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  1. It was an RB match, that's really all I play. And it doesn't happen very often either. But this time was so over the top trolling I had to share. SO over the top. Clearly it was was a player from the other game who didn't understand how this game works. I am not a good player, but I DO get it here.
  2. So there I am in Eastern Europe, pinned down by a Panther G in my T25. I'm hull down and carefully peeking out looking for a snipe shot to help my team mates. I get one or two damaging shots. While this is happening, I keep getting pinged by machine gun fire from my rear. At first I think, oh crap, I've been flanked. I scan furiously and see nothing but team mates. So I go back to fighting the Panther. Just as I'm about to ding the Panther again, I get pinged again. I'm worried now and take a moment scan. Maybe someone was trying to warn me about another threat. And yep, the Panther one shot kills me. Rage ensues. So I re-spawn in a M19 and think I will find this hidden enemy. As I roll behind the front line, I see a team mate up on the hill in a M16 shooting a team mate. So I get on Chat and get somewhat salty about the whole action. This dude (Patton*****) trolls me and says that I was just camping and he was shooting me since I wasn't engaging. OH THE RAGE. LOT'S OF CHAT. Seems he was judging my current activity as poor from where he sat. The punch line is that I looked up his profile. 500 or games, mostly in AB. Googled his profile. Lot's of WoT stuff and WOW stuff on line. NOW I'm going Seal Clubbing and I'm going to enjoy it. Hehehe
  3. Capitalism. Supply and demand.
  4. I will carefully go back to them. I'm afraid the minute I start to enjoy them, they will be nerfed.
  5. Results so far (yes it is helping ease the pain. Ahh) 1. Flakpanzer I - far and away the best for pure seal clubbing so far. I forgot how much fun it is. I am evil. 2. Panzer 4C: Armor is so so, but man, at that BR, it slaughters. 3. T-34-85: Bounces a lot of stuff, and One shots a lot of stuff too. It rocks. Honestly it might be the best mid tier. Others: Achilles: Good but mobility takes away the seal clubbing affect. LOVE that gun though. Churchill Mk VII: Like a tank in WOW group, but not a berserker. You want the nuker. Tiger II P: Okay. A lot of players have learned how not to be seals with this tank though. Haven't gone back to the U.S. and it has helped. I will keep that way for a while. For all you teacups, the secret is out. British BR 5 is way better than the U.S.
  6. I know, I know. But I've got to the dark side for just a little while. I'm not a very good player, and I've died so many times. I JUST NEED TO BLOW THINGS UP. I am evil. I am willing to point and click. I am willing to seal club....
  7. Really good input folks. I intend to try them all starting with the lower BR and working up. That Pz38(t)F has my attention.
  8. So I've been playing the US far too long and I have battle fatigue. I'm going Seal clubbing, ethics be damned. What's the best seal clubbing tank? I want to just blow stuff up with glee. So far, Flak Panzer I is my choice. What do you recommend for over the top destruction?
  9. Back on topic: Seems like a good update to me so far. Well done. :P
  10. I have no sound since the update. Using PC Realtek Audio Manager version with DirectX 12.0 and ALC1150. Not a crisis. All else looks good.