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  1. Since you had blocked out the use of Private messages, warning was the other other option... The warning was just about the use of your avatar, since it is against the rules of our Forum... use of profanity is against the rules, so do not use them here please too The image you had used for your Avatar was Sexually Erotic and this forum and game is for the ages of 12 and up, so it was unsuitable for our forum You may want to read our Rules of the Forum here, before posting again to avoid any confusions:- You can also contact a Moderator in your language to avoid other confusions:- Locked
  2. All Modifications are use at own risk... the game could pick up files being Modified and ban users, so have to read up on any documentation and or read the EULA/ToS for use of prohibited modifications Users banned, must contact support... however, there may not be much that can be done in the end... some can claim they were innocent, but in the end they are not... can read details here:- Hope that helps!
  3. You can contact Senior GMs here:- Answered/Locked
  4. Well I think its a reminder that some should take this thread seriously, and in a civilized manner... Spam and or Inflammatory comments have been removed... warnings maybe issued... So, remember the rules and play nice.... Smin has been nice enough to take time to answer Questions, I think some should pay back the time taken to answer questions with the upmost respect... We are all passionate about War Thunder, even more so the Staff... its why we are here, things can be heated at times.... but there is no need for disrespect towards Staff that are trying to help you... so take it easy Thanks o7
  5. Works for me, so hopefully works for many others.... I did clear out my Browser cache like 6 hours ago, so some users may need to do the same if they continue to have issues... if that does help as Orson mentioned, let us know ! o7
  6. Welcome to the Forum and Thanks for the Support o7 Can find details and announcements here:-
  7. May have to make a bug report about that please, sounds like a bug worked its way in Answered/Locked
  8. Many of us have the same issue, we are passing the issue on.... not sure if/when there will be a fix right now... so do please keep patient, and Thanks guys o7
  9. War Thunder is in continuous Devolvement... which means the Devs are always seeking ways to improve the game and or game play mechanics with new and or improved features... the Devs cannot do everything at once and so new features are Developed and implemented added regularly, and some features are from player suggestions... some are quite advanced and the Devs find ways to make them happen There are a great many things still in the works or on the drawing board and or from player suggestions waiting for development, so one thing at a time I see no reason for a poll, everyone is going to vote yes anyway... you are better off making a detailed suggestion here:- And there are 2 Suggestions already:- Just make sure to follow the guidelines
  10. Enough..... and yes all HUMANS can be WRONG if they do not have solid evidence to back up claims.... if Mai has data then we need to see it, if anyone has data we need to see it... Mai word is not LAW, we need proof.... no offense to Mai, but seems some keep claiming she knows all... Therefore there is no proof, so no Fantasy armour..... if there happens to be proof, then things can change.... find PROOF, and not from Wiki....... So enough of this nonsense, Warnings will follow if this keeps up.....
  11. Issues with Aircraft like that is the bomb load, on one hand they should be lower, since it is harder for them to defend them selfs, but on the other hand they have a big payload and will unbalance matches
  12. Someone say Pizza ?!?!? But yeah... we already have the crew Lock to help with this issue... not sure if much else can be done and I think the OPs ban idea is out of the question really.... if others have a good idea, the Devs are always open to new ideas, so suggestions are always welcome
  13. How do I participate in the CBT? With other words, what do I have to do, just play the Japanese tanks?

  14. Have to remember... Lassar does not know English very well, it is not his first Language and "things will be lost in translation" so to speak As I said, the Devs did have plans to show off some progress of the Tech Tree something like 2nd/3rd quarter, but that changed since nothing was shown yet
  15. PS:- That date was about showing some progress of the Italian Tech Tree, never about it going live.... Nothing is ever set in stone.... there maybe mention of plans for a rough time period, but it is never rock solid since developmental plans can change for one reason or another, Devs were working on Tanks and Naval Forces at the same time for example, but they decided to shift something like 90% of the focus to Ground Forces in 2015 and then to complete Ground Forces before finishing/completing other projects... since Ground Forces has been under Development since 2014-2015, both Naval forces and Italian Tech Tree continued to be developed, but the main focus was to get the Ground Forces out and rolling Another example of the Devs rough plans was to get Naval Forces into CBT by the end of 2015, and they did that with the Pre-CBT tests, it was important to get some of the foundations for the Knights of the Sea laid out before the full KoTS can begin ^ This, Thanks And now we need to get back on Topic!
  16. ^ This, Thank you o7 War Thunder spans from the Spanish Civil War up to the Korean War... its not a dedicated WWII Game, tho machines from WWII are very popular and also seem to be the main features at times
  17. ^ This, Thanks o7
  18. Some time after the Ground Forces part of the game is complete, Japanese Tanks are currently in CBT Developers have always stated they want to complete Ground Forces first before adding new tech trees/nations to the game
  19. I bought a Knights of the sea pack in August, I am on War thunder most days but have yet been able to participate in the Beta testing for Naval battles?


    Can you help?


    Many thanks

    1. Pacifica


      Hiya, keep and eye out in this area, you will find CBT sessions every now and then, maybe another session soon