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  1. Just tried it myself. Resolution 5120x2880p Max settings, AA off, ~60-80FPS Only problem is the scaling of text, artificial horizon (planes) and damage indicator of tanks (bottom left corner)
  2. Betrifft meine derzeitige Einstellung von NVidia DSR Faktor 4x (5120x2880p) mit aktiviertem "Große Schriftart im Menü" Native Bildschirmauflösung: 2560x1440p Gewisse Anzeigen sind nicht richtig skaliert bzw überlappen sich (siehe Bild #1 und #3); Bild #2 zeigt den falsch skalierten künstlichen Horizont Bilder: CLOG: 2017_03_20_13_16_50__568.clog
  3. NVidia System settings -> 3D settings configuration -> DSR factor x2 or x4 -> save start game and set new screen resolution. Text/font might be tiny though, possible solution is to set font/text to support for bigger screens in game (Settings - Interface). with x4 supersampling you can certainly reduce Antialiasing ingame to only 2x or switch it off completely, to ensure better FPS at extreme resolutions btw. disabling V-Sync and enabling Fast-Sync (again, via NVidia controls) and disabling V-Sync in game as well, will grant you better FPS and smoother gameplay.
  4. about what? that the DRAKON did nearly no damage at such angle on the outer limit of the turret? wow dude, I feel you...HELL NO I DON'T. in most cases the DRAKON even shrapnels into the fighting compartement of every enemy if fires its OP-DRAKON missiles at, whereas other ATGMs only do half the damage. Not only does the IT-1 have every advantage in such Close Quarter Encounters, its missiles even do more damage compared to others, despite being the very similar or even better, taken stats into account.
  5. Ehm sorry if I or you missunderstood something here, I think germany is in a real disadvantage on the most maps, especially city maps like Berlin or Advance to the Rhein. Gaijin deliberately decreases map sizes to 'balance' german armour. Look at my posting history if you are still convinced I'm against german complains (support for revisit of Maus armour, real penetration value fixes for 128mm KwK and PaK, lack of modern tanks in era 3 and 4 etc.)
  6. *Ding Ding Ding* we got a winner here
  7. I don't mind the IS-6 being at BR7.0, fighting against Tiger 2 10.5 and Jagdtiger is fair imho. but Tiger 1 vs T92 or Tiger 2 vs Object 906 definetely is not! Same goes for the Ru251, it does not fit!
  8. IS-6 is new, hardly anyone knows how to counter it effectively yet, it will even out in a few weeks, but it sure will stay at a >50% winrate, as most of the russian tanks at BR 5.7+ have. Whats more frightening is the fact that more and more HEAT-FS and post war tanks go up against WW2 style tanks. The characteristics just don't match, the balance is extremely off in this situations as playstyles and overall performance is too different. This needs to be addressed asap.
  9. Vehicles: Raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT, Type-62 Map: Hürtgen Forest Mode: Realistic Combined Arms BR 8.3 Issue: atleast 2 direct hits did not register as such. ATGM is hitting the armour of the Type-62 but keeps on flying straight instead of detonating or vanishing (if minimum arming distance or bounce mechanic is even implemented). (#1 hit is rear turret, #2 hit is gun barrel) (according to server replay) Furthermore, the missile seem to launch in an upwards manner, making an arc on the first 50m, making close quarter combat impossible, all despite the gun mount being parallel towards the ground, seen in gunner view. Screenshots: Replay: Players: AUTbert (RakJPz 2 HOT) and *rerfem (Type-62) Timestamp: starting at ~10:00:00 CLOG: 2017_02_19_20_29_26__9968.clog (not sure why still needed, as server replay should be data and proof enough) Reproducable as occasion happenings in random battles, not tested in costum battles. NOT A ONE-OFF EVENT!