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  1. No, please no. Don't want to turn this into a spot the dot game. I doubt it would make the game quite unenjoyable for many. If I could decide on one change, I'd make RB a joystick mode, but I don't see that one happening either. (again too many lost customers for Gaijin).
  2. Brits are clearly the most flown nation (especially at 5.7-6.3 and 9.0). To get them in the air, Gaijin often has to match them up with all other nations. And it is not just US. Vast majority of other nations pilots would also prefer not to fight against Griffon Spitfires
  3. Yes, pretty much this. I never found the R2Y2s a problem when flying other BR 7 jets.They have initial advantage, but it's all down hill from there. Just avoid them early on, never surrender to a head-on and you're golden. But one can't wonder why they have so high repair costs. This usually indicates that you earn a lot of SL with the plane. I personally was not able to make the R2Y2 work in the beginning, but quickly realized that rudder trick (or the no rudder trick). After this, I have done quite ok with them, but still they feel a bit inferior to so many other planes. But where I disagree with you, is to turn them into regular jets without bombs or bomber spawn. I kinda like that we have various planes that require unique play styles.
  4. Haven't flown mine for a long time, but it is a bit different than other jets. Turns quite quickly, but doesn't have rudder at all. It's one of the few jets that are fairly agile and can be flown that way to some extent, but keep in mind that going slow in jet battles makes you vulnerable. When it was introduced it had many challenges that got smoothed or removed over later updates, but I think it still rips it's wings quote easily at high speeds. Fast speed + large wing area + powerfull ailerons = discipline needed. It would not be my pick for the easiest entry level jet, but depends on play style of course.
  5. Edit: actually...after playing one more match I don't need to ask this question anymore as I remembered the answer. With the obvious tips (for almost any plane) of side climbing and energy conservation, the trick with these planes is to NOT use the rudder AT ALL while flying. The other control surfaces are pretty ok, but the rudder acts as super effective airbreak. It's actually more effective than real airbreaks on some planes and very handly when you need to slowdown for landing. They area tricky planes, but there is some strange allure to them so one wants to fly.