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  1. I wouldn't change any vehicle characteristics. I would just balance the number. Planes should be very expensive to spawn. I think a CAS attack should be devastating, but rare. Planes should be hard to shoot down with a tank. For me, it is really about balance not anything being OP. (PS: I spent some money upgrading the crew I use for SPAA. Makes a big difference.)
  2. Yeah. This too. Had it happen a lot. I think if we set aside the discussion on Kamikaze, it is really key to understand what dynamics were intended. A GF battle with mostly planes seems counter to the what the original intent was, for a dynamic full immersion environment. We players are controlled by the incentives in the game. I think the Developers need to re-examine the incentives to provide a more balance gaming experience.
  3. I agree. When those RUs are just speeding through the open fields, they are quite easy to kill. But when a skilled driver sneaks up on my ****, I'm dead for sure. Played right it is a deadly tank and I dread them.
  4. Let's discuss the plane / tank balance or ratio. I've seen quite a few sessions lately where towards the end of the match, the number of planes on the team out number the tanks. Had one recently where I was the lone tank left and there were 6 planes on my team (we lost of course). It is clear that planes cannot capture objectives. Clearly the incentive to do CAS out weighs the incentive to actually win a match via capturing objectives. I doubt this was intended in GF. What do you think?
  5. Yeah, I support the OP's conclusions. I've been trying to spad the US 5.7 line. I've given up.