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  1. This is a silly, non-legit, arcade style, mock vehicle game for the lols, shxxs, and giggles. Why would you even bother to give your all?
  2. No it does not. It has 110 mm of armor sloped at 10° (not flat as flat is 0°) although Jentz' books state 12°. This game is stealing 10 mm off the front turret:
  3. ......Hence it is underpowered .
  4. This one for the Sdkfz 222 doesn't work: .
  5. X/FritzX.html
  6. Point is that the Pschreck needed one hit to knock out the heaviest allied tanks in the war and yet in here the same warhead attached to a rocket has problems knocking out a mere T-26-4 as noted on another thread. As for the Werfer-Granate 21, gaijin should really encourage it to be used primarily against bombers as it was in reality.
  7. Found a bigger more complete picture of that bombload from the book Aero detail 20. Book claims it is an A-5, not A-1 but since both A-1 & A-5 have the same bomb racks, same engine power of 882 kw, and the 1,000kg + 500 kg is under the A-1's 2,500 kg manual listed max bombload, this load should be approved for the game...
  9. Money is irrelevant as far as saving civilian lives is concerned...And these structures saved thousands of lives
  10. It has a NEGATIVE armor modifier, not positive, that is modeled in this game. Hence it will always be underpowered
  11. And the Fw 200 C-6 which is a conversion of the Fw 200 C-3/U1 or C-3/U2 model as well as the Bv 238 V4
  12. In real life they had the warhead of the Panzerschreck....As a result it should be the best anti-tank rocket in the game Panzerblitz:
  14. No. Whatever vehicle has a smoke dispenser modeled in-game should get smoke regardless of weight: ........for the Panzerwerfer:
  15. No they are not:
  16. But that was with full bombload
  20. The real life videos are not showing up for you or something?
  21. Gaijin should fix that:öglichkeiten
  22. Incorrect:
  23. Yeah quite successful when it turned the turret crew's brains into mashed potatoes
  25. M4 and T-34s also faced in reality. In addition War Thunder does not model the poor armor quality on the T-34 or the inferior round quality on the M4 which led to shatter gap. Finally, fake rounds such as the T45 shot are also implemented in-game which never saw service in the war
  26. That is because gaijin got its bombload wrong in the game as it should be 2,000 kg and not 1,500 kg:
  27. Impossible as Hitler rescinded the 262 bomber order in November 1944 which at this point the Luftwaffe had only accepted 315 Me 262 into service .
  28. Absolutely no concessions. They are incorrect and they must be beaten over the head with facts, books, sources, documents, etc...until they acknowledge their error and fix it. See how long they took to fix the Ju 87 D's divebrakes All it takes is patience and persistence