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  1. Guys, do not react to Trolls! they will just bait you into a fight and then we have to sort out the mess and may include warnings!.... so, just report Trolls and do not react to them, we will deal with the Trolls... Thread cleaned up! And I think if anyone underestimates the Italian machines (or doesnt want to believe that they exist), then they are asking for trouble in the sky ^^
  2. I recently found a thread about smoke trails from gun fire, and have a question I've asked multiple times in different places. I do NOT see any smoke trails from bullets, but I DO want to. I have been told it's not a graphical issue, but can't find a fix for this. Do you know of any way to enable this?


    1. Maki3006


      Spitfire MkV produces them I think.

  3. Since when are justified criticisms (through years now)  considered as insults ?

    Gaijin silence and non action in itself on all the problems can also be considered as an insult at all the players who made countless reports to improve the game on a more accurate way. 

    Censorship isn't a solution but it seems that it's more and more applied on those forums

    1. Pacifica


      Its not about censorship, its about the rules of forum, if a topic is going to be derailed with nonsense and anti-Gaijin behavior, then there is no point to such a discussion, nor is it justifiable criticism about the game... at that point it becomes personal and nothing to do about the game...

    2. The_Kelt


      If the rules of forum doesn't leave place to "acerb" justified criticism then it's a form of censorship. 

      These criticisms become more harsh just because of the silence and inerty of Gaijin staff to solve so many obvious probs that precisely deplete the game and make it more and more unaccurate.

      A simple example? Since the very beginning of the map "snow valley"  some walls just let shells pass through and kill what's hiding back. It has been reported countless times and NEVER solved. It has even never be commented in any way by WT staff.


      I LOVE the princip of the game but start to hate the inaccuracies that makes what should/could be the wonderfulest online wargame. The worst is maybe that those inaccuracies could relatively easily be corrected. 

      If I pray God (or a God), I don't really expect an answer... But Gaijin is NOT any kind of god, so I expect at least some answers when I ask pertinent questions and/or report any kind of real problem.


  4. You posted in a single post area.... so of course it will be locked since NO ONE apart from Staff can reply anyway... And as I mentioned in the other post... you have no one else but your self to blame im afraid... you signed the ToS and EULA when you accepted our terms for playing War Thunder... it is your sole responsibility to protect your machine from other people using your machine, to protect your machine from Viruses or malware and to make sure you do not use the same password everywhere on the net.... You always had the option to use the two step authentication system that would have protected your account in the first place And once again, you have posted in the single post area, and so this will also be answered and locked... again... and if you had posted in other areas, it would also be locked since we have told you that there is nothing else that can be done, and there is nothing to be gained from a discussion and support cannot assist since it is your responsibility to protect your computer
  5. If you have READ the ToS, EULA when you signed the agreement to play War Thunder, then you would know it is your responsibility to protect your computer/network... users are the only ones that can protect their computer, data and passwords... It is a good idea to make sure you have up to date Anti Virus, also a Search and Destroy Spy Bot helps, and to make sure you do not use the same passwords(s) everywhere on the net You also have the ability to use the Free two-step authentication system that will protect your account Can find details here:- So, if users fail to do a number of the above suggestions/advice above, then they do run the risk of having information stolen from their computer/network... and it is their sole responsibility as stated in the ToS/ EULA as I mentioned when users created their account On, another note.... I do hope that you recover fully and get well soon! o7
  6. There are 2 hardpoints where the wings join the fuselage on either side near the front of the aircraft, they used those hardpoints for jacks... but that is where the any external ordnance would have been fitted
  7. Well if you keep posting in the wrong sections, then you will not find help.... the sections that you have all posted in are for single questions............ no replies are possible from users.............. You have been told a hundred times now to post in the correct areas of the forum, and yet you refuse to do so and blame us in stead................... if this behavior keeps up, then warnings in the future may be possible, you have had enough warnings and as I mentioned you have been told a hundred times where to post your questions, so enough of this nonsense....
  8. I/we know ^^ we do give some leeway, but if its going to be a full on history lesson, then its best for other parts of the forum ^^
  9. There is no need WHATSOEVER to resort to insults if you do not agree with someone... really... Members warned for the actions, and they will have some time away to think about the Rules of our Forum.... Notes for others that also contributed to the Thread derailing... This is for rumors and discussions of said rumors.... This is NOT for Discussion of Tanks, Planes or Ships nor other technical aspects.... this is best suited for other parts of the Forum in the appropriate areas... or you can just take it to PM... There is no need to take on Moderating the Thread, that is our job! if you have issues with a post, then report it and we will check it out and if need be we will steer the Thread in the right direction.... again.... So.... respect each other please..... everyones opinion is important, and yes the Forum will be heated at times... its to be expected, but... just think twice before sending a reply if its going to be made in haste.......... you may regret saying somethings... and if we catch it them, yes, warnings maybe in order! so take it easy!.... Take off Topic to the appropriate areas, and just respect each other! o7
  10. Alright...... looks like I have to step in once again and sort this mess out....
  11. Free players are supporting the game, they are playing, are very skilled at times and most important are having fun ^^ they are just as important to us as the premium players, the game is after all Free to Play!
  12. Great Banner! ^^ o7

  13. It is never a good idea to abuse the report system in any way... If GMs do not find anything that has broken the rules, then no action will be taken, GMs do not ban users for no reason... so there must be substance to the reports for the GMs to investigate and take action as necessary so he will have nothing to worry about, but it might be a good idea to war your friend not to abuse the report system please... Thanks! Answered/Locked