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  1. A possible solution would be: But yeah, OP is right: for now, if you are seeing your team losing, just don't respawn. Someday Gaijin will see their mistake.
  2. Issue: The trailing smoke caused by ATGMs (especially the Raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT) blocks the entire vision for about 5secs of flight. This makes it impossible to fight targets at normal combat ranges. Gamemode: tested in Realistic and Simulator Vehicle: Raketenjagdpanzer 2 HOT (might affect other tanks as well/don't own any unfortunately) Maps: Sinai, desert maps in general and some other maps server replay: client replay: #2017.04.24 17.19.03.wrpl clog: 2017_04_24_17_03_55__3344.clog DxDiag not needed unless made clear on why. Ingame settings at max.
  3. This was in a Sim match, so....
  4. I don't mind the AF AAA being as accurate as it is now, but what bothers me is the fact that it isn't equally good for every nation and even depends on the map. Some maps (with UK+US vs DE for example) have a very good allied AF AAA, whereas the german AF is nearly unprotected. The german AAA starts way too late or fires straight up in the air. This issue has been reported 18months ago by several players and is still not fixed. That's the real problem here imo. Mixed battles are forced when queue time exceeds a certain timelimit. Apparently players want faster matches rather than realistic ones. Air spawns for interceptor are here because players complaint about the invulnerability of bombers with air spawns with 3-5k air spawns. So Gaijin introduced air spawns for bomber interceptors as well. And you can't force the bombers to spawn on the run way.
  5. How are we supposed to aim under such poor visibility conditions? You can't see anything for the first 400m after firing, the angle of launch does not matter it seems, but this is map dependend, mostly on desert maps, Sinai seen, or rather not seen, here on this pictures. It seems that the game forces you to lower your graphics to be playable. Is this normal, a bug, am I the only one having this issue? Any tips on how to avoid or work around this?
  6. Spawn in a SPAAG after your first death to rockets and do the whole team a favour by shooting the enemy rocket planes down, you will own massive amounts of points for air kills and you contribute to your teams effort.
  7. I'd say stick to the heavily armoured tanks (3 inch gun Carrier, Matilda , KV-1E, german KV-1, etc.) until you know the hiding/ambush spots of the RB maps, the general behaviour of RB players àla the battle dynamics to better counter it and of course to get a feeling of aiming, leading your shots and what's most important: knowing weakspots and module layouts of all tanks you are facing. It really shouldn't take you too long to get used to RB. To reduce the chance of not spotting an enemy: just move from cover to cover and use your binoculars before moving again. Also very important: your MAP, enemies get marked on it when under fire by teammates. Another way is to flank hard on every map, this limits the possible attack angles of enemies. There is one option left to consider, but this would require you to join the dark side of War Thunder and I would strongly advice you against using it: ULQ