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  1. Thank you! Devs will appreciate that, will pass it on o7 They have tried their best to accommodate as many machines as possible, so it good to see its working very well
  2. Alright... went off topic long enough and is not being productive... so off topic removed....
  3. if you have documentation, then a suggestion would be best...
  4. F4 Trop = tropical/ized version, pretty much just a air scop air filter added to the machines... so they served in different regions where air on the ground was not as clean such as deserts... so the opening of the air scop was closed and the filter helped to clean the air until the aircraft was up in the air away from the dust
  5. Devs have said Italy would be first Bomber cockpits are or can be very complex, there can be many moving parts, a great many fine details, and since it is not just the bomber cockpit in involved... the bomber cockpits would have to include any gunners, radio/navigation, bombardier stations with all the details and or what ever else that is visible from the cockpit... some bomber models may need to be overhauled first, so that new cockpits would fit perfectly So Devs implemented low quality cockpits for the time being, and so now over time these cockpits can be upgraded to higher quality cockpits It is not an easy thing, as I said it can be very complex and Gaijin does pride its self on high quality and detail, so even for them it was a hard decision to settle with low quality cockpits for the time being I think Ponies was one of the Best events ever ^^ "Edited" since somethings are going to be taken out of context...
  6. well... you should always shoot for the stars... Might also be a bug, so might be an idea to make a report just in case... unless you are able or elevate the gun to aim properly anyway ?
  7. He means... "Can Try to find them"... even then its best to wait for Dev Blogs for the most reliable information
  8. Considering that the entire community already knows that Nukes are NOT a possibility, then no I did not.....
  9. I am sure you know very well that the Devs have stated that there will not be nukes in game.... How exactly is fun being made of you ?!?!?....... You do know that the Lead Project leader and Contributor to the project was an Italian community member right ?!?! he wanted the Italian Tech Tree added more than you do, he worked very hard, he had great knowledge of Italian Machines and he kept working on the project right up to when he passed away from Cancer... nonetheless, Gaijin continued his work, and work has gone on strong on the project for years.... So, if you do not have the patience... then tough ? many of us do have the patience, since Development for an entire Tech Tree does take a lot of time for:- 3D Models and Skins of Fighters and Bombers, about a month for each... 3D Cockpits about 1-2 months for each... Skin/Texture Research and Data.... Flight Model Research and Data... Ballistics or Physics Research and Data... And so on and so on......... This is not a Project that can be added to the game over night.... so, when the Devs feel they are ready to show something, then there will be announcements
  10. For Starters... Suggestions maybe implemented over time, some maybe used earlier that others, and 2nd... For aircraft at least, they will have all their historical payload options at some point.... so no news how or when, but there are many options for many aircraft that are currently missing, and that can also include munitions that have no current mechanics in game such as para-frags used by A20s and B25s
  11. There is an Automated system to catch Team Killers, you can read more about it here:- So, at no point did a GM issue the temporary ban, nor did you kill a Moderator... you wouldnt get a punishment from a Game Master anyway if you just so happened to have TKed a GM... a GM may have asked you to watch your aim next time or something like that, but would not issue a warning/ban since there is an automated system in place to deal with this But, what actucally did happen is that you Team Killed teammates in a short amount of time, and so the automated system picked this up as an intentional effort to Team Kill players... even tho it may not have been intentional at all, but the system picked the circumstances that triggered the system to issue the ban nonetheless In cases like this is it required that you contact GMs and not dispute any sort of Moderation in game or on the forum, you can contact GMs as listed here as Althix mentioned above:-
  12. And yes.... many comments have been removed since users are still Trolling/Derailing and or posting idle chit chat or other nonsense... I would have thought users would have learned from the other Threads.... And yes, Warnings are a possibility... So... it is very simple.... Keep this on Topic without the nonsense... Because that Question gets asked all the time.... and the Answer will be the same, The Devs are working on it... Work has been going on strong, nothing more to say till the Devs feel there is something to show.... have to be patient! there will be announcements when things are ready
  13. Why should we ask ? why are Bug or Suggestions reports not being posted with the relevant details ? no ones holding you or Listy guy back from doing so....
  14. Better off making a detailed suggestion
  15. Well well, Looky here! You've moved up since I last spied the forums deary!

  16. maybe best to offer a suggestion with references and as detailed as possible
  17. Not too sure what the user might have been talking about... maybe someone else will know ? But, if you make a Video of it, might have a chance here for example:- PS:- Great Job! o7
  18. Ok.... I can see this falling on deaf ears...... First..... this is not a general chat room.... 2nd...... if harassment, antagonism, nonsense continues, (offenders know who I am talking about) then I WILL step in and sort it out personally... 3rd....... Enough of this nonsense, the trouble makers know who I am talking about, if it continues then you may find your selfs with time away from the forum if this behavior keeps up.... This will remain on Topic, without the nonsense, without the harassment otherwise Warnings will be issued..... Take the irrelevant and idle conversations to PM.... this is not the place for it....
  19. It is early in Development, Live server testing is required and so is feedback, then tweaks and or fixes can be made if necessary.... but over all, I do not think Assault mode is meant to be a place for players to hide out in all the time
  20. So, what's this about a bug report is needed?

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      Armor viewer? Are you kidding me?




      This has nothing to do with the armor viewer.

    3. Pacifica


      PM a Tech mod about it... not me....

    4. IJN_DD_Yuudachi


      Sure, should I should message any of them? Or are *all* of them incapable of seeing a piece of steel directly in front of the optics?

  21. Supporting the game is very much appreciated! so dont let the haters get you down o7 It is best to just ignore the haters.... they will try and ruin your fun, so you can blacklist them in game and or at the end score board or in chat, or you can report those harassing you about spending on the game to GMs too This can be a heated debate... so will remind users to keep it civil please! Thank you o7
  22. soon! Have to wait for announcements, since there is no news that can be given right now
  23. You can always PM the user in game ^^
  24. Possible it had some minor tweaks, but the model has not had an overhaul, there would be mention of such an overhaul in patch notes like it was done for the JU87s... I would like to see the A26C updated sometime too, but the good news is that we have a great A26B model for future upgrades of the A26C(s) and or possible other variants, the A26K might make for a very interesting addition, plus the A26B had a number of nose gun modifications during the aircrafts development too
  25. it was never in the patch notes nor Dev server patch notes to begin with... if it or the Bf 109A that was found via data mining, is to be included at any point in game play, there will be official announcements and or Dev Blogs about those machines and or purpose of those machines... so its best not to confuse people of machines that never existed in the patch notes
  26. Off topic, and disruptive comments removed... This will remain civilized, otherwise Thread will be locked again and warnings issued
  27. It is important that patches are fully tested on the Live server, Feedback and Bug reports will be taken into consideration, and things may take time.... it is also early release, so it may take more time for solid info to be gathered from the database, feedback and bug reports to be taken for review
  28. "So maybe my whole speal will fall on deaf ears,maybe Gaijin wanted the non premium tank to be worse than the premium tank. Im under the assumption that this is false." Nothing falls on deaf ears... all feedback and reports are taken seriously
  29. 2017 wish list

    "Faith" Trust me, you guys will not be disappointed..... Works goes on Strong and thats all that can be said about it
  30. The Air Assault is currently Active, the Ground Assault is not for the time being, have to stay tuned for updates
  31. and this just in....
  32. As I Hijacked Cats comment in the OP Make sure Suggestions, and any Bugs are posted in the appropriate area in the Technical section... Suggestions and or Bugs posted here wont be recognized and so will not have any chance to be fixed, and any cool Suggestions posted here will not be picked up So it is very important to the Developers that things are posted in the right areas including Feedback as its been mentioned by Catweazle, Thanks guys o7
  33. They do, but if you put bombers like the Lancaster in that tier range, then the bases will be nuked and game over in like 2 mins :P
  34. issue there is that others in that lower tier will take much longer to bomb the same targets
  35. Issue is the bomb loads, in lower tiers that would end the game in minutes ones like the Lancaster for example.... were really designed to fly during the night, not during the day like the B17s... the lanc had less and lighter defensive weapons for more pay load options