgraded to Ausf. H standards without ripping it out (such as Ausf.D thicknesses on turret front/sides/rear/side hatch, cupola, drivers viewport, MG ball mount, stepped drivers front plate, Ausf. D thickness on superstructure/hull sides, Ausf. D running gear/transmission/mufflers...etc) followed by major rebuilding and reconstruction
  27. Thanks for all your comments & support. My intention was to obtain every possible aircraft manual and do a topic on everything incorrect in-game that is German & can equip with bombs but I have run into the problem of a frustrating lack of manuals available on the internet + expense/cost/price of obtaining what is missing. For example, to do a detailed thread on the Heinkel 111 H-6 would cost about 64.95 € in order to obtain all these manuals: I am unsure of how to proceed. There is no way that I can purchase or afford all these manuals for the Do 17 E-1, Do 17 Z-2, He 111 H-3, Ju 88 A-1, Ju 88 A-4, He 111 H-6, Fw 200 C-1, He 111 H-16, Do 217 E-2, Do 217 E-4, Do 217 K-1, Do 217 M-1, Ar 234 B-2, Ar 234 C-3,......nevermind the bomb carrying Ju 87's, Hs 129's, Hs 123A, Me 110/410's, Do 335's, the bomb carrying night-fighters (17 & 88), and bomb carrying single-engined fighters. If there was a way to ask individuals (even Gaijin) for monetary donations in order to help purchase all these relevant manuals in order to correct all errors/problems/omissions with the bombloads in-game that would be a tremendous task, otherwise I fear all that will transpire is continued reiterations of old, lacking, already-known, limited information .
  28. There is nothing to discuss:
  30. No part of this vehicle is a Panzer IV H. Also, why would a training tank, which was captured at a driving school, be appropriate for this game?
  31. 175 out of 8,569....obviously quite rare indeed. Also, if they were converted to G-series standard then they would be thicker than the aforementioned 50mm due to the addition of Vorpanzer or Zusatzpanzer plates (something that should be equipable/unlockable on the F2 in-game):
  32. In the patch notes it states the following:       However, upon running the latest game patch the MG are still missing: