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  1. Better off making a Bug report, it may be a known issue but bug Reports still are a must Answered/Locked
  2. once the CBT has come to a close, there will be an announcement sometime in the future Answered/Locked
  3. The Italian Tech Tree is a brand new nation and is a Fresh start for everyone, nothing will be transferred to the ITT For those that have Researched Italian Aircraft in the German Tree before 1.69 rolled out, will get to keep those bonus collectible machines!... for everyone who starts from 1.69, they will not have access to the bonus Italian machines in the German Tech Tree For the same aircraft in the Italian Tech Tree, everyone will need to research them from scratch! There would be issues with player profiles if data were to be edited out such as Italian aircraft from the German Tech Tree... so to avoid your profile from being screwed up and or you being forced to start with a clean slate, nothing will be transferred for the health of your account! Answered/Locked
  4. Italians are a very proud people of their accomplishments in Aviation History! I should mention, the secondary goal of this project, was to also bring to light the not so well known and or not known Hand Crafted (Works of Art) Flying Machines! Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into each one made and was a pure work of art.... and if you mentioned some of the machines in other countries, they never know what you were talking about... So, the Italian Tech Tree is not only part of War Thunder, it is also there to help bring to light these long forgotten machines!
  5. Thank you all! The Italian Tech Tree is something that we all can be very Proud of! The Italians deserve their own Tech Tree and it was the goal from day one to have an Independent Italian Tech Tree! It started out as a player made proposal of about 4 members of our community, and it caught the eye of the Devolvement Staff for War Thunder, and so the project was adopted by the Developers, can see the Proposal here:- We did lose Cesare04_131a (Marco) along the way Sadly, he passed away early 2015 from a battle with Cancer... he was the one of the player founders of the proposal and Project Leader and one of the consultants to Gaijin on Italian Aircraft But, it is a time to Celebrate all the Hard work that went into the Momentous Project by the Founders and the Developers! everyone poured their Heart and Soul into this project and as I mentioned, it is something that we all can be very Proud of! I/we have to Thank everyone who supported this project in someway... be it from data/feedback and or just being there with Signatures in support! it did take some time to finally be here for all to enjoy, but it was worth the wait! it is not finished by any means! so do expect to see further updates/additions to the tree as we go!
  6. not directed at anyone, just a general note
  7. And I only just got use to the 1.69 Rumor Round-Up and Discussion Thread........ I am sad to see it go.... it was a good Thread! Tons of hard work (as always) went into 1.69 by the Developers! so make sure to remember to have Fun! and to Report bugs in the proper sections Please! CBT Forum Section for the Italian Tech Tree will open up for those that have access soonish, so keep a look out, we may also make a full official announcement when it is ready to be opened... the ITT CBT section will only be dedicated to the Italian Tech Tree however... so please make feedback and or bug reports for unrelated ITT content in 1.69 in the normal areas and or Technical areas... Thanks guys and pass the word if it gets asked o7
  8. If a fresh bug report is not made, then it may not get noticed by the Developers... so Bug reports are always important! This is Exactly why Dev Server and CBT processes are important so that bugs can be found and reported, cataloged and fixes can be done in time! Its fine if you do not want to make a new report, but if you want things to be fixed then reports must be made! The Italian Tech Tree project has been a massive under taking by the Developers... Devs even take work home to continue work there, so they have put their heart and soul and worked over time and also in their free time to get this amazing work done on the Italian Tech Tree... for such a massive project you should expect some bugs, there may even be some residual/existing technical issues that still need to be worked out, so issues on some machines and or so some things are known issues, but still bug reports are a must! And for such a massive project, bugs will get past Q&A at times since it is pretty much impossible to find everything possible with millions of moving parts on everything... imagine working 300 hours a month on work time and in free time on the Italian aircraft, also imagine that there may be different technical components from one aircraft to another, and that real fight manuals are used as sources where possible... I am sure that no one could remember all the technical specs on 32-35+ aircraft, let alone the 500+ Aircraft, Tanks, Ships that we currently have... So help from the players is GREATLY Appreciated by the Developers, the Devs have expressed their admiration for players help with War Thunder many times in the past and that war Thunder would not be the same without the help from the Players Bug Reporting in any game can be a Thankless task... but deep down the Developers really do greatly appreciate the time and effort and help from the player base! So, just take some things into consideration that the Devs cannot think of everything and nor can foresee possible bugs/technical issues with every single differently designed aircraft, tank and ship!
  9. Justice will be done when the FW 190s are overhauled when the time comes, they should look amazing! ^^
  10. For the most part, it is a wait and see... Devs do not even know what will reach Live Server until the last minute, the Devs do work on patches right up to the last minute of deployment, and so you will know at that point ^^
  11. This is not about general bug fixes tho, and if there are bugs then discussions will not get them fixed... the Bugs needs to be reported, there is no point at all in discussion of bugs, we have no control over Developer priorities and all that has been said has been said on the matter
  12. Nothing is forgotten............. Some models are very old, some up to 5+ years and are far beyond current Model standards (the FW 190D model is like 6-7 years old even maybe a bit older), in other words back then you couldnt afford to waste time and or resources on little things... these days the Modeling limits are very high, and so you can add so many little parts to the models and moving parts and or take time to make sure shapes are right... the other thing is back then, they may not have had up to date technical drawings on the Aircraft, so some details may have been guess work and or from incorrect technical drawings or sources Now... here is the trick with the old Bug reports that have been filed and cataloged and tracked from long ago.... once a model has been slated for an overhaul (and all models will get an overhaul at some point), the Devs will pluck out everything that they know on an Aircraft/Tank or Ship or everything else, and this also means going over old Bug reports that have been filed and cataloged and tracked from long ago, the Devs will have everything ready for the documents that they will pass to the model maker, either in house artists or outsourced artists... these artists will use the documents provided by the Devs as a guide for the model including data and sources provided by the players from bug reports once a model has been overhauled, it may not be free from errors... so either testing on Dev Server or on Live will generate bug reports if players spot a problem... but this time, it may not take 3-4 years for a fix, since the Devs will have a fresh model, and so changes will be pretty easy to make to correct any errors as long as the Devs have proper sources from the players and no overriding priorities See, the thing is... using models from up to 5+ or more years is problematic, for starters, the original artist may not be around any more, or the model is just too old and to make fixes and it is just better off making a fresh model since it can be far more complex making changes to an old out of date model... at times the Devs may have to up date old models to keep them going for the time being if the issue is serious enough, however for little things the issue is not a big deal and can wait til an overhaul for the model has been slated But yes.... lets make sure this keeps on Topic!
  13. I see no purpose for this Thread... its just one big argument... 1.69 is not finished yet.... wait and see if there is more to come or not, plus there maybe more additions as the CBT rolls out Ranting and Raving locked!
  14. Because whats users forget... is that those planes affect all user profiles as its been mentioned by Smin and in the past, and so to just remove the aircraft would be far more complex to do and trying to remove data from said profiles could screw up user profiles and make more problems and or accusations that Gaijin is manipulating player profiles and so on... so its very complex and just easier to give everyone collectibles for those who have researched those aircraft
  15. Because of certain Laws are involved in some countries that forbids and or it is illegal to display certain emblems and logos, so they will be censored in someway otherwise Gaijin will not be able to promote War Thunder nor sell their products in those countries, plus players would be banned from playing War Thunder, so we would lose a massive chunk of the player base... so it is important to respect the laws of these countries that are involved for everyone all over the world to play War Thunder all wing emblems will be censored on new and old machines, also emblems on the side of the fuselage of pretty much 90% of all Italian Aircraft will not be displayed... some other historical logos/emblems and or references may also be removed on certain aircraft Censoring of emblems is nothing new, since the swastika is also forbidden to be used in some countries and is also illegal to be displayed, the reason old machines will now be censored is because the laws involved may not have been fully realized and or noticed till the introduction of the full Italian Tech Tree where all laws would have been put under the microscope The use of the Soviet emblems is not illegal in other countries, since there is no laws against the use of them It does suck for Historical Accuracy, but not much else can be done for use in game right now.... However, all skins could be fixed up easy for use on the WT.Live site for users to download and use Answered/Locked
  16. As I mentioned in the Notes, just a heads up! Everything is subject to change, so some details, stats and or Models may change as "Possible fixes" are done up over the next few Days/Weeks/Months, so just keep that in mind! and of course if users find bugs, Please report them! Thanks! indeed! Devs have been doing an outstanding Job! the Italian Tech Tree will be something everyone will be proud of and can enjoy!
  17. Thread cleaned up.... enough of the nonsense.... Take it to PM, Proper area or not at all.... this is about the 1.69 "Regia Aeronautica" Dev Server as its been mentioned by Smin already....
  18. "Anyway congratulations for the beautiful work Gaijin!" indeed! o7 really amazing work, and still not finished yet ^^
  19. ^ This.... exactly right..... So.... Questions answered......... for the 5th or so time now.... so enough... Warnings maybe issued if this line of questioning continues.... Take it to PM, or somewhere else if you are un happy.... Italians may need some help with machines like this to help it keep competitive in higher tiers as it is
  20. Just be patient, this is just the start, there will be more to come during Dev Server/CBT/Live updates
  21. If you do not have a ITT pack, they will more than likely be locked out for testing
  22. There will be more to come as Dev server or live carries forward.... just be patient!
  23. Because right now it breaks some countries laws.... as we have said 100 times now.... If its going to break a law then that means the game will be banned there and that means a big chunk of the community will no longer be welcome to play the game..... so they are censored as we have said 100 times already............... All in game emblems currently, will be censored for 1.69..... Any more spam, and a warning will be necessary..... Spamming will not get you way........